1 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the Democrat is a cannibal they have to live off each other, while the Republicans, why, they live off the Democrats. - Will Rogers

I selected the closest restaurant to me, a block from Save Mart, as my breakfast stop this morning. But first I walked just over 5 miles to get there when they opened. The place is called Nellie's but serves Mexican food for breakfast and lunch only.

I had not stopped there before because they are only open from 8 to 2 Tuesday through Saturday. That is their normal hours; then for Thanksgiving they closed for 5 days (25th through the 29th). If the place is making a profit I would seriously suspect money laundering.

I doubt that I'll go back. I usually test a new Mexican restaurant by ordering Huevoes Rancheros. Nellie's did not pass the test; the red sauce was bland and most of my plate was covered with a layer of melted cheese.

The menu states that they have 'Chili with an Attitude'. The red sauce made me think that the attitude it had was pretension.

Since my neighbor left a couple of days ago I have had no new nearby neighbors. I seem to be on short time row in a park that has a lot of long term campers. There have been a number of people come and go in the past few day but they have parked a few spaces away.

It was still cold this morning at 24° but the high exceeded the forecast and almost made it to 60°. I hope to see the slowly warming days now come to pass.

2 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer. - Will Rogers

It was warmer this morning with the low at 32°. However, I did not have my heater on at all last night so it felt much colder than that when I got out of bed.

My walk took me past Si Señor Express again this morning and they were open. I checked on the price of tamales and they are the same price as Andele so I'll give them a try when I'm ready to re-stock.

For a breakfast stop I tried La Nueva Casita Cafe´ on Mesquite in the Historic District of that name. It was a small place that probably has more of a local clientèle for breakfast. It was not too bad and I'll probably give them another try.

I have read that New Mexico Mexican food is hotter than other places in the USofA. That may be true but I am not finding it to be so in Las Cruces. The only place that I have had anything close to hot (on my scale) was at Kountry Kitchen in Silver City.

I woke up this morning with a new neighbor in a space right next to me. He came in last night after I had gone to bed and got set up very quietly in the dark. Then today after I had returned home he seemed to be unloading his truck and camper into a SUV.

There were 4 doors on the truck and 5 doors on the SUV. I am guessing that, on average, he slammed each one of them closed 6 times during the hour this effort took. He has been gone the rest of the day; but my fear now is that he will return and reverse the process.

3 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can't make anybody believe that he has it. - Will Rogers

I did less and have less to write about than on my 'normal' day.

The big achievement, other than my morning walk, was to finish reading another book. I then went to the Park book exchange and made a trade. This Park has a very limited number of books compared to most of the Parks where I have made exchanges.

The other big activity of the day was watching new neighbors move in. I got two more on my side of the street. But, the real entertainment was the 5th Wheel that parked directly across from me.

At about noon I saw a couple pull into the space with just their truck and they looked around. Soon, they were back with the 5th Wheel in tow which the man expertly backed into the space.

I say expertly, what do I know, for he got out looked at what he had done and then moved it about two feet further from the hook-ups. Maybe he was too close for the slides to come out but it didn't look like it to me.

Then for the next three hours, every time I looked, he was unloading stuff, moving stuff or putting stuff away. I have no idea what the wife might have been doing; I'm guessing that she was inside with a drink in hand and with her feet up. LOL

4 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf. - Will Rogers

Today was marginally more interesting than yesterday.

My walking route took me through 'downtown' this morning on Main St. I had read about there being a Farmers & Crafts Market in that area on Saturday but from what I could find on the Internet it started at 9:00 am.

As I walked through the area before 7:00 I could see that some vendors were set up and others were in the process. It looks to me like they will be ready to go by 8:00 for sure. I'll make a point of going back next Saturday after 8:00 and see what is available.

The other discovery was Old Town Restaurant. This restaurant is on S Valley Dr just north of the NM28 intersection to Mesilla. It is not in old town Las Cruces nor old town Mesilla but is between them so Old Town it became.

But the name is not nearly as important as what they have. They have a good red sauce, a good salsa, they open at 7:00 am and they have good prices. They have leaped to the #1 spot on my Las Cruces breakfast spot stops – I'll be going back.

This morning was 35° which does not sound very warm but after 9 days of freezing or below it was very welcome. I have been here for two weeks now and 10 of the 14 mornings have been at or below freezing.

The high today was nearly 70° which was very nice. The best news is that the next 10 days will be a lot like today – maybe.

5 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The man with the best job in the country is the vice-president. All he has to do is get up every morning and say, "How is the president?" - Will Rogers

The good new of the day was some fine weather. This is forecast to be here for the next week to 10 days. I hope the prediction is right.

In one of the blogs I read daily, The Bayfield Bunch, the author, Al, talked about meeting my cousin W. D. 'Arizona” Kennedy. The Bayfield Bunch are snowbird Canadians and have been coming to the Sulphur Springs Valley in southeastern Arizona for 3-4 years.

Al loves the southwest, the desert, old ghost towns plus the peace and solitude. I thought he would enjoy reading the book that W. D. wrote so I left my copy at 'The Ranch' where they have 'house sat' for the past two years.

Al finished the book a few days ago and then last night he and his wife went to a restaurant in Elfrida, AZ. It was just by chance that W. D. was there 'pickin-n-grinin' and they got to meet.

It seemed to really make Al's day and I know that selling a book and a CD also made one for my cousin. It is funny how this one book has brought me back in contact with my cousins and now is also bringing others in contact.

I have two weeks left here in Las Cruces and one more week before my dental appointment. It is time to start thinking about where I might go next. I haven't made any decision yet but have started to look at options – there is some hitch itch beginning.

6 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The more that learn to read the less learn how to make a living. That's one thing about a little education. It spoils you for actual work. The more you know the more you think somebody owes you a living. - Will Rogers

Added comment to what Will Rogers said: I think that the United States is a perfect example of this at the present time. It is also telling that liberal politicians continue to push for more and more education.

Not an exciting day but one that had elements of new things.

After finishing my walk I checked the gauge on my propane tank. The idiot light inside has been showing only ¼ tank remaining for 2-3 days. The gauge on the tank was reading less than ¼ tank so I thought it time to get a re-fill.

Since I only hook up to electric it was easy for me to disconnect and be on my way. What is not easy is putting everything away for traveling. I seem to forget something almost every time but luckily noting broke this time.

The re-fill was quickly done and I was back in my space within ½ hour.

The second new thing during the day was Enrique's Mexican Food. This is a restaurant on W. Picacho in a small strip mall on the north side and west of the railroad tracks.

The menu is on the wall and while I was there none of the other 7 customers in the room spoke any English. I could have been in Mexico. The breakfast was great and the prices also made me think I was in Mexico.

I now have two restaurants that are tied for the #1 restaurant spot in Las Cruces.

The third thing is another neighbor right next to me, on the west side this time. He has put sun tire covers on all his trailer tires so it looks like he plans on staying many months. I'm not convinced that the sun covers make any difference except to those that sell them.

Tire manufacturers recommend that you put on new tires every 5-7 years even if the tread is good because of rubber deterioration. Do the covers add any life to the tires if used during those 5-7 years? Maybe if you leave it sitting for 50 weeks out of the year but probably not if you are a Fulltimer.

7 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other. - Will Rogers

My morning walk went out west again across the Rio Grande. This time I stopped at The Big Chair restaurant which is a small place on the southwest corner of Picacho Ave (US70) and Motel Blvd (NM292).

It is a breakfast and lunch place that has a limited breakfast menu, none of which is Mexican food dishes. They are 'into' presentation of the food on your plate which is not all bad but surprised me because of the restaurant location and exterior appearance.

What they are really Big on is not a Chair but rather on pastries. The pastry display case is huge and simply wonderful.

The apple strudel was great, presented on the plate with a sauce that was delicious. This was washed down with some excellent coffee.

I probably will not stop again however; it is not my normal fare but it is really good on the rare occasion.

To work off the strudel I did my laundry and that was about it for the day. The wind kicked up in the afternoon and made it a little cool. It was still sunny and not a cloud in the brilliant blue sky.

8 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The movies are the only business where you can go out front and applaud yourself. - Will Rogers

I changed plans and checked out the Farm & Craft Market in downtown today rather than next Saturday. I found the event listed in a Weekly Throw-away as being held on Wednesday at 8:00 and Saturday at 9:00.

I may also go through it on a Saturday; from what I saw last week I think there are more vendors. This is not the time of the year for much Farm stuff, only saw one vendor with dried chilies and onions.

The Craft stuff did not do much for me. There was a lot of craft jewelry, various art pieces and two vendors of rocks.

Stopped to pick up some tamales at Si Señor this morning at 7:25. They open at 7:00, remember I checked on this a few days ago – Right. They were locked up tight as a drum but I could see people inside.

Then a truck pulled into the drive-through and placed an order but then parked and came to the door. It was then that they opened the doors for business. I have not eaten any of the tamales yet but they are also small like the ones that I picked up in Mesilla.

The only other activity for the day was to dump my holding tanks and fill the fresh water tank. It looks like I still have a water leak problem. The valve that directs water from the main water line to the tank is leaking as I fill.

I think the valve is also bad. It is not filling the tank when turned and then with some fine tuning it allowed filling but also allowed water into the main water line.

Great weather again today. No wind, lots of sun and a shirtsleeve afternoon.

More ObamaCare news. This is how it is to work; you reward your friends and punish your enemies. The taxpayers that are looking for an exemption from the mandatory coverage requirement are dreaming; it is not going to happen, they are among those that are to be punished.

The Obama administration has allowed 222 employers, insurers and unions to opt out of a key mandate in the new health care law – a number that has grown exponentially in the past two months....
The list has grown significantly since October, when 30 companies had waivers, and has doubled since early November. Taken together, the companies cover more than 1.5 million people, including 34 unions with more than 140,000 members....
Many unions had fought hard for health reform and were dismissive about fears that companies would simply dump their coverage if health reform passed. But unions are now demanding to be exempt from the new law....
Workers affected by these exemptions are now left to wonder whether their low-cost health-insurance plans will continue to provide the coverage they need.
Companies who do not get waivers are left wondering whether it's fair that they must follow the health-reform rules and regulations that every other company in the United States must follow, while their competitors who got waivers do not.
Taxpayers are left wondering it will be just as easy for them to get waivers on the individual mandate, which says everyone must buy health coverage or pay an annual fine, anywhere from $750 per person to not more than $2,250 per household.
9 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets. - Will Rogers

Another very nice day. However, the forecasters missed the low this morning by a lot.

They were predicting a low of 33° and it dropped down to 27°. That is another good reason not to stay connected to city water and only disconnecting when a freeze is predicted.

I did a shorter walk this morning (but still over 5 miles), kind of a mini-break. Made another stop at Enrique's and the breakfast was just as good as the first time.

I think the salsa was even better. It is made with all fresh ingredients so each batch will be a little different.

That was about all for the day. I spent more time on the couch reading my book than normal which took some time away from reading blogs. A lazy day!

10 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. - Will Rogers

It was a very warm morning and the high reached 73°. The only negative was a few high clouds and some wind in the afternoon.

I walked a new route today that included a stop at La Nueva Casita Cafe´ where I took advantage of their 7:00 am opening. For whatever reason they open one hour earlier on Friday.

The breakfast, and coffee, was very good again with excellent service. Their salsa is also great, it has some fire in it, but some people will find it too hot.

After a stop at Save Mart for groceries it was more couch time with my current book. Also did web news reading, web surfing and blog reading to fill the day.

This excerpt is from an article by Peggy Noonan, a one time supporter of President Obama that has recently become critical. It seems that the President's idea of compromise is still one where he is willing to let the Republicans ride in the back of the bus – I'm not surprised.

We have not in our lifetimes seen a president in this position. He spent his first year losing the center, which elected him, and his second losing his base, which is supposed to provide his troops. There isn't much left to lose! Which may explain Tuesday's press conference.
President Obama was supposed to be announcing an important compromise, as he put it, on tax policy. Normally a president, having agreed with the opposition on something big, would go through certain expected motions. He would laud the specific virtues of the plan, show graciousness toward the negotiators on the other side—graciousness implies that you won—and refer respectfully to potential critics as people who'll surely come around once they are fully exposed to the deep merits of the plan.
Instead Mr. Obama said, essentially, that he hates the deal he just agreed to, hates the people he made the deal with, and hates even more the people who'll criticize it. His statement was startling in the breadth of its animosity. Republicans are "hostage takers" who worship a "holy grail" of "tax cuts for the wealthy." "That seems to be their central economic doctrine."
As for the left, they ignore his accomplishments and are always looking for "weakness and compromise." They are "sanctimonious," "purist," and just want to "feel good about" themselves. In a difficult world, they cling to their "ideal positions" and constant charges of "betrayals."
Do you remember Chris Mathews of MSNBC, The Obama Channel. This is what he had to say then and now – where has all the thrill gone?
February 13, 2008
During MSNBC's live coverage of Tuesday's presidential primary elections, after the speeches of Barack Obama and John McCain had aired, Chris Matthews expressed his latest over the top admiration for Obama's speaking skills.
“I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often. No, seriously. It's a dramatic event. He speaks about America in a way that has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the feeling we have about our country. And that is an objective assessment.”
November 1, 2010
Chris Matthews during an appearance with Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC program.
Chris Matthews: When he was a campaigner, he said what a great country it is, what an exceptional country it is. A guy like me made it. He was patriotic and inclusive. He was interactive. Ever since he’s been president, he’s elitist and come with a teleprompter. He hasn’t listened. He’s talked at us rather than with us.
Andrea Mitchell: That’s what he’s projected?
Matthews: No, he brings the teleprompter with him.
Mitchell: You don’t think he’s interacted even with the town hall meetings?
Matthews: No. and I think he hasn’t explained himself. Lincoln had to explain the civil war. Roosevelt had to explain everything. You have to take people along with you. I think he’s guilty of the elitist charge. If you are going to spend $1.6 trillion deficit in one year, you have to explain to the American people why you did it. he never explained economics the way you were taught it.
11 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The only way you can beat the lawyers is to die with nothing. - Will Rogers

I'll add to Will Rogers quote today, he should have said lawyers and the government. I hope that I can do this!

I went to Mesilla again this morning. On 11/24, my first trip there, I went to Los Mariachi restaurant after searching the web for a place to eat. The information that I found on-line said that they opened at 7:00 am but I found them closed at 7:30.

In the Weekly Throw-away that I was reading last week Los Mariachi was featured in an article that said they opened at 7:00. I thought I would give them another try.

They were open when I got there soon after 7:00, however the menu says their hours are 7:00 on Fri-Sun and 8:00 all other days of the week. I have found the Internet to be very inaccurate and local papers or people to be almost as bad regarding restaurant hours – you just take your chances.

My breakfast was good but nothing special. If you want breakfast in Mesilla then Los Mariachi or Andele are both good choices but not great.

Today was another wonderful day with the high near 70, the low above freezing, not a cloud in the sky and no wind. IF the forecast is correct it should be this way through the 15th. IF it were to stay like this all winter I wouldn't leave!

12 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The schools ain't what they used to be and never was. - Will Rogers

So far the weather forecasters have got it right. It was not quite as warm today and there are a few high clouds but I'm not complaining.

I went to Old Town Restaurant again this morning and was not disappointed. They also gave me two melt-in-your-mouth cookies, must be getting in the Christmas Spirit. They were really, really good.

The only accomplishment for the day was to finish reading the book that I was spending couch time on. It has been traded already while there was still some choice in the Park exchange library. I think I have said that they have a limited library.

Tomorrow is my dental cleaning appointment. I know that when I have that completed the hitch itch will set in for sure.

13 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The time to save is now. When a dog gets a bone, he doesn't go out and make a down payment on a bigger bone. He buries the one he's got. - Will Rogers

The walk to and from Las Cruces Dental Association gave me a new daily record of 9.12 miles. I had scheduled my appointment for 9:00 am so that I would have plenty of time to walk there.

I arrived at about 8:00 and filled out all the new patient forms. Then had a 45 minute wait but part of that time was taken up with me telling my 'living on the road' story to the hygienist and her assistant.

The cleaning went well with me only going into one gagging fit – hygienist love me, I'm a gagger. HA HA The really great part of the visit came when it was time to pay. That is right, it was great because they gave me a $50 discount as a first time patient. How about that, an early Christmas present.

I then walked about ½ way home and stopped at Break an Egg. This is a breakfast and lunch restaurant on Solano two blocks north of Amador; near Si Señor and Si Señor Express.

They have an old movie theme (had a Bing Crosby movie on the TV) with movie related names for the items on the menu. There was also a Mexican breakfast menu that included Huevos Divorciados, or "Divorced Eggs”, which I have never seen on a menu in the USofA.

They also had a Nopales dish which did not appeal to me but I asked to have the Nopales diced and added to the Huevos a la Mexicana. This they did, as a side order charge, and I had a fine Mexican breakfast. I have never seen Nopales on a USofA menu anyplace either and had trouble getting them when I was in Mexico.

Yesterday I got cookies with breakfast; today it was some small corn and cranberry muffins, Reese's cup size. I had two this morning and brought two home for a desert after linner.

I didn't get home until a little after noon and soon after leaving the restaurant I had to take my jacket off. It was another nice warm day with the high near 70 and the low at 35 although it felt colder than that. The 10 day forecast is promising the same to come.

This Judge Hudson has got it exactly right. However, as the article says two judges have ruled in Obama's favor and it will go to the Supreme Court for a final ruling. If Obama can make one more appointment before he leaves office then I see the Supreme Court ruling ObamaCare Constitutional. As the Court now stands it is a toss-up; repealing it is a better answer IMO.

A federal court ruled Monday that a central plank of the health law violates the Constitution, dealing the biggest setback yet to the Obama administration's signature legislative accomplishment.
In a 42-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson said the law's requirement that most Americans carry insurance or pay a penalty "exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power."
The individual mandate "would invite unbridled exercise of federal police powers," wrote Judge Hudson, of the Eastern District of Virginia. "At its core, this dispute is not simply about regulating the business of insurance—or crafting a scheme of universal health insurance coverage—it's about an individual's right to choose to participate."
The lawsuit, brought by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, is the first court ruling against the law since President Barack Obama signed it in March. More than 20 federal lawsuits have been filed against the overhaul, and judges in two of those cases ruled in favor of the Obama administration.
14 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The United States never lost a war or won a conference. - Will Rogers

This Will Rogers quote was true in his time however the United States has not won a war since WWII but remain winless at the conference table.

The weather has been the same today as for the past few but I have been cold all day. A lot of time on the couch reading and bundled up.

After yesterdays long walk I chose my north loop for today which is about 5 ½ miles. This is also the route that has Enrique's as a breakfast stop. This little restaurant is #1 with me; maybe tied with Old Town.

I have made a decision. I'll move from here to Deming, NM next week and stay for 5 days – get off the roads until after Christmas. This will also give me an opportunity to check out a RV Park there for a possible longer stay.

If I thought the weather would remain like it has been I would stay a month but that would be pushing my luck. I can only hope that it holds like this through the 25th; the Deming area is about 5° colder than here.

From there I'll go to Sulphur Springs Valley in southwest Arizona for a couple of days. Visit my cousins once again and maybe meet another RV blogger while I'm there.

Then will move on to the Sierra Vista, AZ area for at least one month. The temperatures there have been about 10° warmer than Las Cruces. I hope that holds true for the next month or maybe two.

15 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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The worst thing that happens to you may be the best thing for you if you don't let it get the best of you. - Will Rogers

I did another shorter walk this morning in weather much like it has been for the past few days. Then near noon a strong wind came up and started rocking Desperado.

It did this for about 3 hours. Blowing dust so bad that the Organ Mountains to the east were obscured. It then continued to blow but not as hard, bringing a high layer of clouds in and early darkness.

My primary chore today was to get laundry done again. I had that finished before the strong winds came in. The other task was to mail a deposit check to the RV park near Sierra Vista. I wasn't as lucky with that one and had to be out in the blowing dust for a couple of short periods.

I'm now in count down mode with only five days remaining here. Most people are counting the days until Christmas, I'm counting days until I'm on the road again.

16 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. - Will Rogers

The high cloud cover was still there early this morning but no wind. By late afternoon most of the clouds were gone and it was nice and warm, in the mid-60s, with lots of sunshine.

I did nothing but my routine of walk, read blogs, web surf and read my current mystery novel. It sounds like a very boring life, when I write it down, but it is no different than what I did when I lived in a sticks-n-bricks in Reno, NV.

The biggest differences between then and now 1) I am writing about my life everyday now 2) I move my home from place to place every few weeks/days.

I have been reading about the Tax Bill and the $1.1 trillion Budget Bill that the lame stream media is trying to make into a drama – there is no drama, we know they will pass.

The Democrat supporters have to be chuckling with glee; they have got two more 'pork barrel' laden Bills about to reward their friends. The Republican and Independent supports have to be shaking their heads and asking - Didn't we just vote against this kind of deficit spending? LOL

17 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail. - Will Rogers

The first thing I want to comment on is the last thing I had to say yesterday. It seems that the 9 Republicans who were willing to roll over for the Democrats on the Budget Bill have 'seen the light'. I think it was explained to them that there was another election in 2012 and they had better get with the 'spending program'. LOL

When I got up this morning I could smell rain on the light breeze that was blowing. It had not rained here in the RV Park but somewhere to the west.

Then as the sun came up while I was on my walk I saw that the summits of the Organ Mountains were in the clouds. Those clouds did rise but stayed around all day. The high struggled to reach 60° with enough wind to make it a bundle up on the couch and read day.

I finished another mystery novel and exchanged it for a thriller that I'll get to in a few weeks. None of the books that I have been reading are what you would describe as literature but do provide entertainment.

I had breakfast at La Nueva Casita Cafe´ again this morning. I will now declare it to be my #2 place because of the food, the attentive server, the prices and their opening at 7:00 am on Friday.

18 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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There ought to be one day - just one - when there is open season on Senators. - Will Rogers

This morning was my last walk to Mesilla and Los Mariachis; last for this visit to the Las Cruces area.

I had the Huevos Rancheros with green sauce this morning, it was much better, and much hotter, than the red. The green may be too hot for some people but I found it to be just right.

There were a few clouds still hanging on the top of Organ Mountain peaks this morning but it was not very cold. It also did not warm up a lot, kind of like yesterday with more afternoon winds.

The big News item of the day was the Senate repealing the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' law that was passed while Clinton was President. The best that I can tell this repeal does not cost anything unless there is some 'pork' give aways buried in the Bill.

So, I ask you, is this a great country or what? You can now ask a member of our military if they are homosexual or lesbian and now they can tell you.

19 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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Things in our country run in spite of government, not by aid of it. - Will Rogers

Today was very much a do nothing day. I'm not quite finished, but I'll get to it tomorrow.

Even my walks have become rather routine and stale. That is a side benefit to my moving every few weeks. I could not maintain my walking program when I moved every day. But now I look forward to moving day as being a day of rest and the new location gives me motivation to find new routes.

Nothing much in the News now that 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' has passed, the Budget Bill postponed (again) and the DREAM Act down for the count. There is the START Treaty that President Obama and the Democrats want rushed through.

I don't know enough about it to comment intelligently but become suspicious about anything that must be passed NOW. Why the rush?

One more day and then moving day!

20 December
Sunny Acres RV Park
Las Cruces, NM
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We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can. - Will Rogers

My last walk in Las Cruces, this trip, was to Break an Egg and return. I had the Huevos Divorciados this morning and they were excellent.

I have revised my restaurant rankings based on today and yesterdays breakfast at Old Town. I am now ranking Break an Egg tied with Enrique's for the #1 position with Old Town and La Nueva Casita Cafe´ sharing the #2 spot.

These rankings mean very little to most people because one of my primary requirements is their opening hours must be at 7:00 am or before.

Upon getting back home I prepared to leave tomorrow by dumping my holding tanks and filling the fresh water one. I also went to the Park Office and settled my electric bill. I had to give them a $100 deposit for electric and knew that I would get a lot back. Without running A/C my electric usage is low; depending on the per Kw charge it will be between 50¢ and 75¢ per day.

I now only have to disconnect from electric, stow stuff for travel, stop for gas and I'm on the road again!

I saw in todays News the following:

New York prosecutors are poised to file civil fraud charges against Ernst & Young for its alleged role in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, saying the Big Four accounting firm stood by while the investment bank misled investors about its financial health, people familiar with the matter said.
I wonder if this is an attempt to do to Ernest & Young what was done to Arthur Andersen back when there was the Big Five accounting firms.

In 2002, Arthur Andersen voluntarily surrendered its licenses to practice as Certified Public Accountants in the United States after being found guilty of criminal charges relating to the firm's handling of the auditing of Enron, an energy corporation based in Texas which later failed. The verdict was subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. However, the damage to its reputation has prevented it from returning as a viable business, though it still nominally exists.

21 December
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park
Near Deming, NM
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This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. - Will Rogers

I left Sunny Acres a few minutes before 7:00 am, just enough daylight to see well. Made a gas stop before leaving town and noticed that the last time I filled up was on October 20th.

It is a very easy 60+ miles from Las Cruces to Deming via I-10. However, I rarely do the easy and do not do Interstates much.

So, I continued south on NM28 following the Rio Grande. If you Google Maps for this portion of NM28 south of Las Cruces it will show that I passed through a tiny bit of Texas (there were no signs).

Turned west/south on NM273, NM136, County Rd A003/NM9, north on NM11, Keeler Rd (County Rd 003) and Hidden Vally Rd (County Rd 015).no pic

This totaled 144 miles but let me see some country that I have never seen before. It also let me see a Border Patrol vehicle about every one mile along NM9 plus a check point on NM11.

I made a stop for breakfast at the Patio Cafe´ in Columbus, NM and then for groceries in Deming at Pepper's Supermarket (a very nice store).

It was a little over 10 miles from there to Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park (Google Maps does not show the correct location) with the last 7 miles rough/washboard road (maximum speed 15-20 mph).

I overtook, and speed past, a pick-up and trailer that was maybe doing 5 mph. I talked to the driver later and he said that the road was really bouncing his trailer. I don't look forward to driving back out and know that I will not be coming back but I did want to see the place.

I have a Verizon connection (shows four bars) but the transmission speed is VERY slow. I may have trouble posting to my web site; I know that loading pages to view is extremely slow.

It is very sunny, warm and the wind is blowing. This is probably as good as it is going to be; the forecast is for colder days to come.

22 December
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park
Near Deming, NM
no pic
We don't seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business? - Will Rogers

I am still dealing with very slow Verizon transmission speed. I was able to post yesterday with not too much aggravation but trying to update my Camp Map was a trial.

I also had a lot of trouble opening Yahoo email and finally gave up, early today I was able to get my mail but I'm having the same problems this afternoon.

Yesterday, I asked the co-owner about someplace to walk. She pointed out a gate and told me that if I followed the 'road' toward the biggest hill to the north I could do an out and back 5 miles.

So, I was up at my usual 6:00 am and started my walk at about 6:20. This being the day after the shortest daylight day of the year – I was in the dark, moon behind the clouds. Took a wrong turn, made a correction and got on the 'road'.

I thought it was an ATV trail but after I got back and talked to the co-owner again she insisted that it was a road. I had turned around when I reached a road that had been graded no so long ago; looked in better shape than the Hidden Valley Rd I drove into the Park on.

After I got back I found out that this graded road was the Butterfield Trail. Not too far to the east of here is the ruins of Fort Cummings which was also a stop along the Trail.

It did not get very cold last night but it did not warm up much until late in the afternoon. There is a forecast for rain tomorrow which will keep me house bound. I can walk in the cold but not in the cold and wet.

23 December
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park
Near Deming, NM
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We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. - Will Rogers

I did not walk today. I got up at my normal time and it was not raining but there were clouds moving in from the northwest.

It started to rain at 10:00 and continued off-and-on until around 1:30. The winds then picked up and blew most of the rain clouds toward Texas. It was then rocking and rolling time for Desperado the rest of the afternoon.

It also stayed cold all day. I had my heater on during most of the morning until it finally reached 50° at noon but still stayed covered up on the couch most of the afternoon which never got to 60.

I continue to struggle with the VERY slow Verizon transmission speed. Yesterday it took me 7 attempts to save my web posting. This morning it took three trys to send an email. Each of those attempts is a long process, waiting to see if it will send or not.

I wanted to see this RV Park and it does have its charms but the disadvantages will keep me from coming back. The road is probably as big a deterent as the poor Internet connection.

24 December
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park
Near Deming, NM
no pic

Since September 12, 2010 I have started my blog posts with a quote by Will Rogers. The interesting thing, to me, about these quotes is how they have maintained there timeliness over the years. Most of them are as true today as when Will Rogers first spoke them.

This got me to thinking, a dangerous state of mind for me to be in, about where did these quotes come from? It so happens that many of them came from weekly newspaper columns that Will Rogers wrote starting in 1922. I find the weekly articles fascinating for the same reason that the quotes are; they are about 'current events'.

The more things change the more they stay the same! I will be linking to his weekly columns on the same date as they were published – 88 years ago.

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 24, 1922

I did not walk today. Too cold! I also do not feel safe walking in this area.

The co-owner made it rather clear in our conversations that she, and the Park, would not take ANY responsibility for me if I did any walks in the area.

About a year ago, while I was in Baja, I was hiking in an area away from where anyone was likely to come. No one knew I was doing so and I took a fall (my balance is not what it once was).

No serious harm was done but it did make me think – I do this rarely, with mixed results. Since that time I have walked only where I can be found by normal people trafficking or have asked someone to come looking for me if I do not check back in. The Park here will not take on that responsibility.

I said it was too cold this morning, well it stayed that way all day. There has been a very clear blue sky, lots of sunshine, not very warm and a cold wind. I think tomorrow is going to be much the same.

I did accomplish a few things. I finished another book (this one was a disappointment) and made an exchange at the Park Office. They have a HUGE Exchange Library, perhaps the largest one I have seen so far in any place I have camped.

I have also had marginally better Internet connections. I check on a page I want to see, lay down and read for a while then get up and read/post on the computer. Still VERY slow!

I got my laundry done while I had the chance.

From the News; this is rather amazing. I was camped in this area this past June with temperatures in Las Vegas of around 110° and now there are snow avalanches.

MOUNT CHARLESTON, Nev. – Police went door to door Thursday urging residents to evacuate two mountain hamlets near Las Vegas after three overnight snow slides stirred fears of a disastrous avalanche.
No injuries or structural damage were reported on Mount Charleston after the small to moderate avalanches struck about 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas.
25 December
Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park
Near Deming, NM
no pic

This morning was warmer, at 27°, than yesterday's 20°. My guess that the day would be much like yesterday has come to pass. Continuing to be very sunny but it just does not warm up much.

I stayed bundled up on the couch a lot until noon; reading and waiting for my computer to load another new page. At least my new book is starting out much better that the last one.

The RV Park's Christmas Pot Luck started at 2:00. I went over a few minutes early to use their microwave to heat up some green chill and cheese tamales that I bought in Las Cruces.

The Park provided the turkey and ham and then there were lots of side dishes brought by Park residents. Many of them are full time residents that live in the northern section of the Park. The short term 'guest' are in the southern section where the Office, Laundry, Library etc. are located.

My contribution of tamales went over as well as I had hoped; I had some left over!

The majority of the people that attended knew each other and sat as a group in the center of the room. I joined two couples on the edge that were here only as 'guests', however they also had met in prior years.

One couple was from British Columbia and the other was from Ontario. They had arranged to meet here in this Park as the BCers were going east and the Ontarians were going west.

it was a good Christmas Dinner!

From the News: This may explain why the AARP Executives were strongly supporting ObamaCare. Once again Speaker Pelosi is proved correct, “We have to pass the Bill so we can see what is in it” - see what Gail Wilensky says below.

This is also another perfect example of the Obama Doctrine: Your friends are those that assist you in obtaining Political Power, anyone else is an enemy; When in Power reward your friends and punish your enemies.

Health insurance company lobbyists have launched a new line of criticism against President Obama's health care overhaul, claiming the AARP got preferential treatment in regulations released this week.
The Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday proposed a set of regulations to ensure that large insurance rate increases are "thoroughly reviewed" at either the state or federal level. The rules would exempt so-called Medigap policies -- supplemental insurance plans meant to fill gaps in Medicare coverage. And AARP, which endorsed the health care overhaul, sells these policies on behalf of a private insurer.
The White House called the claim that AARP is getting a break "categorically untrue." Medicare expert Gail Wilensky, who ran Medicare and Medicaid under former President George H.W. Bush, says the regulation exemption is an early surprise in a complex law.
"There are just hundreds and hundreds of provisions that most people, even those who think they're informed, don't know about it," she said. "You can count on every year, for the next six or seven years as this unfolds, that we are going to discover provisions that no one was aware was in that legislation."
Wilensky is on the board of an insurance company whose Medigap plans are sponsored by AARP. She said the Medigap plans should not be included as part of the rate review anyway, but that neither should the other plans. "States have the right to regulate insurance," she said.
So did AARP get a break? It escapes certain health care overhaul regulations -- such as a restriction on insurance industry executive pay and a tax on insurance companies -- but AARP is not an insurance company.
But the Medigap plans, one of several kinds of health insurance plans AARP sells, will avoid the new rate reviews.
Under that system, insurers seeking increases of 10 percent or more would have to publicly justify them. Those plans would then be either scrutinized by the state or the federal Department of Health and Human Services.
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has promised to study supplemental Medicare insurance costs, but she notes the federal government has no authority to order changes.
26 December
The Homestead
Near Double Adobe, AZ
no pic

It was a busy day which included driving 244 miles.

First thing to do after getting electric disconnected was to drive the 7 miles of washboard Hidden Valley Rd which took over ½ hour. That had me on a route to Columbus, NM that was the reverse of 12/21 when I arrived.

South on Hidden Valley RD, Keeler Rd & US180/NM11. I even stopped at the Patio Cafe´ again for breakfast but they were closed as were the two other restaurants that I found in town.

I continued on west on NM9, NM80/AZ80 into Douglas, AZ where I finally was able to get breakfast at The Chef; I had eaten there once in October when I was in town for my 50th Reunion. I also stopped at Wal*Mart, which was packed, to pick up groceries and a TracFone Minutes Card.

It had been over 50 years since I had driven very far north on Leslie Canyon Rd so I took the opportunity today. There are now paved roads and houses scattered all along what was once all cattle range land.

Leslie Canyon Rd is now paved for about 10 more miles north than what it was but then does become gravel. However, unlike Hidden Valley Rd it is in good shape and I could drive at the posted 35 mph speed limit. This was also true of E. Davis road than took me to the US191 Junction in McNeal, AZ. I detoured at that point to Elfrida, AZ to visit with The Bayfield pic

Al & Kelly are a wonderful couple that I was pleased to meet face-to-face after 'talking' to Al via email. It was great to put a voice with the pictures that I had seen on their blog, especially good to hear Kelly's voice because Al writes all the blogs and answered my email.

We had a great visit for over two hours and then I got back on route at Davis Rd. Made the turn south on Frontier Rd and to The Homestead once again. I was a little late getting in because of the stops along the way but that did not keep my cousin and I from visiting.

For this semi-recluse the past two days have been packed with 'being social'. There was the Christmas Dinner, visiting with The Bayfield Bunch and then staying up way past my bedtime to visit my cousins.

I usually get my daily blog posting done on the day I'm writing about. This one was done on the morning of the 27th due to all the 'socializing'. LOL

27 December
The Homestead
Near Double Adobe, AZ
no pic

Not much to talk about today. I'm talked out after visiting with cousins and cousins-in-law all day. A lot of remember this, remember that, do you remember …?

One of the names that I want to get in this record that will not mean anything to most people is Dave Knutson. I could not remember his name to save me but W. D. finally came up with his name based on my description of him (an old cowboy) and where he lived (near the Original Homestead).

I did get two really good home cooked meals while I have been here. It is so much better to eat something cooked by someone else.

With that said, I did make up a batch of Chili this morning which has been cooking in my Thermal Cooker all day. This will give me “linners' for the next 5-6 days. It is well that I made something that will go well with the weather forecast. Rain and/or snow to come on Wednesday and Thursday with much colder temperatures. It stayed cool here all day with increased clouds throughout the afternoon.

I was suspicious about the rush to pass the New arms-reduction treaty. The excerpt from a news article shown below justifies that suspicion; see what the Defense Minister says in the last sentence. I can not believe that this treaty is in the best interest of the United States of America and do believe that President Obama has sold out with the help of complicit Republicans.

MOSCOW -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Friday hailed his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama as "a leader who fulfills his promises" after the hard-fought U.S. Senate ratification this week of a major arms-reduction treaty.
"He did a great job, succeeding in his push for the ratification of this very important document, the New START, in quite difficult conditions," Mr. Medvedev said in his annual year-end interview with Russian television.
Shortly after Mr. Medvedev's comments, the lower house of Russia's parliament, the State Duma, voted overwhelmingly to give preliminary approval to the treaty. The pro-Kremlin United Russia party dominates the legislature, making ratification a virtual certainty, though legislators said final approval won't come until early next year.
Speaking in the Duma before the vote, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said failure to ratify "would be a serious blow to our reputation."
Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the treaty limits allow Russia to "expand our forces, rather a lot, while the American side will have to cut its arms."
28 December
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic

This was a very short drive today but I still left at 6:30 am because of the planned stops. My route was Frontier Rd, Double Adobe Rd, AZ80, AZ92 and AZ90 for just 67 pic

The first one was in Bisbee, AZ to fill up with gas. I asked the cashier if there was a good place for breakfast as I was going west and she recommended Morning Star.

Acting on her advice I stopped there. They open at 7:00, my kind of place but they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Since today is Tuesday I drove on to Country House Restaurant in Sierra Vista, AZ where I had eaten last October.

From there I went to D & J RV Service to get an estimate for the re-wiring and hiding it work on my dinette/cabinet re-model. The estimate is reasonable so I will proceed.

To do that I stopped at Ace Hardware and bought all the 'paint stuff' that I will need to primer the wall before the wiring is done and then paint.

With all that taken care off it was time to check into my new home – Mountain View RV Park. The spaces are rather close together but I have a neighbor on only the west side – for now.

I get good afternoon sun through my living room window that has it very comfortable inside although it has only reached 58° outside. It will be much colder for the next two days and I'll be whining again.

After I got set up I ordered the Wall Light w/Shade that I'll have installed during the wiring. I also finished taking down the remaining cabinets, as well as the still attached mini blinds, and throwing it all in the trash. I did salvage the 12v light fixture that I had left until the last moment.

I should have this stage of the re-model done within the next month. To complete the project on this one side I need to buy some storage units and the recliner that I have on my wish list. Don't have the funds for that now so it will still be a little while in the future.

29 December
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic

It has been cold (had my heater off and on during the day), windy, cloudy and just generally a stormy day. No rain yet but it has looked like it may start at any time. The wind has been gusting up to 50 mph at times so I'm rocking. More of the same tomorrow.

I devoted most of the day to staying bundled up on the couch reading a fiction war novel. Also did some blog reading, some Internet news reading and some web surfing. It is GREAT to have normal Internet transmission speeds back so I can do those things when I want.

I also did some sanding on the raised screw holes in the dinette wall. A power sander is probably what I need. I'm doing what I can but the holes will probably still be noticeable even after I paint.

I have change my Camp map, shown in the right hand column on the Home page, to my 2011 map. Since this is my first Camp of 2011 I thought there was no reason to wait. I had 50 Camps during the 13 months of my 2009/2010 map; I do not expect to be in nearly that many next year.

This is how ObamaCare will slowly become the 'single payer system' (government provided health care) that the President and his Hard Left supporters want. The only way that I can see to stop this is through the repeal of the ObamaCare Law, but I am also realistic enough that I don't see that happening.

On Sunday, Robert Pear reported in the New York Times that Medicare will now pay for voluntary end-of-life counseling as part of seniors' annual physicals. A similar provision was originally included in ObamaCare, but Democrats stripped it out amid the death panel furor. Now Medicare will enact the same policy through regulation.
We hadn't heard about this development until Mr. Pear's story, but evidently Medicare tried to prevent the change from becoming public knowledge. The provision is buried in thousands of Federal Register pages setting Medicare's hospital and physician price controls for 2011 and concludes that such consultations count as a form of preventative care.
The office of Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer, the author of the original rider who then lobbied Medicare to cover the service, sent an email to supporters cheering this "victory" but asked that they not tell anyone for fear of perpetuating "the 'death panel' myth." The email added that "Thus far, it seems that no press or blogs have discovered it, but we will be keeping a close watch."
The regulatory process isn't supposed to be a black-ops exercise, but expect many more such nontransparent improvisations under the vast powers ObamaCare handed the executive branch. In July, the White House bypassed the Senate to recess appoint Dr. Berwick, who has since testified before Congress for all of two hours, and now he promulgates by fiat a reimbursement policy that Congress explicitly rejected, all while scheming with his political patrons to duck any public scrutiny.
30 December
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic

It started to rain last night soon after sundown and continued until almost 2:00 this afternoon. The wind was blowing all night and has not quite yet, gusts sometimes rocking Desperado so they are in the 50 mph range.

At noon I could see some snow flakes mixed in with the rain. There was no accumulation here at the Park but when it cleared up some I could see a dusting on the southern hills of the Whetstone Mountains to the north.

It didn't get very cold last night but didn't warm up very much either, then it got colder again just before the snow flakes started to fly. It warmed up a little by 3:30 and I saw the sun for the first time in 24 hours. I hope the storm is finished but do still have the wind.

I did nothing but try to stay warm; had the heater going almost all day. OH, I did get a lot of my latest book read.

31 December
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 31, 1922

I got up and walked, the first time since 12/22. Maybe the habit has formed; I missed walking those days that I have been off.

I needed a couple of days of rest but then wanted to get out again. The circumstances have just been not right but I think I can get back into the routine here.

It wasn't very cold when I started out, then the sun came up and brought the wind with it. I could see a lot of stars also but slowly the clouds blew back in and I think it is snowing in all the mountains around me.

No rain or snow here yet but I'm guessing it will come tonight. Just hope it stops before morning. It has stayed cold again with the high in the mid-40s.

All-in-all a repeat of yesterday without the rain. I got more couch time and tried to stay warm. I had my heater on all of last night, expecting much lower temperatures, and most of the day.

Maybe it will warm up next year!

I find this to be laughable if it was not so serious. Napolitano can not 'manage' the United States border but she is sending members of Homeland Security to Afghanistan to train their security forces.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- During an unannounced New Year's Eve visit to Afghanistan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to the country's mountainous border region near Pakistan to see first-hand her department's efforts in the war effort there.
"Seeing is worth a thousand words," Napolitano said after the tour, to which Fox News was granted exclusive access. "This all involves safety and security in this part of the world. And that is something that has direct connection as well to the United States."
She described her department's role in war-torn Afghanistan as a "complement" to the military operations there.
Her agency has about two dozen officials in Afghanistan, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, Customs and Border Protection officers, and Border Patrol agents. Many are training Afghan security forces to manage their country's borders.