1 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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This is Panel #3 which I like a lot. The curves were drawn using circles which I hope I can use when I try drawing knots again. I tried before and failed but this pattern has given me hope.

I have one more Panel that will be drawn like the previous three have been. Then comes one about twice as wide that I will draw only once and it is difficult. A LOT of pieces and it would probably have been easier to do in a larger scale but I have started and hate to start over. It is going to take some time.

I linked to a Brandon Smith article on 22 September. In that article he "examined the basic philosophies that define what he calls the liberty movement" and promised a follow up article. He has done so with How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America which is a long article but worth the time it takes to read it. He and Fred Reed are of kindred souls by what he has written in his "The End Of Forced Multiculturalism" or "The Eradication Of Language Policing" paragraphs. I quote his closing.

As mentioned in my first article on the “deplorables,” these changes – which represent a redress of grievances over decades of American corruption –will not take place without years of struggle and sacrifice. Again, this is not about a Trump presidency or any other future election. This is about action on the part of regular men and women, average conservatives, everyday. This is about self sufficiency, localized economies, the return of individual producers, the refusal to comply with social justice-based laws and legislation, the return of community-based security rather than reliance on state and federal security, local efforts for border security, the punishment of criminal financial institutions, etc.; all of which will probably come at the cost of a fight with the establishment.
President Obama is intent on having a 'legacy'. I believe that he will have one but it will not be the one of his choice. A Silhouette in the Sunset by uncola, the nom de plume of the blogger, has written Obama's legacy in my opinion. I have quoted his closing and recommend the posting.
So let us speak no more of the dusky one. This man of shadows. This man of many names. The one for hope and change. The man of our times. His presidency represents the dying light of day before the setting sun; the fall season before winter comes. His legacy will resonate into the coming age like the sounds of autumn leaves rustling in an open doorway. The seasons turn, the days bring change and most care not the reason. Revolutions rise and revolutions fade; we reap what has been sown and in the end, ill-fated winds blow. For most, they will never know the reasons for the season. But for those that do, they can sense it as it wafts foul upon the evening air. It smells like treason.
2 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I wrote about the discrepancy between the Budget Deficit and the Debt some months back (didn't search for the exact date) where there was more added to the Debt than was reported as a Deficit. This is Why US Gov. Deficit Numbers are a BIG Lie by Wolf Richter is an article on that same topic. He takes it much farther than I did however by going back to 2003 and shows that there is a difference of $4.04 TRILLION. He asks "Where did this money go?"

It doesn’t matter who sits in the White House: it happened under Clinton (the “surpluses” of 1998-2001), under Bush, and under Obama. It’s standard operating procedure, but hidden from view. And it’s getting bigger.
I do know, however, that the money went somewhere – and that US taxpayers owe it and have to struggle with the debt and the interest on it for all eternity. And there’s another thing I know: our government’s accounting of what it spends and therefore the deficit numbers are BIG lies: since 2003, it admitted to an accumulated deficit of $9.26 trillion, but the national debt during that time rose by $13.3 trillion. That’s not a rounding error, but a liar margin of 43%!!
Rapper and activist Tef Poe has just endorsed The Donald. Well not exactly an endorsement but what he has said should work in The Donald's favor. Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘We Will INCITE RIOTS Everywhere If Trump Wins’ is the article that will not get much Ministry of Propaganda attention but Tef Poe has declared war if The Donald wins. What the Left-wing does not understand is that he is declaring war on 'white people' not just Trumpest supporters.
Dear white people if Trump wins young niggers such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.
This is the first of six tile that use a hexagon as the focus point in the pattern and is #8 in the 3-uniform series.
I am making progress with the drawing of Panel #5 but as I said there are a LOT of pieces in this pattern and it is going slow, slow. I'll get there, and it is starting to look good.

3 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I could smell rain on the sage when I went out for my walk this morning. Even got a little damp while I was doing it. Stayed dry when I went to Smith's, then got wet when leaving El Taoseno Restaurant. Got even wetter while I was getting backed into my space and connected to electric at the Park. Soon after that it quit raining!

The 10 Day forecast now has predicted every day to have a low in the 30s with Thursday and Friday pegged at 28° and all the high temperatures to be in the 60s. I plugged in my basement heater this morning and will probable keep it plugged in for the rest of the time that I am here.

El Taoseno had Huevos con Chorizo as their breakfast special which worked out perfect because that was what I had decided I would have. It was good, the coffee was good, the service was good - my best experience at El Taoseno after 3-4 tries. Not number one on my list but considering what is available in Taos I will recommend them.

The two presidential nominees are slinging mud 'Fast and Furious' leading into round two of the debates. The Donald can not win a mud slinging fight in my opinion because The Hill has the Ministry of Propaganda in her corner. The second round should be a good one IF The Donald comes to fight and not just defend. These are the two truism that he must overcome:
“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” - Soren Kierkegaard
“You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe” - Carl Sagan

The blog posting this week Sizing Up the Endgame by James Howard Kunstler is another good one. I have not quoted any of it but especially like what he has to say about David McAlvany's podcast - recommended reading.

leftpic Another in The War That Came Early series that Publishers Weekly did not review or I could not find it. Again they had good reason not to publish their review because they could not give a 'good' one. The series started off well but #4 & #5 have not matched that good start. Turtledove always adds background from his previous book(s) so any one of them in the series can be read and it makes a good story. However, if you are reading them in order then by the time you reach book #5 about half of what he writes is background. I will read #6 in this series but do not have my hopes up. Booklist has made the same kind of mistake that the Weekly does many times; they misidentify Willi Dernen as Wilhelm Deming. Makes you wonder if they really read the book(s) or is it just poor editing.

Turtledove’s new variation on the theme of WWII is departing more and more from the original, sometimes in subtle ways (the Tiger tank is the Mark V instead of the Mark VI) and sometimes in less subtle ones (Sergeant Fujita flies on missions to drop bacteriological weapons on Hawaii, making life uneasy for marine Pete McGill, and Herb Druse gets a certain research project in Tennessee canceled). The lot of the poor bloody infantrymen, however, does not change—it’s still miserable, and for Wilhelm Deming, fatal. Meanwhile, British sergeant Walsh, French lieutenant Demange, and Czech sniper Vaclav Havacek are still full of fight, the first two on a French front bolstered by lend-lease supplies and the third in Spain. Hans Rudel continues to enjoy a charmed life in his tank-busting Stuka, while Julius Lemp takes his U-30 into Arctic waters, where he unbolts his record by sinking a British aircraft carrier. The real pressure for an explosion is building up in Germany, as dissatisfaction with the progress (or regress) of the war is building. The center of the dissent is in Münster, where newly widowed Sarah Bruck is dealing with it up close and personal and finding that not all Germans think of Jews as untermenschen. What’s next is anybody’s guess, except that it will almost certainly be more surprises. - Booklist Review

4 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I ask this question rhetorically, the Ministry of Propaganda has provided the answer. What is worse, calling a fat woman fat or suggesting that Julian Assange be assassinated using a drone strike? Calling a fat woman fat got Yuuge coverage by the Ministry whereas the Assange drone strike suggestion has been left for the Alt-News to report.

I hope The Hill is asked the question again during one of the next two debates. The Ministry of Propaganda can understand this answer but it would do a lot to help The Donald. What did she say?

"My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know, the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment." - Hillary Clinton, 3/11/14

"After decades of scheming, conniving and manipulating she was finally elected prom queen. But the tragedy is that no one wants to take Hillary to the prom." - Daniel Greenfield, Hillary’s Greatest Nightmare is Coming True

The low temperature did not drop down below 35° this morning so my basement outlet thermostat did not turn on the ceramic reptile heat lamp. Still looking at 6 mornings in the forecast where it could be used then the weather gurus think it will warm up again with lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s. I did fire up the Wave 6 for a while this morning however.

Panel #4 is another one that I like a lot. It is not drawn exactly like what is shown on the stained glass web page but it is close.
I can not say the same for Panel #5 although it is not that much different than what is shown. I have difficulty getting the proportions i.e. height/width or size correct when looking at the pictures and trying to draw them. It was not until I had #5 almost finished before I could see that I had make it about 6 pixel too wide. It is still going to look good but not as good as in the picture nor as good as it could have been but I am not going to re-do it. Almost finished.

5 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I downloaded The Essential Ludwig von Mises published by The Foundation for Economic Education; there is another book by the same title by Murray Rothbard. This is a short book that has two long selections from Socialism, a lecture at Princeton in 1958, a presentation to the Mont Pelerin Society in 1951 and a selection from Human Action. Not much new material but I will put "Action" on my 'to read' list. I have 4 more of 'The Essential xx' books from FEE that I have also downloaded and not yet read.

The forecast low was 33° but it was 29° while I was out there doing my morning walk. Stopped at Taos Java for a latte and sat inside this time. It was not too cold while moving but I couldn't sit in it. That is why the Wave 6 came on when I got back in Desperado.

My basement heater was working as designed when I got back and checked it. For those that don't know or have forgotten my basement heater is a 150W ceramic reptile heating bulb plugged into an outlet thermostat that comes on when it drops below 35° and shuts off when above 45°.

I try to avoid being any place where it is required but have needed it on occasion; today and the next few days I may need it. My pipes can take a light freeze but they have froze up a couple of times and early on in my fulltiming life the water manifold froze and broke. High dollar item to replace but my RV service shop in Sierra Vista cobbled together a manifold made from PVC pipes and valves. It has worked great but probably would freeze even faster than the stock manifold so I design the heater and had it installed a couple years ago.

6 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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It was not as cold this morning as yesterday and I don't think my basement heater came on. Tomorrow morning could be a different story with the predicted low to be 28° which usually optimistically predicts higher than what we will get. The Wave 6 was still needed however when I got back from my walk with the temperature staying below 40° until after 8:00.

This is #9 and the second tile [36; 324.3.4; 3.426] in the 3-uniform series with hexagons as the focus. I like these more than the decagons and they have also been easy to draw. Now if I can just finish Panel #5 I'll be pleased.
Washington Leads The World To War by Paul Craig Roberts is another of his postings that will move him up on the list for a drone strike if The Hill is elected. I have not seen any reports YET that Bob Beckel or The Hill have called for his assassination as they have for Julian Assange but he has to be on their list.

What must the world think watching the US presidential campaign? Over time US political campaigns have become more unreal and less related to voters’ concerns, but the current one is so unreal as to be absurd.
The offshoring of American jobs by global corporations and the deregulation of the US financial system have resulted in American economic failure. One might think that this would be an issue in a presidential campaign.
The neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony is driving the US and its vassals into conflict with Russia and China. The risks of nuclear war are higher than at any previous time in history. One might think that this also would be an issue in a presidential campaign.
Instead, the issues are Trump’s legal use of tax laws and his non-hostile attitude toward President Putin of Russia.
One might think that the issue would be Hillary’s extremely hostile attitude toward Putin (“the new Hitler”), which promises conflict with a major nuclear power.
Do you remember my posting about Rapper and activist Tef Poe on 2 October? The Hearts Of Patriots is an article that explains why the Left-wing supports the war that he has declared.
We are living on the edge of social destruction, a long-planned move of the leftists/Marxists, aided most deftly by the Obama Administration. The arrangements are unmistakable to the critical eye: the silence of the President during periods of race inspired riots as if to lend credibility to the cause; ...The cause, by the way, is undefined and the actions taken irrational. Theoretically, the cause is the death of a black person, any black person, especially criminals, at the hands of police. ...The actions taken are to riot and destroy private property, not government property. The rioters, who are incensed by the actions of the police, do not march to the seat of the government; they do not descend on the police station, or the Mayor's Office. These protests are not aimed at the government officials supposedly responsible for the policy of shooting armed criminals. Instead, the rioters loot local stores, destroy cars and attack white people on the streets.
7 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 7, 1928

If I had to open a pickle jar as a display of my health and fitness I'm afraid I would not pass. I might be able to open it with my right hand although I doubt it; using the left hand it would be impossible. It is all I can do to pick up a jar with my left hand. I have had psoridiac arthritis developing for some years and now have 'trigger finger' in the middle finger of both hands the left one being the worse.

What I have self diagnosed is I have symmetric psoriatic arthritis which affects several joints/tendons in pairs on both sides of my body. What I am dealing with is more an attack on the tendons rather than the joints but they do come in pairs. Both feet, both hands with the left side being the worse. The stretching has helped with my feet. I was reading up on what I can do about my hands and found some stretches that I can do with them that I hope helps.

The forecast was as close as they ever get it with the low this morning at 27° and warming up to above freezing by 8:30. My basement heater was working when I unplugged it to go grocery shopping which was good although I don't think the pipes would have froze this morning.

Breakfast was at Torbios South where I had their Huevos a la Mexicana again from their limited breakfast menu. That is the only complaint that I have, the limited menu. Service is always hit and miss but the cook is the waitress so you have to just go with it.

I then had a 9:00 appointment at the Paw Spa but they were open when I got there so I got in early. Was done, gone by 9:15 and hooked up in my space by 9:30. A good days work almost done. Dumped holding tanks on the way out and will fill the freshwater tank this afternoon which will put me back in sync with the tank chores happening on the same day.

leftpic I almost quit reading this book but having committed to reading Wells I will take the good with the bad. I do not recommend it but IF you want to 'get into the Wells mind' then this foray is necessary.

Wells describes his aim as to state "as forcibly and exactly as possible the religious belief of the writer." He distinguishes his religious beliefs from Christianity, and warns readers that he is "particularly uncompromising" on the doctrine of the Trinity, which he blames on "the violent ultimate crystallization of Nicaea." He pleads for a "modern religion" or "renascent religion" that has "no revelation and no founder." Biographers (including Wells himself) agree in regarding this foray into theology, which is also remarkable in the novel Mr. Britling Sees It Through (1916), as the result of the trauma of World War I. Wells later repudiated the God of God the Invisible King as "no God at all. What we have here is really a falling back of the mind towards immaturity under the stress of dismay and anxiety. ... So by a sort of coup d'état I turned my New Republic for a time into a divine monarchy. In What Are We to Do with Our Lives? (1932) I make the most explicit renunciation and apology for this phase of terminological disingenuousness." - Wikipedia

8 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I was forced to do my annual defrosting of the freezer yesterday. I disconnected the water source for the ice maker many years ago but when the frost builds up to an excessive level the ice maker starts making noises. I don't understand why but that is what is does and when I remove the frost it shuts up.

Precious metals investor i.e. moi saw the price of gold and silver absolutely massacred this past week. The expert pundits on financial media provided explanations for how the strength of the dollar or the improving health of the global economy were to blame. But neither of these arguments could realistically lead to the huge smack down. It looks like the same thing that happened in May 2011 when prices collapsed and China was closed for the week.

With China closed the markets were open for rampant manipulation so several billion dollars in leveraged paper assets were dumped. The shorts had their way with the market and were able to cover their positions and are now in a great shape to sell short again as prices move back up. I'm just along for the ride.

The IMF and All The Other Losers by Raúl Ilargi Meijer is a posting with the same theme that James Howard Kunstler has been writing about for years - the world's growth days are gone. I have quoted his closing.

We are transcending into an entirely different stage of our lives, our economies, our societies. Growth is gone, it went out the window long ago only to be replaced with debt. And that’s going to take a lot of getting used to. But there’s nothing that says we couldn’t see it coming.
What I have posted here are two separate HTML Canvas that each have Panel #5 drawn on them. The previous Panels that I have shown had two drawings on the same HTML Canvas. This drawing had too many pieces for me to draw it twice on the same Canvas so I have copied it and then posted it twice on the web page. I think it looks rather good considering the 'mistake'.

no pic no pic

Here is another good Fred Reed blog posting, Compaction, Pack Instinct, and Territoriality: Some Aspects of Irrationality. I quote his closing line: "There you have it. All of political behavior in 1100 words. And you don’t even have to pay for it."

9 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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I had my fourth skunk sighting this morning while here in Taos. This may have been skunk number 4 or perhaps I am seeing the same one. They have all been within a 1/4 mile of the Park. This morning was the closest encounter, perhaps 12-15 feet away, and they have a high degree of accuracy up to 10 feet so that was close enough.

We were both out in the dark with a solid cloud cover but the low temperature was up to 42°. Very nice although with a slight breeze I was glad I had my gloves and wool cap. There is a 30% chance of rain per the forecast but it looks like an even better chance than that to me. After breakfast I shut the stove off and by 8:00 it was starting to feel cold. Checked the temperature and it was only up to 44° so the Wave 6 came out again.

I did have a pot of beans on the stove at a slow simmer. I have been eating fish and vegetable 'linners' for months now and wanted a change. Mixed up a pot of pinto beans, crushed tomatoes, onion, cayenne pepper and some dark chocolate. I'll serve some of that over a few slices of fried potatoes and squash with a side of vegetables and my usual big salad.

The Donald has issued an apology for his 'vulgar' 2005 private comments. The Ministry has reported that he has issued said apology but they mostly report it as Yahoo! News has: "Donald Trump has issued an apology video for vulgar comments he made about women in 2005, but remained defiant at the same time, using his apology to issue an attack on Hillary Clinton."

The Alt-News has gone about reporting it differently, they post his entire apology and let the reader make up their own mind about him being 'defiant' and 'attacking' The Hill. I think this is a good example of the Ministry making the News rather than reporting it.

I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me, know these words don’t reflect who I am.
I said it, it was wrong, and I apologize.
I’ve travelled the country talking about change for America. But my travels have also changed me. I’ve spent time with grieving mothers who’ve lost their children, laid off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I’ve been humbled by the faith they’ve placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow, and will never, ever let you down.
Let’s be honest. We’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we are facing today. We are losing our jobs, we are less safe than we were 8 years ago and Washington is broken.
Hillary Clinton, and her kind, have run our country into the ground.
I’ve said some foolish things, but there is a big difference between words and actions. Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days.
See you at the debate on Sunday.
I hope The Hill brings up his 'vulgar' comments during the debate tonight. If she does I also hope that The Donald says: "That conversation happened in 2005, what difference at this point does it make? "

Please read What’s On The Ballot by Taxi Hack, he has more to say, and says it better than I, about The Donald, The Hill and Ministry News reporting.

leftpic The Customer Review that I have copied is very good for the first half of the book that most of the reviewers hated. It is the second half of the book (1910) that most of the readers enjoyed but without this beginning it would have been as meaningless as what now passes for literary action and good movie/TV plots (1946 & 2007). I liked this book a lot, especially after reading God the Invisible King. It is certainly not the science fiction that H. G. Wells is known for but a very good book.

Not uncommonly, at a certain point in their lives, people look up from their daily tasks and ask themselves something like, "How the hell did I get here? How did I end up in this place in my life, with this partner or with no partner, with these children or with no children, with this job or with no job? This isn't what I intended at all." So thinks Mr Polly at the age of 37 (middle age came earlier then) as he sits on a stile one day, realising that his life is in a "Beastly Silly Wheeze of a hole!" But how to get out of it is the first problem. And where on earth to go when or if you get out of it is the next. Wells takes us first along the path that took him from the time "when two people had thought Mr Polly the most wonderful and adorable thing in the world" to this moment on the stile as an aging, fat, unhealthy, unhappy, soon-to-be-bankrupt shopkeeper, then from that moment of recognition through his rather surprising, wish-fulfilling response. - Customer Review

10 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
no pic

The rain held off until after I finished my afternoon walk yesterday. I could see rain falling all around the valley but stayed dry. When the rain did come it was short and sweet with a short burst of hail mixed in. A little colder this morning and felt even colder because it was so damp. I'll be moving to high temperatures in the upper 80s and lows in the 50s - it will be like going from winter back to summer.

New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship by Glenn Greenwald and Lee Fang is a story that will not appear in the Main Stream Media for obvious reasons. I have not quoted from the article but it is worth reading. It also provides more evidence for why I do not believe any of the News as reported by the Ministry of Propaganda.

11 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
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This is the second of "The Essential xx" books that I downloaded from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). In the "Neither Left nor Right" chapter of The Essential Leonard Read he made a point that both the 'left' AND the 'right' statists authoritarians believe this quote.

The greatest principle of all is that nobody, whether male or female, should be without a leader. Nor should the mind of anybody be habituated to letting him do anything at all on his own initiative; neither out of zeal, nor even playfully. But in war as well as in the midst of peace—to his leader he shall direct his eye and follow him faithfully. And even in the smallest matter he should stand under leadership. For example, he should get up, or move, or wash, or take his meals ... only if he has been told to do so.... In a word, he should teach his soul, by long habit, never to dream of acting independently, and, in fact, to become utterly incapable of it. - Plato
You must keep in mind that Leonard E. Read was the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), which was one of the first modern libertarian institutions of its kind in the United States. He had no use for the middle-of-the -road politicians either. In the "Pursuit of Excellence" chapter he shows a bell curve with a small group on the left [A], the mass [B] in the center and another small group on the right [C]. Then goes on to describe the groupings.
The masses, the hosts of common men [B], do not conceive any ideas, sound or unsound. They only choose between the ideologies developed by the intellectual leaders of mankind [A or C]. But their choice is final and determines the course of events. If they prefer bad doctrines [A], nothing can prevent disaster...Today, the masses (B) are listening to and following the intellectual leaders at the left (A). The reason is that the intellectuals at the right (C) have not done and are not now doing their homework; indeed, most of them have little inkling of either the need for or the nature of such homework.
This chapter was from his book Anything That is Peaceful originally published in 1964 but is just as true today as it was then. The publication date just happens to be the same year that Barry Goldwater was the Republican president nominee and was hated by the Establishment (Democrat and Republicans, left and right) as much as The Donald is today. Is this a history rhyme?

On 5 October I said that I was putting Human Action by Von Mises on my reading list. I had downloaded Man, Economy and State with Power And Market by Murray N. Rothbard and started reading it yesterday. It is a tome (1,438 pages in paperback; 26,794 locations in Kindle). I have read through the Introduction and the Preface which brought me to Chapter 1 at location 1,143. It also brought me to the realization that much of this book is built on Human Action so stopped "Man" there and downloaded "Human". I'll see how much of that book I understand before continuing on with "Man" ("Human" is Von Mises magnum opus with 'only' 908 pages in paperback and 17,380 locations in Kindle - HA).

Paul Craig Roberts has a good article, Engage In Sex, Not War, about The Donald's locker room sex talk. I have copied his paragraph where he asks some very good questions.
Where did the 11-year old recording of locker room talk between Donald Trump and Billy Bush come from? Who recorded it and kept it for 11 years for what purpose? Why was it released the day prior to the second debate between Trump and Hillary? Was the recording an illegal violation of privacy? What became of the woman who recorded Monica Lewinsky’s confession to her of sex with Bill Clinton? Wasn’t she prosecuted for wiretaping or some such offense? Why was Billy Bush, the relative of two US presidents, suspended from his TV show because of a private conversation with Trump?
I can answer one of them. It was Linda Tripp that Maryland attempted to prosecute on state wiretapping charges for secretly tape-recording her telephone conversations with Monica Lewinsky. The New Yoek Times justified Maryland's attempt by saying "Ignoring such a well-publicized violation would have weakened the statute's deterrent value and made it harder for the state to justify prosecutions of less notorious violations in the future." All charges against Tripp were dismissed on May 26, 2000, when the prosecution decided not to proceed with the trial. I have not read that the "Times" is calling for the prosecution of the person that taped The Donald and Billy Bush.

12 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
no pic

I got started on household chores yesterday after posting to my web page. That took much longer than usual because I was using the Park WIFI all morning since I am showing 'over my quota' for this time in the billing cycle with Verizon.

I finished up those chores this morning. Now I need to get my 3x5 route card prepared. I'm late getting around to doing that although I have been thinking about how I will go. Need to take the hits today on data usage and get it done. Google Maps and Verizon seem to have a 'deal' to use a lot of data.

I made a good start on reading Human Action yesterday. When I say a good start what I mean is I finally reached Chapter 4 "A First Analysis of the Category of Action" where Von Mises begins to write about economics. The first three chapter were devoted to defending his approach/method of studying economics - Praxeology, the deductive study of human action engaged in purposeful behavior. I probably could have skipped these chapters but did not know that at the time.

I saw a brief mention of this story a few days ago but when I wanted to go back to it I could not find where I had read it. It may have been 'killed'. I then did find it again yesterday but certainly not published by the Ministry of Propaganda, Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS. I have quoted a part of the story that would explain why the Ministry does not want to have anything to do with publishing it.

He also said that the commanders of ISIS are led by Western intelligence. The commander also stated that foreign officers and experts from the US, Israel, and Turkey were inside Aleppo giving militant groups, including ISIS, support and intelligence. Were these same “experts” the targets of the Russian strike? Considering that US lives were lost at the hands of the Russian military, it’s very telling that the Western media has refused to cover this story. Even though the corporate media loves to blame Russia whenever possible, their failure to cover the deaths of US military officers by a Russian missile strike strongly implies that the US and the other foreign officers killed in Aleppo were doing something that the US government does not want to be made public.
A new way to campaign? Perhaps the Ministry will do The Hill's campaigning for her? This article Where’s Hillary? by Jay Michaels questions why she has left the campaign trail during October.
On October 3, Madame Secretary was in Ohio...Hillary even held a 13-minute, 40-second presser after the speech, where she took half a dozen questions...Then Hillary disappeared...This means that apart from the two events this Monday [3 October] and the 90-minute debates on the 9th and 19th, Hillary will not show her face for twenty days...The failure to campaign in October is without precedent in any American presidential election in living memory. Even in 1944, FDR, in failing health and confined to his wheelchair, campaigned vigorously in October.
69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings is an article that got slight mention by the Ministry. What I saw was the headline not much derail. This is the 'money' quote from the article.
In 2015, we asked more than 5,000 adults how much they had saved in a savings account. The results were startling: 62 percent said they have less than $1,000 in savings. Recently, GOBankingRates asked the question again, this time to more than 7,000 people to see if Americans’ saving rates have improved in the last year or so. But the results are even more surprising — the percentage of Americans with less than $1,000 in savings has jumped to 69 percent.
How does this happen when the Ministry and President Obama have been telling us over and over again how great the economy and Recovery has been during this past year? Everything is much better but people have LESS savings? I need to get busy reading more of "Human Action" to find out how/why this is happening.

Or, perhaps it is very simple: By inflating the currency the Federal Reserve is destroying the value of the currency, it becomes a diminishing asset and that discourages people from saving it. Or, might it be what Hazlitt had to say in his Economics In One Lesson Chapter XXIII The Assault On Savings. (see my posting of 30 June 2015 for the quote).

13 October
Taos Valley RV Park
Taos, NM
no pic

My last shopping day while in Taos. The first thing I did however was fill up with gas at the Smith's station. This was the first gas added since I filled up on 14 August while drive through Pagosa Springs. I leave a small carbon footprint. - HA! Smith's had no Greek Gods Yogurt, none! Not any flavor! My second choice was Oikos Triple Zero which they had in only the 5.3oz size, no 24oz containers.

Then it was on to Torbios South for my last breakfast there during this visit but they were closed - not doing so well today. There was a note on the door that I did not read but this is not an uncommon thing to happen with small Mexican restaurants. I will be back if I am ever in Taos again. Went to El Taoseno and had their Huevos con Chorizo again which they do well.

Last thing to do before getting into my space at the Park was to fill up with propane. The Park sells propane so it was very convient for me to do it now although I had over a 1/4 tank remaining.

I said that I had made progress reading "Human Action" by reaching Chapter 4. That was Chapter 4 of Part 1. Last night I went to bed upon completing Part 1 and have now started Part 2. This is going to take some time which I knew it would since the book is about 3x the length of most that I read.

One of the questions that Paul Craig Roberts asked in his "Engage In Sex, Not War" article that I linked to on 11 October was: Why was it released the day prior to the second debate between Trump and Hillary? NBC Planned to Use Trump Audio to Influence Debate, Election by TMZ Staff is an article that explains what lead up to the release and why.

In Her Own Way, Joy Behar is the Real Tramp by Dr. Michael Hurd is a slap down of Joy Behar but he also has a very good paragraph about The Hill and The Bill.

“The View” host Joy Behar called the women who allegedly slept with Bill Clinton “tramps” during a discussion on Monday about Sunday’s presidential debate...A “tramp” presumably refers to someone who’s sexually loose. Ultimately, a tramp is someone with low self-esteem. Because she thinks so little of herself, her own character, her own boundaries, and her own self-respect, she desperately hops into bed with a man merely because he gives her attention. Even if he throws her away or objectifies her, it does not matter, at least not at the time. Bill Clinton, in his heyday, was exactly the kind of man who objectified women and then threw them away. Hillary followed up with the broom and dust pan, often with cruelty and callous efficiency. Bill Clinton was drunk on sexual addiction because he was drunk on power. The available evidence suggests he was more drunk on sexual addiction, and his wife was the one lusting after power. Together, they made – and to this day still make – quite a dysfunctional pair in a declining republic whose citizens mostly use government to seek something for nothing.
14 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 14, 1928

It was not that long of a drive today but I was glad when it was done. The first segment on NM518 was very scenic with lots trees changing color. It would have been even better if I had been the passenger because the road climbs and twists with speed limits in the 35-40mph range most of the way to Las Vegas, NM. After crossing I-40 the route was not very scenic.

Breakfast was at Theresa's Tamales just north of Cleveland, NM at mile post 33 on NM518. It is a hole in the wall kind of place but she let me order what I wanted and the price was very good. I had a tamale with a couple eggs, potatoes and whole beans with tortilla and coffee. The tamale was pork and she makes vegie on order. If she had any vegie I would have bought a dozen but not the pork which I had for breakfast. It was good but not THAT good.

The route was 253 miles: Este Es Rd, NM68, NM518, NM329 (Mills Av/Church St in Las Vegas), S. I-25 Frontage Rd in Las Vegas), US84, NM219, US54, US285, S. Main St (Roswell) and Brasher pic

The Park has an old and new section. I am in the new which has very long pull-thu spaces but not a lot of room between sites. I plugged in using my Surge Guard and it did not trip off. That again leads me to believe that the power pedestal at Taos Valley is putting out low voltage. I am also almost right under an Internet tower so I should have good Verizon UNLESS there are too many people sucking data from this tower.

Regime Change In The Philippines by Paul Craig Roberts is an article that makes a case for President Rodrigo Duterte changing from the USA regime to China. He then closes the article with what I have quoted.

Most likely, Duterte has decided to switch the Philippines’ bet from the US to China. When Japan and South Korea also realign, the “pivot to Asia” is over.
Then perhaps even Europe will awaken and the conflict that the neoconservatives are brewing between the West and Russia will be stillborn.
Otherwise, mushroom clouds will prevail.
Whether there is time for these changes before mushroom clouds make their appearance depends on the outcome of the US presidential election. Americans are an insouciant people and do not understand the stakes. Hillary has promised conflict with Russia. Trump says he sees no point in conflict with Russia. This difference is the only important issue in the election.
In Secret Goldman Sachs Speech, Hillary Clinton Admitted No-Fly Zone Would “Kill a Lot of Syrians” by Zaid Jilani is an article that the Ministry would never publish. The Hill said during the second debate that she would impose a no-fly zone in Syria. Yet, the only real news coverage generated from the mention of a no-fly zone in Syria was the Ministry slamming The Donald for saying he doesn’t advocate using military aggression against Syria (and by default, Russia). It is no surprise but she speaks out of both sides of her mouth and the Ministry ignores it. This is what she said in the Goldman speech. Maybe, maybe she will not start WWIII but then again she may have been lying at Goldman versus during the debate.
They’re getting more sophisticated thanks to Russian imports. To have a no-fly zone you have to take out all of the air defense, many of which are located in populated areas. So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we’re not putting our pilots at risk—you’re going to kill a lot of Syrians. In Libya we didn’t have that problem. It’s a huge place. The air defenses were not that sophisticated and there wasn’t very—in fact, there were very few civilian casualties. That wouldn’t be the case, and then you add on to it a lot of the air defenses are not only in civilian population centers but near some of their chemical stockpiles. You do not want a missile hitting a chemical stockpile.
15 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

Found a very nice bike path along Main St. this morning which is a good walking path as well. It is separated from the auto traffic and from what I can see on Google Maps goes farther than I will want to walk. Yesterday afternoon I walked a mile west along Brasher Rd to Church On The Move a very large Church 'complex' with a studio, nursery, auxiliary church buildings and impressive main church. The sanctuary seats 700 but with 3 services on Sunday plus other activities during the week I think it falls in the megachurch class.

The high temperature yesterday was 82° but did not feel that hot when I went for my walk although I did notice the higher humidity than what I have had for many months. Noticed it even more this morning with the low at 46°. The forecast high today is 89°, which will approach a record, then 93° on Monday but plunging to 64° by Thursday. I don't know that I can believe any of the guesses but hope that they are right about the low temperatures being in the 40s and 50s.

I have made it through Part 2 of "Human Action" and gathered up a few quotes that I think are as pertinent today as when Von Mises wrote them almost 70 years ago. He wrote about economics and economic theory but as you can see from these quotes he covered a lot of other ground also. So far I like the book but it is daunting in length.

The real world acting man is faced with the fact that there are fellow men acting on their own behalf as he himself acts. The necessity to adjust his actions to other people’s actions makes him a speculator for whom success and failure depend on his greater or lesser ability to understand the future. Every investment is a form of speculation. There is in the course of human events no stability and consequently no safety.

In their eyes majorities are always right simply because they have the power to crush any opposition; majority rule is the dictatorial rule of the most numerous party, and the ruling majority is not bound to restrain itself in the exercise of its power and in the conduct of political affairs. As soon as a faction has succeeded in winning the support of the majority of citizens and thereby attained control of the government machine, it is free to deny to the minority all those democratic rights by means of which it itself has previously carried on its own struggle for supremacy.

Thus the philosophers were confident that democracy, government by the people, would bring about social perfection. This prejudice was the fateful error of the humanitarians, the philosophers, and the liberals. Men are not infallible; they err very often. It is not true that the masses are always right and know the means for attaining the ends aimed at. “Belief in the common man” is no better founded than was belief in the supernatural gifts of kings, priests, and noblemen. Democracy guarantees a system of government in accordance with the wishes and plans of the majority. But it cannot prevent majorities from falling victim to erroneous ideas and from adopting inappropriate policies which not only fail to realize the ends aimed at but result in disaster. Majorities too may err and destroy our civilization. The good cause will not triumph merely on account of its reasonableness and expediency. Only if men are such that they will finally espouse policies reasonable and likely to attain the ultimate ends aimed at, will civilization improve and society and state render men more satisfied, although not happy in a metaphysical sense. Whether or not this condition is given, only the unknown future can reveal.
Meet Your New Stimulus Allocation Czar by MN Gordon has written an article like so many others have that forecast sever economic times are coming. I have quote the portion of the article that I especially agree with. I also agree with his forecast that there will be a $2 TRILLION annual budget deficit, a doubling down on what Obama achieved.

What he does not say is that if The Donald wins the economic pain will come hard and fast. The Establishment will want to inflict as much pain on the 'Deplorables' that elected him as they possibly can, as fast as they can, to send the message 'never, never do this again'. If The Hill wins they will do everything they can to soften the economic blow until she dies. After she is gone the economy can go to hell and President Kaine will be the goat. But Gordon is right, there ain't a thing anyone can do to stop the fall only its speed.
If we hit a recession sometime in the second half of next year,...If this is indeed so, then the midnight bells will ring in the new President on January 20, 2017. No doubt, this will be a dark day for the United States. Moreover, whoever the next President is, they’ll be welcomed with the greatest economic and financial mess the country’s ever known. What we mean is, we fear we’re approaching an episode of American history that will be far more unpleasant, and of much greater duration, than the Great Depression. On top of that, there ain’t a thing the next President, the Fed, the Treasury, or anyone else can do to stop it.
16 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

Yesterday afternoon I walked south on the S. Main St bike path for a mile and returned. Went past Christmas by Krebs which for forty years has been in Roswell although not in this building(s) they look new. This is a factory and warehouse location for their glass ornaments mostly Christmas but they also make custom ornaments.

This morning I went north on the bike path to Andrew's Doughnuts which was a little less than the trip to Taos Java in Taos. No latte available but they did have coffee and a small selection of donuts but no apple fritters. This will be a weekly walk which combined with a little longer afternoon walk will give me a 5 mile day again.

The weather needs to cooperate before that happens. The high yesterday was 91° which happened while I was out there. They are predicting the same for today and 93° for tomorrow and they have changed that Thursday guess to 70 versus 64. The morning low temperatures are great however!

The Obama Recovery is almost over, his legacy is being kept on life support by the Federal Reserve and the Ministry of Propaganda. But, there is a sad truth about that Recovery that is only going to get worse soon. The average credit card debt for households that carry a balance is $16,048, that balance has grown by 10% during the past 3 years of the Recovery and 35% of Americans now have debt in collection i.e. 180 days past due. Can you imagine what those numbers are going to be when the Recovery ends?

I finished Part 3 of "Human Action". Each Part is like reading a book the length of one by Wells or about a third to half the length of a Turtledove novel. From this Part I quote what he thought of how the US government computes GDP and the Inflation Index. I don't think many people believe those numbers any more and certainly not the fiction that the Bureau of Labor publishes.

It is possible to determine in terms of money prices the sum of the income or the wealth of a number of people. But it is nonsensical to reckon national income or national wealth. As soon as we embark upon considerations foreign to the reasoning of a man operating within the pale of a market society, we are no longer helped by monetary calculation methods. The attempts to determine in money the wealth of a nation or of the whole of mankind are as childish as the mystic efforts to solve the riddles of the universe by worrying about the dimensions of the pyramid of Cheops. If a business calculation values a supply of potatoes at $100, the idea is that it will be possible to sell it or to replace it against this sum. If a whole entrepreneurial unit is estimated $1,000,000, it means that one expects to sell it for this amount. But what is the meaning of the items in a statement of a nation’s total wealth? What is the meaning of the computation’s final result? What must be entered into it and what is to be left outside? Is it correct or not to enclose the “value” of the country’s climate and the people’s innate abilities and acquired skill? The businessman can convert his property into money, but a nation can not.

The pretentious solemnity which statisticians and statistical bureaus display in computing indexes of purchasing power and cost of living is out of place. These index numbers are at best rather crude and inaccurate illustrations of changes which have occurred. In periods of slow alterations in the relation between the supply of and the demand for money they do not convey any information at all. In periods of inflation and consequently of sharp price changes they provide a rough image of events which every individual experiences in his daily life. A judicious housewife knows much more about price changes as far as they affect her own household than the statistical averages can tell. She has little use for computations disregarding changes both in quality and in the amount of goods which she is able or permitted to buy at the prices entering into the computation. If she “measures” the changes for her personal appreciation by taking the prices of only two or three commodities as a yardstick, she is no less “scientific” and no more arbitrary than the sophisticated mathematicians in choosing their methods for the manipulation of the data of the market. In practical life nobody lets himself be fooled by index numbers. Nobody agrees with the fiction that they are to be considered as measurements.
17 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

The high was 93° yesterday and my A/C was running almost continuously for the entire afternoon. The forecast is for that same high today but then maybe we get a break with a 84° high for tomorrow and the 70° still promised for Thursday. Mostly mid-80s for the 10 Day Forecast which will be good If it happens.

I made a good decision when I selected this new part of the Park. The old section has mature trees and shade but I expected the leaves to fall before I leave here so there would not be shade for long. What I have found out since arriving is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of common grackles that roost in those trees. They are noisy and make a mess - I am far better off in the new section.

I may get started drawing another panel today. Then again maybe not, I have a lot of "Human Action" to read but need a break from it from time to time also.

The Virtual Candidate by The Zman is an article about the lack of a campaign by The Hill. She has been under wraps now for five days and David Axelrod is suggesting that she skip the next debate entirely. The Financial Times has even run a story with the headline “How President Clinton Will Handle a Hostile Congress" [11 October 2016]. They aren't even waiting for the votes to be counted and many Republicans have also given up trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. The Establishment thinks they have won - the election is over.

Now here we are with Hillary Clinton running as the virtual candidate. For all anyone knows, she could be a head in a jar and those old fat women we see waddling around from time to time are just body doubles. While Trump is running a real campaign in front of actual humans, Hillary is hidden away somewhere, a virtual presence on campaign videos, but otherwise detached from the physical world. The media plays along, focusing all of its attention on the weird flesh and blood guy talking to humans.
18 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

The high yesterday was 97° which set a new record for that date. I did an abbreviated afternoon walk and tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. The forecast is for MUCH COOLER at 81° for today then jumping back to 88° tomorrow and plunging to 70° on Thursday. I don't think so! The weather guessers will change the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday.

I am not doing much of anything but trying to stay cool and reading "Human Action". Never did get around to doing any drawing yesterday. Maybe today, maybe not.

By way of deception thou shalt lose your Empire by The Saker. "The Saker" is a pseudonym for a top level American military analyst who lives in Florida, the author of the blog "The Vineyard of the Saker" and the most popular poster on Russia Insider. His site may also be targeted by the same people that have taken down Wikileaks, and froze RT bank accounts in the UK. This quote is from the closing of his article.

For years I used to dismiss the US Presidential elections like a joke, a fraud and an exercise in collective brainwashing. This time around, and for the first time, I think that there is a possibility, however slim, that something of importance might be decided on November 8. The fact that such a possibility even appeared is, by itself, quite remarkable and it is yet another sign of how deep the systemic crisis of the Empire has become. As for the parasites who form the 1% who run this Empire, they are clearly in a panic mode, probably because they are much better informed than most of us of how truly catastrophic the situation really is.
A Hillary victory will not change any of it. It will only make it much, much more dangerous. With Trump, there is at least a possibility of a gradual, more or less organized withdrawal, a drawdown of sorts, a transition of the USA from being a wannabe World Hegemon into a USA as a major, but “normal”, country. Very much like Russia today, I hope.
With Hillary we can be sure the Empire will double down, continue to lie to itself and the rest of the planet, and deny it all, making the end inevitably very violent, possibly catastrophic. I would not put it past the “crazies in the basement” to prefer a nuclear holocaust (their favorite topic!) to a liberation of the USA, and the rest of the planet, from their demonic power. It is therefore our duty to prevent them from succeeding from destroying our planet.
I Prefer to Be Offended By Trump On Occasion Than To Be Left For Dead By Hillary by Ian Schwartz is an article and transcript. Since I don't watch TV I did not know of Tammy Bruce. She is an Independent Conservative [Libertarian(?)], is a radio talk show host, New York Times bestselling author, blogger, Fox News Political Contributor and columnist at The Washington Times and had been a lifelong Democrat until 2008. This is what she said in support of The Donald on CBS's Face The Nation. The Hill's efforts to paint The Donald as a woman hater is not working very well; there are a lot of women that have the same opinion as Tammy.
JOHN DICKERSON, FACE THE NATION: Tammy, address that idea of leaders being silent, but then also Donald Trump has talked about his accusers, he's used some tough words about those accusers and then evaluated them on their attractiveness, which seems to be the thing that got him in trouble in the first place.
TAMMY BRUCE: It's really good we're not electing a husband or a boyfriend isn't it? We're electing a president. If you look at him as if you're in the ambulance and you're going to the trauma center and there is a trauma surgeon, I'm not going to particularly care how that person is going to be speaking. That person is going to be able to get you to live another day, to be able to get out of that emergency room, to be able to function the next day...
This nation is now going down the drain...It's about economic freedom. It's about the jobs. Again, I mentioned earlier the 3.7 million women in poverty since Obama became president. So, yes, of course we would prefer fabulousness at every level. From Mr. Trump, I prefer to be offended by him on occasion than be left for dead by Hillary.
19 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

My first shopping day in a new town at a new market, always an adventure. I selected Farmers Country Market on Hobbs, the closest of their three locations. There is an Albertson's here also but I do not like them much so I wanted to try a local market which is usually a better choice.

I got almost everything I wanted at the Hobbs Farmers Country Market but my next shopping trip will be to their bigger store on the north side of town. This closest store is smaller and appears to cater to a Mexican clientele. When I asked about Greek Gods yogurt the person I asked called the north store and they had 5 flavors. I got some Okios Greek yogurt today in the 24oz containers but it was not their Triple Zero so I will see how it is and make do for the week.

From there I drove past a Mexican restaurant that I had picked out for breakfast but it did not have a lot of curb appeal. Went to the Cowboy Café which has good Reviews but I was not impressed. I had their Spanish Omelet with green and hash browns plus coffee; everything was fair but not something I will be going back for.

I did get started on drawing another panel yesterday. There are two #6 and #7 that are very similar and I'm going to post them as I did #5. That is I will draw them on individual Canvas and then show then side by side on the web page. It is going to be a little while before that happens, I have "Human Action" to read also.

I wrote about the spaces here in the Park were long but narrow with not much room between sites. When I got here my closest neighbor was one empty site away on my south side but I got a neighbor right next door before the day was done. They left on Monday and the south side rig left yesterday about noon.

That left me with two empty spaces on the north side and four spaces on the south side. I do have someone across the street that look like they have been here for some time and will probably still be here when I leave. No one is behind me so I have certainly not been crowded and for now I'm sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Sedition Act of 1798 was passed by John Adams’ federalist government. It criminalized the making of statements that criticized the federal government. The Act was repealed when Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801.
In 1861, President Lincoln unilaterally suspended the writ of habeas corpus (the right to appear before a judge when accused of a crime). Over 14,000 civilians were arrested by the Lincoln administration. After the war, the suspension of the right to free speech was ended.
The Sedition Act of 1918 made illegal “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the US government, the national flag or the military. It was repealed two years after World War One (although the Supreme Court upheld the Sedition Act constitutionally in 1919 ).
Then in 2001 we got the Patriot Act and in 2011 the National Defense Authorization Act. Together, these two laws eclipsed all previous sedition acts in their breadth and have made possible a permanent and growing police state in the US. The Department of Homeland Security has been tasked with being the primary enforcer.

The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened. - Joseph Stalin
The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country. - Hermann Goering
Society’s needs come before the individual’s needs. - Adolf Hitler
We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for our society. - Hillary Clinton

20 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

Let me write this now @ noon 19 October 2016. Hillary has won the 3rd presidential debate. It has not happened yet but the Ministry of Propaganda is busily writing their analysis of the debate right now as I write this and that is the headline. The election is over, let the coronation begin!

I did a little shorter morning walk and then made up for it with an added mile back a forth to the laundry. That is the biggest downside for the Park, the distance from the 'new' section to the laundry room in the 'old' section. They should have built a laundry room in the 'back 40 acres' also. I did get it done by 8:00 and the added walk was included in the plan.

I noticed no difference between the Okios Greek yogurt and the Okios Triple Zero yogurt. Perhaps in a side by side taste test there would be some difference but either is a good substitute for Greek Gods Honey Vanila. I am so used to getting Greek Gods in 24oz that I did not notice that the Okios comes in 32oz.

I only noticed when picked up a 24oz container of Plains Dairy Large Curd cottage cheese. This is some of the best large curd that I think I have ever found. It is going to spoil me as has Greek Gods.

The weather guessers got it exactly correct with their forecast of an 81° high on Tuesday and they did change their guess for yesterday from 88 to 89° which got up to 90. But they left their forecast for today at 70 after changing it a couple times; that is a 20° drop in the high from yesterday - I don't see it happening.

I finished panels #6 & #7 last night - almost. I need to do just a little tweaking on them and will include them in the posting tomorrow. I gave up a lot of "Human Action" reading time but once I got started on drawing them I had to see how they were going look. The pattern on the web page that I am drawing from has no measurements nor color so what I have drawn is a close approximation and my choice of colors.

Hillary Campaign Apologizes After Her Bus Is Caught Dumping Human Waste On Side Of Street by Tyler Durden is an article that shows once again that the laws are for the "little people". If it had been a RVer that was caught dumping their tanks in a storm drain they would be in jail and the RV confiscated. But, when it is done by the 'elites' a simple "sorry we didn't know", blame the charter bus company and start a cover-up investigation is all that happens.

In an act that some have said reeks of symbolism, the tour bus of the Clinton campaign was caught dumping human waste literally on the street, or as some less politically correct commentators have dubbed the incident, "the Hillary campaign caught shitting on main street America." ... CBS46 asked the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the party organization working in tandem with the campaign to get Hillary elected, prompting an apology by the DNC.
This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we may have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again. Furthermore, the DNC will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as well as local and state officials to determine the best course of corrective action.
It seems that the debate question of the night was “Will you absolutely accept the results of the election?” The Donald said “I’ll look at it at the time… I’ll tell you at the time… I’ll keep you in suspense.” The Donald showed some 'temperament' in his answer - I would have said NO. The Hill was NOT asked that question nor did she answer it. She did jump in and make a speech which included a slap down of The Donald for making such a horrible statement about the USof A's hallowed election traditions.

21 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 21, 1928

Yesterday the high was 72°, lower than I expected and only 2 degrees higher than the forecast that I did not believe. It was perfect and I did a 2+ mile walk on a great route with very little traffic for the majority of the way. That route is a keeper IF I can get some more afternoons like yesterday.

That could happen today with the high now forecast to be 75 but I don't trust the weather guessers. They had predicted this morning low to be in the lower 40s and it was 37 while I was out there. I could feel that it was colder when I got up so I did take my gloves with me but within minutes I was wishing I also had my wool cap. The next two days are also forecast to be in lower 40s; I'm going out with cap and gloves! I also fired up the Wave 6 again this morning at 8:30 when it was still only 44°!

While I am thinking about it, a Roswell, NM impression. I feel like I am in the western most town of West Texas. Not that I see that many Texas license plates, although I do see some there are far more in northern NM and southern CO during the summer. It is more the flat, flat horizon with NO mountains. It is also from the limited interaction that I have had with the people in Roswell and prior contacts with people in West Texas and those on the eastern edge in Del Rio, TX.

These are the two separate HTML Canvas for Panel #6 & Panel #7. The most difficult drawing challenge in doing these two panels was getting the coding in a sequential order that 'layered' the shapes the way that I wanted. I drew all the shapes using circles or quadratic curves. The web page that I was looking at may(?) have used all circles but I could not find a way to do them that way.

no pic no pic

During the 3rd presidential debate The Hill said the following in her rambling answer about her economic policy/plan: "One of the ways you create jobs is by investing in people. I do have investments, investments in new jobs, investments in education, skill training and the opportunities for people who get ahead and stay ahead." This was sort of an add-on to a previous answer where she proposed federal government 'investing' in college and trade schools for everyone - an extension of K thu 12.

Hillary’s 10 Breathtaking Fallacies in the Debate by Dr. Michael Hurd is a good critique of The Hill's debate answers. I have copied only what he says in her economic growth reply. My question for her would be 'How many poor people do any hiring'?
Hillary says wealth and economic growth do not move from the top down, but from the bottom up. Exactly how? This means that jobs and wealth are created by people making minimum wage, while people who have millions and either spend or invest it have no impact on the economy. In what universe is this backward reasoning true?!
Ronald McDonald or Lucretia Borgia?: In the Long Run, We Are all Dead by Fred Reed is one of his better rant articles. I will not quote from it, just suggest that it be read.

22 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I direct your attention to the transcripts of The Donald and The Hill speeches at the Al Smith Dinner. Neither of them wrote their own and both were very good but The Donald had two gag lines that I especially liked.

You know, the president told me to stop whining, but I really have to say, the media is even more biased this year than ever before — ever. You want the proof? Michelle Obama gives a speech and everyone loves it — it’s fantastic. They think she’s absolutely great. My wife, Melania, gives the exact same speech (LAUGHTER)
— and people get on her case. (APPLAUSE)
And I don’t get it. I don’t know why. (APPLAUSE)
And it wasn’t her fault. Stand up, Melania. Come on. She took a lot of abuse. (APPLAUSE)

And even tonight, with all of the heated back and forth, between my opponent and me at the debate last night, we have proven that we can actually be civil to each other. In fact, just before taking the dais, Hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said, “Pardon me.” (LAUGHTER)
And I very politely replied, “Let me talk to you about that after I get into office.” (LAUGHTER)
Just kidding, just kidding. And Hillary was very gracious. She said if somehow she gets elected she wants me to be, without question, either her ambassador to Iraq or to Afghanistan. It’s my choice. (LAUGHTER)
After laying down these warm up lines he became the Trumpster that we know and love. He smacked down The Hill, the majority of the other dinners and got booed for his efforts but the "Deplorables" were cheering him on while watching the telecast.

An Establishment in Panic by Patrick J. Buchanan is a good article about the reaction of the left and especially the Ministry to The Donald's refusal to concede the election during the 3rd presidential debate. I have quoted his closing paragraphs.
Yet, some of us recall another time, when Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas wrote in “Points of Rebellion” [1969]:
“We must realize that today’s Establishment is the new George III. Whether it will continue to adhere to his tactics, we do not know. If it does, the redress, honored in tradition, is also revolution.”
Baby-boomer radicals loved it, raising their fists in defiance of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew.
But now that it is the populist-nationalist right that is moving beyond the niceties of liberal democracy to save the America that they love, elitist enthusiasm for “revolution” seems more constrained.
What goes around comes around.
I selected this morning as the one for another walk to the donut shop. It is just about the right distance from the Park to make it a good round trip walk with a rest at the half way point. The only thing is they do not have a latte and their coffee is not very good. They did have apple fritters today which means I'll go back and suffer with their poor coffee.

Not doing much today. Maybe start drawing another tiling. Get some more of "Human Action" read.

23 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

Part Four of "Human Action" is almost half of the entire book and it is the real economic meat of the book. I have selected a few quotes along the way that I will post, maybe tomorrow, now that I am about half way through Part Four and over half way through the book. Some of what he has written is way over my head and was written when there was a gold standard so a LOT has changed since he wrote it.

The only other thing of importance was my receiving the Arbuckle coffee order that I placed last week. They are really good about confirming an order, notifying that it has been shipped (usually within hours of placing the order) and giving a tracking number. Great coffee and great company!

I have a couple more packages coming next week - maybe. They will contain some clothes that I ordered from Amazon. Amazon is good about providing a tracking number but the 'other sellers' thru them are rather hit and miss.

Problems Unsolved And A Nation Divided subtitle The State of U.S. Competitiveness 2016 Including findings from Harvard Business School's 2016 surveys on U.S. competitiveness is a damning document that should get front page coverage by the Ministry but has, and will, not. It is a very long report so I would not expect many people to read it in its entirety but read just the Executive Summary (4 pages) and you will see that the next president of the US of A is going to inherit a mess. The quote is from the Executive Summary - which puts paid to the vaunted Obama Recovery.

This report provides an overview of our findings on the evolution of the U.S. economy, the state of U.S. competitiveness in 2016, and priorities for the next President and Congress, drawing on our research and the May–June 2016 surveys of alumni and the general public.
While a slow recovery is underway, fundamentally weak U.S. economic performance continues and is leaving many Americans behind. The federal government has made no meaningful progress on the critical policy steps to restore U.S. competitiveness in the last decade or more...
The U.S. lacks an economic strategy, especially at the federal level. The implicit strategy has been to trust the Federal Reserve to solve our problems through monetary policy...
In 2012, we put forward an Eight-Point Plan of federal policy priorities that would unlock U.S. economic growth and competitiveness...Despite strong bipartisan support in business and net public support for the Eight-Point Plan, Washington has made very little or no progress on any of these federal economic priorities for well over a decade. The current presidential election is showing no signs of advancing a coherent plan to address these areas.
"That’s why there’s Trump. There is no growth. There hasn’t been any real growth for years. All there is left are empty, hollow, sunshiny S & P 500 stock market numbers propped up with ultra-cheap debt and buybacks, and employment figures that hide untold millions hiding from the labor force. And most of all, there’s debt, public as well as private, that has served to keep an illusion of growth alive and now increasingly no longer can. These false growth numbers have one purpose only: for the public to keep the incumbent powers that be in their plush seats. But they could always ever only pull the curtain of [The Wizard of] Oz over people’s eyes for so long, and it’s no longer so long. That’s what the ascent of Trump means, and Brexit, Le Pen, and all the others. It’s over. What has driven us for all our lives has lost both its direction and its energy." - Raúl Ilargi Meijer

28 Things Donald Trump Promises to Do as President by Charlie Spiering is an article that you will not find the Ministry publishing. If they even report one of his 28 presidential goals it will be to disparage it. The Establishment will have the vapors over #1 thu #5 on the list. No quotes - do check it out, you may not agree with everything that he wants to do but it is better than 4 years of status quo.

"Let’s be real. Trump cannot save us, and nobody else can, either. Only a free market, combined with a resurgence of individual liberties and robust economic freedom, can save us." - Dr. Michael J. Hurd

24 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I was hoping that I could get back on a schedule for dumping holding tanks that matched my shopping days. Not yet. I had to dump on Saturday when the gray water tank started to back up into the shower. That is how I can tell when that tank is FULL. The idiot light says it is full almost all the time.

It was a hotter 87° yesterday afternoon but the mornings are great with the 10 Day Forecast now expecting them all to be in the low 50s and the high to be in the mid to low 80s. How sweet it is - if it happens.

Rigged by Robert Gore is one of the better article that I have read about The Donald and his contention the the system/election is 'rigged'. This is his closing paragraph.

One can measure the validity of Trump’s utterances by the volume of squeals emanating from the pigs he’s stuck. Judging from the deafening din on this one, Trump scored a bullseye. Fair elections can withstand questions and scrutiny, it’s the rigged ones that can’t. If America’s faith in its elections is undermined, as so many hysterically hyperventilating hypocrites claim, it won’t be because of anything Donald Trump says or does, but because the racketeers rig elections and not all the people stay fooled all the time.
“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.” - H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy

These are some of the passages that I understand and are as true today as when Von Mises wrote them for "Human Action". He has included some 'clarifying examples' that have twisted my mind in a dozen different directions but these passages I understand. I may quote one of his 'examples' just to give you an idea of what I am talking about; I'm sure there will be more in the second half of the book.
The ultimate source of the determination of prices is the value judgments of the consumers. Prices are the outcome of the valuation preferring a to b. They are social phenomena as they are brought about by the interplay of the valuations of all individuals participating in the operation of the market. Each individual, in buying or not buying and in selling or not selling, contributes his share to the formation of the market prices. But the larger the market is, the smaller is the weight of each individual’s contribution. Thus the structure of market prices appears to the individual as a datum to which he must adjust his own conduct.

As money can never be neutral and stable in purchasing power, a government’s plans concerning the determination of the quantity of money can never be impartial and fair to all members of society. Whatever a government does in the pursuit of aims to influence the height of purchasing power depends necessarily upon the rulers’ personal value judgments. It always furthers the interests of some groups of people at the expense of other groups. It never serves what is called the commonweal or the public welfare. In the field of monetary policies too there is no such thing as a scientific ought. The choice of the good to be employed as a medium of exchange and as money is never indifferent. It determines the course of the cash-induced changes in purchasing power. The question is only who should make the choice: the people buying and selling on the market, or the government? It was the market which in a selective process, going on for ages, finally assigned to the precious metals gold and silver the character of money. For two hundred years the governments have interfered with the market’s choice of the money medium. Even the most bigoted étatists do not venture to assert that this interference has proved benificial.

If a thing has to be used as a medium of exchange, public opinion must not believe that the quantity of this thing will increase beyond all bounds. Inflation is a policy that cannot last forever.

The favor of the masses and of the writers and politicians eager for applause goes to inflation. With regard to these endeavors we must emphasize three points. First: Inflationary or expansionist policy must result in overconsumption on the one hand and in malinvestment on the other. It thus squanders capital and impairs the future state of want-satisfaction. Second: The inflationary process does not remove the necessity of adjusting production and reallocating resources. It merely postpones it and thereby makes it more troublesome. Third: Inflation cannot be employed as a permanent policy because it must, when continued, finally result in a breakdown of the monetary system.
25 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I went to the North Main St. Farmers Country Market this morning and was disappointed. They did have 5 flavors of Greek Gods yogurt, maybe 7-8 containers in total. No Honey Vanilla and only one crushed container of Honey. I picked up some Okios. I also picked up 3# of barley which I did last week at the South store - when I find it available I need to stock up!

The store is probably twice as big as the South one but there was not any more of what I buy almost every week. The North store's produce section was no better, maybe worse, than the South location. I will probably go to the North store again but only because there are many more restaurants nearby to choose from.

This morning I went to Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen. They had a crowd for breakfast but it is a big place and they have the servers that can handle a crowd. I had a good breakfast, good service, the price was not too bad, the coffee was so-so. I don't know what it was, maybe the noise level, but I probably will not go back.

This is #10 and the third tile [36; 324.3.4;] in the 3-uniform series with hexagons as the focus. This did not change very much from #9 but I had to draw it entirely different. That was good however because I learned a couple things while doing so. I also like this one more!


26 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I plan on doing very little today. Did a morning walk that was slightly shorter and may shorten this afternoon's walk also. I still have foot soreness which the past couple weeks increased walks probably aggravated. It is probably time for some new shoes also and I started doing some on-line research. If I order now I might(?) have them delivered to this Park address.

The last Amazon order was split with the Amazon shipment arriving a day earlier than originally estimated. The second part of the order is coming from a vender and I just received an email that it was shipped today. It will arrive on the last day of the original estimate or maybe a day later.

My new brokerage account is being acquired by another broker so I will soon have a 'new' new brokerage account. I have no idea what the change may mean to me and there is nothing I can do about it. Will see how it shakes out in the next few months. Meanwhile my 'holdings' are doing just that - holding. Down a little from mid-August but the future looks bright considering the two presidential candidates. Either one of them will probably be good for an increase in the price of gold and silver mining stocks.

This is Panel #8 which I have drawn twice on the same canvas as I did with some of the earlier panels. The leaves and flowers were drawn with quadratic Bézier curves and cubic Bézier curves which I am becoming more 'comfortable' using. I still have problems visualizing where the control points need to be but I am getting better.

Ungovernability by Raúl Ilargi Meijer is another of his articles that present a point of view that is never heard from the Ministry of Propaganda. He and James Howard Kunstler write on the same topics, neither being in the main stream. There are multiple quotable passages in the article, I have selected only these four paragraphs.

I’ve been playing around in my head for a while with the thought that it is striking that the last two major global powers, which together have dominated world politics and economics for over 200 years, look well on their way towards becoming ungovernable. It is perhaps even more striking that nobody appears to understand or even contemplate this.
Both Britain and America are caught in an apparent trap in which various groups of their citizens blame each other for everything that’s going wrong with their lives - which admittedly is plenty. But that’s where the end of growth and globalization comes in: societies are in urgent need of new ways of organizing themselves, of formulating new goals, priorities and policies...
Hillary won’t be able to ‘cure’ the economy any more than Obama has, she won’t have the Fed’s virtual trillions to help her veil the real state of the economy, and she’s already close to the lowest ‘likeability’ rate in history to begin with.
I’m thinking Trump would probably be an awful president, but he perhaps wouldn’t be the worst option. And I’m saying that from the point of view of keeping America governable going forward, something he may well screw up yuugely, but at least he’s not certain to.
Why Any Conservative With a Conscience Should be Done With The GOP by Warner Todd Huston is an article that needed to be written. I quote his opening paragraph.
The 2016 general election was the last chance the Republican Party had to keep in the party anyone who considers himself a conservative. At this point, there is no reason whatever for a conservative to ever vote Republican again.
27 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I had 6 rigs come into the Park yesterday afternoon that I know off. Three of them parked in the spaces to the south of me and one on the north side. I was CROWDED! The closest neighbor on the south side was a huge Class A which completely block any view to the south and east. They parked as close to the electrical pedestal as they could and then put out their slide. IF I had one out also they would probably be touching and I could reach out and shake hands through my window. All three rigs on the south side left this morning by 9:30; the north side neighbor looks like they will be here for a few days.

Received a shock this morning after being on-line for about an hour. NetWorx sent me a message that I had reached my self imposed data quota for the day. I promptly shut down Verizon and connected to the Park WIFI. I did nothing different this morning than I ever do and had not finished reading my Daily Blogs which use no more than 20% of that quota. I received something but have not found it was/is.

Speaking of Park WIFI. They upgraded the Park system a few days ago to TengoInternet. My previous experience with TengoInternet was using it while in Del Rio, TX where I referred to it as "TengoInternet es No Tengo". So far it has been working great here the 2-3 times that I have tried to use it. I spoke to a woman in the office and she said that they are able to restrict usage by 'device'. That may stop the huge downloads that happen every afternoon as people stream their evening movies - I hope.

Love him or Hate him: Trump is the Revolution Against the Establishment by Claudio Grass is a good article that I will not quote from but suggest that you read it. Within the article there is a hot link to his article Cultural Marxism and the Birth of Modern Thought-Crime which is also worth reading.

Russia Calls the War Party's Bluff by Pepe Escobar makes a good case that The Hill's tough guy posturing is all bluff and Putin has 'called'. Pepe Escobar is a Brazilian journalist (not a Media Establishment lap dog) that has focused on Central Asia and the Middle East. It is a good article that may assuage the worry about all the WWIII talk that is coming from the Ministry of Propaganda.

28 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: October 28, 1928

Nothing much going on with me. I did a longer walk this morning to the donut shop but that is probably the extent of my excitement for the day. Got Daily blogs read without using my quota today and when I checked Verizon for usage yesterday I saw no big jump. Maybe I had something go wrong with NetWorx?

This is #11 [36; 3342;] and #12 [36; 324.3.4;] the forth and fifth tile in the 3-uniform series with hexagons as the focus. There is one more with hexagons then one that has decagons which seems to be out of order to my way of thinking. After that there will be a lot more with hexagons again - I like them.

no pic no pic

Fred Reed has written another good blog posting, The Loosening Grip: A Beginner’s Guide to Death Throes. There is much in it that merits a quote but I have selected these two paragraphs (I have changed the order in the quote from its order as he wrote it). In the posting he says some of the same things that Hans-Hermann Hoppe has also said about the Empire.
This is why the American election actually matters, unusual in Presidential contests. It is Blowhard against Corruption, a swell choice, but Trump is firmly against war with Russia, and Hillary for...Is this just Hillary waggling her codpiece in the expectation that Moscow will demurely back down, as God intended? Or will she again send other people’s children to fight for her in somebody else’s country?...
The woman is both a fool and a knave but, it seems, Trump has talked trash, and therefore she will likely be President. Weirdly, the future of the world depends on how an excited electorate of political middle-schoolers responds to one candidate’s dirty talk. From a curmudgeon’s point of view, it is pretty funny. It is funnier if one lives outside of the radiation footprint.
A preview of coming attractions to be found in Democracy: The God That Failed. This quote is from an interview, the transcription posted at The Daily Bell as "Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Impracticality of One-World Government and the Failure of Western-style Democracy" by Anthony Wile.
But Empire building also bears the seeds of its own destruction. The closer a state comes to the ultimate goal of world domination and one-world government, the less reason is there to maintain its internal liberalism and do instead what all states are inclined to do anyway, i.e., to crack down and increase their exploitation of whatever productive people are still left. Consequently, with no additional tributaries available and domestic productivity stagnating or falling, the Empire’s internal policies of bread and circuses can no longer be maintained. Economic crisis hits, and an impending economic meltdown will stimulate decentralizing tendencies, separatist and secessionist movements, and lead to the break-up of Empire. We have seen this happen with Great Britain, and we are seeing it now, with the US and its Empire apparently on its last leg.
This story, In Major Geopolitical Shift, China Teams up Militarily with Another US Ally by James Holbrooks, has not received any coverage by the Ministry of Propaganda but it may not be good news for The Hill so they would not report it. It is article that adds to the others presented above about the decline of the American Empire. This is not something that the Ministry wants to be reporting, certainly not until The Hill has been coroneted.

The only good News that I found today was also not covered by the Ministry. But, why would they?
"Armed militants who took over a federal building and wildlife refuge in Oregon in a deadly, 41-day standoff with authorities were acquitted of all charges Thursday. The seven anti-government militia members, led by brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, were found not guilty of conspiracy and weapons charges in the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge."

29 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I went to take a shower yesterday after posting to this web page. When I returned the neighbor on my north side was gone so I'm back to having a lot of open space around me again. There was also a package laying on the ground by Desperado's steps that I was expecting. USPS delivers to the Park office UPS deliver to your space if the # is shown in the address and that is what UPS did.

This package contained three long sleeve flannel shirts that were replacements for some polo shirts that I never liked much and were starting to wear. The flannel was selected for this winter which is slow in coming and if I keep moving may not catch up to me. It is forecast to be 88° today and 84 to 88 thru Tuesday, then cooling with a couple days at 70 with a chance of rain and down into the 60s. So I may need them soon. One more package to come with new shoes and my annual clothing purchases will be almost finished.

The only thing I see happening today is I need to get next months Will Rogers weekly articles copied and formatted. That has become an easier task since I got OpenOffice Writer but it still takes time. I may do some drawing of another tile pattern and maybe start another panel. But, I have a lot of "Human Action" remaining to be read. Decisions, decisions - HA.

There has been a lot of commentary about how the United States has not been as divided as it is now since the Civil War. There has also been a lot of talk, from the right-wing, about The Hill being the most corrupt candidate to ever run for president. People have short memories with most of us restricting 'history' to that period of time that we have been alive and the current US education system certainly does little to 'educate' beyond that.

I offer up some history that pre-dates any of us that are now alive. Simon Cameron (1799-1889) began his political career as a Democrat, elected as Senator (1845-1849), switched the Know Nothing Party, before joining the Republican Party in 1856, and in 1857 was again elected to the United States Senate.

Cameron was nominated for President, but gave his support to Abraham Lincoln at the 1860 Republican National Convention. Lincoln, as part of a political bargain, named Cameron Secretary of War. Because of allegations of corruption, however, he was forced to resign early in 1862. His corruption was so notorious that a Pennsylvania congressman, Thaddeus Stevens, when discussing Cameron's honesty with Lincoln, told Lincoln that "I don't think that he would steal a red hot stove." When Cameron demanded Stevens retract this statement, Stevens told Lincoln "I believe I told you he would not steal a red-hot stove. I will now take that back." - Wikipedia

It appears that Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Comey has had a change of heart. OR, perhaps he has been getting a LOT of pressure from his FBI agents or maybe he just looked in the mirror and could not face what he had done for another day. But he has thrown the cat among the pigeons that is for sure; a bigger October Surprise than all the Wikileak email releases put together.

In previous congressional testimony, I referred to the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had completed its investigation of former Secretary Clinton's personal email server. Due to recent developments, I am writing to supplement my previous testimony.
In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.
Although the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work, I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts in light of my previous testimony.
I think Director Comey may have been born-again in the eyes of some people and has became the devil incarnate for others.
"An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought." - Simon Cameron

30 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I did all those things yesterday that were on my To Do list. I get to do them again today. I made a good start on copying and formatting next months Will Rogers weekly articles and will finish that task today. I finished a tile drawing that had been started and started a panel drawing. I will not finish the panel today but will draw some more of it. Finished Chapter XXI of "Human Action" and highlighted a few sections. I'll post those tomorrow.

What goes around comes around by Paul Mirengoff is a blog posting with information that the Ministry does not want known. The Hill is whining about the FBI reopening an investigation just 11 days before the election being "unprecedented". She thought an indictment of former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger 4 days before the 1992 election was an appropriate step against the Bush “culture of corruption”. Payback's a bitch!

A reader points out the irony of Hillary Clinton complaining about timing of the reopening of the FBI investigation. In 1992, the reader reminds me, President Bush was gaining on Bill Clinton as Election Day approached. But just four days before the election, the special counsel, Lawrence Walsh, obtained a new indictment of former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.
I drew Panels #9, #10 & #11 on the same Canvas because they all had rather simple patterns. The only one that presented any challenge was #11 which required quadratic Bézier curves but they were easily done. The next challenge was to select colors and how they would be applied. I decided on retaining the same basic colors for all three panels. Used Linear Gradient effects on the first two panels and filled the areas defined by the curves for the last one. I like it!

31 October
Town and Country RV Park
Roswell, NM
no pic

I made some progress on panel #12 yesterday after 3-4 false starts trying to draw it using circles. I finally have the pattern drawn except it is a Knot and I do not have the over and under weave. I now need to break up what I have drawn into smaller segments to create the over and under appearance. It would have been easier to do if I could have used circles. But I now have to break my long quadratic Bézier curves into 2-3 individual pieces which is going to be time consuming.

Today was shopping day at the south Farmers Country Market. Got almost everything that I wanted except Greek Gods yogurt but I knew there would be none of that. There is no 86% dark chocolate at either store so I went without that also, picked up a very poor substitute.

Then had breakfast at Taqueria Jalisco. This is the restaurant that I passed by the first shopping trip because it did not have much curb appeal. That had not changed by this morning but it was on the 'right' side of the street this time. It was also open. My first choice had been El Caporal which had a prominent sign on their window that they opened at 7:00 but were still closed at 7:45. This is how businesses are run in much of Mexico and the culture has migrated with the people.

These are the segments from Chapter XXI, Work and Wages, in "Human Action" that I found worth thinking about. They all are based on an 'unhampered market economy' however and the United States has not had one of those since the 1800s.

If a job-seeker cannot obtain the position he prefers, he must look for another kind of job. If he cannot find an employer ready to pay him as much as he would like to earn, he must abate his pretensions. If he refuses, he will not get any job. He remains unemployed. What causes unemployment is the fact that—contrary to the above-mentioned doctrine of the worker’s inability to wait—those eager to earn wages can and do wait. A job-seeker who does not want to wait will always get a job in the unhampered market economy in which there is always unused capacity of natural resources and very often also unused capacity of produced factors of production. It is only necessary for him either to reduce the amount of pay he is asking for or to alter his occupation or his place of work. There were and still are people who work only for some time and then live for another period from the savings they have accumulated by working. In countries in which the cultural state of the masses is low, it is often difficult to recruit workers who are ready to stay on the job. The average man there is so callous and inert that he knows of no other use for his earnings than to buy some leisure time. He works only in order to remain unemployed for some time. It is different in the civilized countries. Here the worker looks upon unemployment as an evil. He would like to avoid it provided the sacrifice required is not too grievous. He chooses between employment and unemployment in the same way in which he proceeds in all other actions and choices: he weighs the pros and cons. If he chooses unemployment, this unemployment is a market phenomenon whose nature is not different from other market phenomena as they appear in a changing market economy. We may call this kind of unemployment market-generated or catallactic unemployment.

In the capitalist society there prevails a tendency toward a steady increase in the per capita quota of capital invested. The accumulation of capital soars above the increase in population figures. Consequently the marginal productivity of labor, wage rates, and the wage earners’ standard of living tend to rise continually. But this improvement in well-being is not the manifestation of the operation of an inevitable law of human evolution; it is a tendency resulting from the interplay of forces which can freely produce their effects only under capitalism. It is possible and, if we take into account the direction of present-day policies, even not unlikely that capital consumption on the one hand and an increase or an insufficient drop in population figures on the other hand will reverse things. Then it could happen that men will again learn literally what starvation means and that the relation of the quantity of capital goods available and population figures will become so unfavorable as to make part of the workers earn less than a bare subsistence. The mere approach to such conditions would certainly cause irreconcilable dissensions within society, conflicts the violence of which must result in a complete disintegration of all societal bonds. The social division of labor cannot be preserved if part of the cooperating members of society are doomed to earn less than a bare subsistence.

Within the rigid limits drawn by his innate abilities, a man’s capacity to work can be perfected by training for the accomplishment of definite tasks. The individual—or his parents—incurs expenses for a training the fruit of which consists in the acquisition of the ability to perform certain kinds of work. Such schooling and training intensify a man’s one-sidedness; they make him a specialist. Every special training enhances the specific character of a man’s capacity to work. The toil and trouble, the disutility of the efforts to which an individual must submit in order to acquire these special abilities, the loss of potential earnings during the training period, and the money expenditure required are laid out in the expectation that the later increment in earnings will compensate for them. These expenses are an investment and as such speculative. It depends on the future state of the market whether or not they will pay. In training himself the worker becomes a speculator and entrepreneur. The future state of the market will determine whether profit or loss results from his investment.
Is Hillary Getting Ready to Throw Huma to the Wolves? by Donn Marten is one on many good articles about the 'new' FBI investigation of The Hill. What makes this article special is his parting paragraph - I think he is providing sound advice.
It does indeed appear that Huma’s days with Team Hillary are numbered and considering the history of the Clinton crime syndicate that may the least of her worries. Abedin would be wise to give James Comey a call and get herself into protective custody as soon as possible.