1 December
Navaroo's Shop
Algodones, MX
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I made a change yesterday afternoon after reading on the Web Hosting Hub web site that I will not have any problems with changing my Home Page from .html to .php. It says "Our servers always load the file called "index" if your domain is typed into the browser, first looking for index.htm, then index.html, and finally index.php". If this is correct then existing Bookmarks will continue to work.

What will not work are all the links to Home from all my other pages. Those I will have to find (which should be easy) and change them from .html to .php. That will not be too difficult either but is going to take a few days. The from time to time flaky WIFI here makes it even more of an unknown about how many days.

I have set up a Redirect Page that the Web Hosting Hub server may find. On it I have explained the situation and provided a click-through button. This is probably not necessary but I wanted to do it this way so that when/if someone is entering they will still be able to reach my site.

The 'boys' shot an added coat of bottom paint all around as well as the front bumper before noon. They also painted an area around the top of the coach where I wanted a couple of stripes in the same color as the bottom. Then it was masking again until 3:00 in the afternoon when they were ready to apply the top color.

I went to the hotel restaurant when they began to paint the top. Had a Filete De Pescado Al Mojo De Ajo - Fish Fillet In Garlic Sauce with rice and a salad. Even got some reasonable good coffee. This was a better meal that either of the Americanized restaurants put together and a far better price; just over $P70 or about $4.40 (less than half the cost of my 'downtown' meals).

When I got back I saw that the strips around the top had been masked off so the top color was shot over that area and the strips will then show when the masking is removed. I am anxious to see it. I was also a little worried about my choices of colors but it is starting to look 'promising'.

I also talked to the fellow that is doing the DESPERADO lettering. He is doing the letters with a shadow and wanted to know what colors. I said that the letters needed to be the same color as the bottom but he could make the shadow whatever color he thought best. I think he will have samples for me to chose from tomorrow or maybe the next day.

I sent an email to the kennel last Saturday to tell them that I would not be coming for Patches at the end of the week that I had hoped it would take for the painting. Received a reply late last night that I did not see until this morning. I was assured that Patches was doing just fine and would continue as long as it takes. That made me feel good but I still miss her.

I am posting late today. Went to Yuma with Enrique to see if we can get the screw cover molding (I was able to order it). I also have to get the cash to pay Navaroo's Shop - they are a cash only operation. It was NOT a good day. I'll try and tell the story tomorrow, I had no WIFI this morning from 9 to 11 when we left for Yuma.

2 December
Navaroo's Shop
Algodones, MX
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My frustration yesterday was trying to get cash to pay for the paint job. I thought I had arranged my ducks in a row but one of them was a black swan.

My question to Ally Bank, 25 Nov 2015
I am currently in Mexico having my motorhome painted. The shop wants cash in payment. I have a Debit Card that I could use at an ATM but don't want all $20s and the $4,500 that I want would probably not be approved although my balance is sufficient. How should I go about getting the cash?

Part of their answer, 28 Nov 2015
In regards to your withdraw inquiry, your Ally Bank debit card ATM withdrawal limit is $1,000.00 per day and the Point of Sale limit is $5,000.00 per day.

I incorrectly assumed that I could walk up to a bank counter, present my debit card and withdraw up to $5,000. I found out yesterday that I was WRONG. Very upset, very mad. Then to top it off I receive this AFTER the over $1,000 transaction in Yuma was declined. Made me mad all over again!

Part of Message from Ally, 1 Dec 2015
Please be advised, removing funds at an ATM or a bank counter does count towards your ATM limit of $1000.00 per day. You can remove up to $1000.00 per day using these methods.

That was the bad news. "I found out that it’s not good to talk about my troubles. Eighty percent of the people who hear them don’t care and the other twenty percent are glad you’re having them.” - Tommy Lasorda, LA Dodgers manager
Here is some good news:

no pic no pic no pic

These are the best pictures that I could get of Desperado after having two coats of clear applied. They put the third coat on yesterday just before they left work at 5:00. It is really looking good now, better than the pictures show but not so bad in the pictures considering the lighting that is available.

The other good news was that we found the screw cover molding that is needed to finish the painting job. Ally Bank is a hidebound bureaucracy, largely because of what I have quoted below that Ludwig Von Mises wrote. Hilco R. V. has avoided State ownership much better because they are still small and only partially under the State's thumb. I recommend them highly for RV parts if you are in the Yuma area.

The guy that was going to paint DESPERADO did not show. José did not want to hold up the spraying of clear so IF it does get added they will then shoot more clear over the name.

The 'name' guy is your stereotypical Mexican whereas Enrique and José are Americanized businessmen. I found out yesterday from Enrique that he is the President of some quasi-government or non-government organization that has him in Mexicali 2-3 times a week. His English is not very good but better than my Spanish.

This is from The Theory Of Money And Credit Chapter VIII The Monetary Policy Of Etatism and provides a good description of the 'Liberal Establishment'. That Establishment includes both Democrats and Republicans at all level of government.
ETATISM, as a theory, is the doctrine of the omnipotence of the State, and, as a policy, the attempt to regulate all mundane affairs by authoritative commandment and prohibition...Etatism by no means aims at the formal transformation of all ownership of the means of production into State ownership...Nevertheless, all enterprises are to become State undertakings in fact. Owners are to be left the title and dignity of ownership, it is true, and to be given a right to the receipt of a 'reasonable' income, 'in accordance with their position'; but, in fact, every business is to be changed into a government office and every livelihood into an official profession...For the etatist, money is a creature of the State, and the esteem in which money is held is the economic expression of the respect or prestige enjoyed by the State. The more powerful and the richer the State, the better its money...It is one of the peculiarities of etatism that it is unable to conceive of human beings living together in society otherwise than in accordance with its own particular socialistic ideal.
3 December
Navaroo's Shop
Algodones, MX
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I had a better day yesterday although it did not start off very well. I didn't have anything in Desperado to cook for breakfast so I delayed my morning walk so I would arrive at El Rancherito restaurant at 8:00. I had so-so tamales for 'linner' there the day before and they have two VERY prominent signs that claim they are open 8-5.

Arrived a few minutes after 8:00 and the doors were open but it was dark and they were not OPEN until the server showed up - he was late. Tried the hotel restaurant that claims to open at 8:00 but not yesterday. Went back to El Rancherito after 8:30 and had good Chorizo and Eggs. The hotel restaurant was not open for 'linner' either; went to La Parrilla where I got a good tamale plate and there was live music also.

Arrived back at Desperado after breakfast and opened my email to find one from Ally Bank. The Subject said something to the effect that I should contact them. Then the body of the message started off by saying "we have been trying to contact you but were unsuccessful". I got that same email again today, and sent back a reply that said I have contacted you - your move.

Yesterday I sent back a reply that said you HAVE been successful! I told the bank supervisor on Tuesday that I could not be contacted via telephone - I don't DO telephones unless I'm forced to. I also told the email sender that the only thing that they had to communicate to me was that my daily limit had been increased. If they are not going to do that then we have nothing to 'talk' about. I said all I had to say on Tuesday and the supervisor claimed that an expedited request had been sent to increase the limit.

Enrique and I will be going back to Yuma on Friday. We will pick up the screw cover molding and try once more to get the cash. I have one alternative that I did not think off on Tuesday because I was so mad. So, if I get declined again I'll take the $1,000 that I assume will still be available to me. Unless I have pissed the Bank off and they froze the account. Then try to get the rest using another means. If that does not work then I guess we drive back and forth across the border an additional 4 days.

The 'name' guy is not going to do the DESPERADO lettering. José has found another sign painter that will cut a stencil and then paint the name and it will then be covered with more clear. That I what I wanted all along and what I thought the 'name' guy was going to do but he made too many excuses about why he could not do the job so José found someone else. Maybe today Desperado will get her name back.

I think I have changed all the index.html links to index.php so the Redirect page was deleted. That completes the transitioning from .html to .php files for the Home Page. All the new Peregrinating Pages that will be Archived will also be .php files so they can also include PHP coding. That will now become my next challenge - learning more about PHP/SQL.

rightpic One more picture now that Desperado is out in the sunlight. I thought I had made a mistake in the top color that I had selected from how it looked in the block building with florescent lights. Out in the sunlight I am now VERY happy. It does not show as well in the picture but the top is a very, very light tan/cream color. It looks just like what I had in my minds eye.

leftpic This is the first book by J. F. Freedman that I have read. The Weekly had to reach to find something to criticize in this book. I thought it was a great legal thriller although I had the bad guys pegged about half way through reading it. I still liked the way the author was able to lead me to the conclusion that I had made. I will certainly look for more by this author.

Former DA Luke Garrison is back in another tricky and exciting Freedman thriller (after The Disappearance). Now a defense attorney in Santa Barbara, he gets a surprise call from an old law school friend, Nora Ray. As the DA in remote Muir County in Northern California, Ray wants him to investigate the murder of drug overlord Reynaldo Juarez, which occurred during a violent and botched DEA raid on the Juarez compound in Ray's district. Garrison finds it hard to believe that anyone cares about who murdered the drug lord. But Ray thinks the DEA is conspiring to cover up something else, especially as they had orders to capture Juarez so he could be detained as a witness in other investigations. Reluctantly, Garrison agrees to be hired as her special prosecutor. The key players in the case are a twisted and intriguing lot: mysterious, needy, possibly dangerous Ray, attracted to the attractive prosecutor; elderly local sheriff Miller, exiled to Muir County long ago by the FBI and cut out of the DEA raid; Miller's deputy, Wayne Bearpaw, the liaison to local Native Americans who are trying desperately to haul themselves out of poverty; and federal agent Sterling Jerome, arrogant leader of the drug bust. As the case unfolds, Garrison uncovers the workings of Juarez's West Coast drug enterprise, the movement of large sums of money, startling passions and connections that go deep (including a long-ago link between Jerome and Juarez). Finally, as past and present converge, it becomes clear that nearly everyone has been hiding a secret. Though in need of some editorial tightening, Freedman's complexly plotted mystery builds to a surprising and satisfying climax. - Publishers Weekly

4 December
Navaroo's Shop
Algodones, MX
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 4, 1927

Yesterday was not a good day for me again but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

José told me at noon that he was going to Yuma and I could try to get money again. I told him I had not heard from Ally Bank that I had a higher Daily Limit but I could go and get $1,000 and had a plan 'B' to get the rest.

Around 12:30 I asked him "When are we going?" he said in an hour. He then left and around 2:00 I saw that he was back and asked him "When are we going?" He said in just a few minutes.

We left at 2:30 but had to drive across Algodones to his home to pick up another cell phone (he was already carry 3 in a holster). We arrived at Wells Fargo at 3:00 and I told my sad story to the teller. She said that if I had a request declined then I was done for the day so I asked for $1,000 and got it. Asked for another $1,000 and got it. Went for the whole enchilada and was declined. Went to Plan 'B' and got the balance of what I needed as a Cash Advance on my Wells Fargo VISA Card.

José then drove around town doing estimates and stopping at a parts store until I blew up. I was hungry, had a head ache and just could not take any more of this running around to end . We got back to Algodones at 5:00 and he then wandered around the Shop for 10 minutes before sitting down to count the money that I had offered him when I came out of the Bank. It then took him another 10 minutes to write up a receipt. AAGGHH!

Walked 'downtown' to get something to eat and found that they start rolling up the sidewalks at 5:00 and there is not much open at 5:30. Got a very good Filete de Paescado al Mojo de Ajo at El Paraiso Restaurant-Bar which made me feel better. The walk there and back did as much, or more, for me than the meal however. I am not handling the stress of getting Desperado painted and paid for very well.

Today has been better but I'm still upset. Maybe depressed because I now have an 'I don't care' attitude. I have another trip to Yuma 'scheduled' for today to pick up the screw cover molding. I really, really don't want to go - that is the don't care part of my thinking.

Everything is now irritating, bothering, upsetting me and I want to crawl in my little hole and pull it in after me. Got another email from Ally Bank Customer Service this morning - Subject: Please contact Ally Bank. This is the fourth one, all replied to by email and Secure Message, which irritates the hell out of me.

I have not paid much attention to the last two mass shootings other than to note that President Obama promptly issued a statement both time condemning the gun rather than the person using it. This is not News. He wants the civilian population dis-armed then his "civilian security force" (a Praetorian Guard or Schutzstaffel kind of force under his direct command) can keep the 'peace'.

The other reason I have not paid much attention to the San Bernadino shooting is due to who the 'suspects' are. It has been reported that they had two handguns, two long guns and a large amount of ammo. They were wearing tactical gear, had pipe bomb(s) in their vehicle and were wearing go-pro cameras. The police said that they appeared to understand “military tactics” and were prepared to engage “for sustained attack”. The Ministry of Propaganda's speculative conclusion - 'spontaneous act of workplace violence'. Just like the Ft. Hood shooting; move along now, nothing to see here.

Security Theater: Customary Federal Pointlessness is a good article that I have not quoted just recommending it as something to read.

5 December
Navaroo's Shop
Algodones, MX
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I feel better today. I haven't check my blood pressure yet for the day but I think it has moved down to what was my normal. It was high yesterday. I was not happy with the numbers that I saw and know my VA care providers would want me back on 25mg doses if the numbers were to stay that high.

But in a way that is what made me feel better. I have been keeping a spreadsheet for my blood pressure readings and provide a report to the VA about once a month. I have been giving them the daily raw data plus High Low and Average. This is not very hard to do using a spreadsheet but for my first PHP/SQL project I selected this as my first database and PHP coding that renders the same report without cutting and pasting. I say without cutting and pasting but I will still cut from the screen and paste into a Secure Message for the VA.

Last night I did it! I still need to do some formatting of the table where all the daily raw data is shown but it is all there. When I use the spreadsheet I must write formulas to compute the two averages for each period. Using the database I change the beginning row number, the ending row number, open the .php file and presto I have the report. It is not quite ready for prime time but I'll soon show a sample on this Home Page.

The other thing that made me feel much better was I did not go to Yuma. Enrigue showed up at 3:00 when I was getting ready to go for 'linner' and ask if I was ready to go. I told him NO, I do not feel well and have a note for you to give to the store. He brought me my change this morning and said that the "boys" would be putting in the molding so I guess he got it. I have not gone out to look and don't plan on doing so.

If they come and tell me that everything is done I'll take a quick look and head for Yuma and pick up Patches. Get my life back, get rid of the stress and worry that this paint project has caused me. Most of it bank/money related but a lot of it was that I had no control over what was going to happen nor when it was going to happen.

I also feel better because Ally Bank replied to all four of my Secure Messages yesterday. They said the same thing in reply to all four. They gave me an increased limit to $4,500 that will be good for 3 days. They are a couple days late!

What they said in the reply did not make me feel better; what did was I got the money I needed in spite of their foot dragging and it cost me ONLY another $130 in Cash Advance fees. I could have done that the first day but was so mad I was not thinking straight and it would have cost me ONLY $225. The added fees for the Cash Advances were why I was trying to use the Debit Card with Ally. But what the hell, it's ONLY money.

I have been down on Ally Bank but for a Fulltimer they are among the few 'cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry basket'. ALL banks act this same way; demand deposit does NOT mean what it once did. I do need to reconsider my banking situation and this experience may have been the 'kick in the ass' that I needed.

The Bureau of Labor released their non-farm job numbers for November yesterday that showed an increase of 211,000 jobs. I only glanced at the News yesterday (not felling well) but did not see any headlines by the Ministry of Propaganda. I think they have recognized that not many people believe the BLS any more.

The Unemployment Rate remained at 5.0% and the CES Birth/Death Model only added 15,000 this month, again within 1,000 of what was added in November last year. How can this Model adjustment be the same for the past two months with all the changes in the economy from one year to the next?

If you look at the Household Data the number of Employed increased by 244,000 which makes that two in a row but does not make a trend the way the year has gone. The Unemployed went up by 29,000 and the Not in the Labor Force went down by 67,000. This left the Unemployment Rate at 5.0% what the Federal Reserve considers full employment.

The Participation Rate went up by 0.1% to 62.5% but continues to be the lowest it has been since 1977. While the Not in the Labor Force now stands at 94,446,000 down from the all time record set in September this year.

The average earnings rose by 5¢ to $25.25 an hour while the average workweek remained unchanged at 34.5 hours. This jobs report was a yawn but should provide the Federal Reserve with justification to increase rates in December. There still is a chance that they may not do so if President Obama thinks it will throw the economy into a recession and be a blemish on his legacy.

6 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I have shown us arriving back in Shangri-La on the 6th when we actually arrived back here yesterday afternoon. It just seems simpler to do it this way rather than go back and 'correct' the posting of the 5th. The route back was 24 miles: 8th St (Octava), 'B' Av (16 de Septembre), Calle Saratoga, CA186, Araz Rd/W Winterhaven Rd, 4th Av (Business 8), 16th St (AZ95), S Av 3 E, 14th St, S Av 3 E, 16th St (AZ95), S Av 9 E & N Frontage pic

Note: If your vehicle is longer than 24' or 'la lina', the line, may be backed up past 'B' Av it is best to follow this route: 8th St (Octava), 'B' Av (16 de Septembre), 6th St (Sextra)/MX2, Calle Saratoga. This is the route that I took out of Algodones although the map is drawn to the directions shown above.

Enrique brought me the change and the screw cover molding yesterday morning and the 'boys' went to work getting it installed. While they were doing that I got my vacuum out to suck up some of the tracked in trash and it would not vacuum. It worked a week ago and has just been sitting in the closet since then I can not imagine why the motor would not work. Fixed it today; reset a circuit breaker DUH.

I took a blood pressure reading at about 11:30 yesterday. Still way too high but I was stressed about leaving for Yuma. It looked like they were through with Desperado when everyone took off for lunch. I thought they only worked half days on Saturday but José did come back at around 1:00 and I asked him to fix a couple small things. He then lead me to 'la lina' at 2:00. I had walked this route and was considering it since it was later in the day and the line starts to increase. I had a 20 minute wait then a very easy border crossing.

This may be a good time to show what the report to VA looked like last month. But what you see here is all generated using PHP coding to get the information from the database and then show it as if I had written it using HTML.

I originally had the PHP coding embeded within this page but during the CSS Grid make over I decided to remove it. This link will take you to what was shown or something very similar Blood Presure Report.

When I got to Waggin' West Kennels at about 3:00 it was only to find that they were closed until between 5 - 6 on Saturday. I was desperate to get Patches out of hock and tried to use my TracFone (that is how desperate I was) but got a No Service Message. But then finally my luck turned and I saw the owner outside and asked her if I could get my dog.

Patches is not very demonstrative but she was excited to see me. As soon as we got backed into our space at the Park she met our neighbors which she likes but not their dogs. I chatted some with them while dumping holding tanks and taking on fresh water. I had been living with water restrictions the past few days and using the Shop bathroom to save holding tanks from reaching critical mass.

We then went for a walk which Patches enjoyed a lot. When we got back to Desperado she took a nap only getting up when "dindin' was announced. Then back to bed - I don't think she has been sleeping well with her noisy neighbors at the Kennel. I am sure happy that she is home!

Back to our routine - mostly. We did a good 2+ mile morning walk and when we got back to Desperado I unhooked from electric and went to breakfast at Foothills Eatery & Spirit (open at 6:00 YEAH). Had good Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs, fair hash browns and good coffee. Routine so far. Then I open my wallet to pay with my VISA Card and I had no card.

Paid cash and then went on to Fry's to stock the pantry since it was bare. Paid there with my Debit Card since I have that expanded Daily Limit until midnight of the 8th. The missing VISA had to be at the Kennel, that was the last place I used it. In desperation I tried TracFone again and got an answering machine. I also sent an email. This story will be continued tomorrow.

7 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

Yesterday I heard nothing from the Kennel so when we finished our afternoon walk I drove over there. Every where that the Kennel has their hours listed, including the answering machine, the Sunday hours are 5-6 pm only.

I arrived a few minutes before 5:00, checked to door and then sat a read until 5:00. Tried the door again, tried at 5:05 and then saw a very small sign among others on the door that said they were open Sunday morning 6 December then closed for the rest of the day for a Christmas party.

I did get an email before going to bed that said that they did have my card. This allowed me to rest a little easier. I went there again this morning and picked it up. Carol, I think, said that she had no telephone number for me or she would have called. I said "you have my email address" and the answer to that was "I don't do that, my daughter uses the email and she was not here". No harm no foul.

When I backed into my space at The Park again yesterday my neighbor was outside. He asked about my Credit Card and then said "You need to look at this". The screw cover molding along the top rear of Desperado was hanging loose. It is held in place on both corners with screws and appears to be too narrow to fit in the channel. I don't know what I'll do about that now but it makes me wonder what other surprises this great looking paint job holds in store for me.

I got that fixed at Hilco this morning. It seems that the channels are the same size but the screw heads inside some of them are raised up more than others. This pushes the molding up and in this case it came out. There are at least two other sections that look like the same thing is going to happen. I'll fix them when it does. Once more I think there is a chance of getting back into my daily rut and put this painting saga behind me.

I have some Before and After pictures of Desperado. What you can not see in the ones from before is the curling decals and the cracking in the 15 year old original paint. José told me that he would have all the Before and After pictures that they had taken posted at Facebook: Navarros Shop. I have not seen them or even know if they are posted yet - I don't DO Facebook. If anyone reading this sees them please leave a Shout about what you think. You can do that about these also if you wish.


no pic no pic no pic

no pic


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no pic

8 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I spent a lot of time yesterday, after posting my daily ramblings, working on PHP/SQL coding. I has started to build a database that contains the data from a spreadsheet for Desperado's MPG. I have entered only a few of the dates, places, gallons and price/gallon but enough to start generating reports/output.

In a spreadsheet it is relatively easy to write a math formula that will multiple the gallons by the price/gallon to get what was paid. That is easy to do in PHP/SQL also and I finally got the result to show on a page. What I then struggled with is getting the other information to show i.e. the date, city and state. Was finally successful just before going to bed.

This challenge of learning PHP/SQL requires far more patience than what was required during the painting project. However, I find it relaxing whereas I was stressed about almost everything with Desperado. Go figure!

In the mid-afternoon I took a blood pressure reading that will be reported to the VA. It was back down in my normal range which is good. They are not going to like the 3-4 high readings but I will plead extenuating circumstances in a footnote. I feel much better and I think Patches is catching up on her sleep. She has not been her normal self either but is coming around.

When I was leaving Navaroo's Shop José wanted to give me copies of all the pictures they had taken while Desperado was being transformed. He wanted to put them on a thumb drive but I did not have one so I suggested that he email them to me as attachments.

They have started to do that but the pictures are huge so I am getting about 6 attached to each email. I then open them in Picasa, resize to something that I can use on my web pages and export them to my computer. The next step is to put them in a SQL data file and pull them from there. That step has now given me a goal, the PHP/SQL code that I have written so far using my old spreadsheet data is a learning exercise. I had no goal in mind about how I would use the spreadsheet database but have an idea about how I will present the pictures. Lots to learn before that happens.

9 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I thought I had all my bank troubles put to rest but found out last night that is not the case. I have always paid my monthly VISA bill at Wells Fargo by transferring the payment amount from my account at Ally Bank. I went to do that last night and the on-line payment function at Wells is not working.

I have sent 3 email to Wells so far and have received an automated reply to each one that says they have my concerns as their highest priority. No answer to what concerned me, no answer about what is wrong nor when they are going to fix it. I'm within walking distance of a Wells branch so I'll give them a check this afternoon if it is not fixed by then. AAGGHH!

I did get my laundry done successfully as soon as we got back from a shorter walk to Starbucks and back.

Yesterday I spent a LOT of time working with PHP/SQL coding and a DesperadoMPG database. I didn't accomplish much other than I think I learned a lot. One of the very important lessons had nothing to do with coding as such but rather what needs to go into the database. What you want reported plays a big part in what data you enter and how the PHP coding will be written.

With that new found understanding gained during my sleep last night I was able to change the database input and then write the code almost straightaway that gave me the MPG for the first year that I have entered data. The test is going to be in the doing but I think I know what needs to be changed in the code to give me year two or for all data entered.

I'll be back at it again today. Probably before and after an afternoon walk to the Wells branch. HA

I have not quoted from Eternal Youth and Living Death by David P. Goldman. It is a recommended read however.

10 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I walked to the Wells Fargo branch near the Park yesterday afternoon and was able to use the bank's computer to transfer my VISA payment from Ally Bank. While I was there I also opened a checking account after I was assured that I could withdraw my account balance with no limit if I presented my Debit Card at the counter. I do not want to ever get into another situation with Ally Bank like I had trying to get the cash to pay for the paint job.

Wells never did respond to my emails. The clerk at the branch did not offer up any explanation either but she had to know that there were system problems with customer on-line banking. Credit card, online banking issues hit Wells Fargo is a news story dated 4 December. I found other customer comments that trace the on-line problems back to November, soon after I made my last payment transfer. Make a note of the web site address: for those times that you are having access problems with a business.

I made good progress on writing some more PHP code yesterday morning after my daily posting. I was able to compute the average price per gallon for all gas purchased in the first year from the database. The afternoon was then devoted to adding the second year's data to the SQL database.

This is what I was then able to accomplish before going to bed. It looks like all I did was type the two lines using HTML but this was all generated with PHP code drawing from the SQL database, doing the math like you would do in a spreadsheet and printing it on the web page that you see. It is as close to magic as I have ever been able to perform. Yee-haw

I originally had the PHP coding embeded within this page but during the CSS Grid make over I decided to remove it. This link will take you to what was shown or something very similar Desperado's MPG Report

Speaking of magic, there does not appear to be any in using SQL to store images. In fact there are arguments, pro and con for doing so, that I don't understand. Sort of like the scholastics arguments over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. With my current knowledge I'll not try that project.

There are ways and means using Bootstrap that I have not yet looked into much less learned. I'll be going in that direction now to present the pictures that Navaroo's Shop has sent me.

11 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 11, 1927

Yesterday, I was able to build a page that has a Bootstrap table with the Navaroo pictures inserted that pop-up in a larger size when clicked. Then got a link to it set up in the right sidebar of my Home Page. That does not sound like much and it really isn't IF you know what you are doing. I do know more now than I did however, it was not that long ago that it would have taken me days to get that done.

NOTE: This Slide Show was built when I converted to CSS Grid. Images will open much larger if selected to open in new tab.

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The rest of the day before and after our afternoon walk was spent inputting data to the DesperadoMPG database for 2014. I may finish doing that today but it is rather tedious so I may put off doing the rest of the year today and make it a multi-day effort.

We walked to the Well Fargo branch again yesterday afternoon to tell the clerk there that I had received a reply to my emails. Wells knows they have a problem with their on-line banking on Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. I told the clerk this but said that I had tried using IE and had the same problem. She suggested clearing Cookies, and low and behold that worked for IE but Firefox continues to be a problem. I can now live with that, if I have 'Transfer' available through any browser then all is well.

This article, Obama Visits Chipotle, at The People's Cube says it all about how the shooting in San Bernadino has been spun by the Administration and its Ministry of Propaganda. The People's Cube is a satirical conservative blog site published by Oleg Atbashian aka Red Square.

He moved to the U.S. in 1994, after living in Ukraine where he sometimes worked as a propaganda artist for the old Soviet Union. The People's Cube is named after its flagship product, a Rubik's Cube that is red on all six sides, thereby ensuring equal results for all who attempt to solve it, with no potential loss of self-esteem. A site that is better than The Onion!

12 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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It was not cold this morning but it was colder. The coldest morning so far in December at 39° but the forecast starting Monday looks grim. The weather guessers are predicting 4-5 days to have lows in the mid to low 30s and the high temperatures to be only in the lower 60s. The snow birds are going to be upset.

We were on a shopping day schedule today. Breakfast was at a little hole-in-the-wall called Los Manjares de Pepe II that opens at 6:00 except on Sunday when they open at 7:00. Not easy to find, only seating for 24 people but they do a good take-out business. I had some very good Chorizo and Eggs with potatoes, beans, salad and decent coffee. I'll be going back.

In and out at Fry's fairly quickly. The store layout is much to my liking and I have found my way to those things that I buy every week easily. Shopping early in the day is always best but here it is a must if you are going to avoid the flocks of snow birds that come later in the day.

The other non-computer chore that I got started on was monthly house cleaning. Today I did the bathroom and kitchen, which included the toilet that was in the most need, counter tops and floors. I'll vacuum the living room and cab tomorrow plus wipe down the dash. Lots of Mexico dust on the dash.

I got all the 2014 data entered to the DesperadoMPG database yesterday. Ran a report by year and realized that I had an error. The formulas are working fine if I want cumulative mpg since I started gathering the data. I have a problem when asking for it by year. The formula needs an odometer reading at the beginning of each year which is not included in the database. I'll be going back in there today and fixing that.

13 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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I did fix the Desperado MPG database so that I now get correct yearly miles per gallon. Also added all the raw data for the year 2015 so that data base is up to date. My blood pressure database is also current so I can generate reports for either one now by simply opening the pages that have the PHP coding included.

With that bit of success I looked again at what I wanted to do long ago when I was building Google API Maps. The map building was difficult enough without PHP and SQL but I'm now trying to build one using a SQL database for all the location data.

Nothing has changed, O how I wish it were true. Google Maps APIs claims that "This tutorial is intended for developers who are familiar with PHP/MySQL, and want to learn how to use Google Maps with a MySQL database. After completing this tutorial, you will have a Google Map based off a database of places." Their tutorials are VERY poor or I'm not very bright.

I have managed to extract an array of data from the SQL database and view it. That is about all I have accomplished. When I then tried to use the coding that Google Maps provided in their tutorial I got a massive number of errors. I was working with XML in the Google tutorial but considering the huge failure I have started to look at JSON to extract the data that I need.

I don't understand either one of them but I'll keep stumbling around until I get something to work.

14 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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It was not as cold this morning as had been forecast but the wind made it feel colder that the reported 51°. Those winds were in the 5-10 mph range with gusts of 20. They brought a layer of dust from California to replace the one that had accumulated while in Algodones - which I just cleaned.

A do nothing day. Nothing constructive anyway. I have spent all morning trying to get the data out of a SQL database and then formatted in a way that Javascript can use it to add markers to a map. Have made no significant progress. Maybe I have learned some things along the way but I don't even know if that is true.

I think I'll post this and go lay on the couch with Patches and my book. That usually helps solve difficult problems!

15 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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More wasted time yesterday afternoon and this morning. Trying to get SQL database information out using PHP and JSON. This I think(?) I have done but can not then move that JSON information into a file where Javascript can use it. VERY frustrating, I'm obviously doing something wrong and have no idea what.

The official low for yesterday was 39° and today was 33° but it felt colder yesterday. It was all because of the wind. Not much at all today but colder days and mornings to come for the next few days.

I think The Donald has stepped in it by siding with the Establishment against Ted Cruz. He has garnered his support by poking the Establishment in the eye. This is also where Cruz gets his support so I can understand why The Donald does not want to share that same support base. What I think he has done is set up one hell of a Republican Convention floor fight for the presidential nomination. Next year is going to be VERY interesting politically.

16 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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I think the low was a little lower than what the experts thought it would be. We were out there walking during the time that it set the low at 31° and it did not seem that cold. But then after starting to cook breakfast and sitting down I checked and found that it was still only 38°. Time to build a fire in Wave 6 in front of which Patches promptly laid down. She's no fool!

What I have learned during the past couple of days about SQL/PHP/JSON could be compiled in a book about the size of Obama's Truths. I did sign up on a coding forum and asked about what I had written and now know that what I have output in JSON is a good file.

I have read more than one on-line article that claimed to explain how to get that JSON data into JavaScript array format. Tried them all and failed every time. Most of the geeks say that the way to do it is with jQuery. So to jQuery I go today and see if I can learn enough about that language to get the data where I can use it.

17 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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Well I did spend yesterday afternoon trying to make sense out of JSON and jQuery but failed. I think I'll let this rest for a while since I'm not making any progress. Maybe sneak up on it over a longer period of time. I think I bit off more than I can chew at this point.

Patches and I visited the local Wells Fargo branch again. The staff there all know her by name and she get a big Welcome when we show up. I bet half the staff could not tell you my name. HA

The reason for this visit was to find out when the check order would arrive at my Sierra Vista address. It is not so much the checks that I'm interested in but the Debit Card should arrive a few days earlier and that I want to have forwarded to me. So I'll probably ask my UPS Store to send me everything in about a week.

The other reason for the visit was to find out why my new checking account was not showing up on my on-line banking pages. That was easily fixed and I could have done it myself if I had known to do so. That is just one step closer to my leaving Ally Bank. They are a good Fulltimers bank, but with my poor hearing on the telephone I need a bank that can provide me some 'face time' as well as over-the-counter services.

I did not watch this last Republican presidential debate, have not watched any of them. I do read what the Ministry of Propaganda puts out and that gives me a good idea of what the Establishment wants. It seems that there will not be a third Bush presidency, at least not in 2017, The Jeb has been 'walking dead' and just made an appearance for appearances sake.

He was given a last chance to take out The Rubio at the prior debate and when he did not then the Establishment adopted The Rubio as their new champion. The game plan now is to have The Donald and The Cruz take each other out and leave The Rubio as last man standing.

Both Trump and Cruz scare the bejesus out of The Establishment. The Rubio is far more malleable, a lot more like Obama, that the Ministry can make into what ever they want him to be during the campaign against The Hill. If they want him to win they will build him up, want him to lose they will tear him down. There is very little they can do for The Hill.

Just minutes ago, prior to posting this update of my activities I was able to access the data that I wanted in the JASON string that is the output from the PHP coding that I did. No jQuery involved. I'll have more to say about this tomorrow - I know there are many of you on pins and needles with anticipation. (Note: That is sarcasm for those that do not know me well.)

18 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 18, 1927

OK, what I have managed to do with SQL/PHP/JSON is nothing more than what I did over a year ago when I built my first Google Map API. I just added a lot of complexity to what was rather simple. But, that is what software coders DO. That is their place in our 'service economy' that no longer makes stuff'.

What I am talking about are the lat/lng numbers that need to go into the coding for a Google Map to show a marker (or other information attached to the marker) at that latitude/longitude location. The simple way is to type the numbers into the map coding, for example: LatLng(37.8815631,-109.3416379).

OR, you can do what I have been trying to do for days. Create a SQL database with a table that you can type the numbers into. Then using PHP coding select those numbers, have them output as a JSON sting then within the Google Map coding you get the same numbers as shown above by pulling them from the string, for example LatLng((locations[0]['lat']),(locations[0]['lng'])).

Now why would I want to do that other than "Because I can"? Because, every time I need the lat/lng for a location I have to either look for it in the maps I have built or go to the Google Map web page and find it. I think(?) I can easily pull it from the SQL database if I have input it. There are other reasons that are just ideas for now but I think the database will make possible.

The other reason for doing what I have done is that it keeps my mind active. I love to do jigsaw puzzles but not in a RV Club House environment and I have not enough room in my Class C. But solving puzzles such as this are just as satisfying and give me a great sense of accomplishment - even if I have accomplished very little. After all what is the satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle? It was never the completion that was satisfying to me - it was the doing!

While I was on a roll yesterday I went back and re-did the Navarro's Shop pictures page. I wanted to get their pictures posted as soon as I could after receiving them so I did what I knew how. What is now available for your viewing pleasure is how I wanted to present them. Changed the appearance of the About Me and Site Map pages also but the changes are subtle and most people will never notice.

I also got a notice from my UPS Store that they have received a package. That has to be the Wells Fargo checks which is a very small package. I am not expecting anything else and the Debit Card should be there so I sent a reply to Forward. I am so happy when a plan comes together!

It was about 35° this morning when we did a slightly shorter walk. The forecaster are predicting warmer lows in the days to come which is good news. I then went for breakfast at Foothills Eatery where I ordered their Greek Omelet. It was very good but also surprising, they included a dish of Tzatziki Sauce which I have never received before when ordering a Greek Omelet. They will probably be seeing me 2-3 times a month while I am here.

Nothing different at Fry's this morning except I got some barley. I didn't even look for it this morning just asked if they had some and was led to the exact area that I have looked for it the past two weeks. They either did not have any before or I simply could not see it on the shelf.

19 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

Yesterday and this morning I built upon the success that I had in creating a Google Map API like my route maps but using SQL/PHP/JSON. When I say I built upon that success what I really mean is I went back to school. I had to find out how I could create a multiple marker map with InfoWindows like the year maps in the Camp Maps drop down menu but using SQL/PHP/JSON. I have done it!

For those of you that may be reading this and sort of zone out - I understand. But, this is what I do to maintain what little remaining sanity that I have in our crazy world. A large segment of the people in this country have been inveigled by the Ministry of Propaganda and The Establishment into believing that everything is great. I am not convinced so I use map building coding as my sanctum.

There are some practical benefits to what I have learned so far. Let me try and explain. I have set up the SQL table with the following columns: id, lat, lng, camp, state text & date. The lat and lng are used to position the marker on the Google Map API with the data from the other columns used for the title or in the InfoWindow.

I can select ALL the information in the table using one bit of PHP coding OR only the data for a certain camp or state or between dates. To do this my old way I would have had to code the wanted information into a separate map page each time. Now I will be able to generate lots and lots of maps by making only a couple coding changes. I think(?) I'll also be able to let you, the reader, select what markers you want to see on the map. Want to know where I have camped in the state of NV, enter that and Presto a map with markers at all those locations will appear - maybe.

Meanwhile Patches has been asleep on the couch all morning after her walk. It's a dogs life. HA

20 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

A much nicer morning and day. The forecast high is expected to be 67° about the same as yesterday after a low of 41° this morning. It did not seem that low to me while I sat outside Dunkin' Donuts and drank a latte. It was very nice.

I usually dump holding tanks and take on water in the morning but did it yesterday afternoon thinking it would be cold this morning. That was not the case but the chore was done.

Did some database building to give me input for test maps using my new knowledge. I now have the ability to build the map from the database in SQL and I can select markers on the map for every location input, or by date or by state. But I must hard code the criteria in each time that I want a different selection.

What I am looking for now is how do I set up an input box where the selection criteria is typed in and then when submitted - Presto a new map showing only the markers that meet that criteria. For example: The map could be opened for all locations and maybe 100 markers would appear but if the criteria typed into the box was 'state=UT' then maybe 6 markers would be shown.

I have not made much progress learning how to do that so far. I have been reading a lot of 'stuff' on-line but much of it does not make any sense. That is not unusual for me when starting in on something like this. I'll keep at it.

21 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

After our morning walk today my usual routine was totally disrupted. I went to Denny's for breakfast and had my usual Santa Fe Skillet which was the same as always but I do like it every month or two.

Then stopped at Cactus Storage & Propane and got 11.43 gallons to fill the tank. This is the first fill up since 8 July when I was in Taos. I don't use much during the summer months. I was also lucky to have only a short wait.

That didn't make much difference because I then just had a longer wait at Sprague's Sports where I had left my shotgun for cleaning and repair some rust damage. I had almost an hour wait there before they opened at 9:30.

It took them about a half hour to find my shotgun and have it appraised for them to buy it. Then another half hour to get all the paperwork together that is required for them to buy a shotgun that I owned and sell me another new gun. Plus, I'm on the 3 day delay in taking possession while a background check is done on someone that was 'trading' an owned gun for a new one. Yes, what we need is more background checks. I'll probably now find that I'm on the "No Fly List" and didn't know it.

From there I went to Dr. Escobar in Algodones to have my teeth cleaned. I found his named mentioned in someone blog and with the many, many dentist there he is a good as any for a $30 cleaning. Enrique Navarro's daughter is a dentist in a bigger clinic that I will use when/if I come back to Yuma.

Last but not least, while in Algodones I went to the Navarro Shop to return the gate key that I still had on my key ring. I also showed them the link on my Home Page to the Navaroo picture page which they thought was very good.

Late posting today because of all that running around. Patches is exhausted from all the waiting that she had to do. We may do a short potty walk this afternoon.

22 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

There was a high overcast this morning but it felt warm. I went out without my wool cap and feeling lazy did only a short walk to Starbucks where I sat outside and drank my latte. Then the wind began to pick up a little and it felt cooler by the time we got back to Desperado. The forecast is for more mornings like this until dipping back into the 30 during the weekend. Very nice!

I did some more research and development for my New Maps Project. That is what I'll now be calling this idea that I have of using the SQL database and PHP coding to replace the yearly Camp Maps. If you know what you are doing it is called software engineering when you don't they call it research and development.

I'll probably go back to adding some more information to the test database today. That is now software engineering for me. That will also break up the research that I do. My development efforts can be more accurately described as trial and error but I'll keep at it.

Received all my forwarded mail from the Sierra Vista UPS Store. The package was my new Wells Fargo checks and the Debit Card had also come in. I'm off to the local branch again this afternoon to have them activate the Card and also help me get Prudential Insurance to change my direct deposit and re-activate my account on-line.

Elitist President Obama Back To Familiar “Bitter Clinger” Remarks Ridiculing The “Blue Collar” Middle Class… by Sundance had this to say in part.

In an interview broadcast on NPR today President Obama taps into his elitist ideology while he ridicules the national anxiety felt by middle class workers. Obama pontificates that “blue collar workers” are influenced by cultural and socioeconomic change the insufferable sloths are unfamiliar with.
You could not time a more damaging contrast than presidential candidate Donald Trump rallying with thousands of middle-class patriotic Americans [in the heart of Michigan’s union country], while the Democrat President of the country pokes them in the eye and heads off to Hawaii for a golf-filled Christmas vacation. No, really, you just can’t make this stuff up.
My gun trade was ill timed, it has been caught up in the Christmas buying rush, as reported by Today.
The convergence of fears over terrorism, a perceived threat of gun laws being changed and the Christmas holiday have sent gun sales soaring in what is already the busiest month of the year for firearm purchases.
Guns are at the top of many Christmas lists, especially if November is any indication.
Last month, the FBI ran more than 2.2 million firearm background checks on potential buyers, a 24 percent increase from November 2014. On Black Friday, a record 185,345 background checks were processed by the FBI.
23 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I finally threw in the towel yesterday afternoon. What I was wanting to do was beyond my knowledge base at this time. I said some years ago that if you want to learn, learn by teaching. If you are going to fail, fail by reaching. I have failed only from the standpoint that I reached to far.

There is another way to accomplish what I wanted to do and from a readers point of view they will not know the difference. Everything would appear the same. It is only how I would go about presenting it that would be different. So, the research and development is now over and I will get down to the engineering.

One of our routes takes us past a dog groomer's shop. Maybe two weeks ago the groomer saw Patches and came out to meet her and give her a treat. Since then Patches is always on watch for the woman and they spotted each other this morning. Patches was then not to be denied and drug me back to the shop for - TREATS.

I had a working test page finished last night and sent it to a few of my Test Bench readers for their critique. Received favorable reviews so moved on with the project this morning. You can see the structure of the new Camp Maps drop down although I have managed to only get 7 locations input to the SQL database. That is enough to show a map for the year 2009 and state maps for CA and MX.

I think that is all I have to say for today. Excited to get back to engineering the new maps. I have a lot of locations for 2010 but am anxious to see how that full year and the state maps are going to look. I'm pleased with how it is looking so far!

24 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I competed year 2010 just before going to bed last night. That had the most locations of any of my years so all the rest will be easier - I hope. I have all the information in the Javascript arrays; it is just a tedious copy and paste job. I set up the State maps before I finished all the input and I could then use them to check my work as I went along. I could have everything converted sooner than I first thought.

We were on a shopping day schedule today. After our morning walk I went to Los Manjares de Pepe again and got their Huevos a la Mexicana. It was very good with some great potatoes, beans and a small salad. Why don't American breakfasts ever include a salad? How did we in the United States arrive at what is now considered an American breakfast?

The shopping in Fry's went reasonably well but it was like being in there on a weekend morning. I hate to think about what it will be like later today. I could not find barley again today. I thought I would stock up but looked where I got some last week and could find none on the shelf. I think there may be one other person that buys barley at this Fry's and they got the last of it.

I have put the New Maps Project on a delay. I had a problem with the old year maps clustering my markers when I returned to the same location during that year.

I still have that problem but it is now worse, as I see it, because when the state maps open the lat/lng that I must use to show each marker places them too far from the location they represent. This problem has been 'fixed' with a MarkerCluster add-on to Google Map API but I don't like the way that works or looks. It is back to research and development for a day of two while I see what I can come up with.

25 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 25, 1927

Merry Christmas

My solution for the cluster problem may not be very elegant or very sophisticated but I think it gets the job done. It maintains the 'style' of the drop down and provides the information that I want to show. So, for now that is they way it is going to be and continued on with converting year 2011. Finished it by bed time yesterday, have finished 2012 this morning and have 2013 in my sights by the end of today!

I have been lucky for over a month to have neighbors on only my north side. I now have one on my south side also. They brought in a small fifth wheel but I didn't see what the tow vehicle was, now the only vehicle at the space is a car which certainly didn't tow it in. The neighbors on the north side went some place for Christmas so it has been a very peaceful day.

I got a Shout wishing me hot and strong Arbuckels. Then wouldn't you know it - used up the last that I had today. I knew that I was going to run out but did not want to have a package of it involved in the Christmas rush. I'll order some next year after all the holiday excitement. Meanwhile it is Folgers Black Silk, not as good but not too bad.

I know, I know I keep harping about the CES Net Birth/Death Model, and about how the Ministry of Propaganda ignores its effect as they spin the job growth story. But, I can not ignore this fact that should put the job growth factoid to rest but I know it will not. For each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened. Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.

26 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I finished 2013 yesterday and got a good start on 2014. Finished it this morning and have only 2015 remaining to do.

All the SQL/PHP/JSON/Javescript has had me so enthralled that I have become way behind on my Monthly Blog reading. Got caught up late yesterday now I need to get started on the Will Rogers weekly articles for next month.

The colder morning temperatures have arrived for the weekend just as forecast. What I did not notice was that there would be winds coming as well. More dust flying in from California again with gusts approaching 40mph. This made the not so cold temperatures feel that much colder and we did one of our shorter walking routes.

Donald -vs- Hillary – No Democrat Can Ever Prepare To Face The Unpredictable… by Sundance is a good article - suggested reading. I have only one quote from it which is rife with them.

However, setting aside the DNC and RNC -for all intents and purposes having melded into one nuanced UniParty- as a direct consequence of the GOP weakness, the Democrat Party have become accustomed to their opposition being weak and ineffective. The Republicans are notoriously infected with a defensive flinching more customarily seen amid those with battered spouse syndrome.
27 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

I got about half of the Will Rogers weekly articles formatted for next month. Then took a break and started making changes to the New Map Project. I thought that preparing a separate map for those areas that I had visited repeatedly and the markers become clustered to be a good idea. I still do and have kept them.

The only way that I knew how to let the reader see those maps was to add another level to the drop down menu. But the more I thought about it the more I did not like that solution. The maps are all a mess at the moment but I have taken Albuquerque, NM and Pahrump, NV out of the drop down Clusters. If you will now select NM and then click on Albuquerque you will get the cluster map in a separate tab. The same thing with NV and Pahrump.

This little bit of magic was done with Javascript IF Statements plus some tweaking of the SQL data table and the PHP Select Statement. I now need to go back and clean up my mess but that is what happens during the engineering/construction phase of any building project. I think this change is a really good one!

The morning low was about the same today as yesterday but winds not nearly as strong. It was blowing hard yesterday afternoon so we did only a potty walk inside the Park where we had some protection from it. My neighbors outdoor mat was getting blown away so I secure it and their Christmas decorations were taking a beating. Not much I could do about them but I did what I could.

28 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

Well I have got back to the point that I was at with the New Maps Project a couple days ago. I now have only 2015 to add to the SQL database and build the map for 2015. I think all the State maps and town maps with multiple markers will update although I will have to build a couple town maps that acquired multiple markers in 2015.

I really like the way the drop down now looks and how it works. A very satisfying project! I learned a lot along the way also which is another good thing.

Worked on the Will Rogers weekly articles this morning to give myself a break from the maps. Got them finished. Am current with my monthly blog reading. Doing well as we move into the New Year.

Much colder this morning which the weather gurus had predicted correctly. The Flying J time and temperature sign was showing 35° as we were finishing our walk the weather underground report that I follow claims it was 29°. It was cold! Those same weather wizards think the lows will be down in the 30s for another few days and then back into the 40s for the New Year. I'm ready, let us say that there has been winter in Yuma and move on.

I am now surrounded. I had another neighbor sneak into the space behind me sometime after we got back from our afternoon walk yesterday. Those on my north side returned to their wind blown space soon after noon and have the mat back down. I don't see that they have anchored it any better than before so the next big wind will have it sailing.

I wrote this on 24 December 2010 (I quote myself) and have linked to Will Rogers weekly articles for the past five years. We are now coming into the election year of 2016 and I find many similarities with what he had to say about the approaching elections of 1928. If you have not been reading the articles I recommend them - the more things change the more they stay the same.

Since September 12, 2010 I have started my blog posts with a quote by Will Rogers. The interesting thing, to me, about these quotes is how they have maintained there timeliness over the years. Most of them are as true today as when Will Rogers first spoke them.

This got me to thinking, a dangerous state of mind for me to be in, about where did these quotes come from? It so happens that many of them came from weekly newspaper columns that Will Rogers wrote starting in 1922. I find the weekly articles fascinating for the same reason that the quotes are; they are about 'current events'.

The more things change the more they stay the same! I will be linking to his weekly columns on the same date as they were published – 88 years ago.
29 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

The New Map Project is finished. I had the ribbon cutting ceremony last night a little after 6:00. When I say 'finished' you have to understand that when/if I learn some new coding that will give you the reader the same thing or something better the project will be re-opened.

I am pleased with what I have made available at this point. There is one small issue with the Year maps IF I camped at the same location more than once - then the markers stack and cannot be seen unless the map is zoomed down. There are only a few times that this happens and the intent of the Year maps is to show where I was at during the year.

The All Camps and State maps have single markers where I have visited multiple times. When that marker is clicked a detailed map is presented showing all the times that I have been at that location. The InfoWindows continue to show my route from one camp to the next and a link to the Journal page the day that I arrived at that camp.

I was surprised when we stepped out for our walk and found that the streets in the Park were wet. Not much rain fell but I could tell that it had rained. The official amount was 0.03" at the local Weather Underground reporting station. Slightly warmer this morning but still under 40° and is now forecast to stay that way until Sunday.

Nothing much happening now that I have finished the New Map Project. I am building another SQL table that has data that I should have put in a spreadsheet long ago. It will reduce the number of Searches that I have had to do of my web pages to find 'stuff'.

30 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
no pic

Anyone that has been checking my daily postings may have noticed that the Shoutbox has been under attack for a week or 10 days. I am not "You're So Vain", as Carly Simon sang, to think that this attack was directed against me and my web page. I have banned 121 different IP addresses since this started. They have been mostly from Russia and former Soviet block countries with maybe another 1/3rd from Southeast Asia, Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

As I ban these -1 postings it removes them but also removes old Shouts that had been in my Shoutbox. Therefore, the Shoutbox is now empty and there are no boxes at the bottom for you to leave a message. I'll leave the Shoutbox up for a while and see if Yellbox fixes their software. I think this attack has been against every account that they have so if they do not fix it soon they will have been driven out of business.

It was 30° for the low this morning and felt it. I headed for Foothill Eatery for breakfast as soon as we got back to Desperado. This time I had their Corned Beef Hash Skillet Special which was not as good as what I had before but not bad.

Another shopping excursion at Fry's followed that. Nothing very exciting except I found barley in a different aisle with the help of a stocker. I have no idea why they have it in different places but they had some.

I then stopped at Big O just down the street from Fry's and asked about an oil change. They do not do them but referred me to a place near old town Yuma. I went to see them and will go back for the oil change next week.

The timing worked out real well. I arrived at Sprague's just as they were opening. That didn't seem to help much however, it still took them almost a half hour to find my gun in layaway and get me to sign even more paperwork. I did get it so I guess I'm not on a federal government terrorist list. I'll go back next week and fire a few rounds in their indoor range and see if I can hit a target. I'm not that much of a handgun shooter but if I'm close enough I might have a chance.

31 December
Shangri-La RV Resort
Yuma, AZ
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I had to take the Shoutbox coding out of my Home Page yesterday afternoon when I found that the page would not open with it in place. I put it back when we returned from our afternoon walk and I saw that my Test page with the coding in place would open.

I thought this was a sign that Yellbox was working on the problem. If they were then they didn't accomplish much other than add a lot of emoticons. I had 20 of the Spammer's messages in the Shoutbox this morning when I first checked. That was all that was there they had wiped out the 3-4 messages that were there when I went to bed. Maybe Yellbox will accomplish something today - then again maybe not.

Only slightly warmer this morning. If the weather guys have it right we will get only one more morning like this and then it will be back into the 40s as the low temperatures. They think there is a 90% chance of rain on Monday, none on Tuesday and then 60% chance on Wednesday - so warmer but maybe wet.

I don't have much else to say on this last day of 2015. It has been some kind of year and I expect that 2016 will be fraught with black swans. We can only wish that I will be wrong.