20 February - 12 March 1999
Reno, NV

I have gotten into the work rut - nothing much going on. Back to living a rather boring existence compared to something new almost everyday in a different culture. I am still involved in the job hunt process but new opportunities have been scarce in the last few weeks. I received a notice on 26 February that I was to contact Washoe County to schedule an interview time for their lower level Accountant position. On the same day I also received another letter from the County that said I had not scored high enough on the oral exam for the higher-level job. So I interviewed on 3 March and had a nagging feeling that they were just going through the process and had already made a decision. This might not be a correct assessment of the situation but I got a letter dated 4 March that indicated that another candidate had been selected. I haven't heard anything at all from Peace Corps nor from Harrah's or the Reno/Sparks Convention Center. That leaves me with four active possibilities at the moment for full time work. The part time situation is better than not working but the pay is not great and there is no medical coverage; that is a problem for me at the moment. So be it - something will work out.

On the weather scene we are trying to have some spring but it is on again off again. This week has been one of snow, cold, winds, and clear skies, freezing nights, sunny days with the promise of highs in the 60's this coming weekend. The crocuses and other bulb flowers are just starting to show themselves and a few trees are showing some leaf buds. All in all this winter in Reno has been a mild one compared to what the average winter is like. I remember that in the four years I was here before we had two winters that were a lot worse than this one. I would also say that the last two that I saw in Bulgaria were worse than this year but the situation is so much different there. It is not so much a difference in weather but the difficulty that you have getting out of it and staying warm.