1 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I was up at my normal 5:30 and on the road by 6:00. I have now been across US 50, The Loneliest Road in the U.S.A., maybe 4-5 times. no pic

It has been a very nice drive every time that I have done it. It was a little shorter today, at 278 miles, than my usual Reno to Ely but the best part is from Fallon to Ely.

The Desert Rose is like almost all commercial RV Parks, crowded, but I do have a small tree on one side that separates me from my neighbor. It gives me a sense of privacy even if there is none.

I stopped in Eureka, NV at the Owl Club for breakfast and then again in Fallon, NV to pick up a pizza for 'linner'. I only plugged into electric today so I was all set-up in my site by around 1:00.

Tomorrow I'll go into Reno to sign broker paperwork, see what I have in my storage unit, check mail at the Reno UPS Store, drop off film & maybe buy new camera plus grocery shop.

2 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I had a busy day. Busy for me in my current way of life where I usually do nothing.

I drove into Reno with my first stop at my broker's to sign the paperwork to transfer my 'Retail' Account. I will now have both my IRA & Retail with the same broker. I had them together before but there were/are advantages to have the Retail with a Bank – alas, I can not do so.

Next on the list was breakfast at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Then to My Favorite Muffin to say Hello and find out if I can sell some of my 'stuff' to the staff. The one guy that I wanted to see, he had expressed interest in my vacuum cleaner, no longer works there – Oh Well.

Picked up a few items from my storage unit and verified what I wanted to sell or give away. Then picked up mail from my Reno UPS Store and found that my VA address was still NOT changed.

Dropped film off at my camera store. Also discussed the purchase of a new digital camera. It is many times over a better camera than the 35mm that I have been using. Probably much better than I need but I'm going to buy it anyway; it will most likely be the last one I ever buy.

I then went to VA and changed my address one MORE time. Tried to pay my co-pay bill that I had in my mail and couldn't. The payment clerk's card reader was not working and I could see that he was almost blind so he could not fix it and take my payment.

I'm VERY frustrated with VA but that is government health care. Everyone will soon have the same 'fair' coverage as proscribed by the Health Insurance Reform Law regulations i.e. everyone will get a level of service like what I now have with VA.

Last but not least, two stops in Fernley. The first was for groceries and the second at the bank to deposit my xB and Teardrop insurance refund check.

Ah, home. Put on a Thermal Cooker pot of Cowboy Stew. I'll cook the meat and potatoes today and then finish it off tomorrow for the next 3 days of 'linner'.

I then settled into my normal cozy routine for the remainder of the day. Trying to stay cool with a hot wind blowing. The A/C is working to fix that. HaHa

3 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Not much activity today but I did a few things. The first was to get laundry done; I didn't have anything clean to wear. LOL

I also spent some time re-arranging my basement. I had to make some room to put away my backpack that I picked up from storage yesterday. I probably should sell, or give away, my backpacking/camping 'stuff' but I'm not ready yet.

The last required thing was to finish my Cowboy Stew so I would have something for 'linner' today. This is a very simple mixture of stew meat, potatoes and B-B-Q beans in the Thermal Cooker (I used too much water once again).

There is very little work involved and it makes for some fine eating with a big salad and some sourdough bread.

The remainder of the day was devoted to reading and staying cool. I did try to make an hair cut and beard trim appointment for this week in Reno but have not heard back from my barber.

4 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The most important chore for today was to unpack and put away a duffel bag of stuff. I picked it up, along with my backpack, from my storage unit on Monday.

There were a few winter clothes that I may need, towels (I now have more than one) and some sheets.

It was a real wrestling match to put fitted sheets on my over-the-cab mattress but I got-er-done. I have been sleeping on top of my heaviest sleeping bag with my lightest one over me as a comforter. Tonight I'll sleep between sheet for the first time since I left the Reno Motel to pick up Desperado.

Then it was another fight to cram the duffel and heavy sleeping bag into the smallest space left in the basement.

The only other thing of importance was to get my barber appointment. I'll go back into Reno tomorrow for that, fill up with gas and pick up a couple more things from the storage unit.

I'll also stop at My Favorite Muffin again and see if I have any buyers for my 'stuff'. If I do not then I'll list it For Sale on Craig's List. If it does not sell then I list it on Freecycle and give it away.

That will leave 2 file boxes and 3 large boxes to be loaded just before I leave at the end of the month and the storage unit will be empty.

5 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I feel so much better. The hair and beard were just to long and straggly.

It pains me every time I fill Desperado's tank with gas but that is a part of the cost of this lifestyle that I have adopted. I simply could not afford to travel like I did with my xB & Teardrop.

However, if I only move one tank full, about 400 miles, every 3-4 weeks then my total cost for gas and RV space is still a lot less than an apartment. My trips back and forth to Reno are also expensive but I don't plan on doing this very often.

I stopped at My Favorite Muffin and spoke to the girl that was my 'Responsible Adult' when I went to the VA for my colonoscopy visit. I told her about the 'stuff' I had for sale and that I would be listing it with Craig List on Monday if no one at the store wanted any of it.

Picked up a couple of things at my storage unit. I'll be giving one of them away on Sunday and the other I'll probably take to Pahrump to try and sell.

The weather has been as I suspected, hot with a hot wind blowing. Maybe will get some cooling thunderstorms within the next few days.

6 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

A very lazy day that included a nap. I did finish one of the paperback books that I exchanged for in Ely. Started a second one.

I became current with another solo RV blogger from Canada that was my unknown neighbor in Mexico. He was in the RV Park just north of me in Celestino Gasca during February 2010. We were also both at the Mercado in La Cruz on the same day but at different times.

I have started reading another Canadian blogger that has spent time in the Sulfur Springs Valley where I grew up; I sent him an email but no reply.

I made more 'linners' from the stew meat that I had. This time I remembered to not add so much water – I'll learn. It was good with just the stew meat, potatoes and diced vegetables.

7 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

A do nothing day. A lot of reading and some web surfing.

A little bit of just watching the storm clouds build up. It is still a few days away from thunderstorm time but it is coming.

Maybe a week away. Probably on a day that I elect to go into Reno, maybe next Saturday.

8 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I was somewhat more active today. The first thing on the schedule was breakfast at the Wigwam Casino & Restaurant in Fernley. This gave me a break from the rather fixed and unimaginative cooking that I do every morning.

I then stopped at the Fernley pistol range where I donated a gun cart to the Roop County Cowboy Shooters Assn. I shot with them a few times back in 2005 & 2006 until I had some shoulder problems and gave it up. Well I still had the cart and it needed to go – today it did.

The next stop was at Wal*Mart and then home where I listed my 'stuff' for sale on Craig's list.

The rest of the day was back to normal things once again. Reno is under a flash flood watch this afternoon and tonight. At 4:00 it looked like it might be raining there. A lot of big thunderheads are coming this way but I'm guessing it will not rain here.

9 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I had a dental appointment in Reno this morning but my first stop was at my Mexican restaurant for breakfast.

After the teeth cleaning I went to my broker to sign more paperwork that will allow me to trade options. I needed to show off Desperado to my hygienist and broker of course so that added some time to the visits.

I also explained to them both that I probably would not be back in Reno for a year and perhaps longer. The hygienist was good to me by taking full mouth x-rays and giving me a copy of them to carry with me. I have one molar that is going to give me trouble sometime down the road and will have to be pulled.

I then made another stop at my storage unit and picked up a box that had some books in it that I'll be giving away. I also got 2 calls with inquiries about my 'stuff' on Craig's List but no buyers.

The final chore of the day was to make some more Creamed Spinach Chicken Soup with buttered sourdough and a big salad. AHHHH - all is right with the world.

I'm getting strong winds again in the afternoon but no rain yet, maybe in a few more days.

10 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Not much of an active day.

I did go through the box that I picked up from storage yesterday. I took out the books that I'm going to give to Friends of the Reno Library. Threw away the 'stuff' that I have been saving for years that has no value or reason to save for any more time.

The remainder I found a place for in Desperado's many cabinets.

I also did a book exchange with the Park's book collection, it is much smaller than at the Ely Park but they have many more magazines and jigsaw puzzles here. I finished my second book today since I have been here, I seem to be finishing on every 5 days.

No big build up of thunderheads today, just more wind.

No more inquiries about my 'stuff' at Craig's List and no buyers. I'm starting to think that I will not be able to give it away on Freecycle.

11 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

A lazy do nothing day. Although I did get a short nap after eating 'linner' so I guess I did do something.

I have started to plan what I need to do for the trip to Pahrump and Douglas. I have contacted tropical RV in Pahrump about installing a Mr Heater, fix my roof leak and find out why my 110v outlets don't work.

I was going to have a RV Guy in New Mexico install the Mr Heater but he replied to my email that he was Full Timing in California.

I have outlined a possible route to Douglas that will have me stopping at another RV Service place to get an estimate on replacing my dinette and cabinets.

No inquiry or sale of my 'stuff' on Craig's List. I'll wait until Sunday before I kill that listing and place everything on Freecycle. Then wait another week before loading everything up and taking it to Salvation Army or some other charity.

12 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The most exciting thing to report today is I have one of my Craig's List inquirers wanting to see the bed I have for sale. We have agreed to meet on Saturday for him to see it and hopefully buy it.

I also traded a few emails with another guy regarding solar installation on a RV. I'm having trouble finding someone reliable to do the install.

There are a lot of installers but I have read many postings on various Forums about unreliable/poor installers/installations.

Then I also have two other people that I have sent email messages to that have failed, or will not, reply.

My 'linner' cooking effort today was to make 3 large stuffed bell peppers in my Thermal Cooker. They came out edible but not great, I needed a little more sauce in the hamburger stuffing.

13 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Nothing but some more of the same. I did devote more time to sending and receiving emails today than I normally do. That is my way of talking so what that amounts to – I talked more today.

The afternoon winds have not been as strong the past two days. That is the good news, the bad news is it has been getting hotter and will do so for the next few days.

I'm going back to Reno in the morning to hopefully sell the bed I have in storage. While I'm there I'll pick up one more box of 'stuff' that I want to keep (most of it anyway).

14 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

My Craig list experience turned out to be a bust all the way around.

It was my plan to leave at 7:00 this morning and have breakfast in Reno. That plan got busted very early on when I was dumping tanks and unhooking electric.

I found that the outside right rear dulie was flat. I drove slowly into Fernley and tried to get air into it at two different coin operated pumps with no success.

So I went to a tire repair shop at 8:30 and had them fix it. It turned out to be a leaking stem and I was heading for Reno at 9:35. This got me to my storage unit 15 minutes late but the storage Manager said no one had been looking for me.

I loaded up one box from the unit into Desperado and by 10:45 my potential buyer had not arrived. I left there and stopped for brunch and my UPS Store (nothing there, that was good) in Reno then groceries in Fernley.

When I checked email I found that my possible buyer had a death in the family. He had been good enough to send me an email but by that time I was trying to get my flat fixed.

The next step was to cancel the Graig's List postings and post everything on Freecycle. Within minutes of those postings I got a dozen responses.

Therefore, I'm back into Reno again next Saturday with 4 people wanting the bed, 3 want the vacuum, 2 want the floor lamp, 1 wants the folding chair and 1 wants the chuck box. Maybe they will all show up and I'll be done with this 'stuff'.

15 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Everything is going to be about the weather for the next 3-4 days. The forecast is for increasingly hotter temperatures with the possibility of new record highs in western Nevada. The prediction for Fernley is 101 and Pahrump to be 106 on Tuesday.

It will then drop to below 100 here on Wednesday but will not do so in Pahrump until next Sunday.

I went through the box that I picked up yesterday and discarded some of it. The rest I added to another box of stuff that I am keeping – for now.

Received two more responses to my Freecycle listings. I'm telling them that everything is taken by a previous requester or in some cases by 4 requesters. If I have a lot of people not show up I may contact these 'late' people for anything I may have left.

16 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The news of the day; I got an answer to my 2nd request for help to sell 'stuff' while in Pahrump. The only help that was offered was the name of some one else that might help me. That is better than nothing.

I also traded a few email messages with a RV Service shop in Las Vegas. I'll stop there when I leave Pahrump at the beginning of October and get an estimate on the dinette & cabinet remodel that I want to do.

I have been reading through old RV magazines found in the Park Club House. This has resulted in more time than usual surfing the web for information on things that I have read about.

This was also a Thermal Cooker day. I looked for pork ribs at the market but they all came in large packages with large price tags. I settled for about a pound of pork stew meat.

I used around ½ of it today with two ears of corn and 1/3 pound of leftover diced vegetables. This went into the Cooker for 4+ hours and it turned out quite good.

The corn on the cob was very sweet. Then there was the pork-vegetable soup with sourdough bread and a cottage cheese, onion and tomato salad. Pretty fair eating.

17 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The strong afternoon winds have returned. The heat has arrived also but not as hot as the forecasters predicted. The maximum temperature that I have seen so far today has been 96 which is considerably below their 101.

The same was true in Pahrump, this is good news, but there still could be some hot weather to come. I'm hoping that it will be no worse in Pahrump during September than it has been here in August.

I did very little other than try and stay cool. What little that I did was mostly web research concerning how I will post pictures to my web site if I buy a digital camera.

I will most likely incorporate the pictures into the blog pages rather than have a separate picture page. That requires a new way of doing things and learning how to write new code for it to happen.

I have also been thinking about my investment, such as there are, and what can I do with them. The following quote is from The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: The Triumph of Crony Capitalism by Jeff Harding published in Minyanville on-line. In my opinion it best describes what created the housing boom and where the economy will go from here. I need to find a way to profit from this point of view.

When the Fed floods the economy with new money it doesn’t create wealth; if that were the key then we'd all be rich. What it does by artificially reducing interest rates is distorts the entire entrepreneurial process and sends capital to places where it isn’t really needed. In this cycle it went into housing, drove prices up, created an unsupportable debt structure, and, as we're now finding, housing was massively over-produced. The result was the greatest expansion of debt in history. In Austrian economics terms this result is called “malinvestment.”
To the Fed’s consternation, money supply is now declining.... The Fed desperately wants to cause inflation because they believe it will rescue the economy. They believe they can cause inflation by pumping money into the economy and expanding money supply. But they have a problem. As a result of malinvestment and the huge amount of debt built up to support it, money supply is now declining even though interest rates are effectively zero. A declining money supply is deflationary. They'll eventually find a way to inflate which will lead to stagflation.
18 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Another day spent mostly on the computer. I'm now reading 3-4 new RV blogs, trying to become current from their beginnings.

One of my daily current reads is going to go back East and quit the full time lifestyle. She seemed happy with her full time life but says that she misses too many things from her sticks-n-bricks life. I think family and friends have been nagging at her also.

The News item of the day that piqued my interest was the AP-GfK Poll. The Associated Press put the best spin that they could on the numbers but it was still not much of a puff piece for Obama. The AP did not talk about the Strongly Disapprove numbers which I find every bit as interesting as the Total Approve.

Therefore, to provide the transparency that AP has not, I put together the table of Poll results shown below:

AP-GfK Poll August 2010
Economy 41 41
Iraq 45 20
Health Care 45 42
Terrorism 49 27
The Environment 50 19
Federal Budget Deficit 37 43
Energy 47 21
Taxes 42 34
Immigration 39 38
Afghanistan 44 26
Foreign Affairs* 55 21
Education 53 19
Economy Last 18 mo.
Lot Better/Lot Worse
8 20
Impression of Obama 56 31
Impression of Bush 44 35
Impression of Hillary 65 14

*I would guess that part of the high Approval rating that Obama gets on Foreign Affairs is boosted by the Approval rating that Hillary gets.

I think that the numbers for the economy being better or worse for the past 18 months and Obama's versus Bush's Strongly Disapprove numbers tell a tale. The constant reiteration by President Obama that everything is Bush's fault is no longer enough; President Obama needs to do something other than cast blame.

He also has a serious problem with Immigration. He won the battle in Arizona but the Poll numbers show that he is loosing the war; Total Approval is 1% more than those that Strongly Disapprove. There is very strong opposition to his current Policies.

He has tried his best to paint the Tea Party Movement as a bunch of kooks but look at the numbers for Federal Budget Deficit and Taxes, the two main issues of that Movement. He has 6% less Total Approve than Strongly Disapprove on the Deficit and only an 8% positive margin on Taxes.

19 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I worked hard on catching up on two blogs today – managed to get into 2008. Both of them write a lot about Boondocking (Free Camping) which I want to do.

I must get a solar system installed before that will be possible. I have the major components for a system selected but do not know for sure if I have the roof space available. I also have not found an installer that I have confidence in.

Nothing too exciting in the News today other than President Obama is on vacation again. Mrs Obama got back home from her separate vacation in Spain just in time to join him. She must be putting in some very long hours of work that require these multi-vacations to rest up.

There was one bit of News from yesterday that I failed to mention. The consequences of the Health Insurance Reform Bill continue to surface slowly but surely.

Where are the promised cuts in costs? What a lot of 'snake oil' was peddled to the American public by the Obama Administration and the 'lame stream press'. This was reported yesterday by Reuters.

Many of the biggest U.S. companies are removing spending limits from their employees' health plans and taking other steps to comply with the new health care law, according to a report released on Wednesday.
Most of the companies surveyed also plan to shift more costs to employees to encourage them to limit spending as one of several efforts to rein in rising costs, according to the report by the National Business Group on Health....
Sixty-three percent of companies surveyed plan to shift more of the premium costs to employees next year. Other popular ways to reduce costs included wellness programs and consumer-directed health plans, which give enrollees more responsibility for how they spend their health care dollars.
20 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

My major success today was to reach 2009 for the two blogs that I'm catching up on.

I did have another partial success yesterday that I forgot to tell about. The person in Pahrump that was referred to me responded to my second email concerning 'stuff' I have for sale.

He asked a couple of questions and I sent him an immediate answer. There have now been some 24 hours pass and I have heard nothing more from him – I don't think he is interested. Oh Well.

I'm back to my storage unit in Reno again in the morning to do my Freecycle give away. When it is all gone I will have 4 boxes to take with me. Three of the boxes have quilts that my mother made that I'm giving to my cousins children/grandchildren. The fourth box has some things that I'll find a place for and keep (for now), the rest will go to the trash or to a charity.

21 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

It is interesting times that we live in. The economy is in the tank and unemployment is near 20%, if you count those that have quit looking. Faced with those facts I'm not surprised that I am having trouble selling 'stuff'.

However, Freecycle is a place where you give 'stuff' away for Free. I had 8 people contact me that wanted the 5 things that I listed to give away.

This morning I had one of them show up and she took the two items that she said she wanted plus one other thing that I did not list (sort of a free bonus item).

A friend of the Storage Manager took two of my other bonus items. The remainder I loaded up and took to St. Vincent's.

I also loaded the 4 boxes into Desperado which has now created a space problem. I'll get one of them emptied and put away over the next couple of days but the 3 boxes of quilts will be underfoot until October.

I checked around on the Internet for someone to give my old point-n-shoot 35mm camera to and could not find anyone where it did not cost me money to give it away. So, I stopped at my camera store and gave it to them with the understanding that they would give it away.

I did not buy the new camera from them today. I can get it cheaper on-line and I do not have the money now. I'll wait a little bit and get it while I'm in Pahrump.

There were a few sprinkles on me as I drove back from Reno but no rain in Fernley. We had very strong winds again and lots of clouds; it might rain tonight by the way it looks.

22 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The only accomplishments for the day were laundry and putting stuff away.

The putting away was the real big accomplishment. I had 4 boxes, I now have 2 that are over full of quilts that I'll give away in October. They continue to be in my way but I can live with them until then.

Some of the stuff that I put away may become donated items but I will keep them through the winter.

The rain that I thought we might get did not come but it has been cooler all day. It is also the first day that I can remember that there has not been an afternoon wind; there is a breeze but not the normal strong wind.

23 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Today was another to pass with little activity. I did continue to work on catching up with my two new blogs. I'm making progress but it has been slow.

I also spent some time signing up with Escapees SOLOS. This is a group or RV Singles within the Escapees Club. I'm not much of a social joiner but if I'm going to have a social life I would prefer it with other lone RV travelers like myself.

I also sent off 4 email yesterday to people in the Las Vegas area asking for help with selling 'stuff' while in Pahrump. I have heard nothing in reply from any of them so I may have wasted my time.

The afternoon winds have returned. They are not as strong as they have been but more than the breeze of yesterday. The nights and mornings have cooled down a lot also. This prompted me to order Mr. Heater (a blue flame heater) for Desperado which I'll have installed while in Pahrump.

24 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I have received email notices that my Mr. Heater order has been shipped and should be waiting for me when I get to Pahrump on Sept 2nd. The installation of the heater is one of 3 things that I wanted Tropical RV to do while I am there.

Fix a leak around my bathroom skylight is number 2 but the third thing I have fixed. I had (4) 110V outlets that did not work and I could not get the circuit breaker to re-set.

I thought the breaker was bad but on a RV forum that I was reading I found the same problem and based on what was said I fixed it.

The 4 people that I sent email to in the Las Vegas area have still not responded. However, I did get good news from the guy in Pahrump that I said on Aug 20th was not interested; he is going to buy my stuff. ALL RIGHT!

There has not been much else happening. I have been doing some web surfing for ideas for my dinette remodel. Also, looking for a sofa replacement when I remodel that area.

I know that I'll probably only be able to afford to do one area per year so it is going to take me some time to do everything that I have in mind to remodel. There is also the cost of a solar system that I would like to have installed next year. OH, so much to do and so little money.

The nights continue to be cool with the days climbing back over 90 degrees once again. The wind was very calm again this afternoon. I'll be moving out of this improving weather into hotter days in Pahrump; I don't have this chasing good weather thing mastered very well at this point. LOL

25 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Two accomplishments today. The first was to stuff my summer sleeping bag into its duffel bag storage that goes in the basement. To make room for it I took my winter bag out of the duffel.

I think this swapping bags back and forth will work. I can keep one bag on my bed year around and the other in the basement. I have enough storage cabinet room in the coach to store my two quilts during the summer (I hope).

The second accomplishment was getting all 3 RV blogs that I'm trying to catch up on into 2010. I think I'll be current with all of them before the year is over. HA HA

I know that I will not read one of them on a current basis when I do get current. I also know that one of them I will read current and the third one is a maybe.

I have begun to think about my route to Pahrump next week. I have already selected 3 stops on the route to Douglas in October but need to think about some more on that route also.

In todays News: the consequences of the Health Insurance Reform Bill continue to slowly be released to the public. They will just keep coming and coming for years.

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON – More than 3 million seniors may have to switch their Medicare prescription plan next year, even if they're perfectly happy with it, thanks to an attempt by the government to simplify their lives.
The policy change could turn into a hassle for seniors who hadn't intended to switch plans during Medicare's open enrollment season this fall.
And it risks undercutting President Barack Obama's promise that people who like their health care plans can keep them.
A new analysis by a leading private research firm estimates that more than 3 million beneficiaries will see their current drug plan eliminated as Medicare tries to winnow down duplicative and confusing coverage, in order to offer consumers more meaningful choices. Instead of 40 or more plans in each state, beneficiaries would pick from 30 or so.
"As a result of this policy, there are going to be fewer plans offered in 2011," said Bonnie Washington, a senior analyst with Avalere Health, which produced the study. "There is still going to be robust choice for beneficiaries, but those who have to change plans could experience some disruption and inconvenience."
While seniors would not lose Medicare coverage, they could see changes in their premiums and co-payments.
Note: I have added the italic emphasis to the last sentence. Where are the cost savings that President Obama promised with this Bill?

26 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The only noteworthy comments I can make today are weather related. It was much warmer last night and this morning than it has been for the past 4-5 days. Perhaps I changed from by summer sleeping bag to winter too soon?

There has also been a build up of storm clouds all day but it is doubtful that they will bring rain. What they have brought, or vice versa, is strong wind once again.

I was accepted by the Escapees SOLOS Yahoo Group today and received 14 email messages to notify me of that acceptance. As I said a few days ago, I'm not a big joiner and they will certainly run me off with a lot of email traffic.

They do have some gatherings/roundups that I may go to but I'll limit my involvement. From what I have read on-line they are not as “silly active” as some of the other Single RV Groups but I will not know until I do participated in a few roundups.

27 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

I posted my introduction on the Escapees SOLOS Yahoo Group this morning and received a reply. The woman that responded said that she had a cousin that lived in Fernley, NV and that she had sent him my email address.

He sent me an email also and suggested that we get together and discuss our common interests. I told him that sounded fine and suggested breakfast tomorrow what time and place did he want to meet at.

I got his reply after I had posted this blog update so have come back to correct what I had posted. We will meet in the morning at 8:00 here in Fernley although he is now living in Silver Springs.

I dumped tanks again today (I going to have to fix the dump valves, they are leaking) in preparation for my trip south. Tomorrow morning I'll go into Fernley for breakfast & conversation, then fill up with gas and grocery shop.

28 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

Well today was a big change from those of the past few weeks. The biggest change was my being social.

I'm very comfortable living my hermit life style but occasionally do interact with other humans. Today was one of those times. After filling up with gas I met Ralph, the fellow I talked about yesterday, at a casino restaurant for breakfast.

We first did a tour of Desperado. Then covered a lot of subjects while eating and back at Desperado again.

He is a computer hobbyist and when I told him I was running Ubuntu/Linux he wanted to see what I had. He did not know that it was possible to use a Verizon Air Card with Ubuntu.

A lot of the conversation was about changing life style to live Full Time in a RV. He has the same worries and concerns that many others have about what do you do to fill your day. He wasn't sure that he could continue the same hobbies that he now pursues that keep him occupied.

The second big change was in the weather. It has been in the mid 90s for the past week and today it has been overcast with a high of around 68. The forecast for tomorrow is for even lower temperatures.

It may be much to early to hope but this might be the first indication that Autumn is starting to arrive in Northern Nevada – I can also hope that it is starting in Southern Nevada as well.

29 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

It was very cool and cloudy this morning. Then came a few showers over a couple of hors but by late afternoon the sun was breaking through scattered clouds and it warmed up to near 70.

The lower temperatures were nice and the lack of wind was very nice.

That generally sums up my day. I did receive 2 emails that offered to buy my 'stuff' while I'm in Pahrump so I have backup buyers – this is a good thing.

I have not had any problems staying below the 5000 GB/month limit on my Air Card account until this month. I am getting close this month and have been watching it closely

I think most of the large increase in usage is due to two of the blogs that I'm getting current on. They are both “picture heavy” and are using a lot of bytes because of that.

I also noticed that one of the Yahoo Finance pages is running a video when I open it; this is also a big user of bytes. Ralph showed me how to change some computer settings to fix that usage problem.

I'll see how next month looks when I get caught up with the two blogs.

30 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The daily bytes used by my Air Card have dropped by about 1/3rd in the last two days. I think that is all because of the change that I made to kill the videos.

The total usage is still higher than in the past but I'm convinced it is due to my reading the 'picture heavy' blogs to catch up. I'll soon know for sure when I become current.

It continued to be very cool in the early morning. The high for the day was again around 70 with some scattered clouds. There was a very fresh smell to the air this morning from the rain yesterday; it settled the dust and brought out the smell of sage. I loved it!

31 August
Desert Rose RV Park
Fernley, NV
no pic

The weather was so nice today it makes me wonder why I'm leaving tomorrow. I just hope that in a couple of weeks it is just as nice in Pahrump.

I prepared to leave by going to the Park office and settle my bill for electric. All the site here are metered and using the A/C for most of the month was expensive.

It is a good RV Park, with a lot of 'permanent' residents, and I'll probably stay here again if I'm in the area. With that said, I'm becoming more and more convinced that I need a solar system and spend more of my time boondocking.

Last Saturday when I went for breakfast and was showing Desperado to Ralph I saw a leak in about the center of the coach. I crawled underneath and found that it had been leaking for some time and had rotted the wood in the undercarriage.

I have checked for additional leaking everyday since then and have not seen any. It is a mystery that I'm going to have to investigate and fix.

I'm on my way to Pahrump in the morning!