1 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I didn't look at my watch as more rain woke me last night, rolled over and went back to sleep. That made for day 19 during May that rain fell in burns, OR; I edited yesterdays posting.

Was up early, as normal, and got on the road by 5:45 am. The drive on US20 toward the east is very scenic after getting away from the swamp that currently exist around Burns.

Stopped for breakfast at the Starlite Café in Vale, OR. This appeared to be a nice little town which is supported by agriculture, the railroad and highway traffic. A lot of hay and onions grown around Vale all the way to Ontario, OR.

My second stop was at Ridley's market in Weiser, ID where I stocked my refrigerator and cupboards with groceries. It was a short day of only 146 miles and I was set up in the Park by 11:00 am.

I may not be in my final space because there was no one in the Park office when I came in but I am in the Park.

My route today: US20/US395, US20, OR201, US95 Spur, Weiser city streets & pic

It was so nice to have my windows open once again with scattered clouds, a breeze of 5-6 mph and a 68° temperature. There is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow with some cooling but then back up into the mid-70s.

2 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
My first walk from the Park, along US95, into 'downtown' Weiser went well and gave me a route of about 5.75 miles. I may be able to reverse this one to give me two routes but will see.

When I crossed the Snake River yesterday I entered Idaho and also entered Mountain Time. Because I'm at the extreme western edge of the Time Zone it was still partial daylight at 9:00 pm last night. Crazy!

That made my normal getting up time at 5:30 this morning like it was the middle of the night. I also found that the Weiser City Maintenance crew that rolls the sidewalks out in the morning do not start that early.

The town is very, very still at 6:00 am but I did find the Homestead Café, across from Ridley's market, to be open and had a good breakfast. I went past Judy's, which is only one mile from the Park, but they do not open until 8:00.

I was told about another restaurant that opens early but will see about that one tomorrow. I was told that Judy's opened at 7:00 am but found that not to be true.

It was partly cloudy while I was out but became overcast then a very light shower at 10:00. Soon it was partly cloudy once again with a steady 10-15 mph wind but back to overcast and another shower at 3:00.

Cooler today but it still managed to get up to 60°. Not too bad except for the wind and I managed to dodge any of the showers.

My routine is the same, different front and back yards and new walking routes to discover. I did have to move my space yesterday after the office opened and I was able to get checked in. It is actually a better one than where I was but had 'stuff' blocking entry that needed to be moved.

The 'biggie' for the day was to contact my UPS Store in Pahrump, NV and have them forward my mail. I'll have it on Monday – I hope.

3 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: June 3, 1923

It was overcast this morning with high thin clouds. The temperature just great for walking and only a slight breeze.

I went through 'downtown' again, by way of a different route, and then crossed the Weiser River on US95 to the Beehive Family Restaurant. They also open at 6:00 am everyday of the week so I have two regular breakfast stops located.

Both restaurants are about a 5.75 mile round trip and the routes can be reversed although I like to do the longer leg before eating. This will give me 4 routes if I want so the walking route development is moving along fine.

It went from overcast to scattered clouds to a build up of some more threatening ones that look rain bearing. Maybe get a thunderstorm later this afternoon or tonight.

I'm still all alone in this section of the Park. There is a big shade tree that I'm able to stay under, one of 3-4 and possibly the best, that will be most welcome as it heats up. It may be in the 80s this weekend and then hotter yet at the end of the month.

Continue to read my Tom Clancy novel; I'm about three fourths of the way through it. Very glad that I have a small collection of un-read books with me because this Park has no exchange library that I have found.

Also catching up to current with three RV blogs. Plus, have added another blog, from its beginning, about building an earth bag home. I've got a couple of similar blog sites on my To Be Read List when I finish this one.

I posted comments on May 28, 2011 regarding V.P. Joe Biden's claim that the auto industry bailout “succeeded in turning around the auto industry and helped the economic recovery”.

A day or two after that President Obama made similar claims, including the claim of creating/saving 15,000 jobs, when he visited Detroit to garner some Campaign money. Alas, while they were making the claims there were 3,400 jobs dropped from the industry.
The manufacturing sector, a key driver of the economic recovery, grew at its slowest pace in 20 months in May. Home prices are still falling and reached their lowest level since 2002 in March...
The weakness in hiring was widespread. Manufacturers cut 5,000 jobs, the first job loss in that sector in seven months. That included a drop of 3,400 jobs in the auto sector.
4 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I went to Judy's restaurant this morning, this is the one that opens at 8:00 am. Could not start my walk as early as normal because of this so I read the Daily blogs before leaving.

This worked out well when I chose a route that took me to Ridley's first so I could stop and pick up some yellow squash. I didn't have them on my shopping list and therefore did not pick up any on June 1st.

The route also had me on Pioneer St for a few blocks where I saw 2-3 nicely restored old homes (probably from the late 1800s or early 1900s) with their beautiful yards. I will see more of this street for sure.

There were also many homes that had some spectacular iris in bloom, many different colors and on extremely tall stems. The bloom stem was much taller than any iris that I can remember seeing in the past.

After I got home the first chore of the day was to get laundry done. With that out of the way, I then cooked up a batch of Italian Stew in my Thermal Cooker (that was why I needed the squash).

I'll let it sit overnight and then have some of it for my 'linner' tomorrow. Today is salmon with a yogurt- caper sauce, brussel sprouts and squash plus a big salad.

I almost forgot, the temperature is almost 80°, humidity at 15%, the sky is clear and the wind is calm. Oh, what a difference 150 miles and 4 days makes!

5 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Weiser, ID has a population of slightly less than 5,000, a fairly small town. Given that, I guess that finding three breakfast restaurants is not too bad.

I'll be going to them in rotation which may get broken up by Judy's closing on Sunday. This being day four, I was back at the Homestead Café but took a slightly different route to get there.

I was on Main St. this morning where I saw two homes bearing National Registered Historical Place plaques. There were others that I thought might merit that designation but didn't see any plaque.

I have had two omelets from the menu at the Homestead so far and think that is what to order there. Both have been good, and of a good size, with a plentiful serving of hash-browns.

The weather today has been a repeat of yesterday. It is so nice to have my windows open again and to not have the heater on or bundled up on the couch in my sleeping bag. Forecast for the next few days is to be cooler with chance of rain. Tomorrow and Tuesday having the highest probability – about 50/50.

A story at Fox News on-line had this to say today.
Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, said the government has moved from efforts focused on saving the economy to a phase in which policies are aimed at "trying to leverage the private sector and give incentives" for growth.
Speaking on ABC's "This Week," Goolsbee said a review of agency regulations to ensure rules aren't too costly, onerous or outmoded and a Social Security payroll tax break are encouraging businesses to continue adding to its record of 1 million new jobs in the past six months.

Most of the News for the past 2-3 days has been all about the “unexpected” slowdown in the number of new jobs and the “slight up tick” in the Unemployment Rate. During this same time President Obama was leading a pep-rally and Campaign funds raiser at the Chrysler plant in Toledo, OH and spoke of there being 'bumps in the road'.

Our good President seems quite fond of automobile metaphors; the Republicans drove the economy in the ditch but under his watch the economy is simply hitting a few bumps in the road.

He and his cheer-leading Vice President, and now this Austan Goolsbee, continue to preach the gospel of a recovery from The Great Recession that ended on June 30, 2009. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keep churning out the number of new jobs every month and the willing lame stream media continue to act as the choir and shout Hallelujah or Amen.

However, the monthly BLS numbers are simply guesses, and poor ones at that. Once a year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does a revision of its jobs numbers, by comparing actual jobs totals from tax receipts against their own “estimates”, which include the “birth/death” adjustment. That is when all those newly created jobs, reported every month, seem to disappear.

The table shown below are numbers from the BLS that have been revised for 2009 and 2010 but include monthly estimates, including the birth/death adjustment, for 2011. The table shows very plainly that there has been NO improvement in the number of Employed since the end of The Great Recession. There are less Unemployed but their net numbers have moved to Not in Labor Force rather than Employed. During this period, on a net basis, none of the increase in the population was added to the Labor Force.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
(in Thousands)
June 30
May 31
Population 235,655 239,313 3,658
Labor Force 154,754 153,693 (1,061)
Employed 139,978 139,779 (199)
Unemployed 14,776 13,914 (862)
Not in Labor Force 80,900 85,620 4,720

I can not see any sign of a recovery in these numbers unless it is defined as: The same work force can now support a larger population. I guess that is a good thing if you happen to be among those that are Not in Work Force, but I'm there and it does not seem so good.

6 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I got some scattered showers throughout today and managed to dodge all of them and stayed dry. The first one came at about 4:00 am and was loud enough and lasted long enough to get me awake.

It didn't look too threatening when I got up so I went to the Beehive for breakfast (the two eggs with something is the choice there). While I was eating it showered again, enough to wet down the street. It would have wet me down also if I had been out there at the time.

Within minutes after getting home there came another very short shower and that has been going on all afternoon, some harder rain than others. Kind of a dreary day but the forecast is for more sun and less rain tomorrow.

Last week I sent an email to my cousin, who lives a short ways north of here, asking about a good time to stop by for a visit. No reply. Today I used the telephone, I don't like them, and arranged a time for this coming Thursday. That should give me a little socializing time, perhaps it will keep me from becoming a total recluse.

The following news story excerpt serves to highlight my concern when combat troops were withdrawn from Iraq. I was not opposed to that withdrawal but said then that I would not want to be any of those left to 'advise'. Those troops are now simply targets of opportunity and should have been withdrawn also or combat troops retained until everyone withdrew.
Five American troops serving as advisers to Iraqi security police in eastern Baghdad were killed Monday when rockets slammed into the compound where they lived. The deaths were the largest single-day loss of life for American forces in two years...
With the 46,000 U.S. forces still in Iraq scheduled to depart by year's end, American troops and their bases in Baghdad and southern Iraq have increasingly come under attack and threats from Shiite Muslim militias, hoping to construct a narrative that they were responsible for driving out the Americans.
I wrote the following on November 3, 2010 the day after the mid-term elections.

“The Democrats can not oppose a move toward fiscal responsibility and expect that to get them back in power – the genie came out of the bottle, he can not be stuffed back in so quickly. If the Republicans do not move toward fiscal responsibility in a meaningful way I see a strong third party emerging in 2012.
Something along the lines of a Bull Moose Party at the beginning of the 20th Century that will come out of the current Tea Party Movement. The next two years are going to be very interesting political times!

It looks like about half of the people surveyed by USA TODAY/Gallup Polls are now in agreement with me. USA TODAY had an article titled Obama seeks reshaped image for 2012 run which contained this bit of News.
A 55% majority of Americans said in the April survey that the nation is in recession or depression.
Half thought the two parties are doing such a bad job that a third party is needed.
7 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I heard some light rain early this morning but only a sprinkle when I left for Judy's to have breakfast.

Had a hard rain for a short while late in the afternoon yesterday with an official measurement of .33 inch during the entire day. Today it has cleared up to be partly cloudy, the high near 70° and a breeze; another nice day.

leftpic I detoured from my last route to Judy's when I got to the High School and went to see the Fiddle Week Headquarters in Slocum Hall. This was next to the Snake River Heritage Center (a museum) in Hooker Hall.

The following is from an Internet site found using a Google search for Snake River Heritage Center:

“Reverend Edward Paddock, Jane Slocum and Thomas Maryatt founded the Intermountain Institute in 1899. By 1923 it had the largest payroll in Washington County. Reverend Paddock offered young people a chance for an education if they were willing to work for five hours a day for the privilege of studying. Donors to the Institute included Teddy Roosevelt, George Eastman and Kimball Piano Company. Hooker Hall, a five story poured and scored concrete building, with a four-sided clock tower, is the home of the Snake River Heritage Center and Intermountain Institute Museum. The school was devastated by the Depression, the assets sold to benefit the College of Idaho and Whitman College and the school used by Weiser School District until 1967. The site is in the National Register of Historic Places.”

There are two other buildings, one to the south of Slocum and one north of Hooker, that probably were part of the Institute. They are now in poor shape and appear to be abandoned.

There is a third building north of Hooker that is in good shape that has a cornerstone identifying it as a Carnegie Library built in 1919. This now seems to be a private home.

The Heritage Center has some extremely limited hours (3 hours, 3 days of the week) so it is doubtful that I'll go back in the afternoon to go through it. I did enjoy seeing the buildings and the somewhat unique architecture.

8 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
The following was the opening paragraph of an article written for Der Spiegel about the youth protests in Europe and the Middle East. I wonder if some of the 'mob' news reports that are starting to appear in the US of A are our version of protests by that same lost generation. Unemployment for the 16 to 19 age bracket has been over 20% for a couple of years now.
For weeks, hundreds of young people have been camping out in central Madrid. And others across Europe have now begun following their example. Protests in Lisbon, Paris, Athens and elsewhere show that Europe's lost generation has finally found its voice.

I went to the Homestead Café again this morning under a clear sky and a little wind. It warmed up nicely but then starting around mid-day it moved toward partly cloudy. A low chance of rain with the high near 70° - not all that bad.

The only thing that I did outside of my normal daily routine was to change my mind – although that is semi-normal. I had found, and decided, that I wanted a Lane Furniture Julia High Leg recliner for my renewed living room. But, finances being what they are I could not afford it.

This gave me time to do more web searching and I came upon a Lambright Lazy Relaxor that has now become my choice. It is 2” inches narrower, which is better, and it swivels, which is good. They are both about the same price with shipping but the Relaxor has about half the delivery time.

I still can not afford either of them and may change my mind again by the time that I can and actually place an order. Maybe I'll have a recliner before this year is out?

The good news about the unintended, or maybe they were intended, consequences of ObamaCare keep right on coming. Didn't President Obama and his minions repeatedly say that if you wanted to keep your current insurance that under ObamaCare you would be able to do so? It looks like there may be as many as 78 million employees that will not be able to do that.
A survey by McKinsey & Company, published this week in the McKinsey Quarterly, found that up to 50% of employers say they will definitely or probably pursue alternatives to their current health-insurance plan in the years after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014. An estimated 156 million non-elderly Americans get their coverage at work, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
Before the health law passed, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that only nine million to 10 million people, or about 7% of employees who currently get health insurance at work, would switch to government-subsidized insurance. But the McKinsey survey of 1,300 employers across industries, geographies and employer sizes found "that reform will provoke a much greater response" and concludes that the health overhaul law will lead to a "radical restructuring" of job-based health coverage...
In a study last year, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office, estimated that an additional 35 million workers would be moved out of employer plans and into subsidized coverage, and that this would add about $1 trillion to the total cost of the president's health law over the next decade. McKinsey's survey implies that the cost to taxpayers could be significantly more.
9 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
A different kind of a day for me. It started out the same with a walk to the Beehive for breakfast. It was when I got home that things started to change.

Un-hooking from electric was normal enough but I then did a short road trip. The last time I did anything similar was when I was in Huachuca City, AZ and went to see my cousin Peggy in Tombstone.

This morning it was to Huntington, OR to visit another cousin, W. D. 'Arizona' and his wife Cam.

A lot of talking went on until it got interrupted by a very nice lunch. As much as I enjoy my own 'linner' cooking it is always a treat to eat one prepared by someone else.

There was time to check out their very large garden that got a little late start this year because of the late spring. Took a look at my cousins' gold mining equipment that he will put to use soon. Going to file his claim tomorrow on an old one that has been worked before, and abandoned, but still has a lot of promise.

I'll be seeing them both again in Weiser when they come over during Fiddle Week. W. D. is on stage at the Bluegrass venue for at least two of the days and will be playing in other Jam Sessions when possible.

On the way home I stopped at Ridley's to re-stock the pantry and refrigerator. The re-provisioning today should carry me through until just before Fiddle Week. I hope to then stock up enough to get through that week and let everyone leave town once again.

The population of Weiser is just short of 5,000. The Fiddle Week visitors are estimated to be 10,000-15,000. It is a VERY big deal for a small town.

10 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: June 10, 1923

Back to my normal routine. Went to Judy's for breakfast under a clear sky and lots of sun. By noon it had become overcast and I got a slight rain shower.

The forecast was for it to be like yesterday which stayed clear all day and got up to the low 70s. It looks to me like it is going to have trouble getting over the mid-60s.

Accomplishment of the day was to finish my Tom Clancy novel. I now have two books to exchange and may try to do so at the Senior Center. I also saw a used book store 'downtown' which might be my second choice if the Center does not exchange.

I have a few magazines that have accumulated and are gathering dust. I'll read them until I get caught up before starting a new book.

Did get caught up with the blog that is about building an earth bag home. Then started a second one that is building in the same geographic location but a totally different construction approach.

Both of these blogs have a lot of links to un-conventional home builders. I can not see myself ever building as they are but I do find the blogs very interesting.

11 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Started a new cycle of my three restaurants with a stop at the Homestead this morning. It was clear again and perfect walking weather.

The only excitement during the day came from watching a water drill rig fold up and steal away. The rig had been raised in its 'to drill' position about 50 yards in front of my space since I got here.

I could see that they had been drilling but there was no activity until today when they came and took it away. Not sure if they had finished or just getting it out of the way before the Fiddle Week crowd shows up.

I got two other RVs for neighbors late yesterday afternoon. One of them seems to be staying, the 5th wheel left around noon. Haven't seen anyone to talk to and probably will not; it is a very large Class A that is still here.

The debt numbers are even worse than they were in January and President Obama is intent on adding about $3 Trillion to his before the end of his first term. If he get a second term then I'm reasonably sure that he will be able to double the debt while in office and exceed Bush's growth rate for two full terms.

I don't know what the Obama supporters will have to say if that happens. The mantra now is that Bush doubled the debt. Does this mean that Obama must do so also?

President Barack Obama
Jan. 20, 2009: $10,626,877,048,913.08
Jan. 4, 2011: $14,025,215,218,708.52
Days in Office: 493
Compounded Annual Growth Rate: 22.82%

President George W. Bush
Jan. 20, 2001: $5,727,776,738,304.64
Jan. 20, 2009: $10,626,877,048,913.08
Days in Office: 2,922
Compounded Annual Growth Rate: 8.03%

12 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Another very nice day. There have been some thunder heads building up in the afternoon so will probably get a storm soon. When it comes it will most likely be in the late afternoon or at night.

I had another 5th wheel neighbor come in late yesterday. Then this morning as I was returning home from the Beehive I saw the 5th wheel and the Class C leaving. No long term campers for Fiddle Week yet.

I don't mind. Will probably be whining the entire week when they are here. Very peaceful right now.

13 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I woke up to another very light rain on my roof around 4:00 am. It continued until I left for my walk to Judy's for breakfast. Didn't get wet while walking and it seemed to be clearing by the time I got home.

That did not last, more showers started at 10:00 and it rained of and on through noon. I stayed snug and dry in Desperado during this time and the afternoon cleared up and there was a lot of sun again. Dodged getting wet one more time.

I ended up with two 5th wheels as neighbors last night. They both then left before noon today so I still have a peaceful camp.

The Park has three sections that are far enough apart that one can be full and not impact the other two. The Full Hook-up (FHU) section is usually full every night. The second section has 3-4 RVs in it that have been there since I came; I think they are permanent. My section has been getting the overnighters that don't want FHU that I have commented on.

I think Peggy Noonan is spot on about the 'debate' over Medicare in her Opinion for The Wall Street Journal of May 26th when she said the following.
Supporters of Mr. Ryan’s Medicare plan must talk very specifically about how this would all work, and why it would make your life better, not worse. They also have to make two things clearer. One is that if nothing is done to change Medicare, the system will collapse...
Democrats, on the other hand, should be forced to answer a question. If you oppose the highly specific Ryan plan, fine, but tell us your specific proposal. How will you save Medicare? Will you let it die?
If Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling’s presentation at the summit was indicative of White House strategy, then we’re in trouble. Because that strategy comes down to windy and manipulative statements about how “we’re all in this together” but GOP proposals “will lead to millions of children . . . losing their coverage.” He added: “We are not criticizing their plan, we are explaining it.”
It is a long time since I’ve seen such transparent demagoguery, such determined dodging. It’s obvious the White House political plan for 2012 is this: The Democrats will call for fiscal discipline and offer no specifics or good-faith starting points. They will leave the Republicans to be specific, and then let them be hanged with their candor. Democrats will speak not of what they’ll do but only of what they would never do, such as throw grandma out in the snow. In honeyed tones, Mr. Sperling said both parties should “hold hands and jump together,” like Butch and Sundance. But it was clear Sundance was going to stop at the edge of the cliff and hope Butch gets broken on the rocks.
Toby Harnden based in Washington D. C. wrote an article forThe Telegraph in England that included the following excerpt.

I don't think you will see anything like this in the lame stream media of this country. It seems that the more mud they throw at her the better she looks. They fear her so much and want to destroy her so badly that I find their actions comic and am glad that a reporter from England has said so.
The trove of more than 13,000 emails detailing almost every aspect of Sarah Palin’s governorship of Alaska, released late on Friday, paints a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics.
One can only assume that the Left-leaning editors who dispatched teams of reporters to remote Juneau, the Alaskan capital, to pore over the emails in the hope of digging up a scandal are now viewing the result as a rather poor return on their considerable investment.
If anything, Mrs Palin seems likely to emerge from the scrutiny of the 24,000 pages, contained in six boxes and weighing 275 pounds, with her reputation considerably enhanced. As a blogger at Powerline noted, the whole saga might come to be viewed as “an embarrassment for legacy media”.
14 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Big excitement late yesterday afternoon!

I sit in a chair that allows me to use my lap top computer on my lap top desk. It also allows me to look out the large window on the side of Desperado. At this Park the view is not all that scenic but I still glance up to look from time to time.

When I did so yesterday I looked up in time to see the Park owner drive her riding lawnmower over the edge of a rather steep hill. This riding mower has the driver sitting near the front with two curved arms that control the steering and my glance told me that she had lost control.

I then saw her fall forward, out of the seat, and the mower run onto her. I put my shoes on a quickly as I could and rushed out to see what I could do. By the time I got to her she was calling for help on her cell phone and said that she was not hurt.

However, her leg was pinned under the mower and she could not get up. I was very much afraid that she may have been cut when the mower ran over her. I tried to lift the mower but since it was pointing down hill all of its weight was working against me and I could not lift enough to free her.

I then went looking for something to use as a lever and found a steel fence post. With this I was able to lever the mower up and she was able to pull her leg free.

The help that she called for showed up at this time and I left it for them to get the mower back up to the top of the hill. That was some good entertainment after the drama that had preceded it.

Fortunately, she did not get cut by the mower and only suffered a small scrape when she fell off of it; her leg will probably have a big bruise. I strained some back muscles trying to lift before getting the fence post but did my walk to Homestead this morning. I'll be a little sore for a few days but we survived the experience in better shape than could have been expected.

Today has been very dull by comparison. The Class A that pulled in yesterday just before all the excitement was gone this morning when I returned home after having breakfast. It was cooler early this morning but will reach the upper 70s for a high. Very clear with a slight breeze – it doesn't get much better.

This is part of an article posted on CNSNews, a right wing cyber news site, that you will not find elsewhere. I have posted similar data in the past based on my study of the BLS reports, why is it not news worthy to the lame stream media?
Twenty-eight months after Congress passed President Obama’s signature economic stimulus law, and nearly one year after he declared the summer of 2010 to be “Recovery Summer,” 1.9 million fewer people are employed.
In February 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 141.7 million people were employed. By the end of May 2011 – the last month for which data are available – that number had fallen to 139.8 million, a difference of 1.9 million.
I feel sorry for Joe Biden. President Obama gets an idea and poor hapless Joe gets saddled with making it work. The ideas always seem to be of the sort that if they do work President Obama is going to take credit but if they fail then Joe is the sucker that will get blamed.
President Barack Obama announced a new effort Monday to eliminate government waste and named his vice president to lead it.
Obama was to sign an executive order creating an oversight board to work with federal departments and agencies to cut waste and improve performance, according to a draft of the order obtained by The Associated Press. Vice President Joe Biden will meet regularly with Cabinet secretaries to chart progress.
15 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I may have some long term RV neighbors in my section of the Park now.

There was a bumper hitch trailer that came in early yesterday and then two Class As late in the day. They are all still here.

The Class As have unhooked their 'toads' and were gone for a good part of today. All of them seem to have settled in at 'home'.

It has been a bit cooler all day and a steady wind has made it feel even colder. There was an early high thin cloud cover but that burned off, or blew away, and it has been clear since then.

I went to the Beehive for breakfast and back home. That has been it for the day. Some blog reading and finishing up the magazines that I had accumulated.

16 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
This was a very busy day. You must put this in context since my days are never what most people would consider busy much less very busy.

The first order of business was to do my delayed walk to Judy's for breakfast. It was after I got home that the busy day started.

I unhooked from electric and stowed everything for travel. The beginning travel was rather brief, only 100 yards as the crow flies, to the Park dump station. Upon arriving there I was able to dump my holding tanks and proceed with my busy day.

That consisted mostly of driving into town, maybe two miles, to Ridley's market and stocking the pantry.

I hope I have everything to carry me through Fiddle Week. Since the Park will fill up I do not want to be leaving until after the 25th.

While I was in town I checked with a barber shop near Ridley's to see what their hours of operation were. Observation: small town businesses do not post their hours or if they do it means very little.. I'll be getting a haircut and beard trim there next week.

After I got back home it was time to re-connect to electric and fill my fresh water tank. Don't know why but it took FOREVER. I checked the water flow from the Park faucet and it seemed to have good pressure. Something else for me to worry about?

The early morning hours were cool, but pleasant, with some afternoon clouds building up and a nice breeze. Not a perfect weather day but nothing much I can whine about.

I want to go on record, this date, to say that the 2012 Presidential Race will NOT be decided on economic issues. Yes, the budget and the deficit will still be issues. Yes, the lack of jobs and the low/slow GDP will be issues. The deciding issue however will be which candidate will be able to maintain civil order in this country during their Presidential Term.

The excerpt below is part of Daily Pfenning a daily financial blog by Chuck Butler posted on June 16, 2011. President Obama talks a good game when he talks about the deficit but then in the same speech will propose spending more money that the government does not have. He is the master of “so far, so good” remarks.
And then I saw this story this morning, and just had to talk about it… I saw it in the Wall Street Journal… “The cost of insuring Brazil's one-year sovereign debt fell below the price of credit default insurance on comparable U. S. Treasury.”
Are you kidding me? Brazilian debt is viewed as “safer” than U.S. Treasuries? That’s pretty strange, and I checked the story a couple of times to make certain that I was not reading it incorrectly. Is this what we’ve done to our Gov’t Bonds? They are reduced to playing second fiddle to Brazilian Gov’t Bonds? And, deficits don’t matter, right? A man decides to jump off of the top of the Empire State building… As he passes the 56th floor, he says… “so far, so good!” That’s what the people that believe that deficits don’t matter, remind me of… So far, so good for that fellow because he hasn’t met his fate on the concrete sidewalk yet… But, it looks like the deficits don’t matter crowd is getting closer to the sidewalk…
17 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: June 17, 1923

My walk to the Homestead Café this morning was by way of a slightly different and slightly longer route. Went past more homes in what I think is the old residential area of Weiser.

Saw two more old houses with National Historical Place plaques on the wall. I find it very enjoyable to walk through these old neighborhoods. It is especially enjoyable when I find an area that has preserved the old homes.

When I got home there was only one more chore on the list and that was 'do laundry'. Soon after that was taken care of I noticed a lot of RVs in my section were leaving. I had two new neighbors come in last night; a Class A and a Class C.

The Class C left today as well as most of the others that I thought were long term. Remaining are the Class A that came in last night, it is close to me, and another Class A at the far end of this section.

I talked to the owner briefly yesterday and she said there were six rigs coming in on Sunday. That makes me glad that I have all my shopping, dumping and laundry done and can just sit back while the crowd gathers.

I'm not much of a sports fan, even less of a pro-sports fan, so I rarely comment on sport issues. I refrain from doing so because generally speaking I would not know what to comment on.

With this in mind I will venture to speak of the recent Vancouver city riots after their National Hockey League (NHL) team loss to Boston. From what little attention I give to pro-sports it has been my observation that usually it is the WINNING team's city that has the riot, looting and burning. This may only be in the USA however, perhaps in Canada the tradition is different. Or maybe it is different for the NHL versus professional football (American style), baseball and basketball.

I guess it is just as well that I don't pay that much attention, these kind of things just confuse me.

Just one more warning to those in Washington D. C. that want to simply 'extend and pretend' with the deficit and debt issue. The IMF has placed the United States in some fine company when it comes to its debt level.
The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for U.S. economic growth on Friday and warned Washington and debt-ridden European countries that they are "playing with fire" unless they take immediate steps to reduce their budget deficits.
The IMF, in its regular assessment of global economic prospects, said bigger threats to growth had emerged since its previous report in April, citing the euro zone debt crisis and signs of overheating in emerging market economies...
"If you make a list of the countries in the world that have the biggest homework in restoring their public finances to a reasonable situation in terms of debt levels, you find four countries: Greece, Ireland, Japan and the United States," said Jose Vinals, director of the IMF's monetary and capital markets department.
18 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
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I changed my restaurant cycle order today by returning to Judy's for breakfast. The cycle that I had established would have had me going there on Sunday – but it is closed.

I'll completely disrupt the cycle starting on Monday when I add the Senior Center as a breakfast stop. They will serve breakfast every morning during Fiddle Week.

I will meet my cousin there on Monday and most likely go back a few times during the week. I'll try give them some of my business and support; what they give to the Seniors in a small community is important and deserving of help.

It has been overcast all day with high clouds. Has warmed up into the low 70s but looks colder so I feel colder. Got a brief shower around noon with the sky looking like there was more to come.

I'm snug and dry in Desperado; have dodged getting wet one more time. A rainy day is welcome from time-to-time, it is a wonderful excuse to do nothing. That is my usual day-to-day way of life but it is difficult to justify in a world that expects you to do something.

If it is raining again tomorrow, or I get wet, you can bet I'll be back whining about the it.

leftpic The quote below was taken from an article written about President Obama's recent fundraising trip to Florida. I also happened to come across an advertisement for this T-shirt that proclaims a sentiment that would have made it un-marketable not that long ago.
The president’s uneasy relationship with the business community has endured since the beginning of his term. But as Mr. Obama has traveled the county recently to speak at Democratic fundraisers, the president also has acknowledged that liberal supporters may have grown disillusioned with his leadership.
“It’s not as cool to be an Obama supporter as it was in 2008, with the posters and all that stuff,” Mr. Obama told Democrats at an exclusive fundraiser in Miami on Monday. “But the values that motivated me haven’t changed, and I hope they haven’t changed for you, either.”

19 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
There was an Airstream trailer pull into this section of the Park late in the afternoon yesterday. It parked into the site just west of the Class A that was closest to me.

Within minutes after it had got set up the Class A moved, in the rain, to the west side of the Airstream. I assumed at the time that they knew each other and were setting up a community table and gathering area between them.

This morning when I returned from breakfast at the Beehive I found that the Airstream was gone. My best guess now for the Class A move is they wanted to be in a better position to leave the Park if/when it fills up.

Why they waited to do it in the rain is puzzling but then again many things puzzle me. The other Class A, at the far west end, hitched up his pick-up toad, with motorcycle in the bed, and left before noon.

This left me almost alone again until three Sunday arrivals came in between 1:00 and 4:00. There is now a bumper tow trailer a couple of spaces to my west and two 5th wheels in front of me, one in the space that the Class A moved out of and the other (5th wheel plus garage) to the west.

There were light showers off-n-on all afternoon and into the night yesterday. Never a very hard rain, the official measurement was .10 of an inch. Today is mostly cloudy but it does not look like more rain, officially there is a chance.

A big cooking day. I first made up a batch of sauce for my Pescado a la veracruzana. Then a batch of couscous with black beans, cut corn and green chile.

I'll have some of the sauce on my Pescado today and the couscous with my Pork con Mole tomorrow. This is always with a large salad of course.

20 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Today is the beginning of Fiddle Week. That is going to upset my entire routine, which is good. I need it to be upset occasionally.

I'll be getting up at the same early hour but will not start my walk until near 7:00 am. The early hours of the day will be spent reading my Daily Blogs. Then I will go to the Senior Center for breakfast, re-named the Fiddle Hospitality Center for this week.

They are serving a very good breakfast buffet for $7 starting at 7:00. You also get live music throughout the day starting around 8:00-8:30; whenever people show up and start playing.

Today after breakfast I went to the bank ATM and got some cash to pay for those forthcoming breakfasts. Also need cash to pay for the haircut and beard trim that I thought I would get today.

Found out that the barber here honors the old Barbers Union tradition of being closed on Monday. I still have Reno business hours on my mind, almost everything open everyday. I'll get it done tomorrow.

Back to the Center where I was entertained for about 45 minutes by a 'jam session'. I was waiting for my cousin, W. D. “Arizona” Kennedy, to come in and I could find out what hours his stage appearances were going to be.

He arrived at about 9:45 and immediately jumped into the 'jam'. Offering up a few vocal that were well received. I stayed for about ½ hour listening to him and the 'jam' group; he may be there all day.

The walk back home was hotter than normal because of the time of day and there was lots of sun. My Park space has excellent shade and with the breeze today I cooled off quickly and it is a close to perfect as could be wished for.

The high today will be near 80°, tomorrow maybe mid-80s and Wednesday near 90. The Fiddle Week organizers must be pleased.

There was an 'A' Frame pop-up trailer arrive late yesterday that parked at the extreme west end of this section. This afternoon there was another big Class A that became its neighbor out there on the west side.

I got another nearby neighbor, behind me and one space to the west, with an in-bed camper on a pick-up and a Jeep 'toad'. They originally pull in directly behind me in a space with lots of shade but then moved one space to the west. I'm guessing that they had poor reception on their omni-directional TV antenna because of the tree they were under. Just one more reason to not have a TV.

21 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I got to the Center for breakfast at about 7:30 this morning. When I finished eating I did the short walk to the barber shop. No waiting so it didn't take long and I was back at the Center soon after 8:30.

Was comfortably seated in a sofa where I could see and hear the morning 'jam'. That lasted until the 'local', that can talk the paint off a wall, found me. He stayed hard at it until around 9:00 when my cousin, W. D. 'Arizona' Kennedy, came in.

'Arizona' started in on a set almost alone and I told the 'local' that I wanted to listen to him. When he finish his hour I talked to him for a few minutes and then walked over to City Park.

There was a Cowboy Poet on stage starting at 11:00. 'Arizona' joined me for about 20 minutes before he went on stage for his hour at noon. I was real proud of the performance that he put on.

He gave a good solid hour of entertainment, song after song. Sang ½ dozen of the songs that he has written and offers for sale on a CD. No accompaniment other than him playing his old beat-up guitar. Just an old cowboy singing some old cowboy songs.

'Arizona' has another stage appearance tomorrow at 3:00 pm. I told him it was going to be too hot for me to walk down and back in the heat of the day. I'll see him again at the Center.

It was 80° with a perfectly clear sky that allowed the sun to beat down on me as I walked home. The forecast for today is 86 and then 92 tomorrow (where is all that Burns, OR cold when you need it?).

I had my A/C on late yesterday afternoon when it got up to 80° and there was no wind. I'll be doing that again today and tomorrow if the breeze quits; so far there is one and it is not too bad.

The RVs are shuffling in and out of this section everyday now, it is hard to keep track of everyone. There was another 5th wheel and another Class A come in late yesterday, they are in the south row on the west end.

The 5th wheel, with garage, that was in front of me was gone when I got home. Soon it was replaced by another 5th wheel, no garage. The bumper pull trailer to my west has a large tent added to the grassy area to their east.

That still leaves two RV spaces between me an the bumper pull but I don't think anyone would want the one that gives them a big tent in their front yard.

22 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
With the forecast of over 90° today I walked to the Center, had breakfast and walked back home. I did pause at Ridley's market to pick up a couple of things but it was right on my way. I shortened the route a little also to let me get home before too much heat built up.

The bulk of my day was then devoted to reading and staying cool. I finished a sci-fi novel yesterday, Impact by Douglas Preston, a New York Times best seller. I read very little sci-fi but the blurb on the back cover made it sound interesting.

My recommendation: don't bother, how it became a best seller is more of a mystery to me than the book plot was.

Started another, this one by Herman Wouk that I'm reasonably sure I have read before. I recognize some of what I am reading but don't remember what happens next. I'll keep reading. It won't be long now and I'll be able to hide my own Easter Eggs. HA

The Class A that started out in front of me, then moved west of the Airstream left soon after I got home. I think my guess about his move was correct; easy for him to pull out, it would have been much harder from the space in front of me.

The space in front of me was filled again this mid-afternoon by a bumper pull trailer. The big tent to the west of me was also struck while I was working on this posting and had my back turned.

The headline that FoxNews on-line used for the story was “Thousands Poised to Enter Deportation Process After Mass ICE Arrest”. I then find in the story that the Mass ICE Arrests totaled 2,400. When Mass is used in this sentence it is pertaining to, involving, or affecting a large number of people; considering the number of illegals in this country I'm not convinced that 2,400 is a Mass.

I am also at a total loss when it comes to the third category of illegal immigrants that were arrested. These are the illegal immigrants that were also at-large convicted criminals.

What is this “they are afforded due process” double speak; they have been CONVICTED. There need not be any removal 'proceedings'; throw them in jail and when they have served their time deport them.

Why would there even be a thought to “ grant some form of relief to remain in the U.S.”. I simply do not understand, either I can not correctly process what has been written or it has been expressed very poorly.
The Obama administration announced Tuesday that federal agents swept up 2,400 illegal immigrants in a nationwide raid last month, starting what will likely be a months-long process of figuring out what to do with them. The sweep, the product of a seven-day enforcement operation called "Cross Check," was described as the largest of its kind.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, in coordination with other federal agencies and local officials, tracked down illegal immigrant criminals in all 50 states and are now housing them in ICE jails across the country
The illegal immigrants arrested in the sweep last month were divided into three basic categories: fugitives who had outstanding deportation orders against them, those who already had been deported and illegally re-entered the U.S., and at-large convicted criminals.
Those in the first two categories will once again be slated for deportation, though those in the second category could also face prosecution in the U.S. for the crime of illegal re-entry. The timing of their deportation would vary, depending on factors like travel documents, the availability of flights and whether their home countries will take them.
But those in the third category will be placed into removal "proceedings" before a federal immigration judge. That judge then has the discretion to order them deported or grant some form of relief to remain in the U.S. "They're afforded due process," a federal immigration official said.
23 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Had a good thunderstorm hit last night at sundown. Lots of lightning, lots of thunder, lots of wind and very little rain. The official report does not credit the day with any rain at all.

Breakfast at the Center once more and a slightly shorter walk. Even with the shorter distance I was happy to get home. It was more humid and the full sun caused a lot of water to leak out of my body.

There was a breeze during most of the day and with the shade and lower temperatures I had windows open again with no A/C. The high today was in the low 80s with the forecast for the next three days to be in the high 70s. Very nice compared to the month in Burns, OR.

This morning I saw another 5th wheel that came in sometime yesterday and parked to the far west near the 'A' frame. Then at noon the south row got another 5th wheel, this seems to be the preferred row rather than the north where I am.

There was another rig leave at about that same time but I did not see it well enough to know where it came from or what RV for sure. I think it was the Class A in the north row. Loosing track of everyone.

This was reported by Politico today and I must applaud the move by Eric Cantor. President Obama has been ducking and dodging the debt and deficit issue as best as he can wanting any adverse fallout to land on V. P. Biden. He has now been 'called out' and has to make a move. My guess is he will continue to duck and dodge for a while yet.
Republicans launched a concerted campaign Thursday to draw President Barack Obama more directly into deficit-reduction talks with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor saying that he will no longer participate in White House talks until the president has personally resolved the divisive issue of taxes.
Cantor’s decision came as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) delivered a broadside on the floor, also keyed to the tax issue and entitled “Where’s the President?”
Carl Rove has a column in the Opinion of theThe Wall Street Journal today in which he says the following which calls President Obama's ducking and dodging a 'strategic blunder'. He also has written what is obvious in my opinion but President Obama has to believe he can avoid it – 'He can't escape accountability'.
Finally, Mr. Obama has made a strategic blunder. While he needs to raise money and organize, he decided to be a candidate this year rather than president. He has thus unnecessarily abandoned one of incumbency's great strengths, which is the opportunity to govern and distance himself from partisan politics until next spring. Instead, Team Obama has attacked potential GOP opponents and slandered Republican proposals with abandon. This is not what the public is looking for from the former apostle of hope and change...
Mr. Obama is now at the mercy of policies and events he has set in motion. He can't escape accountability, especially on the economy.
24 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: June 24, 1923

I changed my usual route to the Center so that I would walk past the Memorial Park Festival venue. Didn't walk through them all but saw a lot of vendor tents from a distance.

I had walked through a lot of them at the City Park venue when I went to listen to my cousin play on Tuesday. The Memorial Park also had a small carnival with a few rides. I can't see how so many vendors can make any money with the small crowd that attends Fiddle Week but they are here.

This morning was my last breakfast at the Center. I have given them five days of breakfast business and saw that there was a VFW Post serving breakfast in City Park. I'll give them one day of support tomorrow morning.

A cooler day with a breeze or light wind all day. It has even been cool enough that part of the day I only had one window open. Mostly clear with some clouds building up in the late afternoon and a lot of sun. Very nice!

After my comment yesterday about the south row being more popular the north row got two rigs. A very small 5th wheel and a very large bumper pull came in late yesterday to balance the rows.

Then the balance swung back to the south this afternoon when the south row got two more 5th wheels out on the west end. The finals of Fiddle Week are tomorrow night so there is a good chance that I'll be alone again by Sunday night.

25 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
The weather was a repeat of yesterday. The entire day was pretty much a repeat of yesterday as many of my days are.

As I said yesterday, this morning I had breakfast at the VFW booth. I stopped at Ridely's for a couple of items before getting to City Park to eat and then returned directly back home. The round trip was a bit short of 5 miles so I continued north on US95 until that mark was reached.

It was not very far north but did let me see things from a different angle. I may try to go that way tomorrow and then cut south over Monroe Creek to a road that I can see across the valley. Google Maps shows that road but does not show any roads leading to it from here.

Not much activity in the Park today, I think everyone that is coming has arrived and they have all now driven their 'toads' to town. There is a parade there this afternoon that I did not have much desire to be out in the sun to see.

This afternoon and tonight are the finals for all the eight champions in the fiddle competition, which I'm not interested in. Also, a battle of the Blue Grass Bands will start at 2:00 pm and go into the night. I thought about going in for some of this but just not energetic enough to do so.

President Obama gives lip service to deficit and debt reduction then goes out on the campaign trail and talks about 'investing' $500 million. His concept of how the economy should work in this country is based on the same centralized command and control that the former Soviet Union tried and had fail.

His 'investing' requires borrowing money, which some future generation will have to pay back, and giving it to his friends at Universities and large corporations. He ignores the simply fact that this country out-built and out-innovated the rest of the word using private capital not government hand outs.

He is also expecting a manufacturing sector, that has declined to 13% of the economy, to support a government sector that has increased to over 20%. He can not possibly be as ignorant about the economy as he seems; he has to be getting advice from others that do have some knowledge. So, in my opinion his ideology is so firmly implanted that it comes before all else. He is even willing to lose in his re-election bid rather than give up his ideology.
Mr. Obama also praised American manufacturing, one of his 2012 re-election themes. He announced Friday during a speech at Carnegie Mellon University an initiative to invest $500 million to help develop advanced manufacturing technologies and jobs.
Under the initiative, the government is partnering with an array of universities and companies such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Honeywell International Inc. and Dow Chemical Co. to jumpstart innovation in advanced manufacturing. Mr. Obama said the aim is to "To help make sure America remains in this century what we were in the last -- a country that makes things. A country that out-builds and out-innovates the rest of the world."
26 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Back to my routine before Fiddle Week with a walk on the usual route to the Homestead. Because they open at 6:00 am I was able to leave home soon after getting up. This early start then allowed me to be back home soon after 8:00.

Will change my routine again tomorrow. Still have the Beehive on tap for breakfast but then plan on a stop at the Center to exchange books on the way home.

The rigs in this section were stirring when I got home and the entertainment of them all leaving was over by the noon checkout.

However, there was a huge Class A a two 5th Wheels that came in and took spaces that weren't even cold yet on the south row. Added another 5th Wheel to the collection in mid-afternoon.

This one parked in the space next to me that had remained open all thru Fiddle Week. Doesn't look like I'll be alone tonight after all.

27 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I left for the Beehive just a few minutes too early or ate just a little too fast this morning. Arrived at the Center 10 minutes before 8:00.

That is their hour to open but I found the door open and two volunteers setting up for the morning coffee gathering. I wasn't in their way and they were not in mine so did my book trades and on my way again by 8:00.

All but one 5th Wheel left today. The one remaining is at the west end of the south row. This has us about as far apart as we can be in this section and I have not even seen anyone much less been disturbed.

Spent the time today getting my 3x5 cards prepared with route notes for the move to Lander, WY. I'm not pleased about being on the road during the 4th of July Holiday but my route should not be very heavily trafficked.

The biggest concern that I have is I'll get caught up in parade activity in the small towns that I'll be driving through.

28 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
Decided not to try and cross Monroe Creek to the road on the other side of the valley. It looked like I would be tramping through a lot of private property to get there. I trespass with care!

I did walk a loop road east of US95 that then crossed over to the west where I was back on my usual route to Judy's restaurant.

When I got home it was pre-leaving chore time. Un-hooked electric and drove to the Park dump station where I emptied my holding tanks. Then into town for a gas fill up and a few items at Ridley's market.

I usually travel with only a few things in the pantry and refrigerator so this was not a full weekly shopping stop. Even if there are a few things in the refrigerator I keep it shut off while I am traveling. It will run on propane while traveling but I do not like to do that; some do, I don't.

The last stop in town required a ½ hour wait until they opened and I could get a pizza to go for 'linner' today.

Continued doing chores after getting home. Nothing too taxing, just a little sweeping inside and washing Desperado's hood outside (parking under a tree has its negative aspects).

I hooked up electric again, of course, and to 'city' water to fill my fresh water tank. This was a VERY long process once again but I think it is the Park's water system. I'll find out if I have a problem when I fill again next time.

With this all done I only have laundry remaining to do and will be on the road again early Friday morning.

It wasn't too bad during my walk this morning but has become HOT. Was over 80° by 11:00 am with the high near the mid-90s. The wind is dead calm making it feel even hotter so the A/C has been cycling on since before noon.

The forecast is for it to be cooler here the next couple of days. I hope to be in higher and cooler overnight camps along the way and Lander, WY has been cooler than here.

The last RV neighbor in this section was gone when I got home after breakfast. Will probably not have anyone join me before I leave; it is very quiet and peaceful.

I know there are people that see no media bias where Obama is concerned but read what Michael Baron has written for The Washington Examiner. Then ask your self what would the stories have been if it had been President Bush that made this mistake. Main stream media bias?
No one in mainstream media seems inclined to mention Barack Obama’s horrifying mistake last Thursday when, speaking at Fort Drum, he said that SFC Jared Monti was “the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” Alas, he was mistaken. He awarded the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti posthumously in 2009 and awarded the Medal of Honor in person to SSG Sal Giunta in person in 2011. Obama later apologized for this mistake, but it’s really dismaying that a President who spoke movingly and even eloquently in awarding the Medal of Honor made a mistake of this magnitude.
“It shouldn’t take a teleprompter for the C-in-C to get it right,” writes military blogger Black Five. It’s interesting that mainstream media journalists who are so eager to zing Michele Bachmann for getting John Wayne’s birthplace wrong, have not been interested in asking whether this was a mistake Obama made in ad libbing or whether the White House speech writers and fact-checkers fell down on the job. You might think that their chief motive is to make Obama look good and to suppress facts that make him look bad.
29 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
I heard a very light rain falling on the roof sometime during the night but went back to sleep. When I got up and started my walk to the Homestead restaurant it was darker than usual because of heavy cloud cover.

It was when I had finished eating and was ready to start home that I saw it was raining again. I got a little wet for the first mile but then only had to confront the spray off the highway when 18 wheelers passed me.

Promptly started doing the laundry when I got home. When finished I had to walk back to Desperado in a light mist. This continued until early afternoon then cleared off and a nice breeze came up.

A much more pleasant temperature today with the high in the low 70s rather than the low 90s of yesterday with no breeze.

One more day here in Weiser, ID; it has been a good month, a good Park and a good town.

30 June
Monroe Creek Campground & RV Park
Weiser, ID
no pic
There was a bumper pull trailer come into this section of the Park near sundown yesterday. There were 12 pull-thru spaces that he had to choose from and he chose the second closest to me.

I have noticed this 'crowding' preference many times before and have never understood it. I saw that he he did not un-hitch from the trailer so I was reasonably sure that he would be gone this morning. That is what happened, he was gone when I returned from having breakfast at the Beehive.

If he had un-hitched yesterday I was prepared to move to the west end of the section to put some distance between us. I can tolerate close neighbors when there is no alternative but see no reason for it if there is room to spread out.

President Obama has very little understanding of history and what understanding he does have is misguided. He thinks that the economy of this country is the same now as it was during the Great Depression and it can be pulled out of this Great Recession with increased manufacturing. Even his former Car Czar knows that this is not possible.
Creating more U.S. manufacturing jobs has been at the forefront of Obama's jobs agenda since he proposed to generate 2 million jobs by doubling exports by 2015 in his State of the Union address this year. But Steven Rattner, former special advisor to the President on the auto industry, says Obama may be pushing on a string.
"Stimulating more manufacturing jobs is a tough assignment….We are a developed country [and] we are competing against countries that are emerging," ... "Our share of manufacturing as a percent of our economy, the number of jobs, has more or less been going steadily down for 40-50 years. It's normal. It's what happens when economies develop."
At that Iowa event, Obama touted his administration's role in creating 2 million manufacturing jobs in the last year and a half, but acknowledged the need to do much more.
I would like to know where these 2 million manufacturing jobs are that his administration has created. Here are the number of manufacturing jobs as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: November 30, 2009 – 11,484,000 compared to May 31, 2011 – 11,694,000. That is an increase of 210,000 jobs; not even close to 2 million. Is President Obama being misinformed, are his handlers providing bad numbers to his Teleprompter or is he simply lying?