20 - 31 January 1999
Reno, NV

It was very cold once again from the 20th through the 24th when we got some light snow during the day. Then on Monday the 25th I woke to about an inch of snow on the ground but the temps have warmed up some since then. Has been very clear skies and in the high 30s to 40s most of this last week. The Sierras have received around 10 feet of new snow in the last two storms that have come through!

Continuing to do the job hunting thing and becoming somewhat discouraged about the process. Accountants Inc. has come up with a number of possible jobs but nothing that has resulted in work. AccounTemps has found a couple and I wish to write about one of them. This was an accountant position with North Western Nevada Telco that sounded like I would have no problem meeting the job requirements and an interview was set up. The day of the interview AccounTemps gave me a call and said that the interview was canceled because the Controller had received my resume and he said that I "had too much experience for the job". Maybe this is political correct speech for "you are an Old, White, Man". I don't know how I am going to overcome that kind of thinking but it is out there; either that or I don't have enough experience in the industry that the job is in.

Want to comment on something else that has been sinking in since I got back to the US. I spent 2 years in a Bulgaria that is trying to become more democratic and move to a free market economy. It seems that we in the US are moving in just the opposite direction, trying to become more socialistic and with more control over business by the government. What is going on here? It also seems that the Communist countries have moved away, to some extent at least, from their "cult of personality" leaders and we are embracing them here. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that our form of representative democracy will only work in a moral society. Maybe that is why it has not been duplicated anywhere else in the world, and maybe that is why it is being eroded here now?