1 March
Desert Gem RV Park
Salome, AZ
no pic

Today was another long one, 380 miles in about 9 1/2 hours, but I knew that when I started. The route that I chose was slightly less than what MapQuest gave me which had me driving Interstate Highways through Tucson and Phoenix

My route avoided all Interstates: Frontier Rd, Davis Rd, AZ82, AZ83, Sahuarita Rd, Mission Rd, Valencia Rd, AZ86, AZ85, Old, US80 (turn for Palo Verde)/Salome Rd/Courthouse Rd, Harquahala Rd (follow signs to Harquahala Valley), Salome Rd & US60. no pic

I had not been on AZ82 & AZ83 for many years but they were as scenic as I had remembered them. I was too early for the green grass of the Sonoita area or the Spring flowers but it is always beautiful country.

I went through one more checkpoint. This one was about 20 miles south of Gila Bend. It was not a fruit & vegetable or Mexican military; this one was US Border Patrol. The agent asked if I was a US citizen and where was I coming from today.

I told him yes and I was coming from Double Adobe. He asked me to repeat where I was coming from and I told him Double Adobe near Tombstone. He said that he had never heard of it before and waved me on.

I stopped only a couple of times before Salome where I had dinner before going on to the Park. My Happy Camper Guide lists a price of $12.50 as the price but it is now $16.

The Park is about the same as some of the better Parks that I stayed at in Mexico - not very up scale for the US but better than the other two Happy Camper Parks that I have stopped to look at.

2 March
Terrible's Lakeside Casino & RV Park
Pahrump, NV
no pic

Today was shorter at 289 miles and about 7 hours, closer to my preferred day. I had a time change working for me also so I was all set up by 2:00 local time even after some time looking for the Park.

I dodged all the Interstates once again by following this route: US60, AZ95, CA62, US95, Historic US66/Business 40, Needles Highway (follow signs for Laughlin, cross over I-40), NV163, US95, (in Las Vegas) Flamingo, Pecos, Windmill/Blue Diamond/NV160, (in Pahrump) Homestead Rd & Thousandaire Blvd. no pic

I was very lucky - after I got on NV160 I heard on the radio that northbound US95 and I-215 were closed because of an accident. There was a shorter way through Las Vegas using Interstates or other streets but I could remember this route without writing it down. LOL

What I could not remember was the location of the RV Park. I looked it up prior to starting the trip but did not check it again yesterday. I was a little lost but only by a couple of miles.

I'll rest for the remainder of today! Tomorrow I need to find the UPS Store and get a new mail box and new address. I'll then go to DMV and re-new my license with the new address.

The reason behind my establishing my residence in Pahrump is it will allow me to register my Class C by mail or on-line without a smog check. Reno is in Washoe County and requires a NV smog check every other year.

I will then stop by the VA Clinic here in Pahrump and ask what I need to do to have my VA records sent to them and try to get an appointment for October.

The Park has been built around a man made lake, therefore the Lakeside, but it is somewhat isolated from the center of Pahrump. I'll be doing some driving around and back and forth but I do have a restaurant here.

It is a very pretty Park, highly rated and the best that I have stayed at by far. The first day was $20, the second was free and the third was $26 - after all the taxes the total was just over $50. That is a good deal for a Park of this caliber and there were only three spaces available when I pulled in and there were two more rigs waiting behind me.

3 March
Terrible's Lakeside Casino & RV Park
Pahrump, NV
no pic

It was very nice to be back where the sun comes up at 6:00 am - I have missed that! However, Pahrump is not the 24 hour town that Reno is or at least Terrible's Lakeside Casino is not because they open their restaurant at 7:00 am for breakfast.

I got my mail box at the UPS Store with no problems, quickly and efficiently done. The DMV was the usual long wait and then the bureaucratic run around that all government agencies are required to exercise.

I wanted my new drivers license to have my new Pahrump address on it but mailed to Reno - can not do that. So, the first forwarding that Pahrump UPS must do is send me my new drivers license.

The transfer of my VA medical treatment from Reno to Pahrump is much more complicated than I thought even the the government could make it. It is like starting over with the application process; I have a stack of papers that I need to fill out and mail back. Then I have no idea if and/or when I might have another appointment here in Pahrump.

This is going to be my biggest problem with trying to live full time on the road. It may also be one of the deciding factors that will cause me to seek resident status in Mexico.

I'm parked between a huge Class A and a very large Class C. I have seen people coming and going from them but , not surprising, they have not make any contact. I did have a fellow that is here in a 17' Pleasure Way Class B stop by to say hello.

He gets the same cold shoulder treatment from the Class A, Fifth Wheel and large Class C camper classes.

He was trying to convince me that I should go with the Class B until I told him that I was planning on staying on the road full time. He then agreed with me that the Class C was probably the better choice.

4 March
Terrible's Lakeside Casino & RV Park
Pahrump, NV
no pic

It started to rain at about 2:00 this morning but it was not enough to wash my dirty car and trailer. It was mostly clear when I got up with a dusting of snow on the mountains to the east of Pahrump.

The weather forecast is for more snow possibly above 4,500 - 5,000 feet today but tomorrow, my travel day, should be clear.

I'll probably only go 1/2 or 1/3 of the way to Reno tomorrow; it is over 400 miles from here and I'm still stiff and sore from the long days that I have done recently. Most likely will stop in Tonopah or maybe Yerington.

I devoted some time today to getting my spreadsheet updated. I have tried to keep track of everything that I have spent to track how much it will cost me to live on the road. I haven't worked up monthly totals by category yet but I know that it has been less than when I was in Reno.

I may not post again until I get to Reno on Saturday. When I get there I'll probably rent a motel room until I sell my xB & Teardrop and arrange to buy a Class C. Future blog postings will be even less interesting than what the have been. LOL

5 March
El Capitan Casino & RV Park
Hawthorne, NV
no pic

I was happy that the sun came up at 6:00 now that I'm back in NV but this morning it could have been later.

I wanted to have breakfast at a Mexican restaurant that had a sign 'Open for Breakfast 7-11 am'. I waited about 20 minutes for them to open at 7:00 and my anticipation increased when I saw an employ go inside at 5 minutes until 7:00.

However, when I went to the door it was locked and was still locked at 7:05 when I left. I'm now assuming what the sign means is they will open sometime BETWEEN 7-11 am.

I went down the street and had breakfast at the Nugget Casino and was on the road by 8:00. I thought about stopping at Tonopah but it was before noon. Then by the time I got to Hawthorne I had covered 264 miles and felt that was enough for the day. no pic

The El Capitan has a huge lot available for RV and Truck parking. I started off the night with only 2-3 other vehicles there with me but when I woke up during the night I found that I had neighbors crowd in next to me.

I had a VERY good salmon dinner with baked potato and salad bar. Surprising for a little middle of no-where casino restaurant. I'm glad that I stopped and gave it a chance to prove itself; this will most likely take the place of Tonopah for my future overnights.

6 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I was up at 5:00 this morning so I could have breakfast and be on the road at sunup. It turned out to be a very weak sun because of a solid cloud cover but I did get on the road. no pic

I arrived at my Reno UPS mail box around 9:30 and sorted mail for 30 minutes. At least 1/2 of it was junk mail with 3 pieces from some bank wanting to give me a credit card. I thought credit was tight?

The most important mail was the title to my xB which I paid off just before I left town in November. I even got a very small check from Toyota because of an overpayment - I paid what was shown as the payoff?

The second most important mail was all the paperwork I need to get my 2009 Income Tax prepared. This I will do by the end of next week. Then I can prepare the Income Declaration forms for the VA in Reno and Pahrump.

There was another important piece of mail - a bill from my last apartment complex for cleaning. It was dated the day after I left and it gave me 10 days to pay or they were going to submit it to a collection agency.

I went over there to pay it and the Assistant Manager said that he could not accept payment if it had been turned over to a collection agency.

I gave him my check and told him I did not care if he accepted it or not but I was giving it to him to pay the bill and considered it paid.

The rest of the day was spent getting into a cheap motel for a month. I hope it is not much longer than that! I then unloaded my car and trailer and put some of it in the storage unit that I have here in Reno.

7 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

For the next few days this blog will be all about my preparation for the sale of my xB and Teardrop and preparations for living full time on the road.

Today was the first of those exciting days!

I got my 2009 income Tax return finished. I got my Reno VA Health benefits renewal Form completed.

I also got the glue removed from the inside of my xB windshield where my Mexican Car permit had been. I can still see the imprint although I think I got all the glue off?

I have a few more things on my agenda tomorrow but it will not be much more exciting.

8 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Yes, more excitement!

I stopped at my IRA broker office to change addresses on my account although all my statements are paperless. Then I made an appointment for an oil change and a xB plus Teardrop wash, vacuum and wax.

I then dropped off my VA Health Benefits Renewal at VA. I also inquired about the paperwork that Pahrump had given me - the answer here was they should have been able to download the information. With that said, they recommended that I fill out the forms and mail them to Pahrump as requested.

I also got an appointment here with VA for next week - that will give me prescriptions for 6 months. That should give me enough time to get the Pahrump transfer straightened out - maybe.

On Saturday I had a letter waiting for me, in my UPS mail box, from Allstate telling me that my agent's office had been closed. I had sent an e-mail, from Mexico, to the woman in his office that I always talked to and never received a reply.

Today I stopped at the office the letter said was talking care of any issues to find out what was going on. I found out that the woman in the office had quit in December. Also, the agent was not doing the job for Allstate and there were other problems.

Last but not least, I took a roll of film to be developed. This roll has pictures from my 2008 trip plus some from this year. I'll try to pick them up and get them scanned tomorrow.

9 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Jobs done! I got my xB oil changed. I got laundry done.

I picked up the developed pictures. Scanned all of them, resized them and up loaded to my web site.

I prepared picture pages with captioned pictures for My 2008 Quest journal. These picture pages were then linked to each other and back to the journal as well as the Site Map page.

I hope to do the same thing tomorrow with all the Northern Mexico pictures that were on the roll.

I made another trip to my storage unit to put some more 'stuff' away while I still have a car.

If everything goes as I now plan I'll put car and trailer up for sale on the Private Party Cars lot here in Reno tomorrow. I will then sell both of them within the next week. LOL

10 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

All of today's plans were postponed until tomorrow. When I opened the door this morning it was to falling snow that was adding to about 1/2 inch already on the ground.

I did get the Northern Mexico pictures that were on the developed roll added to my web site as I discussed yesterday.

That was the accomplishment for the day! The remainder of my time was devoted to lounging in my motel room trying to keep warm.

11 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

The first thing on the agenda today was to get my teardrop hitched up and drive across town to a car wash in Sparks, NV. I arrived early, even earlier than I had thought because of their opening hours, so the wait was almost an hour rather than 30 minutes.

While they washed, waxed and vacuumed I went across the street for breakfast. Then re-hitched and drove to Private Party Cars which is near US395 and the Reno/Sparks city limits.

Private Party Cars is a car lot where you pay a fee to park your vehicle(s) to be sold. It is still a private sale, no consignment, but the lot offers good exposure plus there is Internet advertising also.

Now the waiting begins! The economy is terrible in NV ranked as the second highest state in unemployment and first in foreclosures. The Reno market also draws from Northern California which is equally bad so I'm trying to sell into a market that is very poor.

The weather today was typical Northern Nevada weather, if there is such a thing. Snowing yesterday and a beautiful day today that required only a light jacket or heavy shirt. The forecast for tomorrow - more snow. HA

12 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

There was no more snow during the day but it looked like it could start to fall at any time. The wind chill temperature was also cold!

It was another day to stay indoors most of the time. I did get out to brave the elements long enough to walk 5.34 miles. That is a by product of having my car on the sales lot; if I want to go anyplace then I walk or take a bus.

I haven't heard anything in response to my xB or Teardrop being on the Private Party Cars lot.

I posted my sale on a Teardrop Forum which has generated some positive comments but no offers.

Also, posted the sale of my xB on a Scion Forum which has been read 40 times but no comments or offers.

More waiting!

13 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I have been back in Reno for a week now. This morning was the second one in that week that I opened my door to snow on the ground. Anyone want to guess why I want to buy a Class C motor home and get on the road?

The day was devoted to watching a marathon of Ice Road Truckers. This was a mindless exercise but prompted me to remember what I recently read in The American: The Democratic Experience by Daniel J. Boorstin.

For his TV experience, the American did not need to go out to see anything in particular: he just turned the knob, and then wondered while he watched. Was this program live or was it taped? Was it merely an animation or a simulation? Was it a rerun? Where did it originate? Was it happening to actors or to real people? Was that a commercial? - a spoof of a commercial? - a documentary? - or pure fiction?
I suggest that you ask yourself these questions the next time you sit down and watch TV. You may be surprised by the answers, or more importantly the lack of answers, that you arrive at.

One more quote from Daniel J. Boorstin.
The new miasma, which no machine before could emit, and which enshrouded the TV world, reached out to befog the 'real' world. Americans began to be so accustomed to the fog, so at home and solaced and comforted by the blur, that reality itself became slightly irritating because of its sharp edges and its clear distinctions of person, place, time, and weather.
14 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

The weather sprung forward with the Time Change to Spring. This does not mean it is here for long but can be enjoyed for the day.

I only got out for my walks to breakfast and dinner. The remainder of the day was a 'normal' one for me. Some computer work, reading and loafing.

I was also waiting for the call from someone wanting to but my xB or Teardrop or both - the call did not come.

15 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I got up a little late today which is usually not an issue. However, today I had an 8:00 am blood draw appointment at the VA.

I walked briskly in the brisk morning temperature of Reno and got there in time. After checking in at the main entrance I then checked into the blood draw room.

There I heard the receptionest tell another vet that they had a goal of getting blood drawn within 16 minutes of our checking in at the main entrance. She then claimed that they were currently achiving a 9 minute average.

That was about how long I was there and I was back on the street by 7:45 am.

I went to breakfast and then to Private Party Cars. There I talked to the lot manager and we decided to leave prices where they are at. He said that he is getting a lot of interest in both vehicles.

I told him that I had linked postings to two forums to the Private Party Cars web site and we checked the site for hits. Since late Thursday there have been almost 500 views at the site which the manager thinks is very good. Good, but no sale!

From there I went back to the VA for my doctor appointment. I had a 2 hour wait because I did not want to do a 4 mile round trip home.

The doctor assigned to me was a woman from Great Britain of Pakistan ancestry. She is just beginning her residency so had to check with her supervisor who came in to see me and we talked for some time.

He listened to me heart for a few seconds and I was on my way.

By the time I got home I had walked 7.11 miles. If I were to do that every day maybe I would not have added about 10 pounds during the last 3 months. However, my blood pressure was great at 120/70 and I had good and bad cholesterol numbers in the optimum ranges for the first time that I can remember.

The docs were happy, I'm happy.

16 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

This was another day for doing almost nothing. I walked to breakfast, dinner and to my barber to make an appointment - that was it.

I have been slowly acquiring a sore throat over the last few days. That and general laziness had me lying around most of the time.

17 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

There is not much going on. I am waiting for a call from a buyer of my xB or Teardrop - no calls.

I am trying to rest my way through a cough and oncoming cold. I usually have a cough for about 3 days then a runny nose for 3 days before a cold runs its course.

Therefore, I have a few more days of feeling less than well.

18 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I continue to struggle with my cold. The cough is better as I had predicted it would be and I now have the sinus drainage.

If the pattern of the past is followed I'll be back to normal by Monday.

I think you 'starve a cold and feed a fever', maybe that is not right but that is what I did. I had no desire for dinner so I skipped it and just kept taking in liquids.

Tomorrow I need to be more active than I have been for the past few days - I'll have to see how that goes.

19 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I was out of bed and outside a lot more today and was feeling some better. I first went to my coffee and begal breakfast then my barber for a hair cut and beard trim. Looking good again. LOL

The beard trim that got in Alamos, Sonora was not as short as I had wanted and very uneven. As it grew out again that uneveness became more and more obvious.

After the barber I walked over to Private Party Cars. The lot manager and I agreed that it was time to reduce the Teardrop price by $400 and the combined price by $500.

By the time I got home I had walked 5.38 miles and felt good except for some coughing and the runny nose.

20 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I walked to the UPS Store, where I have a Reno box, this morning to pick up my drivers license that had been forwarded from Pahrump.

It has been only a little over two weeks since I emptied my box but I had a lot of mail - mostly junk.

However I did have some mail of interest, the first of note was a letter from my old apartment complex. I did not open it and plan on sending it back, unopened, in a month or two.

I told them when I gave them my check that it was in payment for what they had billed me; if they did not want to accept, and cash, it that was their choice. As far as I am concerned they have been paid and I want no further communication with them.

I also had a notice from the UPS Store that they are going out of business. I'll get another box at another UPS Store here in Reno until my rent becomes due. I was not going to renew the rental of my box here it Reno so this is not a serious issue and I have already changed most addresses to Pahrump.

I then walked back to my current home, a motel room, with a stop along the way for breakfast. A short walk to dinner then brought my total for the day to 7.77 miles.

I'm feeling much better; the cold has almost run its course.

21 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Today is the first day of Spring. That does not mean much here in Northern Nevada; as I have written before there is a very good chance that we will get snow again and almost certainly another hard freeze.

I walked to my storage unit and picked up 1 unread and 3 books that I have finished. Sometime during this week I'll take the 4 that I have now finished and donate them to Friends of the Library (where I bought them before my trip to Mexico).

I then stopped at the market and picked up dinner before going to breakfast and then back 'home'. That was it for the day except half watch the lead-up to the historic vote on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

It is now law except for the signature of President Obama which will come on Tuesday. At the stroke of his pen I will become a law violator, subject to fine and if I do not pay the fine subject to jail time.

I will not buy health insurance, the government can provide it for me in jail. " It costs me less in every sense to incur the penalty of disobedience to the State than it would to obey. I should feel as if I were worth less in that case."

22 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

The only constructive thing that I did today was to donate the books I talked about yesterday to Friends of the Library.

I also stopped at the main bus transfer station in downtown Reno to buy 10 ride tickets. The only way to do that was from a vending machine which I avoid putting any money in the same way I avoid slot machines (the slots may even pay off better).

I'll buy them from a 'real person' at SaveMart market tomorrow.

A much less constructive endeavorr was the emails that I sent to Congresswoman Pelosi, Senator Reid & President Obama. See a copy of it below:

Now that you have 'kick down the door' and promised more to come I hope you address your power to the issue of Life Insurance.

There must be thousands, if not millions, of women that are forced into extreme poverty because their husbands die with no Life Insurance.

There must also be thousands, if not millions, of men that are also forced into poverty because their wives die with no Life Insurance.

Think of the thousands, if not millions, of children that must live in poverty because one, or both, of their parents have died with no Life Insurance.

You now have shown that you have the power to correct this injustice. Why are you doing nothing? Is this not as important as Health Care? Why is an American citizen mandated to purchase Health Insurance but is allowed to leave his/her family destitute because they have not purchased Life Insurance?

I expect you to 'reform' Life Insurance before you get voted out of office.


Edward L Frey

It seems logical to me that if they can mandate the purchase of Health Insurance there is no reason why they should not mandate the purchase of Life Insurance.

23 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Another exciting day; I got a phone call - no not a call about my trailer or xB - it was telephone 'spam'.

I also got a personal message on the xB Forum; this message said that my problem with selling my xB was my price was too high. Without this message I don't think I would have ever realized that. LOL

That was it for the day except for about an hour of power saw noise just outside my door. This motel, and the accompanying noise, is getting on my nerves. If I don't sell my rig soon I'll have to stay in a motel for some additional weeks - it will not be this one.

24 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I was watching TV News today and I must grudgingly admit that Congresswoman Polsi was right. She said that the Health Care Bill had to be passed so that 'we' could see what was in it.

Now that it has passed the 'lame stream media' suddenly see what is in the Bill and are reporting on it. Why was this not possible before it passed?

They are also now starting to report how the provisions of the Bill will be 'gamed' by those that it was intended to help. It was obvious to me and others that this was a logical outcome based on what was in the Bill.

Just one simple example. A young person, over 26 because their parents will no longer provide insurance, refuses to buy insurance and pays the fine until they need insurance to cover a major illness/accident. Then because there is no bar to pre-existing conditions they buy insurance to cover the major health expenses.

I did my longest day walk in a long, long time. The first leg was to Wal*Mart to pick up a TracFone card. Then two short legs to breakfast and the UPS Store.

The last leg home was also long but I did a short walk to dinner for a total of 10.1 miles.

I had 3 visitors knock on my door today. The first one was looking for George - I could not help him.

The other two were a Reno Police Officer and a woman from Community Outreach (?). They were doing a survey of motel residents and wanted to know if I had access to medical care and did I have any problem paying my rent.

We visited for a few minutes and I explained that I was doing just fine and was voluntarily 'homeless'. I'm glad that I didn't need their help and it is a good thing that the City of Reno is doing something about the involuntary homeless.

25 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

My forecast for more snow came to pass this morning. It was only a trace on cars and roof tops but it was snow and the third time since I have been back in Reno. The hard freeze did not come with the snow but I'm still forecasting that.

It stayed cold during most of the day. Even with the afternoon sun it was still cold because of a wind. I'm wishing for a swing back to Spring tomorrow.

26 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Today was much warmer than yesterday. That was a good thing because I was out walking longer once again.

First, it was to breakfast and then to Mr Hub Cap. I had left my Scion xB steel wheel rims, snow tires, chains and hub caps there back in November to sell on consignment (nothing has sold).

It was then a short distance to Private Party Cars where I reduced prices again. I dropped the Scion by $600 and the Teardrop by $450. I then left the lot but was only 3-4 blocks away when I got a call from the manager that an email had come in regarding my Scion.

I walked back and got the email and made a call to the # that had been given - got a voice mail.

I then left the lot once again and went to VA to change my Reno address so that medicines mailed by VA will get to me.

The final legs of my daily travels were then home and to dinner for a total of 7.37 miles for the day.

From home I sent an email to the potential xB buyer. His response indicated that he was comparing my xB to a 2005 that was priced at $9, 895. I told him that I was not ready to drop my price that low.

I will probably have to reduce prices again in about 10 days but can hope for a reasonable offer before then.

27 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Once again I did very little today. The first thing on the agenda was to do my laundry at a coin laundry about 1/2 mile from 'home'.

When that was done I went across the street for breakfast. Then on the return I stopped at another motel to check prices. I'll probably move there on April 5th or 6th.

I did get another email from the possible buyer of my xB that said he was going to check out the interior today. Maybe he will love it and try to find enough money to make me a good offer.

28 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

This was another day for lounging around and doing very little. I did go out for breakfast but the rest of the day was devoted to computer browsing, reading and some TV.

I am rather pessimistic about the direction that the USA will be going in the short term. However, I ran across a quote in The Wise Men by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas that expresses my hope for the long term.

Nations, like individuals, are largely the product of their environment; and many of their characteristics, their fears and their neuroses, as well as their abilities, are conditioned by the impressions of what we may call their early childhood.
The USA environment and impressions during its development does not support a national 'collective' society for the long term so there is reason to have faith. There have been short periods of 'collective' thinking during our history but fortunately we have worked our way through them.
I did get another email from my potential xB buyer. He stopped at the lot today and found that it was closed and wanted to meet me at the lot so he could see the interior. I answered that he could get the key from the office any day except Sunday.

I added that if he needed anything from me other than the key I would be happy to meet with him.

29 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

Another day of just sitting around waiting for a buyer of my xB or Teardrop. I did get a reply from the possible xB buyer but he had nothing to add. He has not yet stopped at the lot to see the interior.

In 2005 I tried to sell my Mini Cooper at Private Party Cars. It never did sell although I reduced the price 4-5 times until I gave up and traded it.

Every time I reduced the price I had a problem with the lot changing the price on their web site. I dropped the prices last Friday and then on Saturday I sent the manager an email that the Teardrop price had not been changed on the web site.

Today I called him at 11:00 and told him it was not changed and then called again at 1:00 because it still was not changed. I then stayed on the phone until I could see that it was changed. VERY frustrating!

30 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

I was somewhat 'homebound' today by winter weather that returned. I woke up around 5:00 am to the sound of rain and blowing wind. Then when I got up and walked to breakfast there was a very light rain which had a few snow flakes mixed in.

During the day the rain changed to snow showers with strong winds that created horizontal snow fall. There was no accumulation here in town but the foothills and mountains are receiving a new cloak.

The Sierra are getting hit hard with white-out conditions. The winds on the ridges are over 100 mph with one reporting station measuring gusts at 140 mph.

I received an email from a potential buyer of my Teardrop. I replied by pointing out the features of the trailer and all the extras that were included. Maybe the potential buyer will become an owner. LOL If nothing else comes of it I am encouraged by the interest!

31 March
Castaway Inn
Reno, NV
no pic

The snow quit sometime last night and the winds died down. It is still quite cold and there is a gray sky.

Peavine Mountain shows a new snow mantel down to its foothills where new Reno sub-divisions have been built. The local lore is that you do not plant 'summer vegetables' until the snow has melted from Peavine.

My experience while living here supports that the lore is accurate and we have a long way to go until late Spring.

Nothing happening with the sale of my xB or Teardrop.