1 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It took all day to fix a water intake leak, replace the water pump and a valve at the tank plus service the A/C. Parts were expensive and the labor was about two times their cost.

I had a roof leak during the monsoon rains and asked them to check that out as well. I have another appointment to get some bad places fixed and the next fall I’ll get a full roof coating.

Just received tags for Desperado that has her registered until 2024 so needed to do the repairs. At the next registration I may get antique plates; not sure about that yet.

The dogs are as worn out from all the waiting around as I am. Their routine was completely upset with a shortened morning walk and then a shorter afternoon walk as well since we didn’t get back to the Park until after 4:00. Maybe get back on schedule tomorrow.

2 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I am way behind on my month end chores. They have now become month beginning chores. I’ll be doing some house cleaning today trying to catch up to my usual schedule.

The neighbor on my west side pulled out a couple days ago. They had been in that space for over a year while their home inthe Sierra Vista area was being built. When I got back to the Park yesterday I found that I had a new neighbor. I haven’t talked to them since they have seem to have parked and are now gone almost all the time. I think they are traveling tourists checking off all the places on their Bucket List.
We see a lot of those mutants in very powerful positions now and they are doing a lot of damage.
The makers of the scientific revolution were individuals who in this transformation of the race played the part of the mutating genes. Such genes are ipso facto unbalanced and unstable. The personalities of these “mutants” already foreshadowed the discrepancy in the next development of man: the intellectual giants of the scientific revolution were moral dwarfs. — The Sleepwalkers by Arthur Koestler

What’s happening to Russia right now isn’t new: it’s been standard operating procedure for the Elites since the 1990s. Putin is now the same demon they made of Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, Mubarak, Qaddafi: the new Hitler, the new threat to world peace and our way of life (as if that was worth saving), and all of it really served one purpose. That purpose is distraction.

It’s distraction from the fact that we have a failed democracy, a controlled economy, a failed legal system, a failed school system,—in short, America is a failed society with nothing other than our military power holding us together. I think that on a subconscious level, many Conservatives fetishize our Military and Foreign Policy because they see it as the last remaining symbol of American strength. This is an illusion. A nation that can only survive by its ability to beat its opposition into submission is not a strong society. — It’s Time for Some Soul-searching on the Right, The Night Wind

3 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It is mostly cloudy this morning but not much chance of rain. Starting tomorrow the spring winds will be blowing in colder mornings and lower high temperatures for next week. The past couple of days have been Chamber of Commerce weather with all the snowbirds sitting outside trying to get their tan.

I only have Desperado’s cab to clean up and my chores will be up to date. Then it will be back to reading the nonfiction book on Fire 8. I have bookmarked another one online at that I may get started as well. Back to the routine.
I didn’t listen or watch President Biden’s State Of The Union speech. I rely on the web sites that I follow to do the analysis and tell me what I need to know about what he said. I haven’t read all the sites but Diogenes Sarcastica has provided the quote shown below that gives me some idea of what to expect.
There was no Jan 6 references on a night of his biggest audience, most of who jizz all over themselves with just the mention of the congressional investigation. And the later part of extremely disjointed speech were weird ideas of cutting the cost of everything by spending more money we already spent while crippling productivity with new regulations, and borrow our way out of inflation. It’s where I stopped listening and gave the dog a bath. — It Sounded Like Puddin’ Head’s Speech Was Written by Pollsters. Politically Terrified Pollsters, Diogenes Sarcastica
If you want to see Main Stream Media bias at work check the full transcript of his SOTU speech at MSN; they fixed his gaff. He has a difficult time reading what has been written for him much less be able to remember a full speech.

“To our fellow Ukrainian Americans who forge a deep bond that connects our two nations we stand with you. Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Irainian people.”

4 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 4, 1934

More of the same here although there will be some colder mornings and cooler days. I have more hulled barley and oat groats cooking in the Thermal Cooker. Maybe finish reading the book I have on Fire 8 and get started on another one, switch back and forth with the one online.
The Russia sanctions are getting VERY serious; here is the latest.
The Board of FIFe (The International Feline Federation) feels it cannot just witness these atrocities [in Ukraine] and do nothing, so it decided that as of 01.03.2022 [1 March 2022 in the American language]:
● No cat bred in Russia may be imported and registered in any FIFe pedigree book outside Russia, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree.
● No cat belonging to exhibitors living in Russia may be entered at any FIFe show outside Russia, regardless of, which organization these exhibitors hold their membership in.
These restrictions are valid until 31.05.2022 and will be reviewed as and when necessary. — Statement regarding the situation in Ukraine on FIFe webpage

I think the good Dr. has probably been given a new identity and is now living a comfortable life under the federal government’s witness protection plan. As he rode off into the sunset you could hear him say “My work here is done!”
So, back to Anthony Fauci. Where has he gone? He was conspicuously absent from Joe Biden’s recent and entirely mask-free State of the Union Address. Fauci is arguably the most public face of Washington’s response to the pandemic, and yet as the COVID restrictions quickly fall away, he is seemingly nowhere to be found. It may be that for the majority of the American public, the worm has turned on Fauci. — Where Is That Masked Man Fauci?, Thomas Gallatin

5 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Today was shopping day. Breakfast stop at Café Olé where my regular waitress had a cup of coffee on the table before I sat down. She then told me what I was going to have as she typed the order into the computer for cooks in the kitchen. There are advantages to having well established habits. —HA

The low this morning was ten degrees colder than yesterday and I was underdressed. Cut the walk in half because I was getting too cold. The low tomorrow will be about the same and I will dress for it. The high today and tomorrow will be about the same as yesterday, in the mid 60s, with strong winds.
Amazing book which chronicles the way that humans have viewed the universe in which they reside, since the Ancient Greeks. It deals with the works of Copernicus, Tycho de Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo in depth. It ends with Newton and an analysis of the new Arthur Koestler has a lot of notes throughout the text, much in an academic style, but they do not distract from an enjoyable read. I think I will look for some more of his work. synthesis that occurred with his works. It details the intellectual, political, and religious climates respective to each of them. The manner in which they reached their conclusions is very detailed, especially Kepler's methods of inquiry. The book ends with a modern epilogue which briefly details the state of science and religion today. A highly recommended read, if you are interested in any of the above mentioned. — Customer review @
This posting has nothing in it about the Ukraine War. There are things happening in the News that do need to be reported but are avoided. Even the Coronavirus® has been displaced to the back pages.
The unspoken context of dependency on distant sources is that wasting resources is considered America’s birthright. Since we gave up making essentials as a waste of time, now we’re consumers, and so it’s our “right” to waste as much as we want: we waste 40% of our food, energy, water, healthcare spending, etc.—and we get real huffy and defensive when this reality is pointed out: it’s our “right” to waste as much as want and not have to pay any price for that squandering.

The assumption is the rest of the world exists to provide us stuff to waste. We now have a Landfill Economy: we buy low-quality goods designed to fail on credit, use the pretty-looking piece of junk until the cheapest component fails and then we dump it in the landfill and buy another—on credit, of course. — If You Want to Build Back Better, Reshore Our Entire Supply Chain, Charles Hugh Smith

6 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It was cold (36.1°) but felt even colder with winds of 5-10mph. I was better dressed for it and we did our usual distance while on the morning walk. More wind today and the high is expected to be below 60 so not a favorable day for our walks.

I have nothing else planned other than reading. Reading and staying warm.
Skin color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability—these are the divisions that the American Left likes to talk about, to the exclusion of all other social divisions, and especially to the exclusion of social class. Are the divisions listed above important when it comes to discriminatory treatment in America today? Of course they are—but social class is also important. It’s by way of the erasure of social class as a major factor in American injustice that we wind up in the absurd situation in which a woman of color who makes a quarter million dollars a year plus benefits as a New York stockbroker can claim to be oppressed by a white guy in Indiana who’s working three part-time jobs at minimum wage with no benefits in a desperate effort to keep his kids fed, when the political candidates that she supports and the economic policies from which she profits are directly responsible for his plight. — The King in Orange by John Michael Greer

This was not good News for the United States. India continues to do what is thought best for India and has refused to follow the United States directives.
Now, when push came to shove in the United Nations General Assembly meeting a week ago on the motion to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and to call for an end to hostilities, which at this moment would signify a Russian defeat, we note that the two countries, China and India, cast the very same vote: abstention. China did not exercise a veto in favor of its ‘friend.’ It abstained.

Of course, in such a vote, abstentions carry great meaning. They are given in the face of massive U.S. diplomatic efforts to bribe or blackmail a host of UN member states and ensure they vote as America dictates. In the end, the United States got what it wanted: an overwhelming number of member states supported the resolution. However, given the abstentions of India and China, as well as the abstentions or vetoes of other populous states including Iran, South Africa and Vietnam, one can say that states accounting for more than 4 billion people, or more than half of humanity, did not support the propagandistic resolution authored in Washington. This constitutes a moral victory for the Kremlin in a vote which, after all, carries no legal consequences. — India’s moment to shine , by Gilbert Doctorow at Postcards From The End

7 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The forecast low for this morning was 30° we got 23.4. I think I had a partial frozen water line to the kitchen but had enough flow to make coffee. I can look forward to a week of these freezing mornings and cold high temperatures. Then if the forecast is right we will jump right into summer.
Do you think this discovery might have anything to do with the strong United States support for Ukraine? The US government is willing to fight to the last Ukrainian to suppress this kind of information. As you might expect, this News is NOT reported by the MainStream Media.
MOSCOW, March 6 - RIA Novosti. Moscow received documents from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories confirming that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine, in close proximity to Russian territory. This was stated to journalists by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov. “In the course of a special military operation, the facts of an emergency cleansing by the Kiev regime of traces of a military biological program being implemented in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of Defense, were uncovered” — Well, Well, Well…, Andrei Martyanov

It so happens that you can determine a huge amount about the economic and social prospects of people in America today by asking one remarkably simple question: Where do they get most of their income? Broadly speaking—there are exceptions, to which I’ll get in a moment—it’s from one of four sources: returns on investment, a monthly salary with benefits, an hourly wage without benefits, or a government welfare check. People who get most of their income from one of those four things have a great many interests and experiences in common, so much so that it’s meaningful to speak of the American people as divided into an investment class, a salary class, a wage class, and a welfare class. — The King in Orange by John Michael Greer

8 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I had to do a holding tank dump late yesterday afternoon when I found there was gray water backed up in the shower. The work done on the water leak and water pump must have required running a lot of water into the gray water tank because it had been only a week since I last dumped.

Have added yellow split peas to the garbonzos and have that combination in the Thermal Cooker today and maybe tonight. That is all I have going on.
Please note that it was not going to happen in 2020 — No Way!
The one significant difference between the Soviet trajectory and its American echo is that Soviet citizens had no choice but to accept the leaders the Communist Party of the USSR foisted off on them, from Brezhnev to Andropov to Chernenko to Gorbachev, until the system collapsed of its own weight. American citizens, by contrast, had a choice. Elections in the United States have been riddled with fraud throughout our nation’s history, but since both parties engage in ballot rigging to a roughly equal degree, fraud mostly swings close elections. It’s still possible for a sufficiently popular candidate to overwhelm the graveyard vote, the crooked voting machines, and the other crass realities of American elections by sheer force of numbers, and elbow his way into the White House—and that was what happened in 2016. — The King in Orange by John Michael Greer

This is from a Quinnipiac University National Poll. It is probably just a coincidence that the same percentage of Democrats that say they would leave the country are the ones that want to tell those of us staying here to fight how to live our life.
As the world witnesses what is happening to Ukraine, Americans were asked what they would do if they were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country? A majority (55 percent) say they would stay and fight, while 38 percent say they would leave the country. Republicans say 68 - 25 percent and independents say 57 - 36 percent they would stay and fight, while Democrats say 52 - 40 percent they would leave the country. — Vast Majority Of Americans Say Ban Russian Oil, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 8 In 10 Support U.S. Military Response If Putin Attacks A NATO Country

…[D]uring the Cold War, the Soviet Union banned just about everything from the West, which was a symptom of its underlying totalitarianism. But it was the Soviet government that enforced the banning.

Today, the situations have been reversed. And private companies and individuals are taking it upon themselves to act in this way without being forced to by our governments. Which makes us many degrees worse than the Soviet Union. And this makes sense when you examine the bigger picture. The West virtue signals because it has no virtue. The West turned its collective back on God and now it acts as if it exists in a Godless world. Which means that we are the baddies. — Are We The Baddies?, Adam Piggott

9 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I hope that admitting my mistake in getting Erik proves this quote.
Admitting your mistakes makes you humble. But not repeating your mistakes makes you clever. — Sarvesh Jain
I certainly will not repeat the mistake; you can’t step in the same river twice.

What brought this about? He bit me again. I took his harness off, for the first time, and gave him a good brushing which he enjoyed. Then when I was going to put the harness back on — he bit me. I think he was abused and finally was abandoned when the previous owner could not train him. I’ll stick with him but admit I have made a mistake.
Every society has a set of acceptable narratives that frame public discourse about any controversial subject. The main function of these narratives is to confine discourse on those subjects to approved channels, and those approved channels inevitably exclude crucial details and head off necessary questions. That isn’t accidental; quite the contrary, it’s their job, the core of what the narratives in question are meant to do. It is part of the magic by which the status quo maintains the illusion of its own inevitability and heads off challenges before they can even be thought clearly.

In today’s United States, this is at least as true as elsewhere, and the saturation of our society by corporate advertising and public relations is among the major factors that make and keep it true. As a result, the facts concerning nearly every significant crisis we face can thus be divided up neatly into two entirely separate categories. The facts that most Americans are willing to talk about belong to one of these categories. The facts that matter belong to the other. — The King in Orange by John Michael Greer

President Biden’s Executive order.
I hereby order: Section 1. (a) The following are prohibited: (i) the importation into the United States of the following products of Russian Federation origin: crude oil; petroleum; petroleum fuels, oils, and products of their distillation; liquefied natural gas; coal; and coal products;
That is bad news but it could have been worse. He could have also banned uranium. Nuclear power plants account for about 8.9 percent of US energy needs, including 20 percent of the country’s electricity, but America has no active uranium production or processing facilities, leaving it entirely dependent on imports. Forty six percent of the uranium used by the US’s 56 operational nuclear power plants is imported from Russia and its Kazakh and Uzbek allies.

President Putin has banned some exports, the list has not yet been released. I wonder if uranium is on that list?

10 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Erik has been a real joy this week. Last night he threw up all of his dinner. Fortunately, I heard him getting sick and was able to get rugs off the floor and he was kind enough to use the step well by the door for most of his deposit. I was also lucky that he did it before I went to bed rather than at O Dark Thirty in the morning.

Patches was not sick but she certainly didn’t help. She just got in the way.

There is wind in the forecast for today. The weather guessers are very good at predicting winds although not always their strength. Wind started to pick up soon after sunrise which is the usual pattern and will be blowing dust during our afternoon walk.

Tomorrow is Erik and my third training appointment. I need to talk to the trainer about where we go from here. As I see it now Erik has a long way to go and I’m not sure that the group classes will get him there. Maybe I can get a partial refund and say the hell with it?
Explores the role of magic and the occult in the rise of the ultra-conservative right.

● Details the magical war that took place behind the scenes of the 2016 election
● Examines in detail the failed magical actions of Trump’s opponents, with insights on political magic from Dion Fortune’s war letters
● Reveals the influence of a number of occult forces from Julius Evola to chaos magick to show how the political and magical landscape of American society has permanently changed since the 2016 election

Magic and politics seem like unlikely bedfellows, but in The King in Orange, author John Michael Greer goes beyond superficial memes and extreme partisanship to reveal the unmentionable realities that spawned the unexpected presidential victory of an elderly real-estate mogul turned reality-TV star and which continue to drive the deepening divide that is now the defining characteristic of American society.

Greer convincingly shows how two competing schools of magic were led to contend for the presidency in 2016 and details the magical war that took place behind the scenes of the campaign. Through the influence of a number of occult forces, from Julius Evola to chaos magicians as well as the cult of positive thinking, Greer shows that the main contenders in this magical war were the status quo magical state—as defined by the late scholar Ioan Couliano—which has repurposed the “manipulative magic” techniques of the Renaissance magi into the subliminal techniques of modern advertising, and an older, deeper, and less reasonable form of magic—the “magic of the excluded”—which was employed by chaos magicians and alt-right internet wizards, whose desires coalesced in the form of a frog avatar that led the assault against the world we knew.

Examining in detail the magical actions of Trump’s opponents, with insights on political magic from occultist Dion Fortune’s war letters, the author discusses how the magic of the privileged has functioned to keep the comfortable classes from being able to respond effectively to the populist challenge and how and why the “Magic Resistance,” which tried to turn magic against Trump, has failed.

Showing how the political and magical landscape of American society has permanently changed since the 2016 election cycle, Greer reveals that understanding the coming of the King in Orange will be a crucial step in making sense of the world for a long time to come. — Book promo @

If for no other reason read the book simply because John Michael Greer is straightforward as his Notes to the book displays.

Seriously? This is the era of the internet. If you have doubts about the accuracy of any of the assertions I’ve made in this book, go to your favorite search engine and look it up for yourself. Then go to a search engine you don’t like to use, and do the same thing there—and notice the difference between what the two engines fetch you. That way you can arrive at an informed opinion for yourself, which is worth a great deal more than believing what someone says just because you read it in a book.
You’re welcome.

War, and the threat of war is America’s solution to everything. To the man with the hammer, every problem is a nail. America does indeed have a formidable war machine. However, as with all machines it requires fuel to run it, that fuel is the U.S. dollar. Since the Bretton Woods accord at the end of WWII, America has had the privilege of possessing the world’s reserve currency. This enabled America to dictate to all countries outside the Soviet bloc how the global financial system would work. The so-called “free world” was anything but free, it was handcuffed by a system that effectively exercised control over their domestic economies.

In 1973 Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, much to the chagrin of the rest of the world. Despite protests no country was in a position to do much about it. Under its proxies, the IMF and World Bank, it enslaved much of the developing world and prevented it from post-colonial development. The resentment towards America and the weaponisation of its dollar resource should not be underestimated. — America’s Resource Curse, Eamon McKinney

11 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 11, 1934

The training session was more of a question and answer session than anything else. I got the ecollar back on Erik and he does seem to respond to commands better but he is one stubborn dog. The trainer said that is a Cattle Dog “feature” as well as for Border Collies.

I’ll go to a group class next week and see how that goes. The trainer thought I was doing a good job and making progress. She didn’t think that Erik would do as well as he did in Veterans Park this morning with distractions. This could be nothing but marketing hype but it did make me feel better.

Went to Sunny D’s for breakfast on the way to the training session. Then Fry’s for groceries and the UPS Store to get a package after the session. Back to the RV Park late in the day for me; my routine has been disrupted.
…[O]ur herd of drooling, virus-ridden zombie voters. The X zombies hate the Y agencies, the Y zombies hate the X agencies.
But none of them hates Washington as a whole. So they can never unite to destroy it, and the whole machine is stable. See how beautiful this is? By separating voters into two competing but cooperating parties, neither of which can destroy the other, the two-party system creates a government which will survive indefinitely, no matter how much happier its citizens might be without it. — An Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives is a book of blog postings by Curtis Yarvin, blogging under the name Mencius Moldbug

During his presidential campaign in 2019, US President Joe Biden promised to turn Saudi Arabia into a “pariah” in retaliation for the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. So yesterday Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian state oil company, announced that it would help build a massive new refining facility in northeastern China. You can call Americans ‘deplorables’ and not pay much of a price but calling Saudis ‘pariah’ has consequences.

12 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
This morning was cold (28.2°) with a forecast of 33. Maybe that will change and it will get above freezing; the 10 day forecast expects all the morning lows to be in the 40s. The high temperatures are to be back in the 70s with a couple outliers in the upper 60s and lower 80s. I sure hope the forecast is right, I have had enough freezing mornings.

I finished distilling another supply of water yesterday. Also got the garbanzo and split yellow peas cooked for future ‘linners’. Nothing left to do but get back to my reading and walking dogs.
The Progressives would have you believe that there is always a right-wing insurgency that is imminent. Always warning about the danger of right-wing extremists taking over the United States and only by supporting Progressive candidates can this be avoided eg. the 6 January insurgency and the Trucker Convoy.
Here’s a fact that may have escaped your attention. There has never been a successful right-wing insurgency. That is, there has never been any successful movement employing the tactics of guerrilla or “urban guerrilla” (or “terrorist”) war, in which the guerrilla forces were to the political right of the government forces.
Insurgency, including what we now call “terrorism,” is thus a kind of theater. Guerrilla theater, you might say. It exists as an adjunct to democratic politics, and could not exist without it. (I exclude partisan campaigns of the Peninsular War type, in which the guerrillas are an adjunct to a war proper.)
The goal of an insurgency is simply to demonstrate that the violence will continue until the political demands of its supporters are met. The military arm produces the violence. The political arm explains, generally while deploring the violence, that the violence can be stopped by meeting the demands — and only by meeting the demands. — An Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives is a book of blog postings by Curtis Yarvin, blogging under the name Mencius Moldbug

13 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
There is not much happening here today. I think I will get some red hominy soaking overnight and start the cooking process tomorrow. Maybe finish reading the book that I have on Fire 8 and start another one that was downloaded some time ago.

The low this morning was 33.4° so it didn’t freeze but didn’t match the 38 that was forecast either. The expected high for today is 73 which I think is very possible; it is warming up fast. The 10 day forecast now has 70s/40s for the next 8 days then cooling again. Probably with winds since that is what spring brings here.
Slavery is an extreme, but the general pattern is that the patron owes the client protection and subsistence, while the client owes the patron loyalty and service. The patron is liable to the public for the actions of the client ‐ if they offend, he must make amends. In return, he has the right, indeed the obligation, to regulate and discipline his clients. He is a private provider of government. Thus Aristotle: slavery is government on the micro-scale. Heed the Greek dude.
So comparing the social paternalism of Washington to the classical relationship between master and slave is not at all farfetched, or even particularly pejorative. And if it is pejorative, it is because the 20th century imitation often seems to resemble less a functional paternal bond than a dysfunctional one: less parent-child than parent-teenager. With many of Washington’s clients, foreign and domestic, there is plenty of subsistence and even protection, but precious little loyalty, service, discipline or responsibility. — An Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives is a book of blog postings by Curtis Yarvin, blogging under the name Mencius Moldbug

14 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It didn’t freeze this morning (35.4°) but it wasn’t the 40 and above that was forecast. The high yesterday was almost right on the expected 73 and another day like it is forecast for today. Maybe Chamber of Commerce weather for a week — with winds.

I downloaded three books that were cited in The King In Orange and finished reading An Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives. Read the Prolog/Introduction to the second book and decided that it was not for me so have now started reading the third one.

That is probably all I will be doing today. The red hominy is in the Thermal Cooker for today and tonight. I need the Cooker and the pot for more hulled barley and oat groats tomorrow but then cranberry beans will go in to soak overnight. Reading, cooking and dog walking are my life!
Jake Sullivan threatens China:
“It is a concern of ours, and we have communicated to Beijing that we will not stand by and allow any country to compensate Russia for its losses from the economic sanctions.” — Jake Sullivan is National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden.

At the same time a US client(?) state, India, is doing this:
“India is stepping closer to setting up an alternative payments system to maintain its trade with Russia, identifying a potential bank, as a top panel examining the issue recommended prioritising edible oil and fertiliser imports as well as payments owed to India, an official aware of the development has said.” — Hindustan Times
The great power center of 2008 is the Cathedral. The Cathedral has two parts: the accredited universities and the established press. The universities formulate public policy. The press guides public opinion. In other words, the universities make decisions, for which the press manufactures consent. It’s as simple as a punch in the mouth.
The Cathedral operates as the brain of a broader power structure, the Polygon or Apparat — the permanent civil service. The Apparat is the civil service proper (all nonmilitary officials whose positions are immune to partisan politics, also known as “democracy”), plus all those formally outside government whose goal is to influence or implement public policy — ie, NGOs . (There’s a reason NGOs have to remind themselves that they’re “non-governmental.”)
(If we did not have an existing category for the press and universities, we could easily think of them as NGOs — in particular, the system wherein journalists are nominally supervised by for-profit media corporations is purely historical. If the Times and its pseudo-competitors ever fail, as they may well, the responsibility of funding and organizing journalism will fall to the great foundations , who will certainly be happy to pick up the relatively small expense.) — An Open Letter To Open Minded Progressives is a book of blog postings by Curtis Yarvin, blogging under the name Mencius Moldbug

15 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I misspoke yesterday. The book that I am now reading on Fire 8 was cited by Moldbug not Greer.

I have the hulled barley and oat groats in the Thermal Cooker this morning.They should be done by this afternoon so I can get the cranberry bean into the pot to soak overnight. That and doing the dumping water adding chore is all that I have on the to do list for today. Tomorrow will be a trip to town for Erik’s first group training class. I’ll do a shopping stop while there to avoid a second trip.
Moldbug is an incredibly fascinating thinker when it comes to evaluating the difference between what is and what ought to be when it comes to government. The irony of the title is that you would be hard pressed to find a progressive open minded enough to read this front to back let alone take the argument seriously. Moldbug is well versed in history but I cannot help but wonder how many of the examples he uses over and over are selective and in some cases overused. Many of the books are repeatedly referenced throughout his interviews and other works.

Having a firm understanding of history is essential to making sense of the current political climate and this is where Moldbug is able to shine. Many of the examples brought to light paint a different picture than what we would see coming from the consensus historians of the 20th century. The American revolution being a right wing coup, being openly sympathetic with the loyalists, frequently citing primary sources of loyalist opinion are some of the tactics that he repeatedly uses throughout his works. This is much appreciated as the reflexively dogmatic consensus today insists on perpetuating many of the myths Moldbug calls out.

The reading does require a great deal of attention as Moldbug puts the reader through a series of thought exercises to illustrate his point. Many of the metaphors proffered by Moldbug in these exercises are useful in explaining the current crisis (inner team vs. outer team) and have even more relevance looking back at the past decade than they might have had before. — Customer review @
There is a lot of ‘talk’ of alt-financial websites about Bretton Wood III. This was started by an analyst at Credit Suisse that prepared a PDF report that is linked by many of those alt-financial sites. There is also this:
The member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China will develop a project for an independent international monetary and financial system. This was agreed upon by the participants in the economic dialogue "A New Stage of Monetary, Financial and Economic Cooperation between the EAEU and the PRC. Global Transformations: Challenges and Solutions", which was held on March 11 via videoconference. It is envisaged that the system will be based on a new international currency, which will be calculated as an index of the national currencies of the participating countries and commodity prices.
I think there is now some serious pushback against the dollar hegemony that has been in place since Bretton Wood and the development of the Petrodollar. More inflation in the US may be the good NEWS, I can only guess what all the negative consequences might be.

16 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The first group class went far better than I expected. Erik was confronted by about 20 dogs which were all well behaved and so was he. That surprised me since he always wants to rush up to every dog he sees when we are out walking. We were segregated from the main class a little but not as much as a Shepherd that was muzzled.

I didn’t talk to a woman that had two dogs that appeared to be Lab mix. They were both working off leash and responded beautifully to individual commands or together. One of them was wearing a vest that said In Training the other one said Pet Me. I hope I get an opportunity to talk to her before I leave here. There were some other well trained dogs in the group but those two and how she handled them was a joy to see.

After the class I stopped at Fry’s for groceries. Then went to Café Olé for a late breakfast. Now back in the Park with a breeze wafting through Desperado. How good it can be but for such a short time.
I am quoting only part of what the author of this posting says about the mandates and the vaxx. He has a lot more to say on this subject and others. I think it is worth the time to read it.
…[S]tarting in the summer into the fall, with the mandates and the boosters, there were 61,000 excess Millennial deaths.

“Basically, Millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021. 58,000 people died in the Vietnam War, US troops (over the course of 10 years), so this generation just experienced a Vietnam War (in 6 months).

“I think this is the smoking gun: that the vaccines are causing excess mortality in all age groups and it’s no coincidence that Rochelle Walensky refuses to answer Senator Ron Johnson’s letters. They’re hiding. Fauci’s gone. She’s gone. They’re hiding.

“So, I’m going to put a word out there. It’s an old word but it should be re-introduced into the conversation. It’s called democide: Death by government. So the government, through the mandates has killed people.” — Edward Dowd on Future Recession, Shocking Findings in the CDC Covid Data and Democide, Alexandra Bruce

A quote about the Russian War.
…[T]he Biden administration declared total economic war on a sovereign country. No American had been killed. The United States had not been invaded or attacked and yet, with no meaningful public debate or congressional authorization, the Biden administration destroyed that country’s currency, then removed it from the international banking system that impoverished its population.

Then the administration began seizing the property of people affiliated with that country without a trial or due process of any kind, without even bothering to explain exactly what crime they had committed.…
Virtually no one has paused to ask him or herself where this might be going. How long until our leaders do something similar to their domestic enemies here in the United States? How long before they accuse you of collusion or disloyalty or some other hard-to-define crime, declare you an enemy of the state and then confiscate your bank account? Something very much like that just happened in Canada. We don’t imagine it could happen here. — Tucker Carlson quoted in The destruction of the rule of law and the economy, Peter Grant

I have added the underline.
“In every human society, there is an effort continually tending to confer on one part the height of power and happiness, and to reduce the other to the extreme of weakness and misery. The intent of good laws is to oppose this effort and to diffuse their influence universally and equally.” — Cesare Beccaria

17 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I almost burnt the beans this morning when I was bringing them to a boil before putting them in the Thermal Cooker. Saved them just in time. I get ‘stuff’ cooking and then get all involved in reading and forget there is something on the stove.

The temperatures have been very nice these past few days. There is the wind however which comes almost without fail every day. Cochise County Arizona — where RV awnings come to die.

Nothing planned for the day other than I need to read all of my websites and see if we have declared war with Russia yet. The US is at war with Russia; it simply has not been declared yet. You can not impose siege embargoes on a country and confiscate assets of that country unless you are at war.

18 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 18, 1934

Yesterday was a historical one for Erik and myself. We did the midday walk, about 2.25 miles, almost all at loose leash. He still lunges at the first steps but within 4-5 steps he is at a loose leash; sometimes at a heel walk. I can only hope that this was not a one time aberration.

There will be a lot more opportunities for him that is for sure. More walks today is about all that I have scheduled. I did make an appointment to get Desperado washed and waxed in April which is becoming a month packed with appointments.
“Our freedoms were not “taken away” over the last two years with the Covid hoax. Instead, we never actually had any freedoms. Our precious liberty has always rested on the vacillating moods of those in charge. What the last two years have done is to reveal the true state of play. You are allowed to pursue what you want as long as it suits those in charge. And if you get out of line then your privileges to exist in their society will be revoked.” — Adam Piggott
Just one paragraph from a long article that I recommend.
In response to my Okie compatriots in the State Legislature and others across the country, I would remind you it wasn’t Vladimir Putin who has been conducting a scorched-earth culture war upon our beliefs, history, and identity, and degraded our social fabric to the point we now have to fight against the normalization of transsexualism. It wasn’t the Russians who outsourced our productive capacity while sending us upon one misbegotten war after another and flooding the country with drugs. It wasn’t ‘Ivan’ who caused the biggest wealth transfer in human history with the Covid scandal, fomented riots across the country, or “fortified” the election. Most of the ills I’ve seen metastasize over the course of my life, with increasing speed over recent years, were not the result of some foreign plot, but were born right here. Rattle your sabers against foreigners on the other side of the planet if it makes you feel better, but don’t confuse that with bravery. It just makes you a mark. If you truly wish to show your quality, summon the courage to attack the very real patronage networks who guide our course. Bring your powers to bear against those who shape the opinions and policies by which we live and die. — Kayfabe In Kiev, Samuel Finlay

19 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
My Amazon Fire 10, that I have been using as a desktop, suddenly showed a notice that the charging port was wet and charging was suspended. The battery is now almost dead and I can’t recharge it. I have gone back to my old Toshiba which is slow and I don’t remember how to use it. Maybe in a few days.

The Fire 10 is going to go back to Amazon. Not under warranty, just simply as a Trade In which will give me almost nothing but better than throwing it in the trash. Not sure what the situation is with my Chromebook. I have given up on it and the repair guy in Benson. Maybe buy a System 76 laptop. Although expensive they do provide service as well as a product. I have a quote from them and await an answer to some questions.

I have been busy this morning getting my bookmarks set up on the Toshiba. I think I have them all available now. Wanted to install the Vivaldi Browser on Toshiba but have not been able to do that. Can't seem to be able to install any application on it. Not going to waste anymore time if I buy the System 76.

So, nothing but computer issues to keep me busy for the near term. Maybe finish reading the book I have on the Fire 8 today. This will depend on when I can get back to reading.

20 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The forecast yesterday was that today would have a storm blow in. So far this morning it has been great, but the winds have started to pick up. The weather guessers are forecasting strong winds for this afternoon, which I believe, and maybe rain tonight with more wind tomorrow and colder. I’ll brave the winds for our walks but wimp out if it is raining. Just hunker down with another book on the Fire 8 and try to stay warm and dry.
Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country. ˜ Hermann Goering

For many people an issue does not exist until it appears in the news media. How we view issues, indeed, what we even define as an issue or event, what we see and hear, and what we do not see and hear are greatly determined by those who control the communications world. Be it labor unions, peace protesters, the Soviet Union, uprisings in Latin America, elections, crime, poverty, or defense spending, few of us know of things except as they are depicted in the news.

Even when we don’t believe what the media say, we are still hearing or reading their viewpoints rather than some other. They are still setting the agenda, defining what it is we must believe or disbelieve, accept or reject. The media exert a subtle, persistent influence in defining the scope of respectable political discourse, channeling public attention in directions that are essentially supportive of the existing politico-economic system. ˜ Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti @ People Overestimate The US War Machine And Underestimate The US Propaganda Machine, Caitlin Johnstone

Read this article The Fake news Matrix by Paul Craig Roberts if for no other reason just to see that map of the “international community’ that is always referred to.

21 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The midday walk yesterday was done with scattered clouds and winds at 10-15mph and gusts of 20-25mph. The gusts seemed even stronger than what was reported. The afternoon walk was cut in half. I walked both dogs but the Huachuca Mts. were almost completely hidden by rain so I exercised some discretion. The wind was still blowing but not as hard.

We had 0.31'' of rain during the night with standing water this morning that indicated that the reported amount is understated. We did a slightly shorter walk this morning while staying on gravel and out of the mud. Cloudy and colder with what looks like more rain but none in the forecast.

One of the suggested fixes for my Amazon Fire 10 water in the charging port issue was to let the tablet ‘rest’ screen down for 48 hours. I did that and Lo, it worked. The Fire 10 is now fully charged but I have no assurances that the problem will not recur. Maybe it has a virus, they seem to have been going around these past two years.

I have also asked Vivaldi for help getting their Browser installed on the Toshiba. They have responded to my email which is a positive sign but no help forthcoming yet. The issue has been sent to the Community, we will see what I get. I had a couple of suggested fixes offered — they didn’t work. I then wasted an hour or two trying things on my own — which didn’t work. I guess I’ll give it up for now.
“The purpose of this history of the Revolution is to use the original authorities rather more frankly than has been the practice with our historians. They appear to have thought it advisable to omit from their narratives a great deal which, to me, seems essential to a true picture. I cannot feel satisfied with any description of the Revolution which treats the desire for independence as a sudden thought, and not a long growth and development, or which assumes that every detail of the conduct of the British government was absurdly stupid, even from its own point of view, and that the loyalists were few in numbers and their arguments not worth considering. I cannot see any advantage in not describing in their full meaning and force the smuggling, the buying of laws from the governors, and other irregular conduct in the colonies which led England to try to remodel them as soon as the fear of the French in Canada was removed…” — S.G. Fisher

Keep in mind if reading this book that when the author makes reference to ‘now’ that it was published in 1902. If it had not been for the white slave owning ‘founders’ of the United States the revolution could have easily resulted in a civilian bloodbath. We avoided the likes of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution or the many other independence revolutions around the world. Contents: Early Conditions And Causes. Smuggling, Rioting, and Revolt against Control. Parliament Passes a Stamp Tax and Repeals It. Parliament Taxes Paint, Paper, and Glass and then Abandons Taxation. The Tea Episode. The Final Argument. The Rights of Man. A Reign of Terror for the Loyalists. The Real Intention as to Independence. The Continental Congress. The Situation in England. Triumphant Toryism. Lexington and the Number of the Loyalists. The Second Continental Congress and the Protests of the Loyalists. Bunker Hill. The Character and Condition of the Patriot Army. The Attack upon Canada. The Evacuation of Boston and the Declaration of Independence. The Battle of Long Island. The Battles of Trenton and Princeton. The Battle of Brandywine. The Battle of Saratoga and Its Results. Clinton Begins the Wearing-out Process. Arnold, the Loyalist, Tries to Save the British Empire. Cornwallis Brings the War to an End at Yorktown. ~ Book promo @
Note: MBS is Saudi Crown Prince Muhamed Bin Salman.
In my previous article, I predicted that America’s sanctions against Russia would backfire. But, is MBS’s stand now related to the sanctions against Russia? The simple answer is yes.

America does not expect MBS to only condemn Russia and mirror the sanctions, but it also expects him to pump more oil into the global market in order to meet the shortfall created by the sanctions.

MBS is not playing ball the way America wants him to play. He is refusing to condemn Russia, thus far refusing to lift oil production. But most seriously, he is discussing with China doing oil transactions in the Yuan (Renminbi) instead of the USD.

Whilst the talks are not about doing all oil transactions in Yuan, it is however the beginning of a new trend that may see the eventual end of the Petrodollar. This is the first serious nail in its coffin. ~ Is The Petrodollar Swaying?, Ghassan Kadi for the Saker Blog

22 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
There is still the wind but the sky is clear and there is no immediate threat of any more rain. Warming the next few days and then starting Friday there will be a few days of Summer with high temperatures in the 80s. I’ll soon be complaining that it is too hot.

I took Erik’s harness off again yesterday and lengthened the girth strap a little. I have been trying to add some weight on him and think I have succeeded. I then gave him a good brushing, which he seems to like. Left him harness free until it was time to do our midday walk. To put the harness back on I moved slowly and he allowed me to put it back on without biting be — now that is progress.

The only thing I have working today is the distiller again. Tomorrow will be a full day with a bath appointment for Patches, laundry, grocery shopping and package(s) at the UPS Store. It would also have been a class day for Erik but we will go to the Saturday class.
DUH! Did no one in the US military not see and understand the capability of the Russian hypersonic missiles. If the US implements a no-fly zone over the Ukraine using aircraft from the USS Truman there will be no carrier for them to return to. Aircraft carrier bullying is used against countries that can not respond against them — Russia is not one of those countries.

“The USS Truman carrier strike group has been deployed to the Mediterranean, with Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro saying its mission includes “deterring” Russia and implementing a potential no-fly zone over Ukraine, should President Biden give the order to establish one.”

23 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The trip to town today took all morning. I didn’t get back to the Park until just before noon.

I took both dogs into C A L Ranch where the groomer is located so Erik could experience a new environment. Did the same when I went to pick up Patches and make an appointment for them to both get a bath in October. Also had a long talk with the woman that I think may own the shop about Erik. She said that they would try to give him a bath and if he proved to be too much to handle they would stop.

I was a little worried about how he was going to act when I left him alone in Desperado without Patches. He did fine when we were at the laundry so I left him alone when I went in to get groceries. No problems, I think he took a nap on the driver’s seat while I was gone.

On the way back to the Park I stopped at my UPS Store and picked up the package that VA said had an undeliverable address. They did not change the address to what I think I now have on file and it was delivered just like it always has been.

Last stop was at Sunny D’s for a very late breakfast. The cook took a long time considering the few people that were there. I think the kitchen staff has had a big turnover in the past few weeks.

We have to beware right now of falling into this trap yet again. We had ‘Red Waves’ take over Congress in 1994 and 2010. What we got in return was NAFTA, GATT, the Assault-Weapons Ban, the Telecommunications Reform Act, the Omnibus Crime Bill, the Patriot Act, approving domestic espionage, the repeal of the anti-Propaganda Act; left-wing whackos appointed to the Supreme Court—court decisions which have legalized bribery in campaigns, extended the power of corporations to seize private property, institutionalized State power over healthcare, mandated homo ‘equality’, and upheld election theft—all punctuated by pointless military interventions on every continent. Just look at the likes of Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Greg Abbott, Jeb Bush, Glenn Youngkin, Larry Elder, and Bruce Jenner: that is what they tell you is going to save us. Don’t believe for one moment that the President-in-Exile is coming back, because it isn’t going to happen. ~ Faith Psychosis And Alienation, The Night Wind

24 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
We skipped the midday walk yesterday. I was worn out from all the morning activities and needed to fight the fitted sheets back onto my bed. Erik was happy to take an extended nap after his two trips through C A L Ranch and all the new and interesting smells.

I have holding tanks to dump and water to be added today. The distilling is completed once again. So it will be back to almost full time reading. A couple of nonfiction books; one on Fire 8 and one online.

So it is back to the regular routine.
I can’t find this story reported by any Western Mainstream News media. A couple blogs have written about it but all the News has been by media in EAEU member countries. This translation came from one in Kazakhstan. A very interesting development that the West would like to ignore but I think there are going to be some big changes in world finance — SOON.
Russia plans to create an independent international monetary and financial system with China through the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). “The EAEU and China will develop a project for an independent international monetary and financial system. This was agreed upon by the participants in the economic dialogue ‘A New Stage of Monetary, Financial and Economic Cooperation between the EAEU and China. Global Transformations: Challenges and Solutions’, which was held via video conference on March 11,Rdquo;said the report.

The session was organized by the EEC and the Renmin University of China. According to Sergey Glazyev, representative of Russia, Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of EEC, “China was the first in the world to move to the stage of national economic recovery.”

“Given the common challenges and risks associated with the global economic slowdown and restrictive measures against the EAEU states and China, our countries should intensify practical cooperation both at the level of regular expert dialogues and in the area of joint measures and projects,” Glazyev said.

This gang is well-nigh immune to punishment. Its worst extortions, even when they are baldly for private profit, carry no certain penalties under our laws. Since the first days of the Republic less than a dozen of its members have been impeached, and only a few obscure understrappers have ever been put into prison. The number of men sitting at Atlanta and Leavenworth for revolting against the extortions of the government is always ten times as great as the number of government officials condemned for oppressing the taxpayers to their own gain. Government, today, has grown too strong to be safe. There are no longer any citizens in the world; there are only subjects. They work day in and day out for their masters; they are bound to die for their masters at call. Out of this working and dying they tend to get less and less. On some bright tomorrow, a geological epoch or two hence, they will come to the end of their endurance, and then such newspapers as survive will have a first-page story well worth its black headlines. ~ More of the Same (1925) by H. L. Mencken

25 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 25, 1934

The high yesterday was 79.3° with a forecast of 84 for today. Then tomorrow the weather guessers think it will approach 90. They might think Summer has arrived but the mesquite have not yet said that Spring has arrived. I don’t exclude another freeze until after the mesquite start to leaf out. In 2020 that happened around April 5th and last year it was about April 9th. So just a weekend of summer weather with the high forecast to be 55 next Tuesday.

Patches was not up and doing her usual dance this morning which had Erik calmer than usual as well. She did go for the morning walk but was rather slow in doing it. She also didn’t want her glucosamine treat at the end of the walk or want her breakfast. I hope she feels better this afternoon.

I’ll not do much today. Tomorrow will be Erik’s second group training class. A different group so we will see how that goes.
There may be regime changes but I’m not so sure that it will be Putin that gets bled. His approval rating has gone up to 70% since the beginning of the Russian War while Biden’s has dropped to about half that. BoBo in the UK is in not much better shape and all the ‘leaders’ in the EU are on shaky ground.
I have evidence from other sources to corroborate this. “The only end game now,” a senior administration official was heard to say at a private event earlier this month, “is the end of Putin regime. Until then, all the time Putin stays, [Russia] will be a pariah state that will never be welcomed back into the community of nations. China has made a huge error in thinking Putin will get away with it. Seeing Russia get cut off will not look like a good vector and they’ll have to re-evaluate the Sino-Russia axis. All this is to say that democracy and the West may well look back on this as a pivotal strengthening moment.”

I gather that senior British figures are talking in similar terms. There is a belief that “the U.K.’s No. 1 option is for the conflict to be extended and thereby bleed Putin.” Again and again, I hear such language. It helps explain, among other things, the lack of any diplomatic effort by the U.S. to secure a cease-fire. It also explains the readiness of President Joe Biden to call Putin a war criminal. ~ Putin Misunderstands History. So, Unfortunately, Does the U.S., Niall Ferguson

I am afraid that we came to Court in the same dispositions as all parties have done; that the principal spring of our actions was to have the government of the state in our hands; that our principal views were the conservation of this power, great employments to ourselves, and great opportunities of rewarding those who had helped to raise us and of hurting those who stood in opposition to us. ~ Lord Bolingbroke

26 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The second group class went well. Erik got to mix–n–mingle on the edge of the pack while doing some of the group exercises. The trainer thinks that he could probably join the pack next week but I’m undecided at this time.

After the class I went to Café Olé for breakfast then back to the Park. We are done for the day until the afternoon walk. Erik got a good mental workout at the class and has crashed in his bed when we got ‘home’. I don't feel like doing the midday walk either although I probably will not take a nap; very seldom do.
This book was published in 1997 but the same ‘yardsticks’ are used to measure living standards now — bigger and more is better. I think I have lived rather well for the past 11 years in a home that is about 200 square feet. I haven't owned a TV since 1991, no VCR (or any kind similar device) since before that, had cable TV only in Bulgaria and Japan, no microwave since the one in Desperado died about the end of 2010. …“we work in order to buy more goods and services” — I think there is more to working than that.
Critics of capitalism now concede that living standards increased until 1970 or so; it’s during the past two decades, they say, when wages have stagnated and living standards have begun to slip.… We don’t work to earn dollars, we work in order to buy more goods and services. According to Cox and Aim [W Michael Cox of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Richard Aim of the Dallas Morning News], between 1970 and 1990 we saw these changes in our living standards: The average size of a new home increased from 1,500 to 2,080 square feet. The percentage of households with color television rose from 33.9 percent to 96.1 percent. The number of households with cable TV rose from 4 million to 5 5 million, and the number with VCRs rose from 0 to 67 million. Virtually no one had a microwave oven in 1970; 79 percent of us did in 1990. ~ Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz

“It is now abundantly clear from numerous data points that the shots have caused unimaginable injury among the general population. Military doctors have come forward to show the enormity of this damage in the military, yet the military has chosen to cover it up and tamper with their own health surveillance data in order to conceal the magnitude of the injury. Meanwhile, new data presented in a Florida federal court on behalf of a Navy SEAL demonstrates that, at a minimum, more people died from the shot than from COVID.

On March 10, attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel presented data in court showing 127 VAERS-reported COVID vaccine-related deaths in the military in 2021. That is more than the 93 reported COVID deaths in the military since the beginning of the pandemic. And keep in mind, COVID deaths tend to be overestimated, while VAERS-reported deaths, especially in the military, are underreported.” ~ Daniel Horowitz
But this is where the unbridgeable gap between East and West lies. The fault for this gap lies wholly with NATO and the West who have steadily advanced until they reached the Russian border at the Donbass. To discuss this in any other terms is pathetic and just an excuse to exercise one’s inherent racism and bloodlust against Russians. That is what everyone putting a Ukrainian flag on their Twitter feed is doing whether they realize it or not.

You are not supporting the right to self-determination by a people acting freely here. Ukraine is a puppet state crucial to an aggressive war of conquest by the very people who brought you two years of privation and humiliation over COVID and now want to farm you as tax cattle while living in an unescapable Orwellian Panopticon. ~ NATO and Russia — Whistling Past Each Other's Graveyards, Tom Luongo

27 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It was HOT yesterday with the high at 87°. The guess for today is 83 but I think that is too low. It is already 72 at 8:00.

Patches is feeling better. She continues to do the walks but has noticeably slowed down. She ate her dinner yesterday and breakfast this morning which was what worried me the most — not eating. She did drink even when she was not eating, which was good.

I have hulled barley and oat groats in the Thermal Cooker this morning. That is probably all I will get done today. Maybe start preparing the Will Rogers weekly articles today or tomorrow and start thinking about doing the month end household chores.
No quotes just recommending Naming Names by James Howard Kunstler. One of his better postings. It seems that many authors also wish to be artists as well. Not many of them are able to pull it off but I think JHK does rather well. Check out his The H & V Factory on Route 29, February painting at the end of the article linked above.
…[T]he United States can no more police and plan the whole world than it can plan a national economy. Without a superpower threat to rally against, the politico-military establishment wants us to deploy our military resources on behalf of democracy and self-determination around the world and against such vague or decentralized threats as terrorism, drugs, and environmental destruction. The military is designed to fight wars in defense of American liberty and sovereignty; it is not well equipped to be policeman and social worker to the world. ~ Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz

28 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
My Chippewa boots have been resoled once and are in need of being resoled again. However the tops are beginning to show cracks in the leather so I have ordered new Razorback boots from Jim Green. This is the South African boot maker that provided my Vellies. Maybe get them next week from their USA warehouse. If they give me the 3,600 miles that the Chuppewa have I'll be very happy.

Patches is much better. She was more her usual self when we got up this morning and is eating well. Erik was more subdued while she was not feeling well which I can only wish would be his usual behavior. HA

I need to get started on those Will Rogers weekly articles today. Shopping day tomorrow plus some other in town stuff that will use up a lot of the morning. A slight chance of rain today and tonight with a better chance tomorrow with increasing winds. A lot colder as well; the high yesterday was 85° with an expected 55 for tomorrow.
Tens of millions of Americans, from Generation X-ers to baby boomers and beyond, are rediscovering libertarianism, a visionary alternative to the tired party orthodoxies of left and right. In 1995 a Gallup poll found that 52 percent of Americans said “the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” Later that year, The Wall Street Journal concurred, saying: “Because of their growing disdain for government, more and more Americans appear to be drifting—often unwittingly—toward a libertarian philosophy.”

“Libertarians believe that individuals have both the right and the responsibility to make their own decisions. Nonlibertarians of all political stripes believe that the government should make some or many of the important decisions in an individual's life.”~ David Boaz.
I was born 200 years too late. The United States had a Libertarian government up to the start of the Civil War. I missed living during that period of our history. This book was published 25 years ago and there is no sign that the US is moving back to a limited government again. Unless the Empire totally collapses and there are regions that become new nations and one or more adopt limited government.

Libertarianism is hardly new, but its framework for liberty under law and economic progress makes it especially suited for the dynamic new era we are now entering. In the United States, the bureaucratic leviathan is newly threatened by a resurgence of the libertarian ideas upon which the country was founded. We are witnessing a breakdown of all the cherished beliefs of the welfare-warfare state. Americans have seen the failure of big government. Now, in the 1990s, we are ready to apply the lessons of this century to make the next one the century not of the state but of the free individual.

David Boaz presents the essential guidebook to the libertarian perspective, detailing its roots, central tenets, solutions to contemporary policy dilemmas, and future in American politics. He confronts head-on the tough questions frequently posed to libertarians: What about inequality? Who protects the environment? What ties people together if they are essentially self-interested? A concluding section, “Are You a Libertarian?” gives readers a chance to explore the substance of their own beliefs. Libertarianism is must reading for understanding one of the most exciting and hopeful movements of our time. ~ Book promo @

29 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I saw no evidence of rain during the night but there was a lot in the Huachuca Mts when we did a half morning walk. I didn't want to get wet and wanted to get into town early.

That was a good plan because I had only a short wait at Big O where I got an oil change. The price was up about 50% from what I paid a year ago. That is only temporary per the Biden administration so I can expect it to go back to where it was. I also have a bridge I want to sell you — contact me for details.

From there I went to get a haircut. Paid about 15% more than I did a year ago at the same shop. That is temporary as well I'm sure. From the same parking lot I walked to the Post office and mailed a Desperado oil sample to be analyzed.

The last stop was at Fry's where I filled my shorter shopping list quickly and had only a short wait at the checkout. All in all a quicker trip than I was expecting. I even got back to the Park with only a few sprinkles. That was very good because Erik goes crazy when I turn on the wipers.

A lot of rain in the north Huachuca Mts. and the south Whetstone Mts. now so we may not do a midday walk. I might get some here very soon the way it looks.
James M Buchanan was a right-wing economist so you don't hear much about him or what he wrote. He was also an academic so his writing was for other academics not for the common pleb. I will make my way through the book that this quote is taken from and then decide if I want to read any of his other work.
Control over the collective decision-making apparatus becomes the instrument for securing the winnings of a zero-sum component of the game of politics. And, for the community in total, all resources invested in gaining this control are wasted. It is clear that the incentives to invest resources in “politics” become dimensionally larger in the unconstrained than in the constrained model.

Corollary to this is the motivation for persons who control collective decision-making to use this means of generating directly enjoyable and divisible private and partitionable goods rather than producing genuine public goods which benefit all persons in the community. In a constitutionally unconstrained collectivity, it seems likely that net wealth and income transfers would bulk much larger in governmental action than they would in constrained constitutional regimes. The use of tax revenues collected from those who are the “outs” to finance Swiss bank accounts for the “ins” is the familiar real-world example. ~ The Limits of Liberty by James M. Buchanan

The MainStream Media is having a lot of trouble spinning President Biden's Russian regime change comment in Poland. Everyone in the world knew that was what was going on in Ukraine but now the president has admitted it and the media is trying to clean up his mess.
This also explains why the Zelensky regime in Kiev is procrastinating and avoiding political settlement of the conflict. Settlement is not in Washington's interest. It wants the proxy war to continue because the real aim is to use Ukraine as a cat's paw to destabilize Russia. Zelensky and Kiev can't make the peace because that's not what their handlers in Washington are after. Washington wants and needs permanent tensions and conflict (short of all-out war) with Russia.

After Biden's charade-busting admission, however, it will be difficult politically to maintain US-European “unity” over such a flagrant imperial agenda. ~ Charade Buster…Biden Goes Off Script With Regime-Change Admission on Russia, Finian Cunningham

30 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It started raining in earnest around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. There was a brief hail storm mixed in with the rain and it got cold. I thought it had quit not long after our usual afternoon walk time but we didn't get out of the Park. Got very wet before getting back to Desperado. Then the majority of the 0.54'' of rain came, lasting into the night.

At breakfast yesterday the waitress said she saw me with a blue heeler near the entrance to the Park. I asked if it was just the heeler or two dogs and she said two. So she saw me in the morning as she was going to work. She knew that it was a heeler because she has wheelers also. We traded heeled stories. HA Then today in the class with Erik I joined the Pack and was placed next to a woman whose daughter also has a blue heeler.

I get so down on myself and Erik about how his training is going. I then go to the group class training sessions and the trainer wants us to do things that Erik has never done. He does them and I'm amazed. He did really well today considering it is his third class with the group and the first time he has been in amongst the Pack.

Breakfast at Café Olé after the class then back to the Park. Erik has gone to sleep after his class workout. I will not take him for a midday walk, we have both done enough.
The pedantic speech of an academic to convey a rather simple idea. He could have said it all in one sentence using common everyday speech which us plebs would understand. I was rather surprised that he did't cite and footnote Hobbes.
In order to be effective, enforcement must include the imposition of physical constraints on those who violate or attempt to violate the rights structure, on those who break the law. It is this characteristic that creates problems. There is no obvious and effective means through which the enforcing institution or agent can itself be constrained in its own behavior. Hence, as Hobbes so perceptively noted more than three centuries ago, individuals who contract for the services of enforcing institutions necessarily surrender their own independence. ~ The Limits of Liberty by James M. Buchanan

31 March 2022
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I need to get busy doing my month end chores; I'm running out of days in the month. I got most of them done this morning. There may be some carry over until tomorrow. The first three weeks of April are going to be busy times for me as well, comparatively, with a lot of appointments and weekly training classes with Erik.

I haven't used my Fire 10 since the middle of March when I finally got it to charge. Tried to use it this morning and it was slow, slow to load a web page. I am on a Verizon data diet but the Toshiba does not load that slowly. I think the Fire 10 has other issues. Using up the battery at a very fast rate is also one of them. Still thinking about sending it to Amazon for a Trade In credit.
Caitlin has got it right again. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff but there is a grain of truth in what she has to say — sometimes.
“We, together with you, and with our sympathisers will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order,” [Russian Foreign Minister] Lavrov said to the Chinese government on Wednesday.

And that right there ladies and gentlemen is the real reason we've been hearing so much hysterical shrieking about Russia these last five or six years. It's never been about Russian hackers. Nor about a Kremlin pee pee tape. Nor about Trump Tower. Nor about GRU bounties in Afghanistan. Nor about Manafort, Flynn, Bannon, Papadopoulos or any other Russiagate Surname of the Week. It's not even actually about Ukraine. Those have all been narrative-shaping constructs manipulated by the US intelligence cartel to manufacture support for a final showdown against Russia and China to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world.…

One thing that does seem clear is that the only way the empire has any chance of stopping the rise of China is by maneuvers that will be both highly disruptive and existentially dangerous for the entire world. If you think things are crazy now, just you wait until the imperial crosshairs move to Beijing. ~ The US Empire's Ultimate Target Is Not Russia But China, Caitlin Johnstone

To say that any act of government is legitimate because that act is sanctioned by a majority or a plurality of the community's members, or by a majority or plurality of their elected representatives in a legislature, or by their elected, appointed, or anointed designates in executive or judicial roles, is to elevate collective or governmental institutions and process to a position superior to content. ~ The Limits of Liberty by James M. Buchanan