1 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
My route: US180 & Pine pic

As I said, today was a short (57 miles) day. That even includes a few miles driven in Deming looking for a computer repair shop (all closed until Monday). I also drove to the western side of town on Business I-80 looking for restaurants.

Did not see many but stopped at El Camino. It was after 8:00 when I got there but they open at 7:00. It is a maybe for my daily walks, I need to check the distance. If too far I'll make it my shopping day breakfast stop because it is worth a return.

Went to Pepper's supermarket for my grocery purchases for the next 7-8 days. As always, it took me forever to find all the items on my list. One item that was very elusive was also very expensive and I gave it a pass.

I thought about it later and that did not make sense. What they had was a big bag that was twice what I wanted at twice the price of the size I wanted. I would have bought the smaller bag then bought another next week so would spend the same amount over the two weeks. I don't claim that what I do always makes sense. HA HA

I'm checked into Dream Catcher RV Park, an Escapees Club Park, that has a 'deal' of 20 days for the price of 15. I'll probably stay for another week after the 20 days which will have me leaving here on the 28th.

This Escapees Park is not nearly as nice as the ones in Congress, AZ and Pahrump, NV. I do have a nice pine tree on the west side that will provide some shade and wind break. Most of the spaces do not have that, just a big gravel lot with hook-ups.

I'm all settled into my back-in space which I nailed on my first try. I is a real shame I didn't have a audience, I did it just like I knew what I was doing. HA

More details about the Department of Energy loan guarantees. This Administration certainly has the arrogance of the President and they, like he, are able to get away with it.
Despite the growing Solyndra scandal, yesterday the Department of Energy approved $1 billion in new loans to green energy companies -- including a $737 million loan guarantee to a company known as SolarReserve:
SolarReserve LLC, a closely held renewable energy developer, received a $737 million U.S. Energy Department loan guarantee to build a solar-thermal project in Nevada.
The 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes project, near Tonopah, Nevada, will use the sun’s heat to create steam that drives a turbine, the agency said today in a e-mailed statement. SolarReserve is based in Santa Monica, California.
On SolarReserve's website is a list of "investment partners," including the "PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund (East) LLC." As blogger American Glob quickly discovered, PCG's number two is none other than "Ronald Pelosi, a San Francisco political insider and financial industry polymath who happens to be the brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives."
But wait... there's more! One of SolarReserve's other investment partners is Argonaut Private Equity:
Steve Mitchell and Argonaut Private Equity might have a chance to recoup some of their losses in the Solyndra debacle now that the Department of Energy has given a $737 million dollar loan guarantee to a company backed by Argonaut that also lists Mitchell among its board of directors.
Mitchell served on the Solyndra LLC Board of Directors. He also serves as Managing Director for Argonaut Private Equity, a company that invested in Solyndra through the LLCs parent company. After Solyndra declared bankruptcy, two Democratic members of the U.S. House asked that Mitchell testify about Solyndra. Though he has not appeared before Congress, he has "been asked to provide documents to Congress" pertaining to Solyndra.
And for good measure, it's also noteworthy that Obama is about to hold a big money fundraiser at the home of Tom Carnahan in St. Louis:
Carnahan, a member of the prominent Missouri Democratic family, has been tapped by the Obama campaign as its chief Missouri fundraiser. He is chairman of the board of Wind Capital Group, a wind energy company that makes it corporate headquarters in St. Louis. He formerly was president and CEO of the company.
Last year, Wind Capital's Lost Creek Farm facility in northwest Missouri received a $107 million tax credit from the Treasury Department, among many such wind operations receiving support from from stimulus funds.
Tom Carnahan is the son of former Missouri governor Mel Carnahan and former U.S. senator Jean Carnahan. He's also the brother of current Missouri secretary of state, Robin Carnahan.
It's increasingly hard to tell the government's green jobs subsidies apart from the Democrats' friends and family rewards program.
2 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
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I saw a lot of open restaurants on East Pine St (Business I-80) yesterday as I drove to Dream Catcher. Those same restaurants are NOT open at 6:00 or 6:30, the only one that I found open this morning was La Fonda.

It is a nice place that will get some of my repeat business. The Huevos con Chorizo was good enough and they were OPEN.

On the way 'home' I did stop at another restaurant that had opened at 7:00, they are open at 6:00 during the week. Went past another that was open which I'm guessing happened at 7:00.

I'll change my route for tomorrow such that I get to it at 7:00. If it is open then I have identified three breakfast stops here on East Pine. I can also go to El Camino on West Pine once a week as my long walk (it will be what I was doing everyday in Albuquerque less the climb).

The Park serves a breakfast on Saturday which I'll work into a walk somehow. Maybe make it a short walk (just over 5 miles) that I do without a rest break. The Park also has a daily 4:00 Social that is a bit much for this semi-recluse. However, on Sunday they make it an Ice Cream Social.

Now that is a different kettle of fish entirely (mixed food, not a mixed metaphor), you can entice me to be Social if there is Ice Cream to be had. I'll give it a try today!

There was a nice breeze all day yesterday and it acts like there will be a replay today. Deming can get some horrible winds but what it is doing so far is great. The high yesterday was 84° with a low last night of 59°. The next 4 days are forecast to be almost the same. I can live with days like that!

3 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
There was a good ol' fashioned thunderstorm roll in last night soon after I went to bed. Lots of blowing wind followed by the lightning, the thunder and the rain. The officials measured it to be .38”. That left puddles everywhere I walked this morning.

There is one, and only one that I can find, walking trail here in Deming. I can get on it almost at the front gate of the Park and follow it to Country Club Rd, that is 1.5 miles. It then goes north for a couple of blocks to a city park or south for about 1 mile.

I went south for ½ mile this morning to Poplar St then turned west again, past a Mexican Food Producer, for a mile to Pearl. From there I went north and looped back 'home' on Pine St/Silver Spike Trail.

Went past the restaurant that I thought had opened yesterday at 7:00. It may have yesterday but it was closed today. Stopped at the Grand Motor Inn restaurant that opens at 6:00 during the week. This will be a regular breakfast stop for me.

I have given up the idea of having anyone look at my Lap Top here in Deming. I'll wait until I get to Sierra Vista, there are more shops which open earlier and on more days of the week.

4 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
More rain in the wee hours of the morning, just enough for me to hear it on the roof and not for long. The officials have recorded it as being a Trace. Then when I was out walking I got sprinkled/ light rained on for 10 minutes. The officials called that .01”.

I got inside El Mirador restaurant, almost across the street from La Fonda, for breakfast before getting too wet. They served up a good Huevos ala Mexicana so have been added to my list of regular breakfast stops during the week, they were not open on Sunday.

That was about it for my day. I did exchange the two novels that I have finished for two more by the same authors. Also started reading the one by Dan Brown that I picked up in Lander, WY. This was one of his earlier novels written before he got a 'name' for The Da Vinci Code. Just getting into it but so far I like it.

Not reading blogs quite as much because of the Lap Top heating problems. I can hear a fan come on but I think there should be two or maybe the one is just not working well. By the time the fan comes on it is hot to the touch so I shut down and cool down then start over.

It looks like another thunderstorm may dump more rain on me tonight. A huge thunderhead built up within an hour from the west and most of the sky has become black with clouds. A couple of distant rumbles of thunder. I'll tell ya about it tomorrow if it puts on a show.

The Department of Energy continues to make news almost daily, another 'green jobs' boondoggle has popped up. The only question in my mind is how much will the total waste end up being? There is the $1.6 Billion Department of Energy's Advanced technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program that did NOT get cut in the last Continuing Resolution Budget squabble. My guess is that most, if not all, of that will be used to buy votes in the name of “green jobs” and “stimulus”.
President Barack Obama’s “green jobs” initiatives suffered another major blow late Monday, as the nonprofit National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, announced a plan to lay off roughly 10 percent of its staff through a voluntary buy-out plan.
According to the Denver Post, the lab plans to eliminate between 100 and 150 of its 1,350 jobs. The Obama administration supported the NREL in 2009 with roughly $200 million in stimulus grants. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu visited Golden in May 2009 to promote the NREL as a beneficiary of those funds.
At the time, the Associated Press reported that the stimulus grants included $68 million to build demonstration model of an energy-efficient office building; $19.2 million for solar, geothermal and fuel cell equipment; $10 million for testing and evaluation of wind technology; and $45 million to research and test drive-train systems for wind turbines.
5 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
The thunderstorm of yesterday appeared to be clearing away by late afternoon. Then right after I went to bed the rain came again. It sounded like a good shower but did not last very long. The official report put it at .07”.

The lightning and thunder didn't come until almost midnight when they put on their show with some more rain. This time is measured .06”. The officials also found .01” this morning between 7:00 and 8:00 but I didn't feel even a drop.

It has stayed much cooler today and the wind has been blowing rather than the nice breeze that we have been having. Not nearly as nice a day as it has been. It is sunny with only some very high thin clouds rather than the storm clouds of the past couple of days.

Went to La Fonda for Queso Enchiladas con Huevo for breakfast. While I was there I asked about a barber shop and the waitress said that Wal*Mart had one.

I checked it out on my way home and it opens at 9:00. I had passed one near Grand Motor Inn that also opens at 9:00 and hoped to find one that opened earlier. It does not look like I'm going to find one that I can walk to but need to visit one soon, maybe Friday.

The history that we learn in school, as well as what the media emphasizes, is always about 'firsts'. Example: The First Transcontinental Railroad opened for through traffic on May 10, 1869, with the driving of the "Last Spike" (or Golden Spike) at Promontory Summit, Utah.

We rarely know anything about the 'seconds'. Example: A large number of people would be able to tell you who the first man on the moon was ( Neil Armstrong) but there are few that could name the second ( Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr, ).

Which brings me to The Silver Spike Railroad Trail here in Deming, NM. The Trail was named to celebrate the historic completion of the second transcontinental railroad across the United States. The ceremonial silver spike joining the east-bound construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad with the west-bound construction of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad was driven in Deming on March 9, 1881.

6 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
I went to the Grand Motor Inn for breakfast this morning. Nothing unique about the omelet that I had. The only thing that merits any comment is the change in route.

Google Maps does not show Cedar St coming through to meet up with Pine where the Silver Spike Trail begins near the Park. It does however and I took that route this morning rather than Pine. It is the same distance but offers some diversity in routes.

It was a little cooler this morning but pleasant. After breakfast I could take my windbreaker off for the walk 'home'. Then by mid-morning the wind started to blow with increasing force.

By early afternoon the dust was flying, the tumbleweeds were tumbling and it was a steady wind of 25 mph with gust of 40 mph. This is what I consider 'normal' for Deming. Every time I have been here, or through here, the wind has been blowing.

I think Chuck Butler has it right today in his blog Daily Pfennig. The Senate and Secretary Geithner are the ones that have it wrong. Even the President does not support the Senate's China Bill with any enthusiasm. This should be a clue that it is wrong since he is beating the drum for Jobs Creation and that is supposedly what the Bill is about.
Listen to me now and hear me later dear reader… The U.S. depends on the kindness of strangers to allow us to continue our deficit spending… And the major “stranger” is China… The day China does a Roberto Duran, and says “no mas”… we as a country will turn into Greece, with insurrection in the streets, because the Gov’t won’t have the money to continue to issue food stamps, and all the other Gov’t boondoggles that exist… So… please… let’s not tick off China…
People argue that China needs us as much as we need them… And a few years ago, that was true… China got their financial strength from exporting goods to the U.S. But when the you know what hit the fan in 2008, and China’s exports to the U.S. went to hell in a hand basket, the Chinese decided to change… And they promoted domestic & regional growth… So, yes China needs the U.S. to continue to buy their goods, but not more than we need them…
Then there is the Eric Holder/Fast and Furious fiasco. President Obama has now signed on and I think that is the kiss of death for Eric. Does anyone remember Alberto Gonzales? You can bet the Republicans do and they remember what the Democrats did to him after then President Bush expressed his 'complete confidence'. I think it is payback time but the Republicans will try to drag this investigation out into the 2012 Election Campaign.
While new evidence indicates that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the U.S. government's "Fast and Furious" program--which let guns fall into the hands of Mexican criminals--President Obama said today that he has "complete confidence" in Holder.
7 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 7, 1923

This morning was cool like yesterday with clear sky to the east and dark clouds moving in from the west.

I went to El Camino restaurant on the west side of town for breakfast where I had a good Huevos con Chorizo. As I walked 'home' it was still sunny but the clouds were now covering about half of the sky.

Arrived at the barber shop across the street from the Grand Motor Inn 20 minutes early. Waited for 28 minutes, while reading my Dan Brown novel, then when the shop had not opened by 9:08 I continued on 'home'.

Within an hour after getting 'home' the sky was completely overcast and the wind had picked up. It wasn't blowing as hard (20mph gust of 25mph) as yesterday but it and the cooler temperature (64°) has made it feel COLD. I'm not ready for winter yet, it can't do this!

I have a lot on my agenda for tomorrow. Have now added a stop at a different barber shop for a hair cut. Just hope the weather improves so I can do it on a nice day.
President Barack Obama plans no public events Friday to mark a moment the nation never really expected: 10 years of war in Afghanistan. Out of sight and off the minds of millions of Americans, the war is the most prolonged conflict this country has been engaged in since Vietnam. Obama has gone so far as to declare it "the longest war in American history."
Here is my reminder; the number killed during the first nine months of each year. There have not been any casualties in Libya yet but I have continued to list it as a U. S. war. President Obama said that he would not put any 'boots on the ground' there but a dozen Army personal have been sent in to help rebuild the US Embassy. If even one of those were to get killed President Obama will have hell to pay. I continue to believe the Iraq and Afghanistan numbers will remain high simply because of the President's policy of withdrawing combat troops and leaving 'trainers' as targets.

Total US Casualties Iraq & Afghanistan
Bush Obama
2001 -0- -0-
2002 41 -0-
2003 357 -0-
2004 615 -0-
2005 684 -0-
2006 614 -0-
2007 896 -0-
2008 404 -0-
2009 -0- 348
2010 -0- 418
2011 -0- 400

8 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
The high temperature yesterday was 67° at mid-day then it got colder again. The low this morning was 35°! That is winter weather, I don't want it!

Went for my short walk of the week (5.31 miles) which is to take Cedar west to Silver Spike Trail at Pit Park and then walk all of the Trail. The section from Pine to Florida I did going south then retraced my steps. Had my winter garb on for the first time since Bend, OR.

The shorter walk allowed me to then start a busy morning of multitasking. I got my laundry started, then did a book exchange at the Park library and got my breakfast in the Park Club Room.

Took a break ½ way through eating breakfast and put my wash into a dryer. The Park breakfast gave me an opportunity to do some Socializing also so that task could be lined out on my list.

After putting clean clothes away and un-hooking from electric I went to town. The first stop was at Amigo's, a Mexican Food processor, where I bought a dozen green chili and cheese tamales.

The next stop was at Elite Barber Shop, near El Camino, that I found using Google Search. I found a place to park near the Shop and walked past another Barber Shop that had not appeared with Google. Elite was closed although I saw two people inside. So, I went to the one that I had just walked past.

There was a two person wait at Bill's Barber Shop. Perhaps the reason for that was that he was OPEN. Not only was he open but he charged less than any barber I can remember paying in a long time.

The last stop was then at Pepper's for another grocery excursion. Much easier to find things the second time since I buy almost the same things every week.

A very busy ½ of the day for someone that usually does nothing. It is now time to get back into that routine.

The Bureau of Labor has released their non-farm job numbers for September which the media has reported as good news but not good enough. The past four months have now been reported: June adding 20,000 jobs, July added 85,000, August was -0- and now September adding 103,000. However, if you look at the Bureau's historical data, by month, for Total Employed (which includes farm workers and has not been manipulated quite as much) you find that June LOST 445,000 jobs, July LOST 38,000, August ADDED 331,000 and September ADDED 398,000.

The Unemployed also increased in September by 25,000 but that was mostly because 423,000 were added to the labor force with only 200,000 coming from the population increase. The way I look at the Employment Situation this was a Good News month. Any month that adds more to Employed than the increase in Population has to be a Good Month.

I am really surprised that the lame stream media has not picked up on this and started beating the drum for President Obama. The Total Employed numbers have looked very strong the past two months.

9 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Another cold morning at 37° so I was walking in my winter wear again. The wind picked up by noon which made the 67° feel cold also. Maybe the next few days will move back into Autumn if the forecast proves accurate.

I went to the restaurant that I passed last Sunday and thought it had opened at 7:00. Every time I went by it after that it was closed until last Friday. I stopped then and asked about their hours.

I found that they open at 8:00 during the week, 7:30 on Friday, 7:00 on Saturday and 6:30 on Sunday so I had breakfast there this morning. The Huevos Rancheros were nothing to get excited about and they do NOT accept Credit Cards (I was just lucky to have the cash).

For those two reasons I probably will not go back. However, their home made salsa is very good – so maybe.

Have fallen back into my do nothing routine after yesterday's flurry of activity. Alternating between the couch with a new novel and my chair with Lap Top for blogs and the News.

The thinking, I use that word loosely, in Washington is the same be it politician or Bureaucrat in the Congressional Budget Office. If you can 'pay' for the spending over any extended period of time then you have not increased the Deficit or the Debt. Obviously this is not true but they go on increasing the Debt and the lame stream media never calls them on it.
The Congressional Budget Office said Friday the Senate Democrats’ proposed surtax on millionaires would raise $452.7 billion over 10 years, more than enough to pay for the $447 billion in spending and tax cuts included in President Barack Obama’s jobs bill.
Republicans countered that the same CBO numbers show that the short-term impact of the jobs package would be to add as much as $284.8 billion to the deficit for the 2012 fiscal year and $120.6 billion in 2013.
10 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
The warming trend has started but this morning was still rather cool at 41°. The high has made it back into the 70s so the day is rather nice.

The wind comes up every day around 10:00 am then it is just a matter of how hard will it blow. Today has been pretty mild with 5-10 mph steady and 15 mph gusts.

I had breakfast at El Mirador and went for some good 'ol down home Biscuits and Gravy with scrambled eggs. They do cook up American breakfasts and this one really good.

I almost had a neighbor two spaces to the east. He backed in, shifted around two or three times then went off to try the pull thru sites. So far I haven't been crowded at all, have maintained two open spaces on each side most of the time. Always at least one space open on each side.
Forty-six House Democrats have joined forces this week to ask the chamber's Judiciary Committee to investigate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for ethics violations. The Democratic lawmakers' complaint argues that reports of Thomas' actions--including those related to the high-profile political activism of his wife, Virginia "Ginni" Thomas--have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest.
Liberal watchdog group Common Cause recently reported that Thomas' wife earned around $1.6 million between 1997 and 2011--and that Justice Thomas did not report her income over the same time span..."There is now more than enough evidence to merit a formal inquiry as to whether Justice Thomas willfully failed to make legally required disclosures, perhaps for as long as 13 years," Common Cause president Bob Edgar said in a statement Wednesday.
I find the timing of this investigation a huge coincidence. The Justice has apparently not reported his wife's earnings for the past 13 YEARS. However, it is only NOW that the Supreme Court has put ObamaCare on it's Calender for next year that an investigation is found to be necessary?

I would assume that IF he is found to have violated ethics then he would be required to recluse himself from the ObamaCare Case and it would be decided by only 8 Justices. It appears that the Democrats are not comfortable with the merits of their Constitutional case and are trying to obtain any advantage they can.

11 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
A lot more of the Same O, Same O.

Breakfast was at La Fonda this morning where I had a good green chili and cheese omelet.

The weather is Same O also. The low this morning was the same 41° but the high has bumped back up to almost 80.

My novel reading and blog reading is Same O.

The only unique thing about the day was that I did some Internet Shopping. Since the weather is threatening winter conditions and my gloves are worn out I bought some new. I have written about my shoes in the past and they continue to fall apart. Ordered a new pair today.

Both of these items are to be delivered to Huachuca City, AZ. If they are delivered on the dates shown in the confirmation they will be waiting for me. I'll write more about them both after I try them out.

12 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
I did a new route to the Grand Motor Inn for breakfast this morning. When I say a new route what that really means is a putting together of pieces from prior routes in a new combination. There are only so many ways that one can get from here to there. HA

During my time on the computer today I chose a place to check my Lap Top heating issues. Also sent an email to a periodontal office asking for a maintenance cleaning appointment in December.

If they can/will not do it then I'll try a second office in Sierra Vista. If I get an appointment I'll stay at the RV Park in Huachuca City until about December 21st.

The morning low moved up to 46° and I was overdressed with my winter garb. I'll be going with something a little lighter tomorrow. The wind is a constant but not too bad today so it is very nice, lots of sun and no clouds. Back to some good weather again!

13 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Went to El Mirador for breakfast of Queso Enchiladas con Huevos this morning. That was the highlight of my day.

Last month when I got my on-line bank statement I also received a notice that the terms for my waived account fees had changed. I went to a branch office in Albuquerque and talked to a very nice account representative. She assured me that I was fine, I had an automatic transfer to savings so the fee was waived.

I thought I had misunderstood the notice so I left feeling pretty good about the account. Got the same notice with this month's statement and what the nice account representative told me was WRONG.

The automatic savings transfer gives me a waived fee NOW but not on November 14, 2011 when the new account terms kick in. This is the same bank, Wells Fargo, that wants to charge me $3/month if I use my ATM/Debit Card to make a purchase.

So, if I do nothing my monthly banking cost goes from zero to $18/month. I have quit using the Debit Card for purchases and today opened an account with an on-line bank that will give me a NO FEE ATM/Debit Card.

The next thing that I have to do is see what I can do about the checking account. Maybe I can resolve that on Saturday at the branch office here in Deming?

14 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 14, 1923

I went to El Camino, probably for the last time, for breakfast and my long walk (7.12 miles) of the week.

After I got home I spent a couple of hours getting my Direct Deposits changed to my new bank and new account. Automated telephone systems and TracFone do not play well together.

Or maybe it is me, TrackFone and the systems don't play well together. I had one hell of a time getting a human to speak to me at my 'pension' provider.

Social Security was actually better and would have worked out well IF the automated system could have understood my answers. After not understanding my date of birth for the third time the automated 'she' gave up on me.

I then sat on hold for 5-10 minutes before I got a human. The change was then made in just a couple of minutes. The Government worker even treated me politely and didn't give me any bureaucrat run around.

Before I could make those calls I needed to access my new bank checking account to get the Routing and Transit number as wells as the account number. That was a problem also and after three tries their system blocked me out.

This gave me an opportunity to check out their Customer Support. I was pleasantly surprised, the wait for a representative was not long and she stayed on the line with me until I gained access.

Since I decided to move both Direct Deposits there is now no reason to go talk to Wells Fargo. I may get charged $15 for one month before I can close the account but will consider that my cost for believing the nice account representative in Albuquerque.

I have a VISA at Wells that I want to keep and have now linked to the new bank checking account for payments.

A long day on the telephone, which I hate, and the computer. Alas, for now I think my financial affairs are in order once again.

I think we have an answer to the question “Who is next on President Obama's Kill List?”. He got away with meddling in Libya and his Al-Qaeda 'kills' have only stirred up some objections but no serious opposition.. He has to believe that he has a free hand to target anyone in the world that he deems a 'threat to security'.
Two days ago President Obama authorized the deployment to Uganda of approximately 100 combat-equipped U.S. forces to help regional forces “remove from the battlefield” – meaning capture or kill – Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and senior leaders of the LRA.
The forces will deploy beginning with a small group and grow over the next month to 100. They will ultimately go to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the permission of those countries.
The president made this announcement in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, Friday afternoon, saying that “deploying these U.S. Armed Forces furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy and will be a significant contribution toward counter-LRA efforts in central Africa.”
He said that “although the U.S. forces are combat-equipped, they will only be providing information, advice, and assistance to partner nation forces, and they will not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense.”
The president said that for more than two decades the LRA has been responsible for having “murdered, raped, and kidnapped tens of thousands of men, women, and children in central Africa” and continues to “commit atrocities across the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan that have a disproportionate impact on regional security.”
15 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
I remembered that I had forgot to add the weekly Will Rogers link to my posting – after I went to bed last night. I added it this morning. That also brought to my mind the need to prepare the weekly articles for November soon, time really flies when your as busy as I am.

I did my short walk for the week this morning and then had breakfast in the Park Club Room. This morning was all the pancakes you wanted with sausage patties and coffee or juice, all for $3. A real bargain that drew a crowd.

When I first arrived here the center of the Park was deserted. During this past week it has filled up and they were all at breakfast this morning. This Park is a popular stop for Escapees Club members that are going to or coming from TX, AZ, CA or Mexico. The snowbirds are now migrating!

After breakfast I un-hooked from electric for my weekly shopping trip. The grocery gathering at Pepper's went quickly today because of a short list and I now know where things are.

Then stopped at Amigo's on the way home where I picked up two dozen tamales. I stopped at a good time last week when there was no line. Today the line almost reached out the door – they do a good business.

That was it for the day. Back to laying on the couch with the windows open and a nice breeze blowing. It got up to near 90° yesterday and the winds dropped to calm, it got hot.

The forecast is for more of the same thru Monday then drop to the mid-70s on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be moving toward slightly warmer weather in Huachuca City with the highs in the lower 80s and lows around the mid-50s. I like that Forecast!

In a story about the $1.3 Trillion Federal Deficit for the year ending September 30, 2011 this was said:
A slightly improved job market helped boost income tax revenue this year. From October 2010 through last month, the economy added 1.3 million net jobs. That compares with only 339,000 net job gains in the previous 12-month period.
An Economics Writer for AP did the story but you can bet he has taken a White House Press Release as his research. If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Table 'A' Archives you will find the following.
The number Employed on September 30, 2009 was 138,791,000 compared to 139,378,000 on September 30, 2010 that is an increase of 587,000 not the 339,000 net jobs that he reports in the story. Similarly the number Employed on September 30, 2011 was 140,025,000 or an increase of 647,000 not 1.3 million net jobs.

Why the discrepancy? I can only guess that the story is using non-farm job numbers that does not consider farm work real jobs or that farm workers pay income taxes. I would also guess that if the numbers came from the White House that they would want to show how their policies have 'created jobs' in 2011.

It is all hype by the White House spin meisters and the AP laps it up.

16 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
I think the weather forecasters got it right today. More of the same for tomorrow then cooler. I like it!

My morning walk was to La Fonda for breakfast. The waitress remembered me and asked if I had found other restaurants that opened early. I had asked her about others when I stopped on October 2nd.

That memory recall would have impressed me but then she topped it. When I asked for some hot sauce she brought me Cholula and said “I think this is the one that you liked before”. A good, attentive waitress!

The remainder of the day was devoted to my usual. I did get started on setting up the Will Rogers weekly articles for November. That will give me an additional usual thing to do for the next few days.

17 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Breakfast was at El Mirador this morning. I had Huevos ala Mexicana which I think I had there before – it was very good.

Nothing much happened after I got home. I have started another extremely long novel that will entertain me for a few weeks. Made good progress on the weekly articles by Will Rogers. Did my usual blog reading and News surfing.

Beginning to get the moving itch but can't even scratch it by doing route planning. The next move is very familiar to me and I'll make my final choices while on the road.

I found this paragraph buried in a much longer story about Republican voter preferences.
"Republicans who support the tea party movement love Herman Cain - he gets support from 39% of them, more than double the number who support Mitt Romney," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "Republicans who say they are neutral toward the tea party back Romney by roughly the same margin – 35% of them favor Romney compared to just 14% for Cain.
What interest me the most about this is Republicans who support the Tea Party movement love Herman Cain. I can't wait to read how the Liberal commentators are going to spin this in view of their constant accusation that the tea party movement is racist. The most likely answer will be that since Cain is a Republican he truly is not an African-American/Black/Negro and the love that the tea party movement has for him proves nothing.

Do the Cabinet members of this Administration talk to the President? Does he listen? This was News last Friday.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced Friday in a blog post on the liberal Huffington Post web site that the administration did not see a way to make the program sustainable. Sebelius indicated her agency hadn't been able to figure out a way to ensure the program providing long-term care paid for itself as required by law.
Later in a call with reporters on Friday, an HHS official said work on the program was being suspended.
"We won't be working further to implement the CLASS Act … We don't see a path forward to be able to do that," Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee told reporters on Friday.
Then we have this News from the President. This is on the follow Monday.
President Obama is against repealing the health law's long-term care CLASS Act and might veto Republican efforts to do so, an administration official tells The Hill, despite the government's announcement Friday that the program was dead in the water.
"We do not support repeal," the official said Monday. "Repealing the CLASS Act isn't necessary or productive. What we should be doing is working together to address the long-term care challenges we face in this country."
18 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
Breakfast at Grand Motor Inn this morning which will be my last one there this trip. Their breakfasts are alright but they are not my first choice.

After I got home I gathered up my dirty clothes and did laundry. I need to do it, but it is also only $2 a load to wash and dry. While they were on the wash cycle I went to the Park library and did another book exchange. Found another that Don Brown wrote before he became a 'name'.

I was going to put off filling my fresh water lank until tomorrow or Thursday. However, I think I just went empty, the pump is running continuously. Filled it now and fixed the pump, I wish all the fixes were like that.

Finished getting the weekly articles by Will Rogers for November set up. Now all I need to do is remember to link them to my postings every Friday.

Started a batch of Italian Stew in the Cooker today. It will sit overnight and that will give me 'linner' for the next two days. I'll then be traveling with almost a bare cupboard.

This is from Teacher Salary Trends:
The average salary for public school teachers in 2009–10 was $55,350, about 3 percent higher than in 1990–91, after adjustment for inflation. The salaries of public school teachers have generally maintained pace with inflation since 1990–91.
Even with this information readily at hand, the White House is now requesting a modified Jobs Bill of $30 Billion for 400,000 teachers and staff or an average of $75,000 per job saved or created.

Before this were passed, IF I were a Congressperson, I would want to know specifically how many teacher jobs were going to be saved or created and how many staff/administrative jobs. I would want to know specifically where those jobs would be and how much are the teachers and staff paid at those locations.

It seems to me there is a lot more money being requested than the number of jobs would call for. Then again I'm probably not considering how much will go to Union Officials since I don't consider them staff.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 established a State Fiscal Stabilization Fund ($53.6 Billion) to avoid cutbacks and layoffs (82% must be used for education, $43.952 Billion, while 18% may be used for public safety and other government services). I would like to know how that $44 Billion was spent, why is another $30 Billion needed now and when do the State bailouts stop?

19 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
It has been a long time since I have had a cold. The last one I had might have been in Apr or May of 2010.

That does not mean I don't remember how one feels and I now have a reminder. Yesterday morning I had the scratchy throat with sinus drainage all day. The mild headache from sinus pressure and difficulty with breathing made for a restless night.

Still have the plugged up head and a cough has begun. If it follows the normal course I should be all better tomorrow evening.

These mild aches and pains did not keep me from making my last trip to La Fonda for breakfast. Had their Huevos Rancheros which is probably their best Mexican breakfast but they only rank number three with me here in Deming.

It has stayed much cooler and the wind makes it feel cooler still. As I was walking to breakfast is was 46°, calm and dark. On the way 'home' it was 47°, windy, sunny and felt colder.

Not knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow or how I may feel I dumped holding tanks today. All I need to do on Friday is un-hook from electric, stop for gas in town and get on the road.

The periodontal office in Sierra Vista did not reply to my email so I sent a second one last Saturday. I finally got a reply today that said, Call Me. I did and found out that AZ law requires a first time patient to get x-rays and an exam. They wanted $300 for that with the cleaning.

I told them no thanks and started looking for an alternative. There is a Health Clinic that has a Mobile Dental Office in Cochise County so I sent them an email. I promptly received two replies so I then gave them a call.

The price is the same, still need the x-rays and exam but they will give me 50% off if I pay the same day. That was a no brainer because I always do. Made an appointment for December 14th, no Mobile available for me.

20 October
Dream Catcher RV Park
Deming, NM
no pic
This morning was my last walk in Deming, this trip. Went to El Mirador for their Queso Enchiladas con Huevos. That is their best dish and I have placed them at the top of my list of stops with El Camino in the number two spot.

The morning weather was a replay of yesterday. Still clear sky, a little warmer during the day but getting a strong gusty wind in the afternoon.

I'm hoping that I get out of town before they start to blow tomorrow. Settled my electric bill this afternoon so I'll stop for gas and breakfast and go.

The cold is better but I know that I still have it. Last night was better so I'm hoping for a more restful one tonight.

The TSA is now coming to an Interstate highway of bus station near you. You will not be able to avoid TSA's gropings by not flying anymore. Just another good reason NOT to drive the Interstate but I expect to see 'checkpoints' all over theses United States within the next few years.
You're probably use to seeing TSA's signature blue uniforms at the airport, but now agents are hitting the interstates to fight terrorism with Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR).
"Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.
Tuesday Tennessee was first to deploy VIPR simultaneously at five weigh stations and two bus stations across the state.
21 October
Grandmother's Homestead
Near Double Adobe, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 21, 1923

My route today:
Pine St, NM11, NM9, NM80/AZ80, US191, Double Adobe Rd, Central Hwy, Davis Rd, Frontier Rd & Buford pic

This was 205 miles or just about what I like to do in a day but I'm very tired, probably the effect of the lingering cold.

Before I left Deming I had a nothing special breakfast at Deming Truck Terminal where I filled up with gas.

The short time I was on Central Hwy took me past the two room school house where I attended 6th grade. Also went by the place where I lived that year which we always called the Chili Plant.

It had a large building with huge ovens that were used to dry red chili. They also pickled chilies but did neither while we lived there. Now there is a large canning facility on the west side of the road where a Co-op Electric Generating Station had been. A lot can change in 50-55 years!

Arrived at my cousins place at noon my time but 11:00 here in AZ. The afternoon was then devoted to catching up on our lives since last February. I also picked up a package that had been delivered to her.

The supplier was very slow making delivery last year so I ordered two months ahead and did not know where I would be. This time he delivered within 10 days of my placing the order.

Will be up early tomorrow per usual and continue my trek to Huachuca City.

22 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
My route today:
Buford Ln, Frontier Rd, Double Adobe RD, AZ80, AZ92 & pic

I drove a total of 85 miles but that includes the running around in Sierra Vista which I don't describe as part my route but I have drawn the map to Animal Control.

I slept in a this morning but was still underway by 6:15. Didn't need to leave any earlier than that because The Morning Star restaurant didn't open until 7:00. I got there about 6:55.

Had a good 'ol American breakfast with sausage, eggs and potatoes. Then the embarrassing part happened. I wanted to pay with my VISA, they wanted cash and I didn't have enough. They trusted me to go up the road a bit to an ATM so I guess I'm not the first 'pilgrim' they have seen in these parts.

I could see where the big fire had burned up to AZ92 and jumped across a few places. Not much burnt on the east side so they fought it well where ever it may have crossed. I saw the ruins of the restaurant that burnt on the west side of AZ92 and have some suspicions about how that happened.

My first stop in Sierra Vista was at a computer repair shop that claimed to open at 7:30. They were closed so I made another pick that opened at 10:00. Got all my daily blogs read while I was waiting for them to open and got my Lap Top hot. Left it with them to be cleaned and hoping that was the fix needed. It was!

I then went to the Sierra Vista Animal Control and sat reading and watching volunteers walk the dogs.

I have followed their Pets Available web page for about 6 weeks and had 4 dogs on my list. I saw each of them come out for their brief walk and re-numbered my choices based on that observation.

I went inside when they opened and they let me go get the dogs out of their cage/kennel to take them out to my RV 'home'. Choice #4 was a Wild Child and strong as an ox. She would have nothing to do with getting in Desperado. She was NOT my dog.

Choice #3 was better on the leash with me than he had been with the volunteer. Went inside Desperado like he owned the place, looked around off leash then lay down like he was going to stay. Would not get in the passenger seat nor respond to basic commands.

Choice #2 would not let me slip the noose leash over her head. She backed up into her kennel and barked at me. She was NOT my dog.

Choice #1 was like #3 but went right into the passenger seat when encouraged to do so. She also responded to some basic commands. She is a bit smaller than #2, 3 & 4 which is good.

I also tried a #5 that I saw on leash but had not picked from the web site. When I went into his cage to get him on leash he jumped up on me. I don't want a jumper, he is NOT my dog.

I'll pick up Choice #1 from the vet on Monday afternoon. I'm now a family of two, there will be more dog news forthcoming.

My cold is still with me. I sound even worse than I feel. Might take a couple more days off from walking to give myself some more rest.

I'm experiencing 110v power issues in Desperado now that I'm set up in the Park. Also had a problem with the 12/110 inverter but it has managed to recharge my computer battery while I was typing this.

23 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
I fixed my 110v power problem this morning. Yesterday I tried re-setting the circuit breaker repeatedly because this has been a prior cause. That did nothing and with my muddled cold stuffed head I went with the 12/110 inverter to get my posting done.

This morning I went to the Park restrooms and on my way back I fixed the problem. Haven't done this before but there has to be a first time for every stupid mistake. I plugged in the surge protector, pulled out the power cord from Desperado and then DIDN'T PLUG IT IN.

Went for coffee at the Park Club House at 8:00 after catching up on my daily blogs reads. No walk today, maybe the rest will do me more good.

I'll walk up to the dog kennel and training place near me tomorrow. That will not be over 5 miles but I'll see how I feel and will initiate my new shoes.

They were waiting for me at the Park Office when I checked in. I have tried them on and they feel good. They are Asics Gel Resort a highly rated walking shoe for high arches. I'll see if that is true and also see if I can get more than 1,400 miles out of the soles.

Devoted some of my time today to reading more about Staffordshire Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers (which I think my new companion is). They both get lumped into the same catch all with Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mix and face dog breed discrimination. I already have that 'not my child' defensive reaction and plan on working hard to show the world that my Staffy does not fit the stereotype.

There is Ice Cream in the Club House at 1:00. Cold or no, I'm always ready for ice cream. What I had was a Root Beer Float, something that I can not remember when I had last. Someone had made some brownies that needed to be sampled as well, just to be polite of course. Great desert, I don't know that I need, or want, a meal now.

Once again President Obama has charged his 'leading from behind' posture to be the drum major for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The Status of Forces Agreement signed in 2008 was an agreement that former President Bush negotiated to remove all troops by the end of 2011. President Obama was trying to keep troops there but when Iraq refused he immediately began taking credit for removing all the troops.
Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Saturday that disagreement between Baghdad and Washington over the issue of immunity for American soldiers from Iraqi law was the main obstacle to reaching a deal to maintain an American military presence in Iraq beyond the end of the year.
He spoke one day after President Barack Obama announced that the some 45,000 U.S. soldiers left in Iraq would all return home by the end of the year, thereby bringing to an end a period of protracted and tense negotiations that took place this year. A deal could have altered a Status of Forces Agreement signed between both sides in 2008 and kept a small contingent of combat troops in the country beyond Dec. 31, 2011.
24 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Another busy day for me and a good/bad day for Patches (my new roommate).

I slept in for an added 1.5 hours this morning. I think it helped, just by doing it my body was telling me that I needed it. I felt a little better and walked 3.53 miles.

That was up to Animal Watchers, a kennel and dog training facility where I inquired about training. The trainer had not planned on offering a class in Nov-Dec but took my name and will now post training dates on her web page. She needs two more people to sign up before she will hold the class.

On the way 'home' I stopped at RV City to see about curtains for the left side of my living room remodel. There was a new Parts guy, old one fired, no file on me yada, yada. On my way into town I stopped again with Desperado and he got the measurements off the right side curtains and called in the order. I'll check back for the price and delivery date.

Went to Café Olé in Sierra Vista for breakfast at noon. This is the second time that I have been there, I think, and both times they were doing a huge business. An even better find was the Tamale Factory behind the restaurant that will be making some Green Corn Tamales during December.

After breakfast for lunch it was shopping time at PetSmart. The cart included a bag of dog food, water and food bowls, leash, treats and poop bags. Also inquired about their training and will go back and have their trainer evaluate Patches in about 10 days.

The next stop was at D&J RV Repair. They did the electrical and molding on the right side of the remodel and will now do the left side. I have an appointment with them next week, hopefully they will have all the materials by then.

Final stop was to pick up Patches at the vet after her spay surgery. She was not out of recovery at 2:00 so I waited for her until finally she was released to me at 4:00. She is very woozy still but wanted to climb up into Desperado. I helped her up the steps and she then dozed off on the way 'home'.

When I pulled into our space she was sitting by my right shoulder checking out her new digs. Has been dozing again for the past hour. Tomorrow should be a better day for her.

25 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Patches and I made it through the night just fine. She woke up feeling much better and ready to go on a much longer walk than the vet recommended.

She pulls while on leash but can be corrected for a brief period then is back to pulling. This is the number one thing on her training to come, I need her to walk on a loose leash.

After a long tour of the Park she finally found an acceptable potty spot. Checked out a LOT of spots that were not to her liking. The lady is very particular where she has her toilet.

She had a good appetite this morning but hasn't wanted to drink very much. I need to pay attention to this and maybe call the vet tomorrow if she is still not drinking much.

I left her alone for an hour while I had coffee in the Club House. When I got 'home' she was sitting in the passenger seat watching the world go by. She doesn't want to go up there while I'm in the living room. Would rather be with me and sits at the top of the steps going down to the drivers area and watches from there.

I took her for another short walk at mid-day. She wants to do more but I am keeping it short per the vet. The rest of the day we have been couch potatoes, me on the couch and her on the floor near by.

Had some Park walkers pass by in front of Desperado. She watched them go by with no indication that she wanted to bark. My next door neighbors came out of their rig only a few feet away and she simply watched them.

Patches is a GOOD GIRL!

Just when President Obama thought it could not get any worse one of his biggest supporters comes out against him. Although you can bet big money that he will support Obama in the 2012 election against any Republican in spite of the 'disappointment'.
Controversial Michigan filmmaker Michael Moore says President Barack Obama is not the person he campaigned for in 2008.
Speaking with Richard Bacon of the BBC, Moore described the President’s first term in office as “heart-breaking” and a “disappointment.”
26 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
A storm system has been moving in since yesterday afternoon. Clouds are building up, cooler and more wind. Desperado was rocking from time to time today.

I took Patches out for her morning toilet which included a little longer walk. Part of the longer walk was for the additional exercise the other part because she is REAL picky where she wants to go.

Then had coffee in the Clubhouse again. No regular walk yet. The cold is better but now I need to work out a schedule for my/our walks. Patches isn't ready for a very long walk until after the weekend. Then I don't know that WE are ready to walk together for very long until I can correct her pulling on the leash.

To that end I spent some time Internet surfing for How To correct pulling when walking a dog. The best advise seemed to be just don't do it.

If Patches pulls I just stop until she comes back toward me and creates a loose leash. I then walk on, all the time giving high praise and a treat, until she pulls again. Sometimes this is only one or two steps, other times it was maybe a dozen.

We did this at noon and again near sundown, just before her dinner. In both cases she came back 'home' more settled and calm than she had from our previous 'tug-a-wars'. We will get there but it is going to take a little time.

I also discovered that she has had a bad experience with a fly swatter. I got mine to kill a fly and she cowed on the floor in the drivers compartment. That is something else she will have to re-learn. I'm not sure how to teach an old dog how to forget. Maybe time and her trusting me will do it.

The Super Committee work on Deficit reduction has started where the fight over the Debt Limit ended. The Democrats can not give up the idea of taxing more and spending more. They do seem to be willing to reduce the Deficit but they will do it with increased taxes. The Millionaire Tax is NOT going to do it, IF they get their way everyone will pay more then more until such time as the taxpayers say enough is enough.
Democrats on the congressional supercommittee this week presented Republicans with a plan to cut the deficit that included billions of dollars in stimulus spending, aides told The Hill.
In a private meeting of the deficit panel Tuesday, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, presented a proposal backed by a majority of Democrats on the panel that includes trillions of dollars in tax increases. The revenue would partially cover stimulus spending for the economy, aides said.
More than 50 percent of the deficit reduction in the plan would come from tax increases, one source said.
The plan from Democrats approaches the $3 trillion in deficit reduction that was included in the "grand bargain" that lawmakers debated over the summer.
27 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
The new routine for this Graybeard, for the next few days, will be short walks in the morning, noon and evening. This will only be around the Park, maybe ½ mile each time.

Patches was better on the leash today. She seems to be getting the idea that pulling means she goes NO place. I also do a lot of turns and she is catching onto the fact that she must be beside me to see that I'm going to do that.

We are not there yet but will get there with practice, practice, practice.

She went into a defensive posture today when a young man rushed toward her. This was the first bark that I have heard from her. It was just one bark to warn him NOT to approach any closer.

I mildly scolded her and then gave her a opportunity to approach the young man. She didn't want to have anything to do with him. He may have spoiled the moment so I'll give her another opportunity some other time.

However, when walking and we meet an another approaching walker she has no interest in going to the person to sniff. Perhaps that is why we have been getting along so well. We are both semi-recluses. HA HA

I have also added a morning stop at the Club House for coffee. I then get some exposure to being social if anyone else shows up. The TV is almost always on so I get an early morning update on the weather and what terrible crisis the world is facing right NOW.

Much nicer weather today. No wind, clear sky, lots of sun with a high in the upper 70s. One of those Chamber of Commerce kind of days.

28 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 28, 1923

Still not walking except for the three times a day that I'm taking Patches out. That can not be over 1.5 miles and probably much less, I have not worn my GPS to measure them.

There were a few more people in the Club House for coffee this morning. Not very many Snowbirds here yet so the group is small. Most of the people in the Park now are long term permanent or semi-permanent residents that have jobs in Sierra Vista or Fort Huachuca.

Made another trip over to RV City, it is a short walk, to get the price for my curtains. I have been over there every day since they called in the order and the supplier, RV Design, can not/will not give them a price.

RV City says they have this same problem with RV Design every time they order anything. With the economy the way it is I just don't understand.

It is still in the mid-70s as a high but the low dipped down to 37° this morning. A little more wind today but still a very nice day.

I said the other day that I was looking forward to the Liberals spin on why the Tea Party Movement liked Herman Cain. It has not taken long for them to start in on him, there will probably be a lot of these kind of comments. Will anyone in the lame stream media call them out as racists? I say they will not, only Tea Party members and Republicans are capable of being racist per their agenda.
Democratic strategist Karen Finney agreed with Taylor that Cain wasn’t serious about getting the Republican nomination. “I think Herman Cain might be coming out with a new show because he’s become the new Donald Trump in the race and it’s hard to take him seriously,” Finney assessed, though she did surmise it might be because he’s raising money. “I think he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, feel that they’re not racist because they can like this guy, I think they like him because he’s a black man who knows his place.”
Then there is the latest poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Support for Democrats' healthcare reform has hit its lowest point since the law passed in March 2010, says a new monthly poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
After months of split support for the law, 51 percent of respondents to the latest poll had an unfavorable view while only 34 percent had a favorable impression.
The key reason for the change, the poll found, was Democrats' waning support: Even though they remain more favorable to the law than Republicans and independents, the proportion of Democrats with favorable views has decreased from about two-thirds to just 52 percent in October.
Only 18 percent of respondents now expect that they and their families will be better off thanks to the law, down from 27 percent just last month.
This is ObamaCare after only 18 months, wait until 2014 when ALL the provisions of the law take effect and ALL the regulations are implemented. Support will get even worse and OmabaCare will be held in lower regard than Medicare, Medicaid and the DMV combined. I doubt that the Supreme Court will hand down a decision before the end of 2012 so this will play a big part in Congressional elections.

29 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Another busy day with only the early morning walk with Patches. These are quite short by my standards but are too long per the vet. I'll continue taking her on these but will not increase the length until next week.

I then read my daily blogs and went for coffee at the Club House. A lot more people there this morning including a couple that stayed in the Park lat winter but now have a winter home in the area.

Went to Sierra Vista (town) and had breakfast at Café Olé again before going to the Chinese Outlet Store. There I picked up a plastic bin for dog food and a small trash can with a lever lid. This should keep Patches from temptation. Her getting into the garbage was my bad rather than hers.

From there it was over to PetSmart for a new collar. The one patches came with was torn almost half way through. She pulls hard enough that the other half was not going to last long.

Got her a hand mitt brush also. She is shedding quite a lot and a brushing every few days should help a bunch.

Patches and I then had an hour orientation by the trainer at PetSmart. We are signed up with them now for a six week Obedience Class starting next Saturday. It will be at 9:30 am which is much better for me.

The possible(?) class at Animal Watch was going to be a night class IF she had it. We will now start class 10 days sooner than what Animal Watch might have had which is also better.

There was one spot available for next Saturday so I took it and called Animal Watch and canceled with her.

Next was a follow-up examination at the vet. Got Patches parvo booster shot while we were there so she is completely current with all her vaccinations. Maybe test her for Hart Worms and put her on the monthly pill. I'm going to study some on that before I do it.

Last stops before leaving town were Fry's for groceries and then fill up with gas. Did not completely fill up because I only got a discount on 35 gallons. I'll fill up again at the end of November with a bigger discount on less gallons, maybe.

Got home, hooked up again and started on this blog posting. Patches is collapsed on the floor, she had more excitement today that she has had in a long time. She met more people and sniffed more smells than we humans could ever imagine.

30 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
A wonderful weather day. Clear sky, great temperature and only a slight breeze.

Patches and I did the short Park loop three times again. The vet did not like it but Patches does so we are doing it. She has short portions of the walk where she is almost perfect. Then she goes into pulling mode again. I'll keep at it this week and then start adding longer and different routes starting next Sunday.

Had a crowd at the morning Club House coffee gathering this morning. That is good a bad. My hearing is such anymore that a lot of people talking makes it real tough for me to understand what any one person is saying.

Sent my UPS Store an email today requesting that they forward all my First Class mail to the Park. I also gave them the street address and told them NOT to use any other address that they might have in my file. I hope the email works better than my telephone call did last time. We will see!

Continue to read my new to me very long novel. I'm maybe a third of the way through it. Still getting current on my Monthly Read blogs and a couple of start from the beginning ones.

Nothing much has changed except my location and I'm now dog bonding rather that doing my 5 mile walks.

A more perfect example of President Obama's Campaign style could not be found than his speech to the students at the University of Colorado . He is ALL about telling the audience what they want to hear with no regard to what he may have done, or not done, in the past.
"We want you in school. But we shouldn't saddle you with debt when you're starting off. "So that's why since taking office, we've made it a priority to make college more affordable, reduce your student-loan debt." — Barack Obama, University of Colorado- Denver, Oct. 26, 2011
The president has a short memory. Less than three months ago, he signed a deficit-reduction law that eliminated $22 billion in subsidies for graduate-student loans. That law could increase the cost of college by thousands of dollars for some students.
The government could have continued those subsidies by paying for them with revenue from undergraduate-student loans. The government makes money on student loans by borrowing money cheaply in the bond markets (the current rate on a two-year note is 0.3%) and then charging students an interest rate of 3.4%, a rate that is scheduled to double to 6.8% next year.
31 October
Mountain View RV Park
Huachuca City, AZ
no pic
Nothing much different today. A little hotter, into the low 80s, but beautiful clear sky and almost calm wind. The kind of day that those poor folks in the Northeast can only dream of.

I did get a price for my curtains finally and have pre-paid with RV City. Don't have a delivery date yet but do have enough time that I can keep bugging them for the install.

Patches and I are still walking the short routes on the leash. I keep shortening up the distance that I'll let her get in front of me before a correction. She still pulls but nothing like what she did a week ago.

I subjected her to a couple of tests yesterday afternoon. I had the young man that she had barked at before stand still while she approached him. This went VERY well, she was just a friendly as could be.

Later in the day when I saw him again I asked him to come and knock on the door. Patches heard him before he ever knocked and was at the door. The knocking did nothing but get her excited, bouncing up and down, NO barking.

I'm so lucky to have picked such a GOOD girl!

The 'green' company loans continue to go sour and we the taxpayer investors get to take the losses. I wonder why the Occupy people are not upset by this? Representative Stearns has got is exactly right, 'I am deeply concerned that other DOE programs could follow '. The electric car loans are very high on my list to cost we the taxpayer investors a bundle.
A Massachusetts company that received a $43 million Energy Department loan guarantee last year filed for bankruptcy Sunday, a step certain to fuel criticism of federal green energy financing in the wake of the solar company Solyndra’s collapse. Beacon Power Corp., which develops energy storage systems, filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.
Beacon Power had received federal loan guarantee to help build an energy storage plant in Stephentown, New York that began operating in January. The Treasury Department’s Federal Financing Bank provided the loan.
“This latest failure is a sharp reminder that DOE has fallen well short of delivering the stimulus jobs that were promised, and now taxpayers find themselves millions of more dollars in the hole,” said Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), the GOP’s point man on the Solyndra investigation and a senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, in a statement to The Hill and other outlets.
“Unfortunately for the American taxpayers, I am deeply concerned that other DOE programs could follow which goes to the heart of the President's flawed economic program,” he said.