31 December 1998 - 10 January 1999
Reno, NV

The big news from Reno was SHOOTINGS! The first incident involved two people that killed/wounded 34 horses, this is assumed because there were two different rifles used. They killed 29 outright and wounded 5 others that had to be destroyed when they were finally found, some of them two days later. The public outrage was overwhelming and there has been $37,500 put up as rewards for their capture and conviction. Then about 6 days later a 20-year-old guy from Minnesota stopped by and set up a sniper spot just west of Reno. He proceeded to wound two drivers and hit another 4 cars before leaving for Las Vegas. Luckily he was caught there driving a truck he had stolen in MO and promptly confessed to the sniping in Reno. This guy is a real rocket commander; he has told two/three stories to the police and the media so far. My guess is he will skate on an insanity plea and be out on the streets in 3 years. The interesting thing about these two incidents is that there was far more outrage about the horses than the people being shot. Are we becoming that callous?

My efforts during the first week of this new year were job hunting. I had one interview last Thursday, the 7th, for an accounting job with Circus-Circus, a casino, but not Harrah's where I worked before. I have also now signed up with two employment agencies, Accountants Inc. and AccuStaff. Accountants Inc. was going to submit my application to another casino on Friday. AccuStaff has tried to get me into a CPA firm but I didn't have enough corporate tax experience for them. Accountants Inc. was also going to submit my name to a CPA firm; my guess is that it is the same job I was already passed over for.