1 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I started on another quilt block yesterday and by the end of the day had made NO progress. I have conceded on this one for now and moved on to the last one that I am going to do in this series of blocks. This one is much like the Roman mosaics that I'm also drawing. All squares and rectangles with a nice mix of colors.

I'm going to draw more quilt blocks but maybe start adding some circles and curves in the mix. There are many block patterns that I have not drawn and I have only been working through about a third of what is available. I may try some stained glass patterns as well. We will see.

I cooked another batch of Green Chile Eggs this morning for my 'linners' these next few days. I have made a few modifications to what I made before and will see how it turns out.

Still used whole green chiles that are diced in large pieces but used a couple of cups of egg whites rather than eggs. Threw in some minced garlic that needed to be used up, a few tablespoons of Ricotta cheese, couple cups of cooked barley and a package of cut corn. All into my Roaster for about a half hour.

An Indiscreet Selfie Can Put A Kid In Prison by Paul Craig Roberts is one of his blog posting that I recommend. The pull quote provides a sampling of what he has to say.

People are born into their time. As they grow and mature they have no awareness of what it was like living in previous times. Whatever they are born into is their normal. If their society has descended from liberty into tyranny, they don’t know it. They never experienced liberty.
In my lifetime I have experienced an enormous intrusion into personal life by the state. If the laws of today had applied to the generation during the 1950s practically the entire generation would have been imprisoned. As children were routinely spanked, today an act of “child abuse,” an entire generation would have grown up in Child Protective Custody while their parents rotted in prison.
2 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I finished the last quilt block in the first series that I am going to do. Started a second series that will include some circles and arcs which will be another learning experience for me. I have done a couple of very simple things like the Ice Cream Cones early on in the first series but I will now be taking on more difficult drawings.

I also finish another Roman mosaic which was easier than the first one that I did. Just started another one that looks to be about the same difficulty as the first one.

I now have 118 Spam Messages in my Junk folder. Web Hosting Hub is putting most of them in there but my filter still catches a few of them. I think Web Hosting Hub uses the IPS address and I am catching those that are using the same Subject but have switched to an address that Hub has not banned yet. So far so good with the ShoutBox - I guess I'm no fun!

The Republican Establishment can not get a break. Their guy The Jeb could do nothing even with massive campaign donations. So, they go with their back-up guy The Rubio but he has now managed to score only MN after trying to do Don Rickles impression during the last debate.

What are they going to do? What can they do? The way things look now only The Cruz seems to have any chance to taking out The Trump and the Republican Establishment hate/fear him as much/more than The Trump. O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!

The Hillary appears to have the nomination wrapped up. That assumes the Attorney General invokes prosecutorial discretion and gives her a pass. Although I think she could be prosecuted and still be nominated, perhaps elected and then grant herself a pardon when/if convicted. Is this a great country of what?

She is under great pressure however. If The Trump or The Cruz were to be elected then their Attorney General may go after her. I think she MUST win to stay out of jail. She might be better off getting convicted now and have President Obama pardon her but I don't think she trust him to do that. O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!

3 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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This has been another one of those do nothing kind of days. The weather is great although this morning seemed to be a little colder than the past few days. When I checked the past few days low readings on I found that it is just me - this morning was about the same.

I have put new quilt block and Roman mosaic drawings in the margin of the Home Page today. Nothing special about either of them. Neither were too difficult to draw. The ones that I am drawing now are much harder than this pair.

I stumbled upon this web site ( this morning and wasted a lot of time checking out a lot of different areas. I like maps and this site offers good ones with lots of hiking trails and mountain peak routes identified. The map also shows obscure roads, ranches, springs and lots of great 'stuff' for those of us that love cartography.

The Republican debate tonight should prove to be interesting. I will not watch it but look forward to reading all the stories tomorrow that tell me what was said and what I should know. The Trump will be attacked from all sides but I think he can handle them all - including The Megyn.

4 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 4, 1928

I have had my AeroPress coffee maker for just short of three years and probably made in excess of 3,000 cups of coffee with it. The plunger is almost worn out, the chamber is scared and between them I no longer have been getting a good press.

Went on-line to find a replacement and could not find the chamber. Contacted AeroPress via email and they will sell me the replacement parts but I need to place the order using a telephone. That is not going to happen. I contacted an on-line store in Canada that was offering a replacement plunger and asked if they could sell me a chamber also. We exchanged a couple emails and they have shipped the plunger and chamber to me today. Total cost only slightly more than the cost of a plunger alone.

There were a lot of on-line store in Australia that sold both the plunger and the chamber. Here in the good 'ol US of A all I could find was the rubber plunger cap (out of stock) and the filter cap or funnel or stir stick. The two moving parts that wear are not offered - strange.

WOW!! The Bureau of Labor released their non-farm job numbers for February that showed an increase of 242,000 jobs - more than all the experts expected. I read through the News and did not find many headlines by the Ministry of Propaganda. There were even some that were describing the report as 'mixed' - what is wrong, only a few months ago there would have been dancing in the street with a number like that?

The CES Birth/Death Model added 129,000 this month which is back to the usual pattern of adding jobs every month. If you look at the Household Data the number of Employed increased by 530,000 making it five increases in a row, the last three being large increases. This is very positive but I find no mention of it in the News.

The Unemployed increased by 24,000 and the Not in the Labor Force went down by 374,000. This combination left the Unemployment Rate unchanged at 4.9%. That would have been screaming headline News not so long ago and now the Ministry is ignoring it. I don't understand.

The Participation Rate went up by another 0.2% to 62.9%, more good News that has been ignored by the Ministry. While the Not in the Labor Force now stands at 93,688,000 down from the all time record set in September of last year.

The average earnings lost 4¢ to $25.35 an hour while the average workweek also lost 0.2 hour to 34.4 hours. The Ministry of Propaganda is once again treating the report as a non-event. I think the numbers are a set-up for the Federal Reserve to raise rates again by another .25%; probably not in March but maybe in April.

Mitt Romney took to the podium yesterday and 'flamed' The Trump. It is too bad he did not do the same to President Obama in 2012 when he was trying(?) to replace him. Then Senator McCain jumped on board with a "Me Too" Twitter posting.

Two losers trying to bring down The Trump that could be a winner. Is this envy or have they been sent out by the Republican Establishment as attack dogs? If that is what it is then the Establishment needs to find some bigger dogs; Mitt and John are more lap than attack dogs.

It was no accident that Mitt decided to make his attack speech when he did. He is only a bit player in the Republican Establishment's attempt to stop The Donald before it is too late. The plan now appears to be to split the delegate votes so that there is a brokered convention. They do not want The Cruz but are willing to support his attacks on The Donald as long as The Cruz does not get enough delegates to become the nominee.

Most of the analyst and talking heads are of the opinion that The Donald got hammered in the debate last night but the best comment that I found was a Tweet from Pastor Mark Burns a tel-evangelist. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Christian Television Network and also the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of Lift Your Voice Gospel Show. He also happens to be an African-American/Black/Negro and supports The Donald.

Pastor Mark Burns
#GOPDebate #AlwaysTrump
8:21 PM - 3 Mar 2016 · Easley, SC, United States
In spite of Mitt's speech and the debate tag team attacks by The Cruz, The Rubio and The FoxNews, sundance (at shows 11 poll results that gave the debate win to The Donald.

The Establishment does not know what they are fighting; it is not The Donald it is The People. They may bring The Donald down and nominate another John McCain/Mitt Romney clone but The People are not going to vote for him.

5 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Not doing anything out of the ordinary today. I'll be drawing some more on a quilt block that I started a couple days ago. It is a tough one. Maybe do some more drawing on a Roman mosaic that I have started. I thought it was going to be difficult also but have found it to be relatively easy.

Will spend some time on the couch with my latest novel, a good historical one, and Patches. She has been acting like it is time for a day off so I think we will be doing a reduced walk day on Monday when I go to town and the VA again. I'm ready for a reduced walk day as well - but not today.

Hillary Clinton's False Hopes by Andrew Napolitano is an article that is not being broadcast by the Ministry of Propaganda but is getting a lot of exposure on the Internet. It is well worth a read but sadly I think The Hillary has reason for hope and Mr. Napolitano may be the one with false hope. The people of this country are now ready to elect a non-indicted felon as their president or she would not be campaigning, her campaign would have been eliminated long ago.

The FBI investigation process is coming to its logical conclusion, and the judge who ordered the State Department to release all of Clinton's emails also has ordered that her top State Department aides submit to oral depositions—examinations under oath before trial—in the Freedom of Information Act litigation brought by Judicial Watch against the State Department.
He directed the Judicial Watch lawyers to ascertain whether there was a conspiracy in the secretary of state's office to violate federal law. If those lawyers find evidence of such a conspiracy, they may then seek the oral examination of Clinton herself.
Democrats who indulge in Clinton's false hopes will do so at their peril. Don't they want to know of her potential status as a criminal defendant before they complete their nominating process? Or do they, like her, think that they can just hope that all this will go away?
6 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

I thought I had finished the difficult quilt block late in the day yesterday. But I decided to see how it looked using a Firefox browser and it was not shown as IE shows it. It appeared perfect in IE but Firefox seemed to have a problem rendering Radial Gradients in my triangles.

I drew a different block a week or two ago where I used Linear Gradients in triangles and Firefox showed that the same way as IE. I messed with my coding this morning and found that IE is more forgiving about the order in which the code for the colors is written. I went back and change my coding and that seemed to make Firefox happy. It now looks the same in both browsers and does look GOOD!

The primary election results from what the Ministry of Propaganda is now calling Super Saturday were about what I expected. The Trump and The Cruz will probably be splitting the vote from now until the convention. Neither of them will have enough to get the nomination on the first ballot and then the Republican Establishment can try to get their chosen candidate the nomination.

The problem with that is that The Trump and The Cruz supporters will be mad as hell and will not show up at the polls to vote for the Establishment pick. It will be 2012 with Romney all over again but even worse. A sure path for Madam President which I think the Republican Establishment would much prefer to either Trump of Cruz. It is interesting times that we live in and I think they will get even more interesting in the nearby years to come.

7 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

A couple days ago I said that Patches and I were going to do a reduced walk today. Well yesterday afternoon I did not feel like doing our usual walk and there was a stiff wind blowing which gave me a good excuse. We did only a potty walk and that is what we did again this morning.

This was just before heading for Sierra Vista and breakfast at the Landmark. I wanted their Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs this morning but they were out. How does that happen? I decided to have my second choice which was a Denver omelet that came with a generous serving of good home fries.

Made it to my VA appointment a few minutes early and was called in early once more. Nurse Nancy worked on the left ear some more and pronounced it as clean as it was going to get. She then gave the right ear another washing and nurse Joan took a look and said they look good. We will now see what Doctor Gray has to say when I see her in early April. I have canceled any audiologist appointments for now. I know I am somewhat hearing impaired but with the clean ears the hearing is not so bad that I want to put up with hearing aids. If the cleaning had not made any difference then I most surely would need the aids.

Went to Fry's again for my weekly shopping and found that early Monday morning is NOT the time to go. The shelves are bare with the aisles jammed with boxes of 'stuff' that the stockers are frantically trying to get on the shelves. Only one container of Greek God Honey and Vanilla but there was also one of Black Cherry so that was acceptable. I had planned to buy less today and go again this Friday so it worked out fine.

Last week when I made my batch of Green Chile-n-Eggs with egg whites I burnt a lot of it along the sides of the Roaster. There was too much in the Roaster to cook thoroughly in the center and the sides burned before the center was done. I have washed/scoured it a couple of times and will give it another go today. Bought some white vinegar and brought it to a boil in the Roaster where the stubborn burned on matter is. This usually does the trick. I'll find out later today and if it does not then I'll rinse and repeat.

Did some Monthly Blog reading to catch up. Maybe finish them all by the end of today. Other than that it was a routine day. Maybe even get back in the walking routine this afternoon.

8 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

We had enough wind yesterday afternoon that I canceled our usual walk. Then last night at 7:30 it was blowing even harder and with my improved hearing I heard rain. Not much but I HEARD it. Checked wunderground and they were now forecasting rain for early in the morning but the radar shows that it was just about upon us at 7:30.

I heard it raining every time I woke up during the night and when we got up it was raining lightly. We did a long potty walk inside the Park and Patches loved it. This was her kind of rain. We got wet because of the time that we were out in it but Patches just shakes it off and wants to do a long walk.

I increased my distance by around a half mile. That is what I am guessing I walked during my three round trips to the laundry. No one else was there today, probably because of the rain so I had my choice of the few machines. Another household chore done. I had sort of planned on dumping holding tanks today but with it raining or threatening more rain I'm going to put that off until tomorrow. I then need to get started on the monthly house cleaning.

This is the return of winter that I expected in March. Still below 40° at 9:00 this morning with a forecast high of 56° for today and a low of 35 tomorrow morning. I fired up the Wave 6 again and Patches promptly got off the couch to lay down in front of it. This will only last for a day or two and if the weather guesser have it right the high should be near 80 by Friday.

I got the Roaster clean using my tried and true vinegar removal method. I didn't want to fill the entire pan up to the level of the burned material so tilted it so I could fill one end then repeated that process for the other end. Today I'll make some more Green Chile-n-Eggs but it will be a smaller batch and will be done on the stove top in a skillet.

I finished drawing a quilt block yesterday that included some circles and arcs that was a learning experience. I'm not sure that I learned what the experience was meant to teach me but I did get the block drawn. Then started on another one that does not include any arcs but is almost all diamonds and a lot of them. It is much like doing another Roman mosaic but more difficult.

9 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

Cold this morning, slightly less at 34° than what was forecast. Clear sky for the most part, certainly no rain clouds, and I could see a little snow on the higher peaks of the Huachuca Mountains. I also saw some fruit trees starting to bloom yesterday. There is a chance for Spring but I would not be surprised if it were to freeze overnight one more time.

That idea I had about dumping holding tanks today has been put on the shelf for one more day. I'll do it tomorrow. My reasoning is that I need to move Desperado forward so the sewer hose will reach. I don't like to stay that far forward in my space but I can live with it overnight. Going to town Friday morning therefor dump tomorrow.

Other than making such lofty decisions my day is rather routine. We did get out this morning to do our usual walk. Patches seemed to approve because she was talking to me about is. I don't understand everything that she says but she seems to only talk to me when she is pleased with what we have done or are going to do.

The Republican Establishment might be called "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" after this past week. They sent The Mitt out on the stump to stop The Donald and it appears to have backfired.

Post Mini-Tuesday Election Night Debrief – “The Kitchen Sink Missed” by sundance provided a good analysis of "Little Tuesday" primary election results. The entire blog posting is interesting but I particularly like this quote. Nothing that the Establishment does appears to stop The Donald.

By Mitt Romney giving the Mormon base in Idaho marching instructions to support Ted Cruz, his plan backfired because Rubio dropped so low in the outcome he didn’t meet the minimum result for delegates.
If Romney had kept his mouth shut, Trump would have probably ended up with a win in Idaho, but less delegates. If Trump had won Idaho with 40%, and Cruz and Rubio each had 30%, Trump would have received less delegates than the current outcome.
10 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

Nothing happening here. I did get the holding tanks dumped and filled my fresh water tank. I really pushed the limit on the fresh water tank but I have water again. I even got started on my household chores by cleaning the bathroom and may finish most of the 'house' by days end. So I guess there was something happen.

The weather gurus remain optimistic with the low temperature forecasts. Or these may be Chamber of Commerce induced forecasts to bring in the spring/summer tourist. It was down to 34° again rather than the low 40s that they keep showing. I almost did not wear my gloves and wool cap, sure glad that I did.

When I go in to Sierra Vista tomorrow one of the stops on my list is the library. They have terrible hours for me, not opening until 10:00am, but I will bite the bullet to get a library card.

Just another bit of evidence that Sierra Vista is my domicile. There are a LOT of fulltime RVers that claim SD and TX as a 'domicile' but their heirs will have a hard time proving that IF their estate ends up in a probate court. It takes more than vehicle registration, drivers license and a mailing address to establish a 'domicile' that will stand up in court.

The other reason for me getting a Sierra Vista library card is the e-books that they have available. I have lived on the road for 6 years with an exchange library in Desperado that totals 12 books. I could continue doing paperback exchanges but the trading choices are very poor in many of the Parks where I stay.

So, I have made the big decision and will succumb to 21st Century technology and get a Kindle e-book reader. This does not mean I'm going to embrace ALL 21st Century technology but I do see the value of an e-reader to my way of life.

11 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 11, 1928

I devoted a lot of time yesterday afternoon and evening trying to draw a hexagonal ring quilt block pattern on HTML Canvas. I'm not ready for that. I was able to draw some hexagonals but putting them together in a ring is beyond my scope at this point. I may come back to it latter.

The block that I finished today was beyond me not so may weeks ago. It just looked too complicated. It is actually not any more complex than the Roman mosaics that I am also drawing - just bigger. So, there is hope for the hexagonal ring sometime in the future.

We were off to town this morning with a breakfast stop at Café Olé where I had their Huevos con Chorizo. It was much better than their Huevos a la Mexicana that I had last time. This renewed my faith in this favorite restaurant in Sierra Vista.

Then it was to Fry's for groceries which did not take long. I have almost mastered the store layout here so it is not much of an adventure anymore. Filled Desperado with gas at Fry's also while I was there.

Checked to see if the groomer that I used last year was open and found that they were not at around 8:00. It looks like they are still in business but not open at 8:00 for me is like they have gone out of business. I stopped again after the library and they were open; make an appointment for Patches.

The last stop before the library was at my UPS Store to pick up a package that had my new AeroPress chamber and plunger. It has a new look but more importantly the plunger fits TIGHT in the chamber and makes a great cup of Arbuckles' coffee.

While waiting for the library to open I placed the order for a Kindle Paperwhite with cover plus new shoes, SmartWool socks and 1000 dog poop bags (these last items are annual purchases). Expected delivery next week and if I am lucky they will be here when I come to town for groceries again.

The opening a library account and getting a card was reasonably easy only took about 15 minutes. The hardest part was the requirement that I enter a physical address but the clerk looked up the address of the Park for me. Then came the place for a telephone number.

This is after I have given her a mailing address, a physical address and an email address when I said I had no telephone she said "A cell phone number?" Me, "I have no telephone". She, "We need a telephone number so we can get in touch with you." This was said in all seriousness with no thought to the fact that she had two other addresses and means of contacting me. It is a strange world we live in when people think the only way to contact someone if by using a telephone.

12 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

It was warmer this morning at 46° than it has been but the weather guessers now are forecasting a 38 for the low tomorrow. Very nice walk with only a slight breeze but that changed by 8:00 when the breeze turned into 15 mph winds and 25 mph gusts. This is not unusual; Spring here means variable temperatures and unfailing winds.

I'm not out in it so that is good; if it is blowing too strong we may not be doing an afternoon walk but I don't think it will be that bad.

Nothing else on my to do list for today. I did finish another Roman mosaic this morning and could possibly finish drawing a quilt block by the end of today. There will be some rest on the couch with Patches and my book that might keep that from happening. She got a head start on me however, as I type this I see her over there on the couch and hear her snoring.

I made up the last batch of Green Chile-n-Eggs in the skillet this morning. Almost burned it there also but caught it in time plus the skillet is so much easier to clean than the Roaster pan. Have been really, really enjoying my new AeroPress chamber and plunger - getting a good press now.

13 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

It continued to blow yesterday afternoon and I didn't feel like getting beat up by it. We did an in the Park potty walk, took refuge in Desperado and let it blow.

The weather guys got is partially right; it was below 40° this morning. It was 31° but did not feel that cold. It is the light freeze that I was expecting so now it may move back up into the 40s and stay there for the rest of Spring. Probably more wind this afternoon. That is how most Springs happen in the southeastern corner of AZ.

Speaking of Spring I guess most of the good 'ol US of A has sprung their clocks forward. Fortunately I'm in Arizona where they don't participate in that nonsense. They get enough daylight here in this state that there is no need to save any of it to be used during the winter months. Daylight Saving Time: A Government Annoyance by James Alexander Webb has far more to say, and says it better, about governmental time shifting.

A sure sign that The Donald has become a threat to the status quo is the ratcheting up of physical violence toward him from the left. They seemed to be willing to let the Republican Establishment take him out but now they see that is probably not going to happen. The Ministry of Propaganda has been trying to paint The Donald as fostering violence and in a way they are correct but it is being directed at him.

14 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

I currently have two quilt block drawings in progress. One is from the second series of blocks that I am using for inspiration the other one is from the first series. I tried to draw it 2-3 times and failed every time. The image that I saw on the web has no grid lines or other indications of size. The block pattern is also at an angle making it even more difficult for me to judge what the vertex coordinates needed to be for the shapes.

I finally found the key yesterday and then made good progress. Most of the blocks that I have drawn have used some multiple of 90. The 9 Patch blocks that I first started drawing were 3x90 square. Then as the patterns got a little more difficult I was using 45s and 22.5s for the measurements. The block that was giving me so much trouble uses multiples of 27. It was drawing the Roman mosaics that opened my eyes to another learning experience. HA

Much warmer this morning with the low at 47° which is in the range that the weather guessers have forecast. They now expect it to be that way for the next 10 days with the high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s with a chance of low 80s. The wind, like the poor, will always be with us and they think we will get gust of 40 mph this afternoon. Unfortunately they usually get the wind right however it is still calm as I post this.

Have received a couple of email from Amazon that say items have been shipped. I'm not sure if everything has been or not from how I read what the email attempts to tell me but I think so. I'm guessing that it is all in two packages and will be here by Thursday. I hope that is true and I can pick every thing up on Friday.

15 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

Five more states are voting for the Republican president nominee today. There are two that are the biggies if you can believe the talking heads in the media. Florida and Ohio are the make or break states for The Donald, The Rubio and The Establishment; or maybe not. All will be revealed tomorrow.

The strong winds that were predicted for yesterday afternoon did not measure up. There was a good wind blowing but nothing in the 40 mph gust range; maximum gusts only at 24 mph which for this area is a strong breeze. Very calm this morning with a forecast for 10 mph winds this afternoon.

We did a little shorter walk this morning in the south part of the Park. Almost 1.5 miles by walking most of the roads in that long term portion of the Park. It has nothing to recommend it as a place to stay long term (6 months or more) but there are some people doing it. There are a lot more spaces available than taken however and it does not look to me that they have added many since last year.

It seems everyone, except me, has a poll. I had never heard of this company before but they are a polling company and the author of the article, Kathy Frankovic, is one of the world’s leading experts in public opinion polling. Trump breaks 50% in national support for the first time.

There were a few findings from this poll that she write about that I found very interesting although not all of them surprising. Note: Kasich would have a better chance of being the nominee if he were running as a Democrat.

Rubio is the least liked of all the remaining GOP candidates. His favorable rating among Republican primary voters has dropped nine points from what it was two weeks ago; his unfavorable rating has jumped eleven points in the same period.
Kasich’s ratings are particularly strong this week. He gained five points among Republican primary voters in favorability compared with the last Economist/YouGov Poll. Kasich scores better with Democratic primary voters than any other GOP candidate (and if Democratic voters could choose the GOP nominee, Kasich would be the frontrunner).
The most important reason people support Trump, chosen by both Trump supporters and opponents in the party, is that he is not politically correct. But if Trump should win, whenever that happens, Republican voters, including those supporting other candidates, want the establishment to support him.
That last item that I quoted could be a big, big problem for The Establishment if The Donald goes to the convention with a sizable number of delegates even if not enough to be nominated on the first ballot. This convention may mark the re-birth of the Whig Party that was replaced by the Republican Party a little over 150 years ago.

"The Ides of March are come". A date that historians have used as the one that 'transformed' Rome from a republic to an empire. Perhaps the good 'ol US of A has been transformed by President Obama as he wished but not in a way that he wanted?

16 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

Well The Rubio, aka Little Mario, is gone and Kasich (he does not get a The) having won his home state is going to stay in the race and try to force a 'brokered' convention. I think he would be better off endorsing The Donald and maybe become Postmaster General of the United States.

Dr. Carson has said that Trump promised him a role in his administration, “certainly in an advisory capacity.” I would hope that is true and that he has been 'promised' to be the Surgeon General of the United States.

Federal law expressly prohibits candidates from directly or indirectly promising “the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.” But we all know how those 'promises' are made.

I thought The Diaper Divide by Cecilia Muñoz was a spoof but this is the kind of thing that the Obama administration finds of high importance. I have pulled only one paragraph as a quote - you need to read this.

Cecilia Muñoz is the Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council, which coordinates the domestic policy-making process in the White House. Before joining the Obama Administration, Cecilia served as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization. So she is no lightweight in the administration, obviously highly qualified and pulled down $172,200 in 2014.

There is also no federal assistance for purchasing diapers, unlike other essentials like food or health insurance. Programs like WIC, SNAP, Medicaid help provide parents with nutritious foods and the supports they and their babies need to stay healthy, and the President’s budget has called for $10 million to test effective ways to get diapers to families in need and document the health improvements that result. But unless Congress acts, we don’t have a program to help struggling families buy diapers for their children. So, we’re getting creative and using every tool we have to help solve this problem.
That is about all I have done this morning - read the News. Certainly nothing very exciting but I did not find much in the Daily blogs that I read either. Perhaps I'm expecting too much. I know what I write every day certainly does not measure very high on the excitement scale. The weather is good and the 'experts' claim it is going to stay that way. I guess I'll go back to drawing on HTML Canvas for a while and then go to the couch.

17 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

I have received notices that two packages have been received by my UPS Store. The third one is scheduled to be delivered today. I sure hope that happens and I can pick everything up tomorrow. Nothing I ordered is critical but I would like to have my new shoes. They may help my sore feet.

I have been hammered with Broadband Usage the past 2-3 days. Doing nothing different and using 2-3 times my usual Daily Quota. I am the point now that I need to dial back and try to use very little for the next few days to get back 'on budget'. I thought it was Microsoft Window Updates which I did a couple days ago but I got hit again yesterday and what little time I was online this morning used a LOT of bytes.

That means less News reading, less Daily blog reading and no Canvas drawing. More time with my book and Patches on the couch.

“Throw me to the wolves & I'll return leading the pack” ― Unknown
This quote could easily be attributed to The Donald and just may become a popular campaign slogan. Show that as a banner right after the new ad with The Hill barking. I like it!

18 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 18, 1928

We did only a short potty walk before I took off for town. That walk seemed to be normal but when I got out of Desperado at Sunny's D in Huachuca City for breakfast I could hardly walk because of the pain in my lower back and left hip.

That continued all morning. I don't know what that is all about. Maybe getting old but it sure came on sudden like.

I had Corned Beef Hash , poached eggs, home fries, sourdough toast and coffee at Sunny's this morning and everything was excellent. The sourdough toast deserves special mention because it was those thick slabs of bread toasted just right. If I were to complain about anything it would be that it was not sour enough.

Another quick shopping trip at Fry's then had about a 30 minute wait for my UPS Store to open. There I picked up three packages which included everything that I had ordered last week. The new shoes where the most important and I will take them on a short walk this afternoon. I did try them on and they feel good.

I have unpacked my Kindle Paperwhite but that is as far I have gone so far. With Verizon in diet mode I will not be doing a lot of downloads within the next few days. But maybe I will have enough broadband quota available to do some online reading about how to use it. There were no instructions other than how to plug it in to charge it. I suspect the rest of the instructions are in the Kindle. I'll see later today and during the weekend - a new toy!

Stopped at the gun shop near the Park on the way back. They open at 9:00 so I waited a couple of minutes before trying the door which I found locked but heard sounds that I thought to be unlocking. Sure enough that is what was happening but the woman that was unlocking was doing so only to place a note on the door that they would not be open until 10:00. She let me in to check the shelves for the .410 ammo that I was looking for but could not find. I left my email address for the owner to contact me when/IF he got any in for sale.

The woman claimed the owner was trying to hire someone. I suspect that he is not offering to pay a lot and most of the applicants probably can not pass a background check.

19 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Yesterday I used the Internet to access the same web sites as I did on Thursday. I also did more Internet uploads and downloads to my own web pages than I did on Thursday. Yet both NetWorx and Verizon say I used less bytes. I don't know what it was that used up nearly 100MB on Thursday that I can not account for. Still on a Verizon byte diet for a day or two more to get back on budget.

I got my Paperwhite started yesterday - maybe. I plugged it in to the USB port on my computer and an amber light appeared which I have read means that it is charging. It stayed that way for maybe a couple hours and finally I saw a green light. The battery icon had a lightning bolt across it before and now it is solid white. This is the only indications that the battery is now 'full'.

I also spent a lot of time trying to register it. Everything I read said that IF I bought it from Amazon then it was pre-registered. BUT, I also read that IF it shows My Kildle in the upper left corner then I need to register it.

To register I need a WIFI connection which I do not have (I may go to the Park office and ask if there is WIFI available) and Verizon does not count as WIFI with Paperwhite. I did go to my Amazon account and found that it is registered to me and found that the My Kindle will change to Edward's Kindle IF/When I connect to a WIFI.

I downloaded a PDF book from my computer, using the same USB connection that was used to charge the battery. This is a book that I have been reading, off and on, using Adobe Acrobat Reader on my computer. There is a way to convert the PDF to something that is more Paperwhite friendly but I have only read about it so far. It seems like it may require more 'tecky stuff' than I want to get involved in right now.

What I have on the Paperwhite is not great but it is not worse than what was available using Adobe. The advantage of the Paperwhite is I can lay on the couch and read which I could not do with the computer. Life is made up of such compromises.

Short walk yesterday afternoon with my new shoes. Another long potty walk in the Park this morning. My lower back and hip are still causing me what the medical profession likes to call 'discomfort' but is most commonly called PAIN. I'll take it easy for a few days and see what happens, it is not nearly as bad as when I went to town yesterday.

I don't know what Kasich is campaigning for in the remaining Republican presidential primaries but it is not to get enough delegates to be the presidential nominee. He needs 112% of all the remaining delegates for that. Maybe he thinks he will be some kind of King Maker at the convention? Or, maybe he is bucking for the Vice President slot thinking that he can use any delegates that he does win to buy that position?

20 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I tried to convert some of the PDF titles that I had queued up to read in Adobe to something that Paperwhite could read. All I managed to do is blow a BIG hole in my Verizon broadband quota. The download of the software to do the conversion and the 2-3 attempts were a waste of time and bytes - probably 200MB.

Paperwhite and I are not very compatible at this point. The best that I can tell so far is that it is an Amazon marketing device to sell low cost e-books. I haven't tried to check out an e-book from the Sierra Vista library yet but everything that I have tried so far has been a total failure. I'm back in a deep hole again with my Verizon byte quota so that will now wait for a few days.

I did go to Project Gutenberg where I knew I could find free e-books that were in Paperwhite's format. Decided on a H. G Wells book that was a reasonably easy download to the Paperwhite. Reading this is much better than the PDFs. A PDF can be read on a Paperwhite but you can not increase the font size so most of the PDF books load up quite small. There are lots of books at Project Gutenberg so I have plenty of reading material available even without the Sierra Vista library.

We did another shorter walk in the Park yesterday afternoon. The back and leg still pained me but not too bad. This morning we did a slightly longer walk on one of our usual routes. It wasn't intended to be longer but I tried a modification that was available a year or so ago. That egress to the Park is now closed unless you are willing to fight through a thorn hedge. It was somewhat iffy before, now the hedge has grown so much that I didn't want to get torn up.

21 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I don't do a lot of socializing nor get many visitors but had one yesterday and had a good visit. kaBLOOnie boonster of Occupation of Independence stopped by on his way to his next boondock.

Patches goes wild when she sees him because she thinks that she gets to go do a run with his dog Coffee Girl. That did not happen yesterday because it was too late in the day. She was disappointed but still gave him a friendly welcome.

We had a good talk and he was then on his way. I'll be following his trail for most of this Spring and into the Summer but we may cross paths again later in the year.

It wasn't easy but I did finally manage to highlight a passage in Paperwhite from Anticipations by H. G Wells published in 1902. That is the e-book that I am currently reading on my new Paperwhite. You talk about a learning experience, I am deep into one with this new toy!

When I say it was not easy to copy the passage that is comparing what needed to be done versus how simple it is to copy and paste from the web. If you compare the process to typing the entire passage from a physical book then it was not very difficult. I would have never re-typed it.

There are a lot of things that Wells got wrong in this book, where he is predicting what the 20th Century will be like, but I think he was spot on with what I have quoted.

There seems every reason to suppose that this phenomenon of unemployed citizens, who are, in fact, unemployable, will remain present as a class, perishing individually and individually renewed, so long as civilization remains progressive and experimental upon its present lines. Their drowning existences may be utilized, the crude hardship of their lot may be concealed or mitigated, they may react upon the social fabric that is attempting to eliminate them, in very astounding ways, but their presence and their individual doom, it seems to me, will be unavoidable—at any rate, for many generations of men. They are an integral part of this physiological process of mechanical progress, as inevitable in the social body as are waste matters and disintegrating cells in the body of an active and healthy man. The appearance of these two strange functionless elements, although the most striking symptom of the new phase of progressive mechanical civilization now beginning, is by no means the most essential change in progress. These appearances involve also certain disappearances. I have already indicated pretty clearly that the vast irregular development of irresponsible wealthy people is swallowing up and assimilating more and more the old class of administrative land-owning gentlemen in all their grades and degrees. The old upper class, as a functional member of the State, is being effaced. And I have also suggested that the old lower class, the broad necessary base of the social pyramid, the uneducated inadaptable peasants and labourers, is, with the development of toil-saving machinery, dwindling and crumbling down bit by bit towards the abyss. But side by side with these two processes is a third process of still profounder significance, and that is the reconstruction and the vast proliferation of what constituted the middle class of the old order. It is now, indeed, no longer a middle class at all. Rather all the definite classes in the old scheme of functional precedence have melted and mingled, and in the molten mass there has appeared a vast intricate confusion of different sorts of people, some sailing about upon floating masses of irresponsible property, some buoyed by smaller fragments, some clinging desperately enough to insignificant atoms, a great and varied multitude swimming successfully without aid, or with an amount of aid that is negligible in relation to their own efforts, and an equally varied multitude of less capable ones clinging to the swimmers, clinging to the floating rich, or clutching empty-handed and thrust and sinking down.
22 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I didn't get any pictures this time but there was a heavy haul trailer parked along AZ82 just outside the Park yesterday afternoon and this morning. It is owned by Lyons Specialized Transport and they describe its as "our brand new super 13 Trunion built by Nelson Trailers, CA certified up to 240k payload, and features air-ride suspension". The load was covered in plastic wrap so I have no idea what it was, but it was BIG.

I'm still on a Verizon broadband byte diet today. I expect that I'll be back on budget by tomorrow and will get back to doing some more Canvas drawing. I'll also be able to do more reading about how to use my Paperwhite. I am learning slowly but what is frustrating for me is the touch/tap screen. It works one time when I touch, or tap, it and then the next time that I attempt to do the same thing nothing happens or something I did not want to happen - does.

I think I understand how to copy text from the Paperwhite now so that is good. The quote shown below was pulled from Anticipations Chapter V "The Life-History of Democracy". Wells did not have much faith in a Democracy that included the 'great mass of men' and in his political writings generated a scientific socialism to compete with Marxism. You don't hear the Liberals of today praising him but he probably does deserve the title "The Godfather of American Liberalism". Ironically, the Liberals of today garner their support from the two opposing classes that Wells loathed; the "the Shareholding Class, administering irresponsible property" and the “People of the Abyss, vicious helpless pauper masses".

It is manifest that upon countless important public issues there is no collective will, and nothing in the mind of the average man except blank indifference; that an electional system simply places power in the hands of the most skilful electioneers; that neither men nor their rights are identically equal, but vary with every individual, and, above all, that the minimum or maximum of general happiness is related only so indirectly to the public control that people will suffer great miseries from their governments unresistingly, and, on the other hand, change their rulers on account of the most trivial irritations.
23 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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The wind came back around 10:00 yesterday morning and kept building in strength. By 2:00 in the afternoon we were getting gust of over 40 mph. That was when I decided that we probably were not doing an afternoon walk. I hate to be out there getting beat up by those kind of winds.

That heavy transport was still there as I completed my walk this morning. They were ready to get on the road and were waiting for the police so that gave me time to ask some questions. The cargo is an aircraft carrier transmission. Total weight of the transmission, truck and trailer is a little over 300,000 pounds. They started from near San Francisco and will make delivery to a barge in Huston where the transmission will then go to the East Coast. It is hard to believe but it is cheaper to transport it this way than by ship through the Panama Canal.

Patches was able to make some new friends and get some attention. She does act the fool when she meets people but they all love her for it.

I went to the Park club house to trade the book that I just finished and at 9:00 the wind was picking up again. That made it feel colder than when we were doing our early morning walk. The forecast high for today is only 65° with the low tomorrow morning to be below 40 again. Probably get more strong winds this afternoon. Changeable, unsettled weather is to be expected in this area during spring.

leftpic This is the only the second Follett book that I have reviewed but probably the fifth one that I have read. This one was every bit as good as Pillars of the Earth. The other book that I did review on 22 December 2013 was Jack Daws. This one was my kind of book in all respects; 920 pages long in paperback and historical fiction which is Follett's genre. This is the first book in his Century Trilogy which I think I can get as e-books from the Sierra Vista library. The Weekly review gives it rather short shift in my opinion. But, if he has written even better historical fiction than this then I need to read it.

This first in a century - spanning trilogy from bestseller Follett (Eye of the Needle) makes effective and economical use of its lead characters, despite its scope and bulk. From a huge cast, eight figures emerge to play multiple roles that illustrate and often illuminate the major events, trends, and issues of the years leading up to and immediately beyond WWI: American diplomat Gus Dewar; Earl Fitzherbert, a wealthy Englishman; Fitz's sister, Lady Maud; German military attaché Walter von Ulrich; Russian brothers Grigori and Lev Peshkov; Welsh collier Billy Williams and his sister, Ethel, whom Fitz hires as a housemaid. Ingenious plotting allows Follett to explore such salient developments of the era as coal mine safety in Wales, women's suffrage, the diplomatic blundering that led to war, the horrors of trench warfare, and the triumph of the Bolsheviks. While this tome doesn't achieve the emotional depth of the best historicals, it is a remarkable and wonderfully readable synthesis of fact and fiction. - Publishers Weekly

24 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I finished Anticipations yesterday and downloaded Ann Veronica (1909) by H. G. Wells from Project Gutenberg. This is a historical fiction novel that will add to what I just finished reading by Ken Follett. Ann is a suffragette like Ethel and Lady Maud were in the Follett novel.

I also saw that Firefox was not showing the book cover correctly on my Home Page. I though it might just my Firefox but there was a huge margin of blank space between the cover image and the text. Internet Explorer continues to show it correctly. Firefox does the same thing with my Archived page for March but is showing February correctly. I was stumped for an explanation.

I then did beat the Firefox problem to death last night by taking away postings until I found the culprit. I don't know why it was a problem with Firefox and not IE but it was. On March 4th I copied a quote that contained the at symbol (which I will NOT show here) and that screwed up how Firefox showed the spacing around images. Crazy!

A short potty walk, quick trip to town and I was back in my space with a cup of coffee in hand by 8:15. That was after having a good Spinach Omelet at the Landmark for breakfast and some no nonsense grocery shopping at Fry's.

It was colder this morning, just like the experts predicted. However, it was 28° versus the 38 that they had forecast. They want me to believe it is going to be 42° for a low tomorrow morning but I don't believe it. That is a Chamber of Commerce forecast and I'll have my cap and gloves on for our longer walk.

The quilt block that I have posted in the margin of the Home Page today is one of my favorites so far. The most difficult thing about drawing it was all the Radial Gradients but I think it looks really good.

Think about this one for a minute. In a three man race, Kasich came in fourth behind a man no longer even running for President. In Arizona, John Kasich was beaten by Marco Rubio, a man who dropped out of the race. Part of the problem there is early voting. Arizona has been voting for a month. But still — it is another example of how completely not viable John Kasich is. Every vote cast for Kasich at this point is a vote for Trump. - Erick Erickson

25 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 25, 1928

The Cascade Bicycle Club used the Park club house for a lunch stop yesterday. I saw riders coming into the Park so had to go and find out who/what they were all about. They are on a 7 day Southern Arizona Tour that met in Tucson on 19 March. Yesterday they were riding from Bisbee, through Tombstone to Sonoita. They will overnight there for two night with a visit to Kartchner Caverns today and then back to Tucson on Saturday 26 March.

It looked like I was going to be close to my Verizon budget yesterday afternoon so I got started on formatting another month's Will Rogers weekly articles. Did more this morning and may finish by Sunday.

After that it looked like I still had Verizon quota remaining for the day so I finished drawing a quilt block that I started before I was forced to go on a broadband diet. Even got started on another Roman mosaic and still had some quota left when I went to bed. I'm back on budget this morning with 9 days left in the billing cycle so I'm good IF there are no more unexpected downloads.

Not much else going on. I'll be late with a posting tomorrow. Going to go to the range's pistol workshop again IF it is not blowing a gale.

26 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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The day at the range went fairly well. Once again I was not the worst shooter in a smaller group of only 6 this time. But, I think the only reason for that was the fellow that was shooting worse that me was shooting a new gun for the first time. He had a revolver the last two time we shot and today he came with a semi-auto.

I have a hand tremor when I try to hold on target and the instructor suggested that I try firing as I move onto target. That did not work out well at all because I never had a sight picture. I modified his suggestion somewhat for my next 12 shots when we were shooting scenarios and did much better.

He was razzing me about hitting the pop-up. I had to hit it to make the other target appear and he was giving me a hard time about I might run out of ammunition. The first time we shot, the pop-up exposed the second target and left it exposed so you had a lot of time. The second time we shot, he had it set up so that the second target was exposed for maybe only a second.

I had no problem with either scenario and was able to double tap the second target just like the big boys. Not like the one show-off that triple tapped it - but then again he is a GOOD shooter.

The wind did kick up some but not too bad, I suspect it will get worse later this afternoon. A lot of standing which has left hurting. Even without any wind I think our afternoon walk will be a short one. Patches was good at the range again. I saw her watching us for a while and then I think she went back to bed with a small war going on less than 100 yards from her. What a GREAT DOG!

That was it for my day. It feels so good to sit down and I know the couch is going to be welcoming later today after 'linner'.

27 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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This will be a quiet Easter Sunday for me as they all are. I did notice while on our walk this morning that the Cowboy Church had a lot of cars in their parking lot and spilling out into the road. I could not hear the 'message' but could hear the preacher's voice over a loudspeaker that he was using outside for the Sunrise Service.

President Obama usually has an Easter/Passover Message but I don't find anything in the News this morning. Perhaps it is too early and he has not released it yet today. He does want to keep up some appearance of being Christian although he speaks out against them often.

Then there are his actions versus his talk. Next week he will join Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan in opening the largest mosque built in the United States. I can not remember when President Obama attended the opening of a Christian church in Turkey. Nor in any other country around the world where he has traveled on his many apology tours. Not even in this country. Now Oprah did open a church, even founded a religion to go along with it, so perhaps she was acting as his proxy.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to line up dental appointments for August and December. Not having much luck. I have filled out the on-line contact form with a dentist that I used a couple years ago - twice, no reply. Filled out the on-line contact form for another dentist that I have not used before that I was hoping I could in December - twice, no reply.

Today I sent an e-mail to the dentist that I have used before. If I do not get a response then I need to find someone else at that stop because I do want to be there and I do need to get a cleaning at that time. The December stop is still very open to where I will go and will be somewhat dependent on where I can get a cleaning.

The Canvas drawing that I have put up in the margin of my Home Page today was done differently than those that I did previously. For this block I drew the white background over a transparent Canvas. You might think of it as a cut out rather than a drawing, with the white remaining and the design appears as the color over which the 'drawing' is placed. This works well when a couple colors are involved but could be done with multiple colors also. I might have let the maroon background color show through a transparent Canvas before but I don't think so.

28 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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I finished formatting next month's Will Rogers weekly articles yesterday afternoon. Since I have installed OpenOffice Writer and have learned how to use it for the formatting it is so much easier and faster than when I was using Microsoft Word Pad. It is much better for writing my daily postings also but does not save much time like it does for the formatting chore.

I also made good progress on the last Roman mosaic that I have been using for inspiration. I think I'll do some floor tile patterns that are similar to the mosaics. Made similar progress on a quilt block and finished it last night. There are a lot more available where the inspiration for these has come from so I'll be picking another to draw. I also have located some stained glass images that I'm going to try and draw at some point.

We did a potty walk this morning and I then headed for Sierra Vista again and my 7:30 VA appointment. We arrived plenty early so I took Patches for another 1/2 mile walk. Got checked in at the VA and was called in to do some blood letting before the scheduled 7:30. In fact I was back in Desperado by 7:30.

That did not help much because Patches' groomer was not scheduled to open until 8:00. She was a couple minutes early which was good. I left Patches and went to Café Olé for breakfast. Tried their Sausage and Green Chile Omelet and that may now be my favorite dish that they offer. It was very good and the home fries were cooked just right. Decent coffee went with the prompt service. Have I said that I really do like Café Olé!

I had a short wait for Patches to get dry at the groomer and for her dew claws to get clipped. She keeps her nails short with all the walking we do plus her digging and kicking dirt before and after most potty breaks. She will try to dig out a ground squirrel or prairie dog from time to time and then the dirt is truly flying.

When I got back to the Park I pulled far forward in my space and did the holding tank dumps again. Took on fresh water and then backed up to where I like to be in the space. Got this done as the wind, that the Wind Warning predicted, picked up. The next couple of days are going to be colder with lows back below 40 again and the highs below 70 with wind gusts up to 40mph.

29 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
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Strong winds, as predicted, were blowing yesterday afternoon so we stayed in the Park and did a short potty walk. This morning it was almost calm and we got to do a good walk. The wind then started again at about 8:00, it is was like someone had turned on a giant fan; with it coming sudden and strong. We may do an afternoon walk and then may not with wind gusts being predicted to reach 50 mph.

The next three days are being forecast to reach high temperatures in the 60s with Thursday forecast to be 60°. The low temperatures to be in the 30s although not freezing. I would not be surprised if it does light freeze but the winds might keep that from happening.

I'll be doing another shopping trip tomorrow but the rest of those days I'll most likely be huddled inside. I also have to do laundry again but think I can get it done early in the morning before the winds gather strength.

When Will Trump Be Assassinated by Martin Armstrong has posted this on his blog. I knew that the Ministry of Propaganda would never publish such and article but wondered when someone would. He provides historical examples to support his main premises which is contained it this quote.

The point is, those in power will NEVER surrender their power willingly. Donald Trump is flying in the face of people so corrupt that they would not hesitate to have him assassinated somehow, be it a plane or car crash or under the pretense of some minority who gets amazing access. This is standard operating procedure and it is dominant throughout history from ancient times to the present. They will stop Donald Trump one way or another. They cannot afford to lose control of their money machine. The press is part of the establishment, for you can see they have received their orders to portray Trump as dangerous. They should be nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards. This is why there is ultimately revolution. No individual can reverse the direction of corruption. Yet the practice of assassination is historic.
So either they rig the convention, or they create an accident. The “establishment” does not appear willing to accept Trump under any conditions.
30 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

We were up and doing a short potty walk just a few minutes before 6:00. Then a quick trip into Sierra Vista and Fry's for groceries and headed back for home. The idea was to get the shopping done and get off the road before the winds started to blow hard again.

Stopped at Sunny's D on the way home and got breakfast. This time I had their Chorizo and Eggs with some good home fries. The winds had started to pick up by the time I left there but it was only a 4 mile drive to the Park. The winds were also only in the 5-10 mpg range versus the 30-40 mph gusts that we had yesterday.

The forecast is for more winds today but not as strong. The gurus continue to guess that it is going to be 60° for a high tomorrow but will then be 85° on Monday. Yes, it is spring time in Southern Arizona - don't ya love it!

Finished two floor tile drawings. They are both described as being basket weave but the patterns are quite different. I am going to do a third one with that name also but again a different pattern. These are easy to draw after doing the Roman mosaics but there are some others that look to be more difficult.

The quilt block that I have been drawing for the past few days has not been easy. It uses multiples of 27 which causes me some brain spin and there are a LOT of shapes that I need to draw. Then on top of that I am learning a new drawing technique. I will probably finish it today but even now it is looking GOOD.

I like the block that I have posted in the margin of my Home Page today a LOT. It has that 3-D look about it and changes shape the more you look at it. The colors worked well on this one also I thought - that is not always true.

31 March
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachua City, AZ
no pic

Well it did get cold this morning. Colder than the experts predicted and not quite the light freeze that I thought we might get - 33°. The weather guys have changed their guess about the high temperature today to 58° but expect the low tomorrow morning to be 37°. I don't think so - we may get that light freeze yet.

I got laundry started as soon as we finished our morning walk. No one else was there at any time that I was. I think it was too cold for most people in the Park to be up and out.

Then devoted a lot of time this morning try to find the vertices in Canvas for the rectangular tile that I want to draw. I think I have found the solution but have only managed to get three tile in place so I'm not sure of that. I think this pattern will look very nice if I can get it drawn.

That has been it for this morning. We have a very stormy sky and have had a few sprinkles. Our afternoon walk may get rained out but the wind has not picked up or it would be really cold.

Perhaps more couch time with my Paperwhite (maybe finish the H. G. Wells novel that I'm reading) and with Patches. I keep switching back and forth with a paperback that I am also close to finishing so this afternoon may be the time for reading.